Been a while huh? Yeah, im sorry. Didnt really expect a pandemic to just wreck all my shit. But, you know, whats up? heres a new story. *Sigh* Its gonna be shit, but whatever. Have fun. Also, sorry this is short, im on mobile

Therapy. What does this word remind you of? Help? Smiles? Medicine? Doctors? To Loxe, it just reeked of a overconfident doctor trying to help a youth that cant be helped. "Loxe, what do you see when i hold up this image?

Helen held up an ink blot, and to Loxe, it looked like a rabbit. "Its a rabbit. Why?"

"And why do you see a rabbit"

"Are you fucking kidding me right now" Loxe scoffed internally. "Let me guess, you're gonna say that its because my father used to be called a whte rabbit and its linking that to him because i recently found out that i was not planned, nor wanted by my father in the first place because i am a genetic experiment done by my crazy Mother/Aunt. She stole his sperm in his sleep and impregnated herselt, we both know this. Can we move on? we've been on this subject for days now"