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"Good morning to you both, my name is Katarina Claes." the brown haired little girl with an x scar on her forehead and wearing a rose pink and white dress introduced herself to me while pointing at me while standing next to the pumpkin patch, "You have an amazing farm here, you two!"

"Sis, please don't run like that and have some manners, please." the boy with wavy blonde hair and wearing a white shirt with blue collars and an orange neckerchief on it and white shorts said as he followed her.

You guys might be wondering how I came to this situation, huh? Meeting a very dense person whom I managed to recognize before… well, croaking and reincarnating in this not-so advanced world that I'm in right now. Let's rewind this narration three days ago when I woke up on my bed and realized that I reincarnated when my past memories came back.


You know, it kind of sucks when you die all of the sudden and wake up in a world that you thought can only be found in a medieval fantasy setting.

I mean, first I was toiling away on my work in front of a computer and then my heart suddenly clenched up, causing everything to go black. Once I woke up, I'm an eight years old kid on a bed and my stuff was gone. No computers, no mini-fridge, no beds and no gadgets that I keep around. This room felt like something out of a fantasy setting. I opened the curtains of my room and saw a very scenic and rustic looking farming village with the sun slowly rising. I panicked since I don't remember moving out and I lived in a very urbanized city. No multistory buildings, no glass windows, no night lights, no cars on the streets and nothing in this village that could help me determine if this place is even advanced. I died and got reborn in a place where there's probably no electricity, no indoor plumbing and no modern age comforts that I'd enjoy greatly.

Just by thinking about all of this makes me miss the internet and video games more. Ugh, I don't think I'll stand missing out on a lot of login bonuses on my online games too… especially the gacha games that I've played for a while now.

I then walked towards my mirror and looked at it. Instead of staring at a gangly, black haired, brown skinned man in a simple white shirt and a floral pattern short, I was instead staring at a scrawny, dark brown haired, green eyed, rather pale skinned, handsome little boy in a silky looking pajamas. Then the memories of my past life and my current life flooded in and made me remember who I am in this world.

My name is Edwin Aldus Florencia, the second son of Marquess Randall Arc Florencia and Marchioness Justine Seville Florencia. Our family was tasked to make sure that the Frescan county that we were assigned to was properly managed and defended for generations and continued to keep this tradition as is. I have a little sister who is a year younger than me and her name is Remilia Calia Florencia. I'm not the heir of the county though as my older brother, Anthony Roa Florencia will be the one who will inherit the title. He's currently studying in the Sorcier Academy of Magic right now. I, on the other hand, was supposed to be a bedridden second child who got sick with some kind of a disease for a while now and got weakened by it…

Which is odd since I feel a lot better and I can move normally now. In fact, I feel a lot better compared to what I was in my past life. I… I wasn't eating healthy foods to be honest. I lacked exercise thanks to how my office work occupied my time and I had to eat fast. Hell, I barely slept thanks to the amount of work I had to do. It took a toll on me and… well, I died from a heart attack, which is rather horrible.

I worked in order to help support my family and promised my little brother that I'll help him with his college tuition, only to die young and at an unexpected fashion. I just hope someone finds my body though, I rarely go out of my room when that pandemic outbreak just happened and everyone has to work from home. Brother must be worrying about me when I suddenly stopped checking in with him. My boss would wonder why I stopped checking in and out of work… hell, they'd wonder why I haven't timed out for god knows how long. My parents though… oh god, I don't even want to know what they'll do once they find out that I died from overwork.

I was also reincarnated in a world where magic exists and from what I remember in my memories, my affinity is wind but after falling sick, I couldn't study more about it due to being bedridden. I tried to see if I could manifest it and only caused a light breeze in this room. It's really nice to have magic but I would rather be back at my previous life than be here!

Though there is one question that bugs me a lot now that I'm here: Would everyone around me realize that their sickly son is no longer sickly and changed personality wise? I mean, I guess I was a silent child during my youth and I don't talk to people a lot in my past life. I'm an introvert to put things bluntly. I'd rather be sitting quietly in one room, lazing around, reading or writing stories… Well, I already established the reading part since I do that all the time.

Now that I think about it, this is my second shot in life. While dying kind of sucked and I'll miss my family in my previous life, I'll have to deal with the fact that I live here now and I have a new family that I owe a lot for being there for me while I was at my worst state. Did I even make any significant connections outside of my family during my past life? Did I take up other hobbies aside from what I do? Hell, did I even have any actual friends back then? To be perfectly honest, I just coasted through my life like it was nothing. I just lived from paycheck to paycheck and never fell in love. To top all of this off, I died thanks to my health being terrible thanks to my terrible choices. By the time I noticed it, it was too late for me and I was on the way to death by heart attack happened.

I don't think that I should waste this shot again by overworking myself to death the second time or gradually whittle my health out by making the worst calls when it comes to my own health. Beats living in as a guy who became too complacent and introverted. I have an option to be more social and more active this time around.

As to how I'll go about with it, I'll have to think and plan about it on the go. I'm not really sure about what I'd do here to be honest aside from living my life well this time around.

Ugh I'm parched after thinking about the predicament that I'm currently in. I looked around me to see if there's any water I could drink and only found an empty pitcher and an empty glass cup on my bedside table along with some books. There's also a bell that I can use to call the household help but with me feeling a lot better, I don't think I'll have to use that. I've picked up my glass cup and opened the door that leads me outside.

"Master Edwin, is that you?" I heard something being dropped on the ground and a surprised voice of a woman.

I looked at the direction where it came from and saw one of the manor's maids wearing a black and white English style maid dress and had her blonde hair tied to a nice bun. There's a basket of laundry that was on her foot right now and her brown eyes would probably pop out of her sockets due to how she was staring at me. I think I felt a blush creeping into my face considering that she's quite pretty.

If I remember the name of the maid, she's Hermione Pierson, the newcomer in the household staff. She helped me a lot when I was sick and even accompanied me when my parents and my siblings weren't available. I'd usually talk to her about things that I read in my little library and she's usually the one that assists me whenever I need to leave my room. From what I remember, I was bedridden for more than three months thanks to the disease that plagued my body and haven't seen me stand up from my bed on my own strength for a while now.

Guess that she's surprised when I came out of my room without any need of assistance at all.

"Master Edwin, you can finally stand on your own!" Hermione was a bit happy about seeing me like this. Then again, I'd tell her that I wanted to walk on my own again and not be in bed all the time, "Wait, you need to go back to bed, Master Edwin! You must be weak for a while and it's too early for you to wake up-..."

"Hermione, I need to get water." I told her with a boyish voice that came out of my lips, "Can I get water on my own?"

"But Master Edwin, you still need to recover first!" the maid was looking at Edwin with confusion.

"Please?" I hated to do this but I had to use my boyish charms by giving her puppy eyes in order to be allowed to get water on my own.

"I… at least let me accompany you, Master Edwin." stammered Hermione as she picked up the laundry basket.

"Well okay, I'll allow it then…" I told her as I walked to the stairs that would lead me to the pantry where I can get water.

As I walked to get water, other servants and household staff looked at me with shock and confusion. For the first time, I was walking on my own and at a very early time too. If I'm guessing correctly, my family does not wake up somewhere around 5am to 6am. I'm an early riser compared to them then thanks to my working habits, which is 2am to 3am. One of the maids did not hesitate to run upstairs, likely to wake my parents up in order to have them see me.

I can't really blame them since my health is now back to normal and I'm no longer sick anymore.

Once we made it to the kitchen, Hermione put aside the laundry basket and got a pitcher of cold water from a large cabinet that had a large slab of ice at the bottom of it. I can also sense magic in this refrigerator knock off that keeps the ice from melting. It's quite amazing to be honest. I tried to reach the pitcher but I realized that it was not only heavy but also unreachable. I looked for a foot stool and took it with me to the ice box in order to reach the pitcher but it wasn't enough. It was really annoying to reach for it to be honest. The other staff were amused at what I was doing while Hermione was a bit worried about me trying and failing to get my own water.

Damn this kiddie body of mine! I can't reach anything like what I'm able to do when I was an adult!

"Master Edwin, please let me get you water instead." Hermione smiled as I was carried off from the stool that I am standing on and into a seat at the kitchen counter's stool.

"Okay then, I guess... I can't reach for it myself anyway." I muttered in resignation as I gave her the glass cup.

Hermione filled the cup with cold water, something that made my throat feel dry since the time I woke up from my sleep. Once it's filled, she gives me the glass of well refrigerated water. I drank it in one gulp and the feeling of cold water was refreshing to me. The kitchen staff and Hermione thought that I'd choke at the way I drank. Once the cup's empty, I wiped my mouth with my sleeves and happily put my cup forward to her.

"I need a refill please." I sighed in relief and put forward the empty cup that I drank from.

"Oh, right away, Master Edwin." she then took the cup and began to fill it again, "But please be careful of how you drink, Master. You might end up choking in the process." She chided me before giving me the cup.

"Yeah, sure." I looked at the cup before drinking it in a way that would satisfy the rest of the staff, "It's just that I missed drinking cold water instead of the one that I'd drink at room temperature to be honest. I mean, I can't help it, okay?"

"It's understandable Master Edwin but you have to watch for your health as well." my maid smiled at me, "We thought that you wouldn't last during your past few months of sickness and seeing you like this got us all worried."

"Yes ma'am, I'll be sure to not get sick again." I cheerfully said as I began to drink the second cup of cold water.

Suddenly the doors of the kitchen swung open and I saw two figures that I can easily identify as my parents.

My father was a black haired, unkempt, rugged, tall, green eyed and muscular man who was still wearing a robe over his night clothes and was wearing a shocked expression. His robes seemed to be hastily put, his pajamas were a bit rumpled and he looked like he rushed his way to the kitchen to see me. My mother, on the other hand, was a brunette, long haired, regal looking and rather beautiful woman. Her blue eyes were filled with tears at the sight of me… who is sitting still right now in order to keep watch on what these two might do next. Like my father, she is also wearing robes over her night clothes but unlike him, hers was properly put on her and it covered her generous figure.

There was silence as we both stared at each other.

"Mother, Father, good morning." I told them both as I tried to break the ice, "Today's a lovely day, isn't it?"

I got hugged tightly as a response to what I just said.


My father is a boisterous and friendly man regardless of what strata they came from. From what Hermione told me, he'd usually come to towns and villages within the county, disguised as a commoner along with mother in order to check with the residents and citizens under his care and management. He's also a part of the Kingdom's military and he's a General as well and earned his title through merit. He's a very dedicated father too as he made sure that all three of his children were properly taken care of but at the same time, he doesn't want us to end up becoming spoiled brats so he does give us admonishment whenever we screw up or cause problems. When I got sick, he would always do his best to get home as early as possible to take good care of me. He'd cheer me up whenever I feel down and under the weather.

On the other hand, my mother is a calm, quiet and studious woman who was once a dedicated independent researcher/tinkerer who wanted to see if magic can be used in common application until she left such a lifestyle in order to marry Father and take care of us. While she still does her research and engineering from time to time, it became a hobby for her and only when she's teaching us or I asked mother to show us something neat. She's also a very dedicated mother who would dote on us greatly. She's also a great storyteller too and talked about her past adventures before becoming father's wife. She would almost always remain in my room, watching and nursing me in the hopes that I got better.

Right now, they're both at my sides as we saw the doctor off after he finished my checkup. He told us that I'm perfectly healthy, which was said to be a huge miracle according to him since I would be very weakened like the ones that recovered from it. He commented that my innate magic must have done something to help me recover but he'll look into what happened to me. He advised my parents that I still need rest before I'll be able to go out and play, study or work.

In other words, I'm still under observation and I still need to watch my health.

"This is truly great news, my dear~!" Mother picked me up and cuddled me in her grasp, "Our son is cured without a doubt! I'm sure that you'd love to go out again like what you said to me in the past."

"Mother, this is a bit embarrassing…" I tried to wriggle out of my mother's hold but she was stronger than I am.

"Yes, it is truly a miracle that he had recovered." Father boisterously said as he patted my head, "Edwin's a lot stronger than he looks after all! Beating that disease on your own, good job there, son!" he gave me a thumbs up as he led us both back inside.

"This calls for a celebration dear." my mother suggested as she finally put me down, "Our son's recovery needs to be commemorated." She then looked at Father, who is also smiling at the idea of celebrating as well.

"I…" before I could finish what I was about to say, I was suddenly tackled by someone and I fell on the ground, butt first.

I looked at the person who did this and it was a black haired little girl with blue eyes wearing a white dress with yellow tresses on it. She has a blue ribbon accessory that is used to tie her ponytail. We looked each other in the eye for a bit. I tried to say something to her but she started to tear up. She hugged me tightly and started crying on my shirt.

This girl must be Remilia, my little sister whom I've gotten close with thanks to her coming by to my room. She'd usually play with me and mother whenever she's there and keep me from getting lonely. I remembered that she was told to stay out of my room a week ago thanks to my sickness getting worse and she cried about it.

"You're alive! You're alive!" Remilia wailed as she cried, "I thought you were dead!"

Okay, I think I'll have to assess the things that happened to me and what I will do from here on out.


"Today is the first conference in surviving the new world as a reincarnator." Edwin with a fake beard spoke as he hit the gavel as he faced a massive room filled with Edwins inside it that are currently talking with each other, "Order! We must talk about the fact that we are reborn as a nobleman's son and what will be our first steps. Mr. Florencia, have you finished compiling all of the new data that we've acquired?"

"Not yet, Speaker Florencia!" Edwin with a necktie tied to his head like a bandana said as he scanned through the pile of paper stacked at his desk one sheet of paper at a time while writing on a notebook, "I'm still trying to organize all of the other detailed information that appeared along with the past life memories! I propose that we create a new record for all of the information that we acquired to prevent further loss, Speaker Florencia!"

"Understood, Mr. Florencia. We check and see if we can have such a thing." Speaker Edwin nodded before turning to another Edwin who was looking at him with an arm raised, "Mr. Florencia, is there something that you wish to say?"

"Speaker Florencia, we are still having issues in regards to the grief that Mr. Florencia and Mr. Florencia are feeling right now after dying!" Edwin with a serious look on his face put his hand down and pointed at two Edwins that were crying and lay depressed on their side of the table, "We need to find a way to stabilize them or else overall morale will drop."

"And what would you suggest, Mr. Florencia?" Speaker Edwin said to the Serious Edwin put away his hands now that the Speaker noticed the two sad Edwins.

"I suggest that we must try to acclimate ourselves in this odd new world that we are currently in, Speaker Edwin. We must also move on from our past life's loss, seeing as this might cause people to ask questions on our melancholy." Serious Edwin crossed his arms and closed his eyes.

"I see… we shall see what we can do in regards to this, Mr. Florencia." Speaker Edwin pounded the gavel to silence the murmuring parliament room full of Edwins before seeing the sleeping Edwin who is drooling on his desk, "Mr. Florencia, please wake up."

"Huh…" the groggy Edwin roused himself from his sleep and wiped the drool from his mouth, "In my opinion, I suggest that we should take it easy and relax. We are now a part of a noble family and we should not be so-..."

"DENIED!" the entire floor spoke in unison.

"The last time we took your proposal and approved of it, we nearly failed college!" an angry Edwin spoke as he stood up, put his foot on the desk and pointed at the Lazy Edwin, "Not only that, we got too used to lazing around that it endangered our career back then!"

"Fuck your laze off all day proposal, Mr. Florencia!" an Edwin with an unbuttoned shirt and a middle finger pointed at the other Edwin spoke vulgarly, "You fucking screwed this entire council over after last time! We are not fucking putting your proposals in check!"

"Yes, I agree with their points." an Edwin with glasses, a stack of cash in one hand and a calculator on the other spoke out with disgust, "You and Mister Florencia over here." He thumbed the other Edwin who was wearing shades, wearing jewelry and eating food, "Had caused our past life to be incredibly difficult. You've blocked me multiple times from proposing a frugal plan that will save us from our usual check to check lifestyle."

"You guys are no fun…" the other Edwin who is holding a smartphone and playing a mobage spoke with derision, "I mean, we should at least have some fun since it's our money that we're spending…"

"Yeah, tell me again who lost us a lot of pesos in one day just to gamble it on a shitty mobage." Edwin snarkily commented to Edwin with a mobile phone in hand while holding his head upright and looking at him with disgust in his eyes, "We could have sent past mom gifts but no, you just had to-..."

"ORDER! ORDER IN THE COURT FOR GOODNESS'S SAKE!" Speaker Edwin banged his gavel loudly, "Any proposals on lazing around, wasting money or being hedonistic is clearly not an option here. It seems that for today, the only proposal that will be passed would be the one regarding the records of the past life. Raising morale is going to be a long term project that we'll all work on. Anything else that you gentlemen would like to raise or propose?"

Speaker Edwin was met with silence and many shook their head or shrugged their shoulders.

"None then? Okay, today's reincarnator survival conference is adjourned." the gavel was smacked for the last time.


On the first day of my reincarnator life, Mother and Father threw me a small party to celebrate my road to recovery with the staff joining in the party as well. Mother personally cooked and baked the favorite food that I enjoy eating with the kitchen staff assisting her. Father decided to take a day off in order to celebrate my recovery and told me that he can't wait to tell his friends that his son is all better now. Remilia or Remy as she insisted, clung on to me during those times and refused to let go of me to make sure that I didn't go away forever as what her dreams told her about. Hermione would always be by my side and to be fair, I think I understand why I had some kind of a crush with her. She's like a big sister to me and she's a very pretty lady too.

I also began to write on two empty books, one is my diary and the other is what I remember from my past life. I still can't remember my past name but I do remember a lot of the knowledge that I know of such as gardening and farming, carpentry, computer operation, cooking and my hobbies. I think I'll need another book since I'm having an itch to write a story too. I enjoy writing stories in my past life and there's no internet or video games here so I might as well do some writing instead.

On the second day, since I can't get out of the manor, Remy and I played all day along with Mother. Father tried to join in but he had to get back to checking with the border patrols and keeping the county safe. I think I saw him sulk when he was reminded of that by his aide as he went to work. I told dad to take care on his way to work though. I also remembered the songs that I've heard in my past life and accidentally sung "The Hero" in English. Mother, Remy, Hermione and three other staff heard me sing that song that they said was gibberish. I was asked what that song meant and how did I learn about it by my mother, who went researcher mode on me. I wrote the entire lyrics in a language that they could understand and wrote it in the lyrics that they mentioned as gibberish. Remy was really starry eyed about me singing something weird and asked me to sing it again, especially after I explained what it was all about.

I think I heard Mother mutter about ancient language and checking on it later. She also said that we'll visit the Ministry once I'm free to go out again.

On the third day though, things… were a bit different…


The Claes Family decided to pay us a visit and were said to arrive for lunch. The staff were preparing the house for our very important visitors since they're the ones handling the duchy and our county falls under their boundaries. Mother played with us for a bit before she made her own preparations in getting ready to meet the Claes. She told us that we could use our freetime right now to play with each other or wait with her at the sitting room until the Claes finally makes it. She also said that we should be at our best behavior while the Claes are here since they are the ones that manages the Duchy. Me and Remy were left to our devices while everyone else was preparing.

Both of us were rather dressed up prim and proper. I'm now wearing a teal, short-sleeved shirt with yellow buttons and white outlines with blue trousers and black shoes while Remy is in a white dress with blue ribbons on it with white socks and red shoes. We rehearsed our lessons in etiquette and manners though to help Remy remember what she'll say to our guest. I mean, I'm fine since I had experience with talking to strangers in my past life but Remy's not that proficient at it so she had me to pretend to be someone else to help her.

According to my mother, there's still a few hours left before the Claes arrive and… my sister is getting bored. We've had enough of having manners rehearsal though when Remy poked me.

"Brother, want to go outside and see the pumpkins?" Remy mischievously grinned as she tugged my arm.

Since we live in the countryside and own massive tracts of land, my family decided to put it to good use and build a farm on the estates owned under our name to supplement our income. We had orchards, vineyards, vegetable farms and gardens. Combine it with Mother's magical knowledge and the crops that both her and Father collected during their days as adventurers, she also built a strange farm at the main estate where plants that wouldn't thrive in different environments would thrive quite well.

It was quite weird that I saw a mango tree growing in one of the many glasshouses that was in our backyard but at least I know that one of my favorite fruits exists here.

On the side note: my Mother's rather OP.

"Well sure, I'd like to see how the plants are doing anyway." I smiled at my little sister as she dragged me to the backdoor that would lead us to the farm behind our estate, "That and even if I said no, you'd drag me there anyway."

"Heehee…" Remy giggled as she opened the door, "Anyway, let's go look at the pumpkins that we're both growing for the past months, brother!"

I have to say that seeing the farm was rather nostalgic to me. It reminded me of the farm that we had in my past life before I died. Rest in Peace, past me. It was really huge now that I've seen it myself. There's rows after rows of grapes and apple trees being grown from left to right here and at a good distance to distribute the sunlight properly. Vegetable patches had potatoes, turnips, cabbages, tomatoes, sweet potatoes, yam and pumpkins growing in it. There's also berry bushes that are being grown at an enclosed space too, which is really nice. There are greenhouses as well that allow the growth of certain plants that couldn't grow here and my eyes widened when I saw bananas and cacao as well. I saw some of the staff that manages the area and gave us a swift hello before moving on.

From what I remember, we'd talk to these guys and ask them how they grow stuff while having them teach us how to do it on our own. Also, I still cannot believe that my family's really rich. Our parent's adventures as well as my mother's research work must have raked up tons of money to make this happen, huh?

Remy dragged me to the pumpkin patch that has a sign with my writing on it. It says: "Our pumpkin patch." and it has mine and Remy's signature on it. The pumpkins in question are rather big, as in they're the size of Father's arm now and they're not yet ready to harvest. There's five of them that grew in that size while the others are still kinda small. I wonder what kind of fertilizers were used to make them grow this big?

"I already watered them this morning, brother." Remy patted the large pumpkin with pride in her face, "Mister John said that if we raise our pumpkins big enough, we can have lots of pumpkin pies and bread with it."

My little sister and I like pumpkin based sweets and food that when we met Mister John, we asked for his help to grow our own pumpkins and agreed with us. We took care of our pumpkins a bit too well though since they're pretty huge that if Halloween exists here, we could use these to make pumpkin lanterns.

"Yeah, I like to have some pumpkin stew once these guys are ready to eat." I smiled as I remembered eating that dish for the first time, "Sure the pies and sweets are okay but the stew and the soup is the best."

"No! Sweets are better! You're starting to talk like big brother now." my little sister pouted while she referred to Anthony, who is our older brother, "Is he tempting you to eat that stuff again?! Pumpkins are meant for sweets and cakes, not salty stuff and mixed with meat!"

"Well, I do like pumpkin sweets Remy but I prefer stew and soup over sweets." I pointed out at her, "I mean, a healthy diet does make you a healthy person after all."

Remy was about to argue about what I just said when we heard someone's glee and the doors to the manor swinging open and shut.

"Look Keith, an actual farmplace! Not only that, it's so big too!" one voice of a girl spoke that caused my mind to suddenly spark an old memory.

"Sis, don't run around too much, you might stumble." another voice of a boy chided.

I looked at the source of the voice and I saw two kids at the same age as me, a maid that is taking care of the two of them and Hermione. The maid wears a similar dress that Hermione wore but the difference is that she's a short haired brunette and she looks serious compared to our maid. The two however, I can easily identify them since I remembered the animes that I've watched in the past.

The brunette who is currently coming towards us with a massive smile on her face is Katarina Claes and the other kid following her is her newly adopted little brother, Keith. From what I'm seeing here, it seems that she noticed the large pumpkins next to me and Remy, who looked very alarmed at the new face that appeared

Oh sweet baby Jesus, was I reincarnated in an anime world?!

"Oh my, that's the biggest pumpkin that I've ever seen! How did you make it grow so big?" Katarina immediately asked us excitedly.

"Ummm…" I was utterly confused and thinking about what I should even say to Katarina.

"Hello, I don't think that we've met before, may we know of your names first?" Remy was the one that asked the question that I wished that I'd asked first. She's also frowning hard and hiding behind my back, glaring at the newcomers like a cat would do.

I actually did not pay attention to what they were saying as I thought about the fact that I'm in Hamefura and I'm probably a mob character. I mean, while we are connected to the Claes Duchy, it doesn't mean that we're that important to the story, right? Katarina is going to have a harem of guys and ladies who are really into her thanks to how kind and dense she is. There shouldn't be any harm or foul that will happen if I weren't even partaking in her story and live the rest of my life away from the spotlight, right?

Still, I gotta admit that Katarina is rather cute now that I'm looking at the real deal.

"... and this is my brother, Edwin Aldus Florencia!" Remy proudly introduced me to the Claes siblings.

Katarina's eyes suddenly widened in shock and surprise... wait, I do hope that doesn't mean anything though. I really hope that she's only shocked because we're both nobles and not commoners here. That's the face that she makes when she met Keith!


Edwin Aldus Florencia, the fifth love interest of the Fortune Lover. He's Maria's childhood friend but was unable to meet up with her all the time due to his sickness. I haven't played his route but from what I heard from A-chan, Edwin was quite happy and content at being friends and later, lovers with Maria until Katarina proceeded to belittle, mock and insult him and his family, causing him to have a grudge on her. Her insults to his sister being the last straw that will cause him to plan on how to kill Katarina without getting implicated.

Katarina doesn't like it when he talks to Maria and will order him to stop talking to her and do her best to get in the way of what he's doing with Maria.

In the good end, Katarina's reputation will be in tatters thanks to Edwin spreading news across the kingdom that she was abusing the Saint and her powers, causing her to be disowned and exiled. In the bad end, Edwin will poison Katarina and will be kept a secret until he dies thanks to his disease, his diary revealing his hand in killing Katarina.

What the hell is wrong with the devs?! Why is it that three out of five, I die horribly at the hands of three love interests?! Better yet, why did they write Katarina to be intolerable?!


I'm quite sure that I'm not that important in the plot and so long as I don't interfere with the other love interest's attempt to woo Katarina, I should be fine. Yeah, perhaps I should leave these guys to their own devices and not be too involved with them. I really don't want to end up in Prince Geord or Mary Hunt's target reticule. Those two will do anything to make Katarina theirs and after witnessing it in both the Light Novels and the anime itself, I don't feel like getting the boot from those two.

Still, I gotta admit that Katarina's really cute.

"Miss Claes, are you okay?" Remy asked the rather stunned Katarina.

"Sis?" Keith said and caused Katarina to be surprised.

"Wow, Miss Claes is rather cute..."

I just realized that I said something that must not be said.

Katarina was utterly shocked when I said that and was red as a tomato.

Remy looked incredibly outraged when I just said that.

The Claes maid was bug eyed at what just passed my lips.

Hermione blushed and looked thrilled at my comment.

Keith however… I'm quite sure that he's not okay with what I just said.


Oh no! My rivals will probably increase! I have to stop him from falling for my sister's charms!