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The Paradox Experiments.

When Holly had been young, her father had taught her about time travel. He'd done this by simply making her watch movies and TV programs where time travel was a common trope, all to prepare her for the realities of time travel.

Okay, granted; some of the ideas of changing history and no real consequence occurring were wrong, but the basic gist was sound enough. Such things also helped her think, as Doc Brown said, "fourth dimensionally."

However, her father pointed her in the direction of those where history was either endangered or had changed so substantially that the world the time travellers originated from no longer existed.

A prime example was a few episodes of the original series of Star Trek, The City at the Edge of Forever where Captain Kirk and Spock travelled back in time through an advanced alien time portal to ensure a drugged McCoy did not change history, otherwise the Nazis would take over the world due to the death of a woman who was more important than people would expect.

That was something she had never really been able to understand about normal people; they believed historical figures were those found in the history books, but at the same time they didn't realise the effect on the world a seemingly insignificant person could have in the long term. The City on the Edge of Forever was one of Holly's favourite episodes because it highlighted her point extremely.

At the same time, she was being groomed by her father to take an interest in time travel. And she had. She had been fascinated and amazed by her father's achievement with temporal mechanics the moment she first went back in time with him. They hadn't gone back far, perhaps five hours into the past; her father's resentment had passed onto her for their financial issues, although Holly wondered if part of the problem had been because of her father's introverted attitude towards his work, and his inability to focus on his job had something to do with it. Holly loved her father, she missed him so much and she had nearly lost it when she had discovered he had become trapped in the loop of infinity, but it had been the only way for the older Turner to escape them.

A slight frown crossed Holly's features as she remembered how two men had apparently found out about her father's work - she had no idea how; she had kept her mouth shut, and while her father was discreet there had been moments.

Holly wasn't even sure how it had all started, but it had. All she knew was someone had been after the time machine her father had worked for years to build.

And then… it had been discovered

Holly didn't even know who it was. She had only discovered the whole story after she had gone away to London to attend a course in Quantum Physics so she hadn't really been involved, but she did remember spotting two men frequently in the final days when her father had still been in this reality. She also remembered how terrified Frederick had been as she had left. But what had stunned her the most was how her father had spent more time with her than normal. While she and her father loved each other very much, Holly knew he preferred doing his work on the time machine and making improvements to the thing when money permitted, but they did spend time with each other.

In the final days, however, all that had changed. Her father had done his best to be there, spending each second with her before she had left. Holly knew now her father had planned to give himself up to the two men, show them the machine, and lose themselves in a different fourth dimension. And she hadn't even seen it.

When she had returned home, she had been stunned by the story that the two men she had seen had known of the time machine and they had wanted to use it although her father didn't tell her who they were and if they worked for someone else who'd merely sent them along to do the dirty work. She hadn't believed her father's letter when he had said he didn't know who they were. He must have known otherwise he wouldn't have been alerted to them in the first place. And it had ended with them all being sucked into the Loop of Infinity.

Holly was now alone. Her father had taught her everything he had known about the time machine and how it had worked, he had spent years teaching her every part of his machine and the theories behind it, but at the same time, Holly just wanted to abandon the whole project and tear the machine to pieces out of frustration. The time machine was the reason why her father had felt threatened by two strangers and he'd felt the only way was to throw himself into the Loop of Infinity, trapped forever without any way of coming back. How could she change that?

And yet…she couldn't. The time machine, as much as she hated it, was the only thing she had left. Holly wasn't the sentimental type, or at least she'd never really had any reason to be sentimental given how close she and her father had been, especially when they'd spent many hours debating the eccentricities of quantum physics. But all that had changed when her father had vanished while leaving Holly the pieces to pick up.

And she hated it. She hated her life. She hated the fact she had become so spooked by the discovery of her father's work by those two men she had forced herself to aim low for the first scientific position she could find which was a forensic officer for the police! Holly grimaced as she thought about her 'colleagues,'

Grisham was a loud, overbearing woman who was good at her job she had to admit, but Holly would have preferred it if the woman would leave her alone for the most part instead of involving her in cases. And the rest of her colleagues….

Okay, Nicky Robson was nice enough, even if his habit of reading and quoting from law books sometimes got a bit too much at times. Frank was also nice enough, although she didn't really communicate with him. And then there was Morris.

If Holly needed proof that some examples of Homo Sapien who were just plain stupid and didn't deserve to have crawled out of the primordial slime, she had it in spades when she looked into Morris' gormless face, listening to him speak, although every time she listened to him having to slowly read through documents or witness statements, she wanted to scream. It made her wonder how he had managed to go through school, never mind become a police officer. He must have had help.

And then there was Jeff Slade.

Out of all of the police officers, Holly liked him best. He might have been arrogant at times, but he was diligent and a gifted detective, with a devious mind. However, he wasn't interested in advancement. He was content being where he was, seemingly comfortable with letting others make the decisions although he was more than capable of making maverick decisions in the face of the greater good of the cases he was involved in. In many ways, Holly respected that, given how many officers in the station were so career-minded they didn't look to the finer details.

But as for the rest of the police work…. Holly didn't want to be involved. She merely wanted to be left alone and do her job and earn enough cash to afford to carry on the time travel experiments. They were all she had left.

But the trouble was where would she start?

Her father had never written anything down about his experiments, frustratingly enough. All the important details were in his head, but he had taught her nothing but hints about the results of his work. Holly hadn't realised until now just how little she actually knew about her father's time travel research, but she imagined she could find some way to work her way out of that.

As she made a tea for herself, Holly waited and thought. She quickly came to the realisation that she would need to start the experiments from scratch, however, she wondered how she was going to start them off, and she went through everything that she knew about her father's work.

One thing sprang to mind. Temporal paradoxes, her father had told her about them. He had told her how he had taken photographs while he had travelled into the past, but when he time travelled back to the present the pictures had faded. While she theoretically knew the mechanics behind the creation of such paradoxes, Holly had never created them.

When the kettle started to whistle, Holly was jolted back into the real world and she poured water into her mug before she went for some milk. As she finished off making her tea, Holly's mind started working through a plan. But as she thought about it she decided to just use the time machine to send her back into the past, with a camera and she could take some pictures and time travel back to the present.

Yes, that might be a good move. As she drank her tea, she went to the living room and turned on the television, going over the plan for going back into the past.