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This story is base on another story on spacebattles forums, where Azula was sent to the MEverse and lived life as Sheperd there.

This story is a spiritual continuation of that story, where she returns back to the Avatar world.

Chapter 01

The painting on the wall drew Azula's attention. A beautifully crafted scene of a ship crossing from one side to another, the ocean dominated the centre of the picture. While at the bottom was the sandy beach, small specks of what she assumed were people dotted the edges.

It's frame was also broken, as if something had struck it. Small stain marks littered the top side of it, where the clouds drifted lazily across the sky.

Azula frowned, why was there a painting in her room. She did have a small fish tank in her quarters and a fridge for her drinks she picked up from the various planets she visited. But no painting, she had grown to dislike them.

"Where the hell am I?" Azula whispered, glancing around the room she was in. It was a mess. Scratch marks dotted the wall, chairs lay broken and the remnants of some type of food littered the ground.

She stood, wincing as a wave of dizziness swept through her mind. She stumbled forward, one hand reaching out for the broken chair in front of her. Her muscles protested at the movement, a jolt of pain shooting up her calves. Her fingers gripped the headrest as she gazed back at the bed she had been sitting on.

An emblem was etched onto the covers, one that she had not seen in many years. The emblem of the Fire Nation. In the early days of her new life she had knitted it a few times to remind her of home. But as the years passed she gave up on the childesh act.

Azula was never returning home.

"Think Azula, where could I be?" Azula stumbled toward the windows. They were closed, but she was able to pry open the wooden latches and push the window open. Fresh air swept into the room, brushing past her. Azula sneezed as the sun shone through, her vision blurring slightly. When it cleared she found metal bars along the outside of the window, blocking any would-be intruder from coming in.

Or someone from going outside, Azula thought. She turned her attention back to the room, slowly walking from the bedroom into a larger living area. The room was in better shape then her bedroom, but only slightly. There was a couch in the centre, large windows dominated one end of the room. But they were again blocked by metal bars.

Azula's strides were now more confident, the pain had lessened but not entirely. She stopped by the couch, placing her hand on the smooth surface. She frowned, her scars were missing. She had a few from her younger days, more when she joined the military and her time Cerberus meant her entire body was now littered with scars. "Something is very strange."

Azula's gaze landed on the half plate of food on the table, her stomach growling a moment later. She dove onto the couch, her muscles aching at the sudden movement but she ignored them and ate the food. It was cold, but infinitely better then anything she ate during her bootcamp.

It took only a few minutes to eat all the food, she even ate the little bits that had fallen onto the table. No use in wasting it after all, she might not eat again for a while. The one annoying part was that her hair kept getting in the way. As if she hadn't been cutting it, now it was down to the small of her back and small strands kept falling in front of her face as she had eaten.

Azula's immediate hunger dealt with her, she turned to her next problem. Why was she in some type of Fire Nation building. Her memories were foggy, but this was obviously some type of apartment in the style of the Fire Nation.

"Hello," Azula called out. She stood, feet wobbly for a moment before she moved away from the couch. She headed toward the only other door, pushing it open she paused. More metal bars blocked her path. She could melt through them if she had wanted to, but what was beyond made her worry.

Two men stood before her, in Fire Nation regalia. They stood with their backs against the opposite wall, staring impassively down at her.

Azula narrowed her eyes, and felt the familiar sensation of her inner fire rising within her. These men were prepared for battle, the silver colors showcased them as Imperial Firebenders. The best the Fire Nation had to offer.

"Is this some type of joke, did someone piece this all together from my ramblings." Azula said, a short laugh escaping her. Perhaps someone had requested a VI to create a realistic representation of her homeland. But they had obviously missed a few things out.

The men didn't move at all. No, she could feel their inner Fire responding to them. If Azula moved in the wrong way, she was sure they were prepared to fight her.

"Who's in charge here, what pencil pusher set this all up?" Azula demanded, anger rising within her. Was it Cerberus, did they still believe they had some type of owner over her. She would quickly relieve them of that opinion if that was the case.

She was Azula, she had escaped out of worse situations. And if someone else had captured her then she would show them not to mess with a Shepard.

"You two are not mute or deaf, tell your superior I want to talk." Azula said, gripping the metal bar. Steam started to rise from her hand, metal was one of the easiest things for her to bend after all. If she wanted to then she would be out of here in no time, but first she would find out who captured her. "Well, what are you waiting for? Get moving and find your superior!"

Azula knew there were likely numerous cameras on her, and the person in charge was likely scrambling to get themselves ready. But it seemed as if something had finally clicked in the guards. The one on the left glanced at his companion before leaving, disappearing down the hallway.

Azula sighed, letting go of the metal bar and moving back to the couch. Her Firebending hadn't come as to her as easily as she expected. The small display of power took a lot out of her. She sat back down on the couch and waited.

Azula would get out, whoever had created this partial simulation of her home would pay. The alternative didn't bear thinking about, that she could possibly be back on her home planet. After all the years of hardship and loss.

No, Azula would wait and find out. Then burn to a crisp whoever kept her here. She didn't find anything obvious out of place, no piece of advanced technology hidden away behind a cabinet. Or an item that she knew her old world hadn't developed but would have been close to.

Azula lay back on the couch as she heard footsteps coming from the hallway. Followed by the gate being opened, some quiet muttering and finally a figure appearing in the doorway.

Azula had to give it to whoever was running the facility, they had chosen people of oriental descent when they were recruited.

"Who might you be?" Azula asked, idly picking up one of the last few grapes from the table and popping it into her mouth. She narrowed her eyes and popped another grape into her mouth. She enjoyed the sharp taste, taking her mind off the lingering ache in her limbs.

The man visibly winced, his eyes sweeping the room before landing back on her. He took a deep breath, glancing behind him quickly and then stepping into the room. He was followed by two new guards, they took position on either side of the door.

"Lady Azula, it is good to see you up...and so cognizant." the man said, his voice wavering slightly. "My name is Okun, I lead the facility here."

"That is princess Azula to you," Azula replied. Already there was one mistake in their acting, her higher ups knew of her previous position back on her home planet.

"I suppose your mind may still be a little unclear, but your title was stripped from you to avoid any unnecessary succession issues."

"Succession issues?" Azula asked, what type of game were they playing. "Look, there is no point in us trying to figure each one out. I know what you are trying to do, and it won't work Okun."

"You do, I guess it would explain why you are more lucid and…." Okun said, glancing down at the table.

"And?" Azula asked, not liking his tone of voice at all.

"Well, you haven't yet attacked me." Okun said. "That is progress, the last time I didn't even take a step into the room before you threw a plate at me. It is great progress that we are conversing this wa.?"

"What...sort of game are you playing?" Azula growled, leaning forward. Okun stepped backward, eyes wide open. She ignored the look, instead focusing on his words. "It's almost like you are implying that I am mad. That is preposterous. I will be long gone before your superiors find me. If you are trying to extort information from me, then you will go back empty handed to whichever mercenary company you owe your loyalties to."

"Lady Azula, you are not thinking straight." Okun said.

"Enough, you will let me out of this facility or you will find out first hand just how formidable of a Spectre I am." Azula stood, forcing herself to not wobble as she stared down Okun.

"Please my lady, you are not making sense." Okun said, stepping backward. His eyes wide with fear, the two guards stepped beside him. It was obvious that he was terrified of her, he must have known her reputation.

"Who is your leader, the Red Suns or some corporate syndicate?" Azula barked, her body eager with anticipation. It still protested at her slight movements, and the hunger still gnawed away at her. But Azula knew she could fight, if briefly.

"You are in the Royal Asylum of Fire, and have been here for almost two years." Okun said. "Since the end of the war."


"After the Hundred Year War ended you were brought to this Asylum by your brother. The Fire Lord ordered that we provide you the best care. Your mental health changes frequently, some days are better then others." Okun said, rubbing his hands. "Though today you are far more lucid then I have ever seen you, we never had a full conversation before."

"My brother...is the Fire Lord?" Azula usually had a good read of a person, a skill that had continued into her career as a Spectre. Right now Okun wasn't lying, he believed he was telling the truth.

"Yes, he defeated you in an Agni Kai and Avatar Aang stopped Fire Lord Ozai." Okun said, sympathy clear on his face.

"My father is dead," Azula sat down on the couch with a thump. Ozai was her father, but John was also her father. She didn't care about the former and was extremely attached to the latter. But was her entire second life a lie, made up by her imagination.

"No, he is imprisoned." Okun said. "My lady, I understand this is much to take in. But perhaps we can have a break for now while you think over things, we are making a lot of progress in such a short amount of time and I don't want to waste this. I will get you some more food and then perhaps afterward we can have a walk around the courtyard."

Azula didn't listen to him, trying her best to ignore him as she placed her head in her hands. She massaged her scalp, her mind going a mile a minute.

Azula was somehow back on her home planet, without an idea on how that happened. It would explain why she had sensed the Imperial Firebenders calling on their inner fires, she had not encountered anyone in the Alliance with similar abilities. She giggled, it was suddenly funny. Azula had ended up in another hospital bed the last time she had been transported, without any memory of leaving her planet.

Azula frowned, glancing back up. Okun had left with his guards - or Firebenders. She had little time to prepare, she would not remain a prisoner.