Chapter 1 -

"Harry Potter."

A pair of emerald green eyes snapped open, the owner of said eyes sat up immediately, his head constantly moving so he could look all around while sweat poured down his forehead, his hair was flattened down. He looked around, on his right was a bed, he was not really sure why he kept it, he never used it. His hands came up and rubbed the tiredness out of his face, he sat still with his face in his hands for several minutes before he was finally ready to stand up.

He stood up and stretched before letting out a yawn, he reached down and picked up his cushion and blanket before throwing them onto the bed, he shook his head and walked out of the room before he walked into the bathroom. He closed and locked the door, he walked to the bathroom. After he took a piss he walked to the sink, he washed his hands and slapped cold water onto his face several times. He looked up at the mirror in front of him, he saw himself look back.

His hair was messy, it was always messy, it looked wild as if he had just been in large wind, he had gotten that from his father. However the one thing he did not get from his father was the color of his hair, white as freshly fallen snow, he knew he got his share of odd looks due to his hair color but found that he really did not care, there was only so much time somebody could put into worrying about what others thought before they decided it was not worth the effort.

His green eyes, those bright emerald orbs that he got from his mother, slowly dimmed in colour. They started shifting from green to grey, a colour he did not get from his mother. He pulled out a toothbrush and gently poured some toothpaste onto it, he did not really have to do it, there were quicker and easier ways to clean his teeth but he wanted to, if for no other reason than to waste time and give himself something to do. After cleaning his teeth he washed his face again.

"The boy-who-lived." A voice whispered into his ear, he did not want to turn, he knew that the one who the voice belonged to was not there, he never was. But he did turn, he was not sure if he did it just to prove to himself that he was alone or simply survival instincts that told him not to take chances and make sure or perhaps simply because it was just a habbit. When he looked he saw that he was, as he expected, completely alone.

Harry splashed water on his face once more before he exited the bathroom, he walked to his kitchen and began preparing his breakfast. His apartment might not be the biggest or flashiest but he did like the homey feel he got from it. It was a single bedroom apartment, Harry's bedroom was rather impersonal as it pretty much just had a bed, windows, clothes closet, a desk, a chair, a nightstand and a laptop on the desk and that was it. His bathroom was a simple bathroom, not ridiculously clean nor was it at all dirty, just a simple bathroom. Harry's kitchen was also a simple kitchen with all the necessities a kitchen needed plus a white marble kitchen bar but Harry barely ever used it. The kitchen was joined with the living room.

Harry felt himself get nudged slightly and looked down to see what was currently his best and only friend.

"Hey Padfoot." Harry said before he took his food and and walked into the living room followed by Padfoot, Harry's furry black dog. Harry sat on his sofa and placed his food on the coffee table in front of him. As Harry began eating Padfoot jumped up on the sofa and laid down next to him. "Let me finish eating then I will get you breakfast." Harry said, Padfoot let out a small bark before he placed his head on Harry's lap. Harry snorted with amusement but assigned his non-eating hand to petting Padfoot while he ate his breakfast with the other.

Once he was done with his breakfast he stood picked up his breakfast and stood up, Padfoot whined at the loss of contact.

"I am getting your breakfast." Harry rolled his eyes as he walked towards the kitchen and dropped his plates into the sink, before he could do anything else he heard a knock on the door. Harry quickly washed and dried his hands before he walked up to the door, he opened it to reveal a pretty blonde haired girl who was giving him a shy smile. "Hi Alexis." Harry smiled at her, Alexis was the nineteen year old daughter of Harry's landlord, she also had a bit of a crush on him.

"Uh...hi Harry." Alexis smiled, she gave him a small wave before she quickly brought her hand back down. " are you?" She asked.

"I am fine, how about you?" Harry asked.

"I am my mother wanted me to tell you that she's will be busy the next collection date so you can pay this months rent with next months."

"Well thank you for letting me know," Harry nodded. "is there anything else I can help you with?" Harry asked.

"Um no, wait...actually I am going to go to a party later today with my friends, we are going to a bar, I was wondering if you wanted to come." She said with a hopeful look.

"Sorry," Harry said in an apologetic manner. "but I do have plans today." Harry said, hoping she did not ask what plans because that meant he would have to come up with plans, while she was a good looking girl Harry was not interested, sadly she never seemed to take his subtle hints.

"Oh...okay," She said, her smile got visibly smaller and her voice showed how she disappointed she was. "okay, maybe another time." She said before walking off. Harry sighed before he closed the door, he looked at Padfoot who looked quite amused.

"Shut it." Harry said before he walked over to get the dog food.

Natasha Romanoff, master spy and agent of the Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement and Logistics Division (also known as Shield), walked into 'Wolves', a gym that doubled as a boxing training area. She was currently wearing black high heels and black trousers along with a grey shirt and an open light brown jacket. Her beautiful red hair flowed down just slightly past her shoulders, her green eyes scanned every detail around her with ease. As she walked she pretended not to notice the many men who had seen her come in, she also pretended not to notice the staring or the way a few of them tried to show off by putting more effort into their exercising.

Natasha walked towards the managers office, she knocked on the door and once he heard a call her in she opened it and walked into the room and found the manager sitting behind a desk.

"Excuse me," Natasha smiled as she spoke in a polite voice. "I am not bothering you, am I?"

"Hmm, No I was just doing paperwork," The manager smiled as he gestured to the paperwork on his desk. "how can I help you?"

"I come from out of town, I am visiting a friend, I am told he usually comes here." Natasha replied.

"Oh, who would that be?" He asked.

"David Price." Natasha answered. David Price was no real friend of hers, what he actually is would be an enhanced individual that Shield was looking into. David Price's father was a former member of Shield who worked in the science division. David Price's father, like many others before him, had attempted to recreate the super soldier serum that turned Steve Rogers into the super soldier that the world knew as Captain America. So when Shield found him dead and his son missing, they were going to be curious.

The fact that the last two agents that went looking for him disappeared meant that they were going to put more effort into getting answers, which was why they sent her instead of a lower level agent.

"Oh. Well...I don't think that you will be able to find him here." He said in an apologetic voice.

"Why not? I heard he came here all the time." Natasha asked, raising an eyebrow.

"He did until about a week ago." He replied. "Eight days ago he came here and offered to fight anyone who was willing, he beat everyone, easily in fact." The manager said in a surprised voice. "He was kicking ass, he came back the next day and made the same offer. Nobody was really willing to take him up on his offer, some had seen him fight yesterday and the others noticed the reluctance coming from them. Eventually he chose one person to fight, he lost and threw a fit, I ended up kicking him out."

"Who fought him?" Natasha asked.

"That would be him." The manager stood up and pointed through the office window to end of the gym where she saw a white haired man punching a punching bag. "He is not much of a talker. I think he might be ex-military, not sure, but he knows how to fight." The manager said in an awed voice.

"What is his name?" Natasha asked.

"Give us a sec," The manager said as he picked up a file and looked through it for a few seconds before he responded. "Harry Potter, sorry, can't really tell you more than that. I hope you understand that."

"It's fine," Natasha said, any knowledge that the man had she could find get easily so it was not really a big problem. "Thank you." She said before she walked out of the office and walked towards the white haired man. As she stopped near him she got a good look at him, he was wearing black trainers, black tracksuit bottoms and a black shirt, his hands and wrist were covered in tape. He appeared to have not noticed her as his attention was purely on the boxing bag he was striking. "Excuse me." She said.

"Yeah?" He asked without stopping his assault on the bag.

"The manager said your name was Harry Potter?" She said it in the form of a question.


"I was wondering if I could talk to you."

"You are," He pointed out. "what do you want to talk about?" He asked as he finally stopped, he caught the bag as it swung back. He finally looked at Natasha who mentally memorized his face just as he did the same to her.

"I want to talk to you about a friend of mine, David Price." Natasha answered. "You have met him recently."

"Name doesn't ring a bell." Harry shrugged. "What does he look like?"

"Skinny, brown hair, blue eyes, around five foot eight. Normally wears a silver earring." Natasha answered, remembering his face from the file she was given. "According to the manager you and him had a fight about a week ago."

"Oh him, if he really is your friend then I would advise taking him to get help." Harry said as he began removing the tape from his hands.

"Why?" Natasha asked, acting like a concerned friend while mentally noting down everything Harry was saying.

"Your friend was showing signs of drug use," Harry replied. "sweaty, unstable, his eyes kept moving, that type of stuff. He wanted to fight, wouldn't let me say no, we got in a ring. I won, he threw a fit and got kicked out, that is pretty much where my involvement ends. Good luck with your friend." Harry said before he picked up a water bottle and walked off.

"Come to die." Harry heard the words whispered into his ear but ignored it and kept walking.

Natasha watched as he walked away, there was definitely something wrong. If what she knew was right then it meant that Price was taking the serum that his father had invented, which meant that he was physically enhanced. If what this 'Harry Potter' says is true then there was likely some physical and possibly mental side effects of the serum, however as far as she knew Harry was not an enhanced so she wondered how he could beat an enhanced.

Was Harry Potter an enhanced? Did Price's serum wear off? Was it perhaps not as effective as it was supposed to be?

Natasha did not know, but she did know that she was going to find out.

The next day Natasha was stood on top of a building that gave her a good look at the one that Harry stayed in, she looked through a pair of binoculars and saw Harry sitting on a sofa, laptop on his table with his dog on the floor by his feet.

The previous day Natasha had called in and asked for information on Harry Potter to be sent to her. According to the info she was given the man was about twenty years old and used to live in the United Kingdom, he had one job in his whole life and that was at a pizza shop when he was sixteen. That was not so surprising but his bank account was, the man was somehow able to afford an apartment despite not having a job but also had a large amount of money that would allow him to live comfortably for a while and that was after he moved into the U.S.

He had also been making a lot of money by selling things online, things that varied from little things like toys to more expensive things like furniture yet there was no data that showed him buying those things in the first place.

At first Natasha thought he could have inherited it from someone else, but he was apparently an orphan who had been raised in an orphanage all of his life. He had no known family members, even the names of his parents were a mystery.

Reports from the orphanage basically stated that he was a quiet boy when he was growing up but was consistently top of his classes, he did not make many friends and kept to himself for the most part. The workers there expressed concerns regarding his mental state but thankfully he had not really ever committed a crime.

Harry Potter was a mystery, one that Natasha wanted to solve, she could not waste too much time on it however as her priority for the moment was Price but hopefully it would help her catch Price. Price lost to Potter, from the research available on the serum plus Harry's words about Price (which she confirmed with other members of the gym) meant that she thought it was possible he could be interested in Potter.

Natasha was brought out of her thoughts by the sound of her ringtone, she pulled out her phone and answered it.

"What? I am working." Natasha said into the phone.

"Have you completed your investigation on Price?" A voice asked from the phone.

"No, I am looking at a potential lead." Natasha answered.

"We found him."


"Price, he was found outside a police station."

"What do you mean 'found'?" Natasha asked.

"I mean he was unconscious and covered in blood, his nose was broken and he is missing a bunch of teeth, plus it has been reported that he has been stabbed. The director wants you to come in and report what you know."

"Fine," Natasha sighed. "I will be there as soon as I can." She said before hanging up. She took one last glance at Potter's apartment, before she turned and walked away.

Harry sighed as he entered his bedroom, Padfoot was asleep in his dog bed in the living room. Harry extended his right hand out, a black wand materialized into his hand. Harry waved it and all the windows and doors closed, he pointed it at himself and cast a charm to clean his teeth as he did not feel like cleaning them the old fashioned way, he just wanted to go sleep. He pointed his wand at the bed, a pillow flew off the bed and landed on the floor just before Harry conjured a small blanket on the floor.

As the wand disappeared Harry placed the pillow on the top of the blanket. His clothes shifted and now he was wearing nothing but grey pajama bottoms, Harry gently sat himself down on the blanket and leaned back until his head was resting on the pillow.

"Aw, ickle wickle Potter wants to go sleep." A female voice cooed. "Come on Potter, let me take care of you." The voice whispered before it was replaced by loud cackling that rang through his ears.

Harry closed his eyes, ignoring the voice as he used his occlumency to help silence the voice. It was another hour before he heard the laughing again, it was the last sound he heard before he fell asleep.

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