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Chapter 74 -

"This...this is all your fault," Hela said, her voice trembling as she finally looked up at Harry.

"That would be a pretty accurate title for my autobiography," Harry said as he stood up, he took a moment to look around as if the very act would suddenly push him somewhere nicer than this.

"You think this is a joke?!" Hela hissed, she coughed violently as she forced herself to her feet. " stood in my way! If not for you then Odin would have been dead at my feet and I would be ruling Asgard!"

"In that case, it was probably best I did get in the way," Harry calmly replied. "you and Asgard will thank me in the long run."

"You ruined everything!" Hela roared before throwing a conjured blade at him.

"And that's my autobiography sequel," Harry said after leaning to the side to allow the blade to fly past him. "you're not as fast as before," Harry noted. "that's odd."

"No shit!" Hela snapped before tossing another blade at Harry who casually swatted it away with his wand. "Why?!"

"Why what?" Harry asked after dodging another blade.

"WHY...WON'T...YOU DIE?!" Hela screamed, throwing two more blades that Harry slapped away.

"Honestly? Long story." Harry sighed, ready to block more of Hela's attacks, for a few moments it looked like she was going to attack, but she seemingly decided against it as she lowered her hands and allowed herself to fall down to her knees.

"Just...just do it," Hela said quietly, a defeated tone in her voice. "go ahead."

"Do what?" Harry asked as he walked over and stopped just in front of her. Hela snorted before looking up at him, her eyes meeting his.

She took a deep breath before speaking."I'm weak and vulnerable, I have nothing left. You have the power now, you want to kill me, I know you do. Just end me. End me, please."

"Dying...dying is so easy when you have nothing to live for," Harry sighed, not looking away from her. "living...that's much harder. Though, I'd like to think that the feared and mighty Hela might be able to accomplish it." Harry kneeled down so he was face to face with her. "What dangers can I find here?"

"W...what?" Hela breathed, still processing his previous words.

"What is likely to cause me the biggest problems here? Is there anything that will attack us?" Harry asked.

"Besides the blistering winds and freezing cold?" Hela snorted. "There are plenty of things here that are willing to attack us, when I had my strength I was able to destroy them easily," She said, a hint of pride sneaking into her voice. "like I was blowing out a candle."

"Not the best example, since that in this place it seems extremely unlikely for a regular candle to even stay alive," Harry replied, feeling the wind hit his back.

"Is the cold too extreme for you?" Hela mocked, used to this cold by now. Though it was considerably worse without her powers, even before she was at least connected to Asgard, without that connection she was weaker than she had ever felt.

"Not the worst thing I've ever experienced," Harry shrugged, his suit was keeping him warm enough, and should it not then magic would be able to help out. "not the best either," Harry admitted. "are you alright?"

"My own father weakened me by cutting off my connection to my home and banished me here once more! What do you think?!" Hela snapped, she tried to get up but slipped and fell straight back down.

"Sorry, stupid question," Harry apologized. "anyway, we should get you out of here. You're not in any state to defend yourself." Harry said before he aimed his wand at Hela. Hela quickly moved back, her eye darting between his wand and the calm look on his face.

"What are you doing?!"

"I'm going to pick you up so I can get you to safety, I could levitate you but I don't know how long this will take and this will be more comfortable for you and it means I won't drop you if I briefly lose focus," Harry explained. "Now shut your face and stay still, so I can lift you onto my back," Harry said before he flicked his wand at her, Hela rose into the air before hovering over Harry and descending down so she was now piggybacking him.

"I don't need your help," Hela muttered.

"Sure you don't, Princess." Harry scoffed. "Now, which way are we going?" He asked.

"The closest place here is a few miles forwards..." Hela answered. "...I think."

"Alright, first I'm going to try a little teleportation," Harry told her before he teleported a few meters forwards. Almost instantly he heard a groan next to his ear. "right, I guess that means no teleporting until you get better. Walking it is." Harry said before he began walking forwards.

"I'm not weak." She protested.

"Of course you're not," Harry said indulgently.

"'A few miles, my perfect ass," Harry said as they finally got near the closest thing he had been able to find to a building. It looked like a house that was made out of grey stone pillars, though the roof was missing along with an entire corner of the house. There were no windows either, the only entrance being a six-foot hole in one of the walls.

"You're not the one who had to be carried there like a baby," Hela complained. "do you realize how embarrassing this is for me?!" She hissed.

"Yeah, it sounds almost as embarrassing as complaining to the guy who is carrying you because you couldn't handle being teleported." Harry retorted.

"I could handle it!" Hela growled in his ear, her grip tightening slightly.

"Don't make me drop you," Harry warned, half-joking.

"I'm not scared of you, I was ten years old when I killed for the first time," Hela told him, sounding rather proud of herself.

"I was a year old when I killed for the first time," Harry responded honestly. "well...technically the idiot survived due to soul magic but I had destroyed his entire body, so if it had been anyone else they'd be dead."

"What? Really?"

"Yeah," Harry nodded. "when I was eleven I had to deal with a troll, a Cerberus, assassination attempts from one of my teachers, other kids my own age, traps, and a guy trying to kill me. What about you?"

"Training and killing," Hela weakly shrugged. "that had been my life until Odin had deemed me fit to fight and aid him in his wars. He was ruthless, you know, he killed so many, slaughtered them in droves. I did my best to be just like him, then he suddenly changed. He got Asgard, the gold, the history, the love of all the people there. I got banished," She said bitterly. "my name erased from history, anything that I did for the benefit of Asgard had likely been done by Odin as far as everyone else was concerned. I don't understand, why did you defend him? You weren't like the others, you didn't see him as a wise, old man. I saw it, in your eyes, you hated him. Why fight so hard to save him?"

"It wasn't him that I was trying to save," Harry sighed. "first of all, I am friends with Thor, Odin's son. I wasn't going to help cost him his father, plus...I did what I did because I was trying to help you."

"Help me?" Hela asked, curiously.

"Let's just say that you're not the only person here who had to deal with a meddling old man," Harry said quietly, his voice just loud enough for Hela to fear.

"NO!" A voice cried out. Harry stopped, his and Hela's head snapped to the side, in front of them was not a man or a creature, no, it was smoke, a bluey-white smoke. Smoke that had shifted to form a scene, there were two people. One of which was on his back, dressed in robes with a skull-shaped mask and blood pouring out of his stomach. Standing above him was another person, Harry blinked upon taking a closer look and realizing who it was. It was him, a younger Harry, Harry honestly wasn't sure how old he was then given that he had stopped aging and there was no color beyond that of the smoke. "Please no!" The man on the floor cried.

"You wear the mask," The smoke Harry spoke. "you suffer the consequences." He said before flicking his wand and sending a cutting curse at the man below him. The man's head, right shoulder, and right arm all fell off from his body. Smoke-Harry turned his head and looked straight towards regular Harry. "bring me the next one." He said, a moment later another smoke-man - dressed just like the one before him - was thrown in front of smoke Harry. "Listen up," Smoke-Harry spoke to him. "if you cooperate then you won't end up like him," Smoke-Harry said, pointing to the man he had just killed. "cooperate and you might just survive."

"Who are they?" Hela asked, gesturing towards the men with skull masks.

"They called themselves 'Death Eaters'," Harry answered, his gaze still locked on smoke Harry. "I had spent the majority of my existence fighting in a war against one man, they were his servants. What is all of this shit?" Harry asked.

"This likes to torture its inhabitants with visions, memories of their past," Hela began explaining. "you can delay it but you can't stop it, trust me, I've tried." She added defeatedly. Harry stared at the cold environment before looking at the smoke, then finally looking back over his shoulder to Hela.

"You've been here and dealing with all of this for so long? I'm surprised that you're still sane, or at least somewhat sane. You really are tougher than I thought." He said a weak smile on his face.

"Don't you forget it," Hela said, half-joking.

"I'll do my best not to." Harry snorted before he continued walking.

"What did you mean?" Hela coughed. "Earlier, when you said...when you talked about an old man."

"I was born near the end of a war," Harry sighed. "my parents fought in it. The leader of the opposition, a guy named 'Voldemort', heard a prophecy that had convinced him that I would be the one to kill him, one day he attacked my family, killed my parents, and then tried to kill me. His attempt backfired when he fell into a trap that my mother had left by sacrificing herself, his spell bounced off of me and destroyed his body. Unfortunately, the idiot in his constant fear of death had used dark magic previously that allowed him to survive."

"Let me guess, soul containers?" Hela asked.

"Yeah, we called them 'horcruxes'," Harry said, he supposed that if anyone was to know about them then it would be the goddess of death. "anyway, the leader of the side my parents were fighting for was a man named Albus Dumbledore. He liked to convince people that he was a kind, grandfather. A wise wizard that they should all listen to because he had defeated another evil wizard and because he was a powerful man who knew best." Harry snorted. "Everyone brought into it, anyone who didn't like him was considered to be dark and evil. Guess what, I didn't like him. Because right after Voldemort's apparent defeat Dumbledore had taken it upon himself to place me under some blood wards that he was able to create from my mother's sacrifice, unfortunately, that meant placing me with my aunt and uncle. My mother was a witch, she was beautiful and smart and kind. My aunt, the exact opposite. She and my uncle hated anyone and anything that didn't fit their definition of normal, and that included me. So while everyone else was blinded by Dumbledore, I found myself pissed off enough with him that I was willing to look at all of the facts."

"Sounds like Odin," Hela commented. "what happened?"

"Dumbledore was a control freak," Harry continued just as they entered the building. "he liked to think he was smart, he came up with plan after plan. Unfortunately, his plans weren't good enough for me, we were fighting a war and people were dying yet he wasn't doing anything offensive. Everything was reacting to what the enemy did, and when it wasn't that then it was some bullshit about trying to redeem Voldemort's followers. Seeing as they liked to rape, torture, and murder for fun, I didn't think that that was a good idea."

"Harry," A voice said, Harry and Hela looked forwards and found smoke forming to show another memory. This time it was with a young Harry, standing opposite an old man dressed in long robes, a pointy hat, a pair of half-moon glasses, long hair that descended down to his lower back, and a long beard that was long enough that it reached his waist. "please, I implore you, you must stop this."

"Is that Dumbledore?" Hela whispered to real Harry.

"Yep." Harry sighed, shaking his head.

"Why the hell should I?" Memory-Harry growled. "I'm actually doing something important."

"Harry, the order and I have been more than adequately fighting off Voldemort..." Memory-Dumbledore began, only to be cut off by Memory-Harry.

"Bullshit! You only ever won the last war because of my mother, and you're losing this one. That's why I'm stepping in. You can't cut it Dumbledore." He said, glaring at him.

"Harry!" Memory-Dumbledore said sharply. "You will control yourself. I..."

"Because that's what you want, isn't it, Dumbledore?" Memory-Harry asked, his head moving side to side with anger evident on his face. "It's all been about getting everything under your control. You tried to make me weak, you try to learn about everything I can do, you want me to be under your thumb. It's not happening, I'm going to deal with Voldemort my way."

"Harry, I cannot let you do that." Dumbledore frowned.

"YES! Yes, you can!" Memory- Harry snapped at him. "This is a war and you aren't helping anyone, let me do it! Let me stop him! You don't even have to help, just stay out of my way!"

Dumbledor breathed out a heavy sigh as if he was making the hardest decision in the world. He pulled his wand out, letting it rest in his hand. "I'm afraid that I cannot do that, Harry. You've already taken a great many lives..."

"They were death eaters! Rapists! Murderers! They want to kill me and everyone around me!"

"I'm sorry, Harry," Dumbledore said apologetically. "but this cannot be allowed to continue. Come with me, peacefully, do this, and I will make sure you get a fair trial."

"A fair trial?" Memory-Harry scoffed, spitting on the floor. "Like Sirius? Huh? My godfather who never got a trial in the first place and had to spend thirteen years of my life, and his own, in a hell complete with soul-sucking demons?! Huh?! You remember that, Dumbledore? The guy you could have gotten free, the guy you could have at least got a trial, but no. You didn't because if he was free then I would have had no choice but to go to my relatives and those precious blood wards of yours."

"Those blood wards were the best protection available and..."

"I don't care," Harry interrupted. "you've ruined so many lives, including mine. Just stay out of my way, Dumbledore. Go home and maybe you can one day die in peace on your bed, just leave the war to those actually willing to fight it." Harry said before he turned around and took a few steps, stopping when Dumbledore called his name.

"I can't let you walk away," Dumbledore said, aiming his wand at Harry's back. "come with me, now."

"Last chance, Dumbledore," Harry warned. "walk away."

"It is clear to me that you will not see reason," Dumbledore shook his head before the tip of his wand glowed. "I am sorry about this, Harry, but I cannot allow you to continue on this fool's path, one that nobody else will join you on," Dumbledore said just before a cutting curse grazed his spare arm, he looked in the direction where the curse had come from and his eyes widened dramatically. "Aberforth?!" He gasped upon seeing a man with a similar-sized beard and hair.

"That's his brother." Real Harry told Hela.

"That's where you're wrong," Aberforth spoke. "you helped create two dark lords already Dumbledore. All of this could have been avoided if you had just listened to someone other than yourself! But you can't do that, can you?! I'm not going to let you muck things up anymore. You're not the grand protector of the universe! Stand down! Now!"

"You've fallen down the dark too," Dumbledore said in a sad and disappointed voice. "I cannot believe that you would follow Harry in his twisted desire to..."

"To what?! End a war?! Why don't you learn?!" Aberforth bellowed. "This is about survival! Protecting the innocent! Things we can't do with you around!"

"I hope that one day you will be able to forgive me, brother." Dumbledore raised his wand, but Aberforth had been quicker and fired off a quick chain of spells. Dumbledore defended against them easily enough but hadn't realized that the spells were nothing more than a distraction. Unfortunately for him, he only realized that once Memory Harry had tackled him into a wall, knocking his waned out of his hand. "Harry..." Dumbledor began, only to be cut off by a vicious right hook to the jaw followed by a three-punch combo to the stomach. Memory-Harry grabbed Dumbledore's beard and pulled it down so he could knee him in the face.

Real Harry and Hela watched as Harry in the memory unloaded a lot of built-up anger on Dumbledore, this continued for what seemed like a long time, stopping only when Memory Harry had realized that Dumbledore was in fact dead. The smoke slowly faded away, leaving just Harry and Hela.

"He was 'your Odin', wasn't he?" Hela asked, her voice so quiet that he had barely heard it.

Harry gently lowered himself and placed Hela down, settling her against a wall. He looked towards her, his gaze locked onto hers. "Yes, yes he was."

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