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Heero Yuy: Lost and found again

Chapter 1

The dream was always the same. He was a little kid in the hospital where he'd been taken to at the age of nine. The doctors were talking about him. They were saying something about something called "post traumatic stress disorder." The one to the left began explain something that, though the kid didn't understand, it sent ripples of fear down his back.

Then it was on to his foster parents' house, where it had kindly been explained to him that his real parents were nowhere to be found. He ran out crying to the local park.

That much followed on real events. Then came the worst part, the part that always caused him to wake up screaming.

He was in a strange robot, falling endlessly into the abyss of… he never could see where he fell. The last thing he always heard was the same girl yelling his name, and the yell sent a rush of so many emotions that they coalesced into one single emotion: fear. The fear of death. The fear of not being where he was needed the most.

This time was no different. And he woke up with a strangled cry, the mystery girl's voice ringing in his ears.


Heero Yuy shook off the dream. No matter how many times it came, it always scared him to death.

He lay back down to sleep again. He couldn't. He never could fall back asleep after that dream.

Sighing, he dressed and checked the time. Six a.m. "At least it didn't come at three in the morning," he muttered as he fixed himself a bowl of cereal.

He turned on the television in the living room and sat back to see what was on. He flipped through the channels, finally deciding on a stupid anime show that he didn't even know the name of.

Something touched the back of his neck. He yelled and jumped up, spilling Cheerios all over the living room.

Garrett Larson grinned at his fellow freshman. "Had that dream again, I see."

"I thought I told you not to do that," Heero muttered, starting to clean up the mess. Garrett grabbed a rag and helped.

"Couldn't help it," Garrett said, still grinning. He dumped the Cheerios in the trash and sat down next to Heero. "I'm right about the dream, ain't I?"

Heero nodded. "What possessed you to get up at six in the morning?" he asked his best friend.

"Getting ready for school," Garrett said. "It starts this week, you know."

"Don't remind me," Heero groaned. In one week he and Garrett would become sophomores at Livonia High School, something he was not looking forward to.

"Kinda have too," Garrett said.

"So why'd you come here?" Heero asked.

"Wanting some company. I'm going into Baton Rouge today to enjoy the last week of summer break," Garrett yawned. "You shouldn't have given me the key to your house, you know."

"You know what they say," Heero said. " 'Misery loves company.'"

"You coming?" Garrett asked.

Heero stood. "You bet."

At the age of nine years old, Heero had been found by the side of the road somewhere along one of the long highways that led from Point Coupee County to Baton Rouge. A kind person had taken him to the hospital in the town of New Roads, where doctors had explained his memory loss as a symptom of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. He'd been given over to the care of a kind couple in Livonia, and for the past seven years he'd lived there without a clue as to who he really was.

Now, at the age of sixteen, he'd given up all hope of ever finding out about his past and lived like a normal teenager. He even had a girlfriend, though it hadn't escalated beyond a kind exchange between classes during the school day.

Heero gave little thought to his past, though he often found himself staring out the window at the stars when he couldn't sleep. He often thought that his true place was among the stars, though both he and Garrett gave it up to a lingering childhood fantasy.

Heero had plenty of time to dwell on this as they drove to Baton Rouge. He had no doubt that Garrett was aiming for some arcade with the best killing games around.

They wandered from arcade to arcade all day, hooking up with their friends James Nonta and Jill Query. They basically blew all the money they had (and some they didn't) at the arcades, picking pockets when they ran out of quarters. Heero didn't approve of that, so he wisely stayed at the game he was playing until his friends came back with the money.

James leaned back in the backseat of Jill's convertible, propping his feet up on the driver's headrest. "That was a blast," he said.

Heero, riding shotgun, nodded in agreement. "I just wish you guys wouldn't steal," he said. "If you guys get caught, I could be called an accomplice."

"Momentai," Jill said.

"Momentai yourself," Heero muttered, looking up at the stars. That nagging feeling came again, like there was something he needed to do. He ignored it like always and continued to stare up.

Something caught his eye. Several points of light were moving about in the sky. As he watched, another dot joined the others. The first dots winked out.

"Look," Jill said, pointing somewhere. Heero followed her arm.

A shooting star streaked quickly towards the Earth. Heero watched, suddenly getting the unexplainable feeling that this wasn't an ordinary shooting star. Once again, it was one of those recurring feelings. He ignored it, like always.

Duo Maxwell opened his eyes. He hadn't been out for more than a minute. He stayed on the floor for a minute to make sure he was okay, then sat up to check on his copilot.

Sally Po was shaking her head to clear away some of the debris that had worked its way into her hair. She saw him and gave a quick thumbs-up. She was okay.

Duo stood up completely, assessing the damage. The small transport that they'd been flying was totaled. He and Sally were stranded.

"Come on," he said. The shuttle was burning, probably about to explode. Sally understood and quickly gathered everything that they'd need.

He sent a quick SOS to anyone who could hear, then abandoned the transport. They made it a quarter mile away before the shuttle exploded in a spectacular fireball.

"So what do we do?" Sally asked. She was making sure that all their forged identification papers were intact.

Duo sat down and flicked on a small GPS. "According to this, we're near a town called New Roads. It'll take a day to get there."

"Then what're we waiting for?" Sally asked, putting her papers away and standing. Duo followed suit.

Duo had plenty of time to think. And, as always, his train of thought always led back to one person. Heero.

Right after the incident in AC 196, someone had tried to take advantage of the gundams' destruction and had attempted to seize control of the Earth Sphere Unified Nations. Fortunately, Quatre Winner had had the foresight to see it coming and had rebuilt the gundams. The war had been carried on in secret. The public hadn't even known about it.

Then came the mission that not even the Perfect Soldier could complete. Wing Zero had been shot down while flying over the Earth. No sign of Heero had ever been recovered. It had driven Relena Peacecraft crazy with grief. That had been over six months ago.

Then the discovery of a portal to another Earth, an alternate Earth. The war had been moved to the orbit of this planet. The new enemy, SAM, had moved to take control of this Earth, infiltrating the highest levels of government in the most powerful countries in the world. The gundam pilots were struggling to stop them.

Duo was jerked out of his reverie by headlights along the road they were following. A small jeep pulled over beside them.

A kid Duos' age scrutinized them. At last he said, "Need a ride?"

"Yes," Sally said. "Our car broke down a while back and we've been walking for hours." They'd been briefed by the scouts they'd sent to this Earth, so they knew that this common problem wouldn't arouse many questions.

The kid stared at them a moment longer before motioning for them to get in. They did, gratefully.

"I'm Sally," Sally said. "My friend's Duo."

"I'm Garrett," the driver said. "Where're you headed?"

"New Roads," Duo said.

Garrett chuckled. "You're going the wrong way for that. You can crash with me tonight. My parents aren't home."

That'll be good, Duo thought with a giant yawn.

Heero woke up the next morning at eight. He dressed and wandered around the house. His foster parents had gone on vacation and he was alone in the house.

He turned on the TV, tuning in to Jerry Springer and watching two couples beat the crap out of each other.

He heard the front door open and was not surprised when Garrett tried to scare him into spilling his breakfast again. Instead, Heero purposely dumped what remained in his bowl over Garrett's head.

After the mock fight that ensued, they were catching their breath on the couch while watching a love triangle on Springer turn into a love war.

"I picked up two really strange people on my way home yesterday," Garrett said. "I kinda left 'em in my jeep."

"We going into town today?" Heero asked.

"Yeah. The two I picked up seem okay." Garrett stood, nursing his right arm, where Heero had twisted it before Garrett had cried out for mercy.

Duo lounged in the front seat of Garrett's jeep while waiting for him to come out. Sally was right behind him, reading over the protocol for the situation they were in.

"What's taking him so long?" Duo asked.

"Maybe his friend was asleep and he had to wake him up," Sally suggested. "Wait, here they come now."

Garrett walked up to the jeep. "He'll be out in a minute," he said. "So where exactly do you need to go?"

"Our house is in New Roads," Duo said. It wasn't exactly a lie. Quatre had bought houses in just about every state just in case anyone needed to hide out for a while. And one house happened to be in New Roads.

"So, you need to get there any time soon?" Garrett asked.

"Not especially," Duo said. "Why?"

The car door slammed. Duo jumped, not having noticed anyone come out of the house.

"Duo Maxwell," Garrett said formally, "Heero Yuy."

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