Leonardo is on top of the skate boarding ramp in the lair, Mikey is trying to knock him off with his skate board, wielding it like a bat. Leo ducks and wipes Mikey's feet from under him. Dropping him to the ground.

Shot pulls out to the floor of the skate ramp with the duo still fighting in the background, Donnie is in the foreground. Donnie is sitting on the floor, fingers smashing against his laptop, clearly growing frustrated.

Raph enters with a slice of pizza in hand.

What's the matter, Donnie?

Shoves the whole piece of pizza into his mouth

Your genius mind can't turn on the computer?

He says, voice muffled by the food. A yell is heard in the distance as Mikey lands face first into the ground next to Donnie


Voice muffled by the ground.

Raph pulls Mikey up by his bandanna. Several of his teeth are knocked out. Eyes crossed.

I said, 'He's been at it forever'

Leo calls out from his perch on top of the ramp. Voice dramatic and sarcastic. Hand resting against his temple.

Maybe we're finally losing him to the madness.
We'll see you on the other side, hermano.

Shot returns to the three brothers on the ground. Donnie's eye is twitching rapidly, teeth clenched. Mikey and Raph take a step back.

Hey, um, Donnie, calm down pal, maybe you shouldn't be checking your emails so often.

Donnie's breath grows heavier and he throws the computer against the skating ramp with a yell, which flies up and a crash is heard in the distance. The shot follows the laptop and comes to rest on Leo, who is lying down on his skate board, rolls his eyes.

Have you considered anger management?

Shot on Donnie in the foreground, looking up and snapping at Leo who is in the background.

No! I do not need anger management!
What I need is to hear Billy Carson's new album that was SUPPOSED to drop to New York City exactly 8 minutes and 23 seconds ago, but I can't find it ANYWHERE online!

He exclaims, panting heavily, face contorted.

Wait, so you were going crazy because you couldn't listen to some music?

Raph says confused, standing behind Donnie. Donnie slowly turns around menacingly, hands lowering from his face, grimace on his lips. Mikey screams and hides behind Raph. Donnie all but yells at his two brothers, who look scared.

'Just because I couldn't listen to some music', some music, SOME MUSIC?
Billy Carson is our generation's greatest musician!
His work is glorious and renders one's soul an emotional mess and when the inner war is over and the final cord strung, you thank Billy Carson for the pain.

Donnie concludes whispering, fist closed. Leo appears and slings his arm around Donnie's shoulders.

Ya ya, bluh bluh, why not just listen to him on the radio?

Donnie's face shatters like glass, dumbfound look on his face.

The radio? How could I forget such a primitive piece of technology! Leon, I would call you a genius but since I am the resident genius, I deem you 25% mentally coherent!

While looking at his nails.

I think 100% is more appropriate.

Ha ha, don't push it.

He says, deadpan.

But where can I find technology as old as the dinosaurs?

Mikey pops up in front of Leo, exclaiming.

You'll need to find someone as old as the dinosaurs!

In unison.



Scene shifts to the TV room with Splinter sitting in his armchair. Donnie enters and stands to the left of Splinter who is snoring. Donnie pokes Splinter's shoulder to get his attention. Calling out in a small voice.

Hey, Dad?

No answer. Louder.

Oh, Papa! Heed the voice of your favourite son.

The inner voice of Donatello can be heard, counting the seconds without Billy Carson.


Splinter wakes with a start and jumps out of the chair and grabs hold of the ceiling with his claws, panting heavily. Eyes wide open.

I have already told you, all sales are final!

Looking down he sees Donnie and plops back into his chair with a squeak.

Oh, Purple, it is just you.

Donnie sighs, pinching the bridge of his nose.

Dad, I need to know if you have a radio that I can barrow.

Splinter begins to laugh hysterically, legs kicking out and tail swinging back and forth.

How old do you think I am? As old as a dinosaur?

Deadpan, Donnie answers.


Splinter looks offended.

Well, uh, I think there should be one lying around… from the previous owners.

He gets up from his chair and searches through his junk pile in the corner of the room. Miscellaneous items. Donnie remains by the chair, skeptically looking at his father, arms crossed.

What previous owners? We live in the sewers.

Splinter responds without looking.

Oh, you would be surprised. NYC real estate is CRAZY, Purple. It was either this or a studio in Queens.

Donnie rolls his eyes. Splinter continues to rustle for a moment, butt in the air swaying back in forth as he mumbles to himself.

Uhh, oh I still have those workout DVDs! Almost… there… AH HA!

Splinter turns around holding a dusty and rusty radio. Angelic voices can be heard, Donnie is wide eyed.

Grabbing the radio and running out the door. His voice can be heard back in the TV room.

Billy Carson, my ears are ready for you!

Splinter remains in front of his junk pile, chuckling softly.

So long, funny one.


Scene changes to Donatello's lab, where the room is dark sans for the radio on the work bench with a spot light on it. Donnie is examining it from all angles, goggles down, biting on his tongue.

So… if my calculations are correct and my fingers are nimble, this button should turn on the radio…

He presses a button and the radio beeps on. A single bead of sweat is rolling down the side of his face.

… and this dial should be turned to 123 Tunes… Billy Carson's voice should be entering my ear holes!

Donnie yells, fist in the air, triumphant, but freezes as no sound is coming out of the radio sans static.

What? But that doesn't make sense… maybe I need to turn up the volume?

Donnie turns up the volume and immediately his eyes are glassed over becoming teal, hypnotized. The voice of Hypno can be heard over the radio.

Surrender to me,
Forever you'll be,
My greatest assistants,
Not failed experiments,
To only serve Hypno,
It's not a bad trip, no?

Close up on Donatello's face. Mouth slightly ajar, eyes teal.

Only… serve… Hypno.


Scene changes back to the skate boarding ramp as both Raph and Mikey are teaming up to kick Leo off the top of the ramp. Leo is too fast and Raph and Mikey continue to crash into one another.

Face it bros,

Leo says as he catches Mikey by the legs and swings him towards Raph. Hitting Raph square in the chest.

I'm the King of the Ramp!

Raph and Mikey hug one another and scream as they fall off the ramp and land with a crash onto the floor. Shot remains on Leo, who is still on top of the ramp, laughing, peeping one eye open, noticing Donnie as he enters the room. Donnie enters not looking at any of his Brothers as he zombie walk towards the exit.

Shot goes to Raph and Mikey, as they are a tangled mess on the floor. Mikey pops his head out from under Raph's arm.

Hey Donnie! Did you finally listen to Baily Clarkman?

Donnie ignores Mikey and continues to walk towards the exit. Saying in a quiet voice.

Only… serve

Leo lands down on the ledge in front of Donnie, holding onto his skateboard all-the-while. The trio giving their brother a funny look.

Wait so you get mad at me for talking smack about Billy Carson, but Mikey gets away with it, how's that fair?

Donnie continues to walk towards his room, Leo steps in front of him. Halting his brother.

Ooo, can I make fun of Bessie Cowman, too?

He teasingly asks, leaning on Donnie's shoulder as he does so. Clearly pleased with himself.


Shot is still on Leo's face who is smirking.


Donnie punches Leo and the latter flies into his remaining brothers on the ground. Raph and Mikey call out in protest as Leo lands on top of them. Leo pushes up off his brothers, mad.

What is your DEAL?

He yells, pointing with his skateboard, Donnie readies himself with his Bo staff, finally turning towards his brothers. With a yell, Donnie jumps down from the ledge and begins to fight Leo.

Donnie! Stop! What's gotten into you?

Raph calls out as Donnie begins to activate his Bo Staff, Leo ducking from the attack. Mikey grabs his weapon and is trying to tie up his brother. Donnie jumps from out of the way and Mikey ties Raph instead, who trips and falls.

Mikey calls out as he frantically tries to untie Raph, who is developing a large bump on his forehead.

Sorry, Raph! Give me a sec!
The Bunny goes into the hole.

Raph bellows, growing frustrated at the youngest.

Mikey! You're making it worse!

Mikey yells back at Raph.

OH ME GOSH, I am trying my BEST!

Shot reverses so Mikey is in the foreground manically trying to untie Raph with Donnie in the background, readying himself to strike Mikey. Raph notices and calls out.

Mikey! LOOK OUT!

Just as Mikey turns around, face clenched, Leo parries the blow from Donnie's Bo staff with his skateboard. The staff flies from Donnie's hands. Leo slams the skateboard into the side of Donnie's head.


Donnie flies into the wall with a yell, a crater forms around him. He crumples to the floor with a groan. The trio make their way towards Donnie, hesitant. Leo still has the skateboard ready for another attack.

Ugh… what happened?

What happened is that Leon knocked some SENSE into you, boy!
Attacking your own brothers like that, disgrace.

Mikey yells standing behind Leo. Leo and Raph crouch down to eye level with Donnie. Leo holds the skateboard to Donnie's neck.

You have five seconds to explain yourself or I WILL start swinging again!

Leo threatens as Donnie rubs his temple.

I am so lost! What did I do and why is my head killing me?


Did you not hear? Leon knocked some sense into you!

Mikey yells into Donnie's ear.

But WHY would I attack you?
I mean, aside from the obvious reasons to invoke violence against one's siblings.


Donnie begins to grow nervous, sweat traveling down his temple.

Honestly, Leo. I don't remember anything.

Two. ONE.
Say your prayers, scoundrel.

Leo raises his board to hit Donnie again. Donnie begins speaking super-fast.

The last thing I remembered was turning on the radio to be serenated by Billy Carson's angelic voice and next thing I knew I had a splitting headache!
WAIT! That's it! The radio!
You have to believe me!

Donnie places his hands in front of his face. Quivering in fear. Arms still raised, Leo looks over at Raph, who nods at him. Lowering his skateboard. Donnie releases his breath, Leo flicks him in the forehead.

So Bile Clarinet's voice drove you crazy?

No… it was someone else's voice on the radio.

The four brothers look at one another.


The four brothers linger by the door of the lab, ear muffs and ear plugs evident in their ears as they carefully approach the old radio. Mikey and Leo hiding unnecessarily behind different gizmos. Raph and Donnie are in the shot, the radio in the middle on the table. The pair look at one another. Raph draws a line across his throat and Donnie turns off the radio. Raph inspects the radio closer.

123 Tunes? If we want to get to the bottom of this, I bet ya we have to visit their signal tower. Find the punk whose broadcasting.

Raph, palming his fist.

But what if we hear the broadcasting?

We'll end up like Donnie, useless and annoying.

I resent that statement, also, I have been developing new ear muffs to block Dad's singing. We can use those!

Then it's decided, Mad Dogz, move out!

He exclaims, pointing upwards. The brothers posing in typical superhero fashion.

Ugh, I can smell Raph's determination stink.