Faith Hope Love Repeat

Hello, everyone. This story is a sequel to It Just Takes Time and Pregnant. It takes place a minute or two after where Pregnant left off. This story is partially based on a song called Faith Hope Love Repeat by Brandon Heath. If you haven't checked it out, I encourage you to do so. Enjoy.

Adam and Hannah got out of bed and Adam went downstairs to warm up milk for Brianna and Luke. He saw Brian in the kitchen making the Christmas day meal.

"How are the kids this morning?" Brian asked.

"Good." Adam answered. Adam started to warm up the milk and he smiled at Brian. "Spent half of my life hoping that I'd be a dad. I wanted to know how it felt to hold my own baby in my arms. Now, I know and... I can't get enough. I get to wake up every morning and look at Hannah and hear my kids. I get to watch them grow."

"It's been a hard year, but it was rewarding, wasn't it?"


Adam took the warm milk upstairs and saw Hannah holding Luke and Brianna.

"I'll take Brianna if you'll take Luke." Adam suggested.

"Ok." Hannah answered. Adam sat down and took Brianna and started to feed her. They could hear the others wake up and run out of their rooms to do their chores.

"About time. I thought they would have woken up a lot sooner."

"Me too."

They fed the babies and then got ready for the day. They went downstairs and saw the others helping Brian in the kitchen.

"Hey, Brian, where's the other pie tin?" Evan asked.

"Check in one of the upper cabinets." Brian answered. Evan checked and found one.

"Found it."

Adam went to the kitchen and made coffee. Then he walked over to Hannah who was already at work helping Brian in the kitchen.

"You ok?" Adam wondered.

"I'm fine, Adam." Hannah answered.

"Ok. I have to go out to the barn and do a few things."

"Make sure you wear a coat."

"Yes, mother."

Hannah took a dry washcloth and threw it at Adam who caught it and then handed it Hannah and then kissed her causing all of the boys to whoop and holler.

"Come on, you guys." Hannah giggled as she went back to work. Hannah walked over to Sally who was laughing. "Boys will be boys."

"Yeah, but they do grow up to be kindhearted men." Sally answered.


They giggled and went to work. Adam, Crane, Daniel, Ford, and Guthrie walked outside in the snow and shivered at the cold.

"They said that we're in for a big snowstorm." Crane exclaimed.

"Yeah. Let's make sure all the animals are safe." Adam answered. "We can't afford to lose any in a snowstorm."


They checked on the cattle and then went into the barn.

"We'll check them again after supper and make sure they're ok." Adam said. They heard meowing and looked at the workbench and saw a cat. Daniel and Guthrie started petting him.

"Hey, Gold. Too cold outside, isn't it?" Daniel asked. Gold meowed. Crane noticed that Adam was rubbing his hands a lot and he walked over.

"Adam, what's wrong with your hands?" Crane asked.

"It's fine."

Crane looked at Adam's hands and saw that they were frostbite.

"Adam, you have frostbite. Go inside and warm up. We can handle the rest." Crane ordered.

"No. I'm fine." Adam lied.

"Adam, you're not wearing protective clothing. Go inside. Guthrie, go with him and take Gold."

Guthrie picked up Gold and then walked alongside Adam. They walked inside and Guthrie put Gold down.

"Hannah, Adam's hands are frostbite." Guthrie said. Hannah walked over and grabbed Adam's hands.

"Where are your gloves?" Hannah asked.

"Crane pulled them off to examine them. It's not bad, Hannah. I'll be fine." Adam answered.

"Let's get you warmed up."

Hannah helped Adam sit down by the fire and she began to examine Adam.

"Adam, your feet are frostbite as well. So are your ears and your face." Hannah sighed. "How do you feel?"

"I'm fine." Adam lied. Brian walked over and sat down next to Hannah.

"You work on his feet while I work on his hands and face." Hannah said. Brian nodded and the two started to treat Adam. Adam hissed painfully as Brian tried to warm up his feet.

"Brian, stop." Adam begged.

"We have to do this, Adam."

Adam whimpered and hissed painfully as Brian and Hannah treated him. When they were done, Hannah took a blanket and wrapped it around Adam.

"Need anything?" Hannah wondered.

"No. I think I'm good." Adam answered.

The rest of the brothers came in and warmed themselves up. Hannah brought Adam a cup of hot chocolate and Adam tried to take it, but Hannah pulled it away.

"Let me. I don't want you spilling it." Hannah said. Adam allowed Hannah to help him drink the hot chocolate.

"How's Adam?" Crane asked.

"I'm just fine." Adam answered. Hannah rolled her eyes and looked at Crane.

"He'll be ok. He had frostbite, but we were able to treat it." Hannah explained. Hannah finished helping Adam and then kissed his forehead. Brianna started to cry and Hannah walked over to the cradle and picked Brianna up. "It's ok, honey."

"Hannah, can you help me for a minute?" Brian asked.


Hannah walked over to Adam and put Brianna in his arms. She walked to the kitchen and helped Brian. Adam looked down at Brianna who was awake but quiet.

"I love you, baby." Adam whispered as he kissed Brianna's forehead. Brianna yawned and Adam smiled. Guthrie walked in and looked down at Luke. "You can pick him up, Guthrie."

Guthrie picked Luke up and sat down in the chair next to Adam. A few hours later, everyone came into the living room.

"We still have a few things baking, but we should be ready by 2." Brian said.

"Who's turn is it to hand out the presents?" Adam asked.

"IT's my turn." Ford answered. Ford handed out one present to each person. Hannah opened Brianna's present.

"Oh, Brian, it's beautiful." Hannah gasped. Hannah handed the pink and red ornament to Adam.

"It has her name on it and date of birth. Where did you get this?" Adam asked.

"A friend made it. It's ceramic so be careful." Brian answered.

"It's perfect."

Hannah opened Luke's and saw that it was the same thing but it was blue and green.

"Thank you, Brian. It's beautiful." Hannah thanked. She showed it to Adam and then put it on the Christmas tree. Guthrie opened his present, then Ford, Sally, Evan, Daniel, Crane, Hannah, Brian, and then Adam. They continued to open presents from youngest to oldest till there were no more gifts to open. Then they cleaned up the mess and sat around talking and looking at their presents. Around 2, supper was ready and then went to the table and ate. Hannah helped Adam who protested.

"I can move my fingers, Hannah." Adam said.

"But you struggled to open your presents and you're struggling to hold that fork in your hand." Hannah answered. "I just don't want you hurting yourself."

"Yes, ma'am."

They ate supper and afterward, they cleaned up. The six younger brothers went outside to check the stock while the women and Adam did the dishes.

"How are you feeling?" Hannah asked.

"I'm fine. My fingers and toes are a little numb." Adam answered.

"You're gonna have blisters."

"I know. It was only superficial."

"But it could have been worse."

They heard a noise and then Brianna crying. They ran into the living room and saw that a guitar had fallen and that Gold was staring at it.

"Gold, did you scare the baby?" Adam asked as he walked over and picked Brianna up. Gold meowed and Hannah picked him up.

"I'll take care of Gold." Hannah suggested. Adam nodded and sat down with Brianna in his arms. He rocked Luke's cradle with his foot and he watched as Luke grab his new stuffed animal horse. The brothers came in and Daniel groaned.

"Did Gold knock it over?" Daniel wondered as he picked up his guitar.

"He sure did." Adam sighed. "Scared Brianna too."

"I'm sorry."

Everyone sat down in the living room and took naps or talked. Around 6 pm, they had dessert and then they sat around the table and played games. It was late when everyone finally decided to go to bed.

The next day, Adam woke up and hissed. He looked at his hands and saw that blisters had formed on his fingers. He groaned and sat up causing Hannah to wake.

"Your hands?" Hannah wondered.

"Yeah. I have blisters." Adam groaned.

"Want anything for the pain?"

"I think I just want to get them checked. My toes hurt too."

"I'll call Dr. Wolf."


Hannah walked out of the room and called Dr. Wolf. Then she went back upstairs and examined Adam's hands and feet.

"He'll be here in an hour. Brian went to clear the driveway. We got over a foot of snow." Hannah said.

"Figured as much." Adam answered.

"Sally's warming up the milk for the babies."

They heard a meow and saw Gold walk into the room and walked over to Luke and Brianna. He climbed into the night table and looked down into their cradles.

"Someone likes the babies." Hannah chuckled.

"Yeah, he does." Adam sighed. Gold looked at Adam and Hannah and walked over and jumped on the bed. He left Adam and Hannah pet him and then he walked out of the room.

Dr. Wolf came and examined Adam's frostbite.

"Well, you did it again, Adam. Luckily it's not as bad as last time." Dr. Wolf said. He treated Adam's frostbite and then sighed. "Now, I want you to be careful for the next few days. Try to stay off of your feet so they can heal. Take something for the pain if you need it."

"Ok." Adam sighed.

Dr. Wolf left and Hannah walked in with breakfast.

"I can feed myself." Adam said as Hannah started to feed him.

"But not with your fingers the way they are." Hannah answered. Adam ate his breakfast and spent most of the day in bed bored to death. That night, Hannah walked in and saw that Adam was watching Luke and Brianna sleep. She sat down on the bed and sighed. "Tomorrow, you might be able to help a little more."

"Maybe. Maybe if it stops hurting."

"How painful is it?"


"I'm sorry."

"It's not your fault. I should have dressed better. I never was very good at that."

A few days later, Adam was able to get up and walk around and start working again. Guthrie walked in and threw the mail on the table and Adam picked it up.

"Bill, bill, junk mail, bill, junk mail, junk mail, Christmas card." Adam sighed as he sorted the mail. Then he looked at the last letter.

"What is it?" Hannah wondered when she saw the shocked look on his face.

"It's addressed to mom and dad."

"Who's it from?"

"Grandma and grandpa."

"I thought you said they were all dead."

"I don't know."

Adam opened the letter and read it.

"Dear son,

We're sorry to say that Patrick died last month from

cancer. We've squared away his estates and now are

ready to come home. We'll be arriving on the 2nd of

the new year. Can't wait to see you and your wife Kate.

We also can't wait to see Jr., Brian, Crane, Daniel, Evan,

Ford, and meet little Guthrie.

Love, mom and dad"

"They don't know that your parents are gone?" Hannah wondered.

"No. Patrick was a jerk from what I can remember. He got mad at dad for getting the ranch so he moved to Montana. Grandma and grandpa moved out there, but last I thought, they were dead." Adam explained.

"Is it possible that Patrick hid the truth from you and from them?"

"Well, if he wanted to get his way, it wouldn't have been hard. Especially when mom and dad died."

Hannah looked in the fridge and in the cupboards.

"What are you doing?" Adam asked.

"Well, the 2nd is Thursday. Today is Monday. I want to make a special meal for them and I'm just looking to see what I need." Hannah answered.

"We didn't do anything when your mom came."

"That's because I didn't know she was coming and she wasn't really welcomed. Your grandparents are."

"Yeah, well if you're thinking about scrubbing the floors, don't. Mom never had the house this clean."

Hannah gave Adam a look and Adam walked over and kissed her.

"We can tell the others over lunch." Adam suggested.

Lunchtime came and everyone sat around the table. Adam handed the letter to Daniel who was at his left.

"This letter came today." Adam said. Daniel read it and looked at Adam in shock. Then he passed it to Ford and then Guthrie and then Sally, Evan, Crane, and Brian. Brian handed it to Hannah and then looked at Adam.

"That can't be them. They died 15 years ago. Just after you came home from the hospital after..." Brian trailed off so that he didn't upset Adam.

"No, that's when they left."

"What happened?" Guthrie wondered.

"Well, Patrick was the oldest and he should have inherited the land, but your grandparents gave it to dad. Patrick was reckless and a tyrant. He was divorced and he had several restraining orders against him for being violent. Patrick was made when he found out that dad got his inheritance so, after an incident, he moved to Montana. Grandma and grandpa went after him to try and talk to him, but they were never heard from again." Adam explained.

"What was the incident?" Sally asked. Adam took a deep breath and started rubbing his hands together.

"Everyone went to the Christmas eve service except for me and Patrick. I was sick with pneumonia. Patrick was passed out drunk and the stock needed to be cared for so I went outside and took care of them. I heard a noise and I turned around and I was attacked. I was kidnapped and for a week, I went through hell. It took me a long time before I even began to recover. I... still don't think I have fully recovered from it." Adam explained.

"What happened to your aunts?" Hannah wondered.

"Mary died 5 years ago from a stroke and Celia is overseas in Scotland. It's gonna be a hard day. I'm gonna have to tell my grandparents the truth after 13 years. I'm not looking forward to it.