From the dawn of time we came moving silently through the centuries.

Living many secret lives, struggling to reach the time of the Gathering,

When the few who remain battle to the last.

No one has ever known we were among you…until now.

3rd POV

Junior's Club was as busy as one would expect for a Saturday night in Vale. Even with the club being trashed a few weeks earlier it continued to do business as it did before. The DJ played and the patrons danced as the floor lit up and spotlights shone. Away from the dancefloor was a bar were a girl with bright blonde hair and lilac eyes sat drinking a Strawberry Sunrise with an umbrella in the glass.

Yang's POV

I took the time to enjoy a drink after a rough week of classes. Ruby, Blake, and Weiss were still at Beacon fooling around some way or another. As much fun as I have being with them I needed a break. Plus it gave me a chance to keep an eye on Junior if he tries to get into trouble. Then as if he had read my mind Junior walked past me accompanied by his twin bodyguards. I was surprised the three hadn't noticed me sitting at the bar, especially after what I had done here a few weeks ago. They sat themselves in a booth across from a man with (H/C) hair. He wore a long black coat with a (F/C) hoodie underneath, a pair of cargo pants and worn street shoes. It was definitely weird clothes to be wearing at a place like this.

"Hey," I called to the bartender. "Who's that guy over there?"

"Him?" the bartender asked and I nodded in agreement. "He's some big time antique dealer. Junior's bought a couple pieces off of him in the past. I don't know if it's his real name, but the boss calls him Nash."

"Nash," I said as I looked back at the man. He looked nothing like the bartender described.


Junior slid pictures to me from his side of the table. It didn't take long for me to recognize what was on them. "I sold these to you months ago," I said referring to the antique pieces in the pictures. "Is there a problem with them?"

"I'd like to sell them back to you," Junior said.

"No," I told him pushing the pictures back to him. This caused his two bodyguards to rise from their seats. Junior held his hand up and the girls sat back down.

"Look Nash I need the money," Junior started. "Some crazy bitch came in here last month and wrecked the place. She pounded my employees half to death and beat up me and my girls. I had to pay most of the repairs out of pocket."

"I'm sorry about your financial troubles Junior, but I can't buy these from you," I said. "It's bad business."

"How?" Junior asked.

"No one is in the market for Arthasian Period pieces," I told him. "Without a buyer lined up for these I lose money buying them from you. That's bad-" My sentence was cut off by a sudden buzzing sensation in my head. I had felt it so many times before and was aware of what it meant. Someone was near.

"Nash are you alright?" Junior asked as the sensation faded.

"Yeah, I'm fine," I said. "Look, if I find a buyer I'll take them off your hands. Until then you hold on to them. Now if you excuse me I have other business to attend to."

Yang POV

I watched as Nash stood up and exited the booth leaving Junior and the twins. When he walked past me I got a closer look of his face. He was younger than I thought at least twenty years old. He had (E/C) eyes and dark stubble on his face. He was actually quite handsome. But I also caught a glimpse of a sword hanging from his hip. I had been well hidden beneath his long coat. He stormed towards the exit pulling his hood over his head. I finished my drink and placed a lien card on the counter as I left to follow Nash. He may be an antique dealer but there was something wrong about him. I rushed to the exit hoping to catch up with him, but by the time I made it outside Nash was gone. Then I jumped as a clap of thunder sounded in the sky above me. "Great," I said. "This is just what I need."


I found myself walking down a sidewalk in the shopping district. All of the stores were closed and the street was empty. On either side cars were parked on the curb illuminated by street lamps. I look up after seeing a flash of lightning followed by a thunderclap. It's gonna rain, I thought. I continued down the sidewalk in search of who caused the buzzing in my head. I was cautious knowing that if I didn't find them they would find me. Then the buzzing in my head started again. "(L/N)," a voice said from behind me. It was one that I recognized. I turned around to find a man in a full suit and tie. He had short blonde hair and was wearing a pair of sunglasses. He held a beige coat in his left hand.

"Fasil," I said with a smile.

"Have at you," Fasil shouted as he pulled a rapier from the coat and swung it at me.

I was quick to dodge and I pulled out my own sword. A katana with a black lace grip. We moved away from the sidewalk and into the street where we circled each other until we stopped with a parked car at our backs. Rain had begun to fall, then we charged one another and our blades clashed releasing sparks into the air.

3rd POV

Amongst the falling rain Yang heard the sound of metal striking metal. She ran toward the source readying her weaponized gauntlets loading ammunition into each one. As she rounded the corner into the street she slid on the wet asphalt and fell. Yang quickly got up positioning herself behind a parked car as she watched the two men fight.

(Y/N) and Fasil moved back and forth across the street swinging their swords and blocking each other's strikes. With another clash their blades locked together.

"Is this the best you've got (L/N)?" Fasil shouted pushing (Y/N) against a car.

(Y/N) brought up his knee and pushed Fasil back with his foot. "I was going to ask you the same thing," he shouted.

Yang slowly came out from behind the car moving closer to the fight. She stopped when she saw (Y/N) disarm Fasil sending his sword flying to the far sidewalk. (Y/N)'s blade was against Fasil's neck and the two stared at each other for a moment.

"There can be only one," (Y/N) said and then swung his sword cutting clean through Fasil's neck.

Yang's eyes widened with terror at the sight of Fasil's head rolling down the street and his body fall to the ground. The feeling intensified when she saw Fasil's body give off a white glow and electricity spark from his neck. The white glow left Fasil and moved to (Y/N).

(Y/N)'s arms went to his sides as the electricity from Fasil's neck arced into his body. He moaned as it enveloped and flowed out of him into the surrounding area. The parked cars exploded along with the bulbs of the street lanterns, and the windows of the nearby buildings shattered. (Y/N) kept his grip tight on the sword as his body shook from the energy surging through him. Then the electricity dissipated and he fell to his knees using his sword as support.

Yang POV

I came out from behind the car I used for cover and walked into the street to get a better look at what happened. Everything around Nash was destroyed. Broken glass covered the street and sidewalks, and the fires from the wrecked cars were being put out by the rain. Nash was on his knees lifting himself up with his sword. When he was on his feet he returned his sword to his side under his coat. He didn't notice me watching him. Nash turned around and walked down the street past the body of the man he beheaded. I could let him leave after what he did. I had to do something.

"Stop right there!" I shouted as I fired Ember Celia launching me toward Nash. I reached back with my right hand to punch him, but he turned around and caught my fist with his right hand as I was about to hit him. The same electricity I saw earlier was flowing around his hand as it held onto mine. I tried to punch him with my left hand but he caught that with his left which was also flowing with electricity. His grip on both my hands were like vices and I couldn't break free. He glared at me with his (E/C) eyes, but then his gaze relaxed.

"Raven?" Nash said looking confused.

I too had become confused. How did he know that name? My thoughts were cut off by the nearby sound of police sirens.

"You didn't see anything," Nash said. "I wasn't here."

He threw my hands up and turned away running down the street. I was ready to chase him, but a group police cars came in from behind me and an airship came from above shining its spotlight on me.

"We have you surrounded," a man said over a speakerphone. "Get down on the ground now!"

"You've got the wrong person!" I shouted back. "The bad guy's is getting away."

"Get down on the ground now!" the man repeated. "We will not ask again!"

I complied and went down on my belly waiting as the officers crowded around me, removing Ember Celia, and putting handcuffs on my wrists. As they lifted me off the ground and escorted me to the car I thought about everything that had happened. Who was Nash? Why did he kill that man? What was that freak lightning storm that came off of him? And how did he know my mom's name?