Yes another boring math class fic (my teacher just really can't get me interested in that subject...) hehe. Characters are not mine, never were, and never will be. In this story I plan on doing something, that usually doesn't happen in a FB fic... Making Kyo the seme instead of the uke @_@, if you're wordering, all you have to do is read^_~... hehehe...

"blah": Talking 'blah' : Thinking *blah*: Dream

Chapter 1- Bad Dreams

Kyo was muttering curse words under his breath as he tried to look normal with all of the events that were happening around the dinner table. Shigure must have been thinking the same thing as Kyo, because he was fighting back the impulse to laugh. Haru had made an unexpected visit the night before, and was now sitting very close to Yuki, who did not seem to notice. Kyo knew what they were up to, he could smell them on each other, and all the thoughts that crept up into his mind made him feel like retching.

When the cat could hear the two of them all the night before; he thought he was going to be traumatized for life! But it was topped off when he saw them kissing at school. He could feel himself getting sick all over again, so he left the table to go to his favourite spot... the roof.


*The moon was clear and bright, the stars joined in the process of lighting up the evening sky. Of course most of this went unnoticed...

The red haired teen threw back his head before continuing the attack
on the one beneath him. He teased the other, rubbing himself against
him causeing and almost unbearable friction. He kissed him lightly,
too lightly, making the other moan in pain and desperation. The heat
was too much, he needed it to stop, but these things can't be rushed.
The cat trailed kisses down the soft throat of his "victim", and then
sucked on one particular spot leaving a sore red mark. He lifted the
others shirt and licked the abdomen there. Shivers ran down his spine
like electricity. Fingers tangled into red hair, as the cat found
himself being kissed deeply, but he wouldn't lose dominance that
easily. He pushed his tongue past the invading one in an attempt to
take control. Losing this battle, he gave up and the smooth, wet
texture of the tongue sweep against his.

Beginning to get impatient, he pulled away and made his way down to
the zipper of the other teen's jeans. Hastily pulling them off, he
repeated the process with the boxers found underneath. He lowered his
head downwards-

Kyo woke up from his nap on the roof in a cold sweat.



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