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Chapter 5

Both boys froze in terror, Tohru paled and looked she was about to faint. Haru reached over from beneath Kyo to retrieve his discarded pants, but the cat held him firmly in his place. 'I'm not going to lose you this easily' Kyo thought silently as Haru looked up at him fearfully.

"Umm... a...ano..." she seemed to be at a loss for words.

"Tadaima!" Yuki said as he entered the house. Tohru quickly shut the door on the two of them. Once she left, Kyo began to plant kisses over the others face.

Haru tried to pull away, "What if Yuki sees?"

"Do you think I care if that damn rat finds out? Let him come," Kyo continued his assault on the younger boy, he could already feel himself drifting off into eternal bliss. To keep the ecstasy rising, he shoved himself harder and deeper into the other.


Tohru ran down the stairs in an effort to stop Yuki from venturing further into the house. "Souma-kun, Souma-kun, I'm so happy you came back so quickly!" She said in an overly cheerful yet anxious voice.

"Yes, I came back early because I wanted to see if I could help Haru with his homework, he told me earlier that he was having problems with it," Yuki smiled when he spoke Haru's name.

"Ano, it's okay! I already helped him with it, so there's really no need!" she spoke very fast with panic spreading over her face, "I know! Why don't you help me set the table for dinner!"

"Well, I'll go say hi to him anyways," said Yuki with suspicion.

Tohru's eyes widened, but she thought up a very drastic plan. "Oh Souma- kun!" she said as she flying-tackle-glomped him.


Rat form Yuki fell to the ground. "OH I'M SO SORRY! I'M SO CLUMSY!" She said in an overdramatic tone with fake tears running down her face. Yuki sweat dropped and tried to tell her it wasn't her fault, but Tohru kept on wailing. She hoped that the boys had at least put some clothes on.


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