It was what could be considered a normal day in the Chaotix detective agency, though it was somewhat quiet save for the occasional clicking of a mouse and the humming whir of the overhead fan.

This quiet usually meant that the youngest member of the team, Charmy Bee was up to something, and if the bee was up to something, it would probably end up being destructive, messy or loud. Espio sighed, stretching as he felt the cool metal of the locker on his back. He had noticed how quiet it was, and while some might have considered this something positive, the chameleon usually knew better

"He's been quiet today, hasn't he." He spoke suddenly, though both reptiles had been thinking it.

Vector looked up from the laptop. While he had originally logged onto his account to see if there were any work emails, he was currently on his 4th solitaire game of the day.

"Yeah, I know. D'you think he's up to something?" Vector sighed. The last time it was this quiet, it had been just before the bee had made a big hole in the upstairs hall wall. He had tried to make a giant slingshot to see how fast he could go, though he didn't think to do this outside where he could do less damage and not have Vector lose the security deposit.

"Probably. Want me to go and check on him?" Espio asked.

"Sure, make sure he hasn't broken anything again." Vector huffed with a slight smile before focusing once again on his solitaire. Hopefully the chameleon would be able to deal with whatever potentially destructive idea had gotten into the youngest members mind before it caused too much expensive damage.

Rolling his eyes, Espio stretched once again before making his way towards the door. He was about to head upstairs before stopping for a moment.

"You'd better not go on facebook again." The chameleon warned before leaving.

"I'm not! Geez!"


Once he had ascended the stairs, the chameleon knocked on the young bee's bedroom door, prompting a surprised squeak from the bee inside.

"Hey, what're you up to in there?" Espio half yelled, his hand on the doorknob.

"Nothing! I'm busy, go away! Come back later!" Charmy responded, though Espio could also hear something that sounded like sheets of paper being shuffled.

"Charmy that's like the most suspicious sounding thing ever, what are you doing?!" Espio responded with a sigh. He had a bad feeling that whatever Charmy was up to, he was going to be the one that would have to clean up the corresponding mess.

"Nothing! I promise! I'm just working on something!" Charmy replied.

"Charmy, the last time you were 'working on something' you ended up flooding the bathroom because you were trying to use a plastic container as a boat." Espio remembered the memory all too well, especially since the floor in the bathroom was now permanently warped by the irresponsible stunt.

"..." The bee didn't respond to that, so Espio opened the door.

Charmy was sat cross legged on his bed, surrounded by colourful sheets of card and crayons. Oh his lap was a hardback book, and he was holding a few different colours of crayon.

"Hey! I said to go away!" Charmy frowned, moving the book to the bed behind him.

"Yeah, well I'm here now, what are you doing?" Espio retorted.

"Just making stuff I guess…" The bee shrugged, vaguely gesturing to the art supplies surrounding him.

"Oh? Can I see?" The chameleon had to admit to himself that his curiosity was piqued, it wasn't often that the kid would do arts and crafts, and whenever he did it was usually small stuff at Creams house. He didn't even know the bee had this many crayons, and he had no idea where the card had come from.

"I mean I guess. Kind of ruins the surprise since it's for you guys anyway, but you're here anyway so I guess I'll show it you now." The bee shrugged, and cleared a spot on his bed for Espio to sit down.

"You made something for me?" Espio was taken aback at this.

"Yeah, you AND Vector." Charmy nodded. "Well, there's something for you, something for Vector then something for the both of you." He then clarified.

"What for? I mean it's not like I don't appreciate it, but you don't usually make anything… Other than a lot of noise I guess." Smirked Espio.

"Hey!" exclaimed the bee, sticking his tongue out at the chameleon.

"It's true though." the chameleon teased with a small laugh. "Anyway, what's the occasion then?"

"...Father's day." The bee mumbled.

"What?" Espio blurted out, this definitely taking him off guard.

Charmy sighed. " I knew it was stupid, nevermind…"

"No, I'm sorry, it's not stupid, I was just taken aback is all. How come you've made us stuff for fathers day?"

"Well I know you aren't like my proper dads or anything, but you take care of me and all that, let me live here and be part of the team. That's kind of like a dad right? Although I guess you could be more like my big brother? Either way I made you something anyway cause I don't know if there's a big brother day."

"Oh… well I mean I suppose in that regard we are a bit like your parents…" Espio pondered. "So what have you made for us then?"

"Well I wasn't really sure what to do, since I was going to make you guys breakfast but you said I'm not allowed to use the stove, and you can't really microwave bacon and eggs cause they would probably taste all gross and stuff, and I also forgot to get any anyway so I couldn't so that." Charmy explained.

Espio nodded for him to continue, so he did, a little more excited.

"So I was thinking how you like all your ninja stuff and how I could do something with that, and I was thinking about tracing around one of your ninja stars or something, but I'm not allowed to touch your weapons cause I'll 'cause a mischief'" The bee exclaimed, imitating the chameleon in the last part of his sentence. He glanced at the bemused lizard before continuing his ramble.

"So I was thinking what if I made something that looked like your weapons? Cause there's that paper art thing called origami, I googled it, and I was able to make you that! I got the card when you and Vec sent me out for groceries! I coloured it too, there's purple on it cause you're purple, y'know…" The bee trailed off, suddenly a little unsure in himself.

"Can I see it? "

"O-oh yeah! Here it is!" Charmy leaned over and grabbed a folded piece of paper, passing it to Espio with a grin.

Espio turned it over in his hands. It was somewhat crudely made, but he could definitely tell what it was meant to be. Crayon scribbles covered the white card, and he felt himself getting somewhat emotional.

"And you learned to make this? All by yourself?"

"Yeah!" Charmy had been waiting expectantly for Espio's reaction, and he figured that Espio's tone of voice meant that he liked it.

"This is… lovely Charmy... Thank you." The ninja grinned, flipping the origami around in his hands, smiling. In truth it was probably the most sentimental and sweet gift the ninja could recall ever getting.

"I'm glad you like it!"

"What is it you've made for Vector then?"

"Oh! So I was thinking for ages about it, then I figured, what does Vector go on about all the time?" Charmy paused for a moment, though not long enough for the chameleon to reply.

"Money! Though I can't really give him money cause I used my pocket money to get the crayons. So I thought, why don't I make him some money with the card and the crayons? Not like real money of course, but I wrote stuff on it!" Charmy grinned, passing Espio a couple of sheets of green card.

The card had some wonky lines on it, and written in vaguely money shaped outlines were phrases like, 'I will wash all the dishes one (1) time', 'I will actually do work when I am asked' or 'I will not eat all the snacks in the cupboard' On each of the fake bills was a crude stick figure that resembled Vector.

"They aren't cut out or anything cause I don't have scissors, but I think he'll get the point." Charmy grinned sheepishly.

Espio couldn't help but chuckle as he read over the captions on each bill. "I'll help you cut them out if you want."

"Thanks Espio." Charmy beamed.

"Oh, yeah, you said you had something for the both of us as well, what is it?" Asked Espio.

"Well that's what I was working on before you came in." Charmy reached behind him and placed the book back on his lap, though not before re-adjusting himself.

"My leg went numb, sorry. Anyway, here." There was a stack of papers on the book, and Charmy motioned for Espio to pick them up. "I'm not like the best at art or anything but I hope you can at least see what's going on in them."

Before Espio could have a proper look through the papers, there were a couple of knocks at Charmy's door before Vector popped his head in.

"Hey, what're you two up to? Figured you were taking a while up here Espio so I came to check what was broken." Vector asked.

"Oh hey Vector! Espio's already ruined the surprise, so you may as well come and see what I've made!" Charmy grinned, moving more crayons and paper out of the way.

Vector raised an eyebrow, though came closer to see what the bee had made. Espio began to leaf through the papers. Though the drawings weren't all that good, and the colours were rather bright thanks to the limited selection of crayons, it was clear what was drawn. Each drawing depicted a different case that the team had solved or an adventure that they all had gone on.

Espio couldn't help but smile as they flipped through the papers, reminiscing on all the times they had spent together.

"Is that from when we fought metal Sonic?" Vector pointed to one of the pictures, which had the three of them standing next to an angry looking blue blob with red eyes.

"Yeah, we kicked his butt!" Charmy cheered.

"I like how you've drawn eggman in this one, looks just like him." Espio smirked, looking down at the next sheet, where Charmy had drawn himself kicking a large egg with a moustache while green and purple stick figures cheered on in the background.

"These are awesome Charmy!" Vector grinned. "So what's brought on this sudden bout of creativity?"

"Father's day" Espio nodded, then turned to the bee so he could explain.

"Yeah, I was saying to Espio how you two are kind of like my dads cause you look after me and all that stuff, then I was saying how he was maybe more like a brother? Then…" Charmy began to ramble again. "Oh yeah! These are for you! Espio said he'll help me cut them out later."

He passed the green card with the fake notes over to the crocodile, who read over them and began to laugh. "These are brilliant, I'll definitely get some use out of these, especially the dishes one! And I love the little picture of me on each one!"

"Hey don't forget those are one time use." Charmy grinned.

"What if I buy them back off of you with some sweets?" Vector asked with a grin.

"Hmm… ok maybe that could work." Laughed the bee. Charmy had been a little unsure and worried about making stuff for Espio and Vector at first, he wasn't sure about how they would react. He was definitely glad he did though, he really appreciated everything the two had done for him. It might have been a little unconventional but he was glad that the three of them were like a little family.

Espio smiled, once again looking through the pictures as Charmy and Vector talked about the uses of the fake money. Underneath all the hyperactivity and loudness, Charmy was a good kid, and he was definitely glad to know him. He rubbed his thumb once more over the paper shuriken and grinned, listening to his found family exchange banter.


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