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Prompt used - 9- "Did I just catch you cheating, Mister/Miss" "Uh-" "Right. I'll see you in detention."

No Cheating For You

Annabeth Chase was freaking out.

She had already come to the realisation that today was NOT a good day. Why, you ask? Well, for starters, she had to stay up all night yesterday to study for the Advanced Calculus test and was seriously sleep deprived. Then, in the morning, the step-monster tells her that they were out of Coffee and she couldn't afford to go to Starbucks because her allowance was 'put to better use' in giving it to the twins. Then, she got hit on by some jerks while coming to school and she heard Betty and Dolly gossiping about how they would totally ace the Trigonometry test. Not Calculus, but trigonometry.

Then to top it all off, her mortal enemy, her arch nemesis, Percy-fish face- Jackson was seated behind her during the test .The test which she had not prepared for.


"Hey Annabeth, Come on, answer me"

"Annabeth, I know you can't resist me"

Oh! , and did she mention that her mortal enemy was prodding her back with a pen? With a freaking ball- point pen.

Deep breaths, Annabeth. Deep breaths. She coached herself to calm down. She did not want to be called out in front of class for talking with Jackson of all people. She could definitely control her-

"Talk to me Annie, why are you ignoring me. I know you love me"

Damn this self-restraint

"Percy Jackson, if you take my name once more or even dare to touch me with that stupid pen of yours, I swear I am going to pour acid into your eyes and keep pouring it till your face melts off" She whispered harshly. "And don't call me Annie."

"Whoa! Cool down Anna-Banana, take a chill pill. And for the record, Riptide isn't stupid" The devil incarnate said with his classic playboy smirk which was definitely not working on her.

"Stop calling me stupid names you twerp. And did you name your pen? Now, I'm definitely sure that you have the mental capacity of a 5 year old."

"I do not."

A booming voice sounded behind Annabeth - "Did I just catch you cheating Mr. Jackson and Ms. Chase?" She turned around to see Mrs Queen standing there with a triumphant glint in her cow-like eyes. Hera Queen was the wife of the Principal and taught advanced Maths. She hated Annabeth with a passion reserved for her worst enemies. She had tried to catch Annabeth do something wrong and if she wasn't in her tight business skirt, Annabeth was sure she would be jumping up and down with joy right now.

"Um, actually we were just talking about, uh, the sky"

Stupid Jackson was going to make this even worse. Mrs. Queen looked like she was having a field day.

"Mrs. Queen, it was Percy who disturbed me. I was just giving the test" Annabeth was seriously freaking out now. She could not get detention. Her mother would murder her.

"Right. I expected this from Mr. Jackson but I thought better of you Ms. Chase. Cheating is not allowed anywhere near me. I'll see you in detention"

"Hey, listen-"

"Detention" Mrs. Queen growled "For a whole week"

"Mrs. Queen, please try to understand. It wasn't my fault. It was entirely Percy's. He was the one who provoked me." Annabeth was praying to every single God and Goddess she knew that Mrs. Queen would listen to reason.

"Your self-restraint issues aren't my problem, Ms. Chase. You are as much at fault as Mr. Jackson" It seems the Gods weren't listening to her.

"Well, it's not mine either, it's not fair that you are punishing me for something which is not my fault" Now, even Annabeth had lost the interest in playing goody-two-shoes.

"Two weeks Ms. Chase. Keep arguing and I'll just keep increasing your punishment"

"What the hell you-"Before Annabeth could complete her sentence and make it even worse, thankfully, the bell rung. Giving Percy the most evil glare she could muster, she stormed out of the class.

-Time Lapse (Detention) -

Annabeth Chase felt like she was a criminal sentenced to death. She had never been in detention and to think that her first experience was with Jackson- ugh! She stepped into the room and looked around. It eerily felt like an abandoned Nazi gas chamber, with an aura of pain and suffering. She realised that she was the first to enter and sat down in the front after checking for wads of gum.

Mrs. Queen stepped into the room and scowled. "Where is your companion?"

"I don't know and he is not my companion" Annabeth clearly wasn't in the mood to deal with Hera now.

Suddenly, the door burst open with a loud 'bang'. "Hey Mrs. Cow- I mean Queen- Sorry I'm late. Thalia was asking me something about the band"

Mrs. Queen looked ready to burst. Thalia was her step-daughter and Hera hated her even more than she hated Annabeth because she was the proof of her husband's infidelity. Annabeth mentally cursed Percy for making Hera even angrier.

Thankfully, just in time, Ms. De Beaute`, the French teacher rushed into the room, shrieking like a banshee. Her tears were making her make-up rush down her face in blotches and causing her to look like a character from a horror movie. "Oh Hera, I just heard that Ares got into a bike accident. He must be hurt. We must go visit him"

Ares Warthog was the gym coach and Aphrodite De Beaute` 's boyfriend. He was a complete jerk but Hera loved him like a son. Annabeth's theory was that Hera and Ares were so alike in their rudeness that they had bonded over it.

Just like Annabeth had predicted, Hera picked up her things and rushed out but just before she stepped out, she turned and glared at Annabeth and Percy. "No talking, No texting, No walking, No sleeping, No nothing. Just sit there quietly till I am back"

Just as she left, Annabeth turned and glared at Percy "You stupid kelp head, it's entirely your fault that we have to be here in this hell-hole. I have never been in detention. If you had not disturbed me in class, I would probably be at home, reading my favourite novels."

"Annie, you have such a boring life"

"Yeah, an illiterate nincompoop like you would definitely think that. And don't call me Annie or Anna-banana. My name is A-N-N-A-B-E-T-H"

"You know, you don't have to act like you hate me all the time. You wouldn't have kissed me in prom if you hated me so much."

"That was a mistake. We both know it." Even as she said it, she knew she was lying to herself. She was reminded of that eventful prom in December when Percy had asked her to a dance. Thinking he was going to mock her, she had refused but when he challenged her that she didn't know how to dance, she had stood up, taken his large hand into hers and stepped confidently onto the dance floor.

They had waltzed that day and Annabeth still remembered the feeling of having Percy's hands on her waist and hers clasped onto his neck. She could still feel the silky touch of his messy hair and how handsome he had looked in a black suit with a sea-green tie. As if in a trance, they had both leaned into each other and their lips had met. Blushing madly at the memory, Annabeth tried to focus back in to the conversation she was having.

"...was not"

Annabeth looked up confused at what was Percy was trying to say.

"I meant it was not a mistake that we kissed"

Now, she was surprised. What did Percy mean when he said that it was not a mistake?

"Of course it was Seaweed Brain. We got caught up in the moment, kissed and left. I don't see anything else there."

"You ran away Annabeth. I tried to tell you that I liked you but you ran away. How is that my fault?" Percy growled. He was looking at her with an intense gaze and his eyes were almost glowing. But Annabeth was still caught up in what he had said-

"You like me? As in like-like? Have romantic feelings? Avoir des sentiments romantiques ? Tener sentimentos romanticos`? " Oh dear, she was rambling in multiple languages. She tended to do this when she was surprised.

"Annabeth, stop. I didn't understand a single word but yes I like you. As in like-like. As in like-like-like. With how many ever likes you want. "

"b-but this is too sudden."

"You know what, let me take you out on a date tomorrow. I'll pick you up at 7. Now, detention's up. I've got to go for band practise. Be ready"

Annabeth stood frozen, gaping at Percy's retreating form. She didn't know whether to laugh or cry. She didn't like it when things changed. For her, a change meant something bad, like how her life changed when her parents separated or how it got worse when her dad married the step-monster.

But, maybe just this once, the change wouldn't be as bad.

-Time lapse( 10 years later)-

Annabeth stood on the aisle, nervous, but happy. She looked up and there he stood, Percy Jackson, looking at her with eyes full of love . The minister was saying something but none of them were paying attention. They were too lost within each other's eyes. Suddenly everything quieted down and the minister cleared his throat.

"I said, you may kiss the bride"

And suddenly, Annabeth felt a pair of lips on her own. With just as much Vigour, she responded. She could hear the loud cheering from the crowd as they parted. At that moment, she decided that it wasn't that bad of a change. Maybe, it was a good one too.

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