Secret Crisis War On Infinite Earths Chapter 1

"In the beginning there was only one. A single black infinitude. Then the infinitude found release and finally the darkness broke filling it with light. The Multiverse."

"Every existence multiplied by possibility and spread out before space and time in infinite measure. Civilizations ations rose and fell and rose again across realities grass being expanse. A precious gift persevering in the face of every obstacle until finally, The Age of Heroes was born."

"Chaos. The constant enemy of life kept at bay by champions across the Multiverse. (insert footage of battles fought by the heroes of Earth-1, 38, 19999. The Crisis On Earth X, The Elseworlds, The invasion of the Chitauri in New York, The Age of Ultron, The Infinity War and The Endgame)Joining forces to fight on behalf of of all creation. They found each other just in time because now the entire Multiverse is about to become under attack."

Earth-89, Gotham City(1989 Batman Earth)

"There's a malevolent force at work. One driven by a singular goal."

"I hope you're watching big guy" said man reading the newspaper as the Bat signal was shined in the Crimson sky.

Earth-9, San Francisco (Titans Earth)

"The destruction of all there is"

Earth X

The Ray desperately tries to fly away from the Anti Matter wave destroying everything.

"I have a plan. There are those who say I have schemed"

Earth-38, Gotham City (Adam West Batman Earth=

"But the time for preporation is past. The Crisis is now upon us all"

A retired Robin walks the streets of Gotham as he looks to the sky as said, "HOLY CRIMSON SKIES OF DEATH!"

Earth-2000, Vancouver

"Oh were not ending it there with the cameos Monitor. Oh no. I'm finally joining this party. Everyone get ready!" said Deadpool as he prepared a portal. Deadpool are you sure that the world is doomed as you claim it to be?" asked Colossus. Listen shiny Drago, it's the annual crossover and I'll be damned if we sit this out" Wade explained. Then Cable, Dominio and Negasonic Teenage Warhead run toward the two with news of Crimson skies. "Hey Dickpool! You were right. Something weird is going on" Negasonic said. "What did you do you condom with legs?!" asked Cable. "A Crisis is here all life in the Multiverse will soon cease to be so it's up to us to save it" said Deadpool. "Guess it really is the end of the world of Deadpool is the one about to save us all" added Domino. "Zip it!" Deadpool snapped. "Alright X Force, it's time to save the fucking Multiverse. *looks to the audience* Now you can cue the intro"

*theme music plays*