Secret Crisis War On Infinite Earths Chapter 16

Doctor Strange was in the Waverider library as he sees the Book of Destiny. He takes of from the shelf and opens it up. The amount of cosmic power began to surge as the Sorcerer Supreme sees everything there is about the Multiverse. Doctor Strange then focuses his mind and began to see visions into the future of this Crisis. What appears to be but brief glimpses are actually all shown perfectly in order. No alternative outcomes. Just one single future. Strange gasped and quickly closed the book as he caught his breath.

"Doctor?" asked Lyla as she saw him. "Where's Novu? he asked.

Meanwhile Kara was using the ships main computer as she saw on screen Argo and the other Earths. She saw the antimatter wave as it destroyed everything. She took off her glasses and closed eyes as a wave a pain and guilt wash over her. She slowly hears the screams of citizens on her head.

"Hey girl scout" said Tony. Kara turned to see Stark as he waved. "Oh hey" she replied back. Tony walks over to her and folds his arms as he asks, "How you holding up?" Kara sighed as she puts back on her glasses. "How was it the first time you lost that half of your universe?" she asked him. "I was scared. Terrified. When Parker turned to dust in my arms as the last one, never have a felt a massive amount of guilt to that magnitude in my life. To think hours prior I officially made him an Avenger. I remember when Nebula and I took off on the Guardians' ship. Drifting in space, wondering and dreading whether or not the woman I loved even survived. Spending nearly a month in space slowly felt like I was destined to die before I could go home. If there even was one left. When I did, I hung up my suit and lived the simple life. And then, and then, and then, after I discovered that time travel could absolutely work, we all had purpose again. Bringing it all back. Whatever it takes. When we all used the Quantum Tunnel into the Quantum Realm, well, the rest was history as you may know" Stark replied.

"There just has to be a way to bring it all back. Everything. This can't be the end of it" Kara adds. Tony then smirked and scoffed a bit. "What?" Kara asked. "You really are a Paragon of Hope. Even when you aren't feeling hopeful" he replied. Kara then laughed back with, "Nice to know even a Crisis can't kill your snark Stark". Tony smiles as he gives Kara a hug.

"Aww ain't that sweet. An entire universe wiped from existence and still reduced to a computer graphic". Kara and Tony let go as they turned around that the sound of a certain familiar voice. "Gotta say. Missing that wow factor" said Lex Luthor.

"Mr. Clean?" Tony asked. "Tony told me you came back from the dead. Guess I had to see it to believe it" added Kara. Tony pressed his arc reactor as Kara's eyes lit up with heat vision.

"He has a part to play" The Monitor said stopping the two from killing Luthor. "Why did you bring back this poisonous snake?" Kara asked. "His destiny was unfulfilled. Lex Luthor still has an important role to play" Added The Monitor. "So you brought him back and not Oliver?" Kara asked. "To be fair, Luthor brought Dr. Evil way before this Crisis began" Tony adds. "Still with the cute pet names" Lex said.

Kate, Wayne and League Superman walked in during the conversation. "And what about all those people on Earth-38? Did they bit have destinies to fulfill?" Kara asked. "I'm sorry but I can't trust anyone who thinks Lex Luthor is an ally" she finished.

"Luthor?" asked League Superman. "Oh you have got to be kidding me. Even from another universe our paths once again cross" added Luthor. Justice League Superman speed walks up to his foe from another earth and grabs him by the throat and picks him up. "Okay. Clearly I did something to you. What did my doppelganger do to show such anger?" asked Lex as the air slipped from him.

"You took my mother, you had your men torture her and used her to have me fight against Batman. You were also the one who created Doomsday using the body of Zod" said Clark.

"Even this Superman hates your guts" added Kara. "Clark enough!" said Wayne as Superman let's go. "All I got from that is if you die again, he can't bring you back" said Kate. "And you are?" Lex asks as he looks at Kate. "New and unfriendly" said Kate. Brucw then pulled out his Bat branding tool as he scorched it and slams Lex against the wall.

"Whatever you do. Wherever you go I will be watching you" Bruce said as he raised the Bat Brand as it glowed orange. "Oooh. Scary" Lex said in a mocking tone. Batman then punched with all his might as everyone winced at the sight. Even Lex as he opened his eyes as he saw the bat shaped mark just mere inches next to his head. "It should be!" Wayne adds as he walks away.

Elsewhere Natasha was walking around the Waverider as she spots Steve fully recovered. "How are the others?" She asked him. "Hanging in there. Like always." Steve replied.

"Good. They all still have roles to play" said The Monitor as he appeared out of nowhere. "You know you really outta stop doing that" said Natasha. "What do you want?" asked Steve. "As I said, you all have roles to play" said The Monitor ad he used his powers to bring Steve back the energy shield James gave him and his cowl for his suit. He also changed Natasha's suit from one of her past.

"What did you do? How did you get these?" asked Natasha. "Although my powers weaken, I am still able to help provide the means you need as we survive this Crisis. "This suit... I haven't worn this since", "Since your battle with the one they call Taskmaster yes" said The Monitor as he finished Natasha's sentence.

Doctor Strange then rushes over as he sees The Monitor. "Novu! We need to head to the library. Now!"