You're not going home tonight

Timeline: Post-Opera Hen

Rating: M

A/N: I'm not exactly a writer and I only write for fun. This was unbetaed, so constructive criticism is highly appreciated! I initially planned on making this a multi-chaptered fic and already have 11 other prompts lined up, but I'm not quite motivated to start on them just yet. I'll see where my imagination can take me.

Disclaimer: Nodame Cantabile belongs to the ever so great Tomoko Ninomiya-san.

"Oh, and I'm leaving for Brussels tomorrow."

There he goes again with those words; words that were so casually sewn into their relationship. She knew this was inevitable in their line of work, but she couldn't help but feel sadder the more hectic their schedules grew. I see, so that's why we're having a fancy dinner, she thought.

It was a typical Thursday night well into the spring season and the Philharmonie de Paris was preparing for its concerto come late May. After Nodame had earned handsome reviews from critics who were nevertheless captivated by her debut in Japan (despite an awful lot of encores), she had finally been invited to do a performance with one of Paris' well-acclaimed orchestras.

Chiaki, on the other hand, had just received yet another request to guest-conduct Antwerp Symphony Orchestra in Brussels thanks to Elise's constant hustle and bustle. I just had a concert with London Philharmonic, dammit! He thought. Typical. He figured he'd take Nodame out on a fancy dinner to buffer the weight of the news especially when he just had a month-long trip to London.

"How long will you be there?" Nodame asked the question they both knew was more or less reflex by now.

"About 3 weeks," he replied. At least 3 weeks wasn't that long. "Sorry I didn't tell you sooner. Elise just emailed me yesterday and I didn't want to bother you with the news while you were practicing."

"It's fine, it's not like I'm not used to it," she replied, gnawing a huge bite of her steak. Needless to say, she was a professional musician too, and if it was difficult to get used to occasional travels back when only Chiaki was the professional, it was twice as difficult now that her schedule is just as erratic as his. "As long as senpai is not going to cheat on Nodame by secretly going there to do a concerto with a pretty Belgian pianist."

"Baka!" He yelled. "... It's a violin concerto."

"MUKYA— WITH A PRETTY BELGIAN WOMAN?!" She choked on her steak.

"With a 52 year old mustachioed Russian violinist, Baka." he replied and takes a therapeutic chug of red wine. "Anyway, what time's your rehearsal tomorrow?"

"10am," she replied. "But Nodame has to practice. There are few passages I can't get through and the conductor seemed full with the strings section earlier this afternoon. I was hoping you could help me but... you're leaving tomorrow."

"Well then eat up so we can go over them tonight," he said. My flight's after lunch, so I have some time.

Their competition was an unwritten dynamic that, admittedly, subconsciously fueled the other. He moves forward two steps, she catches up. But this time, he wanted to walk with her. She was at the breakthrough phase of her career where propagation was crucial. First impressions go a long way in the music industry.

He purposely booked their dinner reservation earlier so he could spend time with her before he left, and it was a blessing in disguise for Nodame.

"Senpai," she muttered as they got in his car. "Can we pass by a convenience store before we head to my apartment. I have a few things to buy."

"Sure. You can stay over at my place, I need to do a bit of final packing tonight," he suggested. You're not going home tonight.

"You know senpai," Nodame turn to face him with pluckered lips. "If you want to do it to night, or anytime even, just tell Nodame."

This woman. It wouldn't pay to be a little coy.

"On second thought, I think my piano needs tuning and I need to drop by the office tomorrow morning, you can practice at home—"


At the convenience store:

"Senpai, why don't you try this glow in the dar—" BANG!

"Get away from me. Walk home."

As they arrived in his flat, they took turns freshening up into comfy nightwear. Nodame headed straight for the piano while Chiaki took his turn in the shower.

"Nodame realizes now that I should be more considerate with blending my own style." she said. "Rachmaninoff is new to Nodame. He's like, the author of a new book that I can't understand no matter how many times I read it."

"Concertos, symphonies, and sonatas are no different from books," he said, face softening as he leans closer. "Every piece is a book coded in notes and melodies. Maybe, you're finding difficulty playing it how the orchestra reads it. Why don't you read it with your own interpretation first, that way, you can follow through with the orchestra's style." The key is to listen.

"Mou, I didn't know music theory would be sooo philosophical," she complains. "How would you interpret it, senpai?"

He smiles. At least you're understanding the need for this type of philosophy. After he explains more technical ways to give justice to the composer, he remembered he had to check emails. "Nodame, make sure to finish by 10pm. The walls are not that sound proof. I just need to check a few emails."

Another hour passed and Nodame finally concluded her practice. "Huuwah~" she sighed as she flopped beside him, pulling the blanket over her shoulder. "Today was a long day, Nodame is tired. Good night, Senpai."

"Wait, but—" he closed his laptop. "It's only 10pm."

"Nodame had rehearsals the whole day," she said, her voice muffled by the thick and comfy blanket. "And 2 hours of practice tonight. Nodame is dead tired, good night, Senpai."

I know what you're trying to do, cut it out. He sets his laptop on his nightstand. I won't see you for 3 weeks. "Don't sleep yet," he said as he lied behind her curled up frame. "Sleep at 11pm," he whispers, his breath tickling her nape as he snakes his hand on her thigh and under her blouse. He inhales her scent and marks it in his memory for as long as it can last. His insides escalate as she smelled just like his body wash.

"Senpai, Nodame needs her beauty rest," she mewed.

"Get it tomorrow," he said, heavy with impatience. He towers her with a swift move and kisses her awake from her stupor. She breathes heavily as he trails kisses on her cheek, jaw, and finally buries his face in the curve of her neck, shifting his weight on her in just the right places.

"Shinichi—" she panted, eyes heavy with want as she adjusted herself underneath him, hips arching to brush his growing erection. She feels his uneven breath as he stops kissing the crook of her neck to look at her in the eye. "Are we..." he pants, "safe tonight?"

"Yes," she nods as she lovingly cups his cheek. "Don't worry about it."

With her reassurance, he threw away all his restraints and kissed her passionately, once again snaking his free hand under her blouse to cup and fondle with her breast, amused with the lack of her bra. Nodame entangles her arms around his neck and rakes his hair, pulling him close to deepen the kiss. He lifts her blouse over her head and throws it god knows where. Standing on his knees, he did the same with his shirt. Sealing her mouth with a peck on the lips, he moves downward and kisses her neck once more. "Shinichi, don't leave marks there," she moans. Nodame has rehearsals tomorrow.

His tongue flicks on her pert nipple, earning a quaver of pleasure from Nodame. His hand squeezes hard on the other breast and travels lower to her heated arousal. Fingers reaching the hem of her silk shorts, he slips his hand in and under her underwear. Tickling her folds as he caressed lightly, he slides his fingers in, then out, and fiddled with the knob he knew would drive her mad.

"AH! Shinichi," she gasped, shutting her eyes from the pleasure and arching against his frame. He stops his business with her breast to look at her gruntled face, feeling his erection growing painfully against her thigh. I can't hold it any longer.

With one swift move he pulls her shorts and underwear down, doing the same with his sweater pants. Nodame was quick to grab his erection, squeezing it hard. "Ah Nodame, don't—" he groaned, head falling against her shoulder. He grabs her wrist and locks it above her head, kissing her roughly and brushing his erection down hard on her arousal earning them both silent moans of pleasure as they cut the kiss. He eyes her intently and positions himself at her entrance. Without a second to waste, he pushes himself in hard and rough and they both take a moment to savor the intoxicating pleasure. Toes curled, Nodame arches her hips to allow him better access and pulls him towards her for a kiss, locking her legs around his hips as Chiaki retracts slowly and establishes his rhythm.

"Faster," she whispered against his mouth. She was so close.

"N-Nodame," he whispered back. "I- can't—" he grunts and buries his face beside hers, panting heavily against her ear. With a few more pushes and pulls, he finds release and Nodame follows soon after. He collapses on the valley of her chest and listens to her pounding heart. It's gonna be three long weeks. After a few peaceful minutes of gaining back their senses, Chiaki lifts his head to look at her. "It's not even 11 yet," he smirks.

"Shinichi," she eyed him. "Instead of fucking, why don't you start on your final packing."


I can't believe I wrote this. It makes me blush reading it. This isn't me.