Prologue: The Wrong Hero

How did this happen? Oh right, it's all Kouki's fault. So I just walked into the Heiligh Royal library looking for that overly summoned hero, Kouki, who was supposedly studying with the former goddess and ex-queen that have been hanging off of him ever since the "kidnapped too much" incident, when I heard what sounded like a few books falling onto the floor. As I approached he was skimming a particularly worn looking book, not surprising since many of the books were old and worn even before the castle was destroyed in the war with Ehit.

"Even the shield hero has his own section… what? It's blank?"

Just as I was about to get his attention the pages of the book started to glow and flip of their own accord. Knowing that weird magic randomly appearing around Kouki usually only means one thing I stopped dead in my tracks, refusing to get mixed up in whatever trouble he was about to be dragged into.

"No, not again!" Kouki did what most sane people who have been through multiple forced summonings would do and threw the book away as fast as he could. Unfortunately the direction in which he threw it was directly at me. My reflexes outpaced my logic and I caught it, causing his eyes to widen when he realized I was there. As our eyes meet the light emitted by the book grew to blinding intensity and I felt the floor disappear beneath my feet.

The floor returned as quickly as it had vanished and I caught myself by simply bending my knees. When my vision cleared I looked around and found myself standing on a magic circle in a stone brick room and surrounded by men in robes. I had only one thing to say about that. "KOUKI, YOU BASTARD!"

AN: It's my first time writing a fanfic, so i'm putting up the prologue to test the waters. I know it's short, but it get's the idea of how he was summoned across. This takes place several years into the Arifureta AfterStories and as such will contain spoilers if you haven't read them. I also plan to generally follow the Shield Hero plot with obvious differences in how this Shield Hero handles the situations.

I do not own Shield Hero or Arifureta