The Fool

I apologize if you run into any errors. I do not own any of the Twilight characters used in this story. This is an angsty one shot. With kind of a happy ending at least for some.

To the Wilted Rose,

You were like a lighting storm rolling in from the sea. I couldn't look away. Its captivating in its majestic beauty. In the back of my mind I knew it was nature's destructive power on display.

I noticed you my first day at lunch. A blonde goddess gracing the peasants with her presence. I knew I would never fall upon your radar under normal circumstances. But with the scowl you shot me for merely looking at you, let me know I earned a special place of hate in your heart.

I would find out much later after I met your family, after I was introduced to your husband, after I became best friends with two of your siblings, and after I nearly died from rogue vampires what your family knew and what I meant to you. I was your destined mate. Your unwanted mate. The one that ruined your perfectly thought out marriage to the seemly perfect man. The Fool.

You did everything to push me away. You were rude, insulting, terrifying, breath takingly degrading to me. You broke me down until I felt like nothing because I happen to exist before even telling me why.

After nearly dying you couldn't fight the protective instincts anymore. You wanted to try to get to know me. I was very wary from the start. You went from threatening to slightly less so. I tried to understand and make up excuses for you "It's all new to her, after 80 years of living your life as a vampire you find out something completely different about yourself." It was a vicious cycle of you never really letting me in. I didn't notice it right away but you still went to Emmett for nearly everything, if you needed an ear to listen, if you needed advise, if you needed comfort and I tried to write it off as what you were used to that it would take time for us to get there. We never got there. You always seemed happier when he was in the room, more at ease. You tried to tell me that my insecurities were unjust, that your relationship with Emmett was a matter of convenience before I came, not wanting to spend eternity alone without your mate and that I had nothing to worry about. I believed you. Why wouldn't I, you were my mate.

You truly shattered my heart leaving after my 18th birthday. It wasn't Jaspers fault. One day you and your family were there and the next there was no one. I knew then that something cracked inside of me that would scar over and never be the same. It was a rough couple of months but with the help of Jacob and Leah I started picking up the pieces of what you had left behind. The pack started looking out for me. I became interested in the legends of myth and superstition. I started hobbies, got out more, and generally started living for myself.

However, with the return of a revenge seeking Victoria came You and the rest. I kept you all at arm's length not wanting to get hurt again but it was so hard. How can you bar a soul mate? I guess I wasn't as strong as you.

I remember begging you not to hurt me again. I was sobbing my lungs out. That was the first and only time I had seen you remorseful because of your actions or inactions. You promised never to hurt me again. I was a fool to trust you again.

For what its worth I do think that you attempted to love me. It just wasn't enough.

After the battle with the newborns. A new tension shot through us. The refusal to turn me. I felt like a side piece for the entirety of my so-called relationship to you. I just didn't know how true that was until the family meeting to discuss my turning.

The family was divided but the deciding factor came from a surprising source. Your fidelity. It came to light just how much comfort you were seeking out from Emmett. And of course, he would never turn you away, he never wanted it to end from the beginning. I just never realized how much of an illusion "we" were until then. It was pandemonium after that. Alice became my knight and shining armor. She got me out of there quickly. I wonder, how long did it take you to realize I was gone? You didn't even look at me when the truth was revealed. It was like I wasn't even a thought.

Alice saw it all. She sees everything. Once I left the Cullen Mansion with Alice, she raced me to a fast car, with a suitcase, a passport, credit cards to an unlimited amount of money with a simple request to live my life. That too many promises were broken, and it was time to let go. She made herself and Edward available to me if I ever needed anything. And with that I said goodbye.

Its been years now. I'm thankful everyday for not turning into a vampire, especially because I cringe every time, I think of being forced into a bond with you that would draw me to you. What a reversal. I eventually found out through an email from Edward that Emmett finally met his mate. Apparently, he didn't have the same restraint as you and ran off with her. I wonder how that feels for you. To sacrifice everything for someone and fail to receive the same in return. I would be lying if I said I wasn't a smidgen satisfied when I found out. I pity you in the end. You'll now spend the rest of your existence wondering 'what if'.

I made a promise to myself when I drove out of Forks that fateful day to live my best life. And that is just what I have done.

I am no longer your fool.

I've always believed in goodbyes. Closing a door just to open a new one. This is me telling you Goodbye. Don't make promises you don't intend to keep.

With Regards,

So, Thoughts. As of right now the plan is to keep this as a one shot. It was my take on what ifs. What if Rosalie mated to Bella? What if Emmett didn't respect that? What if Rosalie didn't set boundaries and fell into old habits? What if the delusion of a perfect marriage was more important than your intended mate to a person?