The Knight

I apologize if you run into any errors. I do not own any of the Twilight characters used in this story. This is an angst one shot in response to The Fool. It has a little bit of Rosalie/Emmett bashing but not too much.

Hey Free Bird,

I just wanted to check in. I know, I know you don't like me taking peeks at your everyday events just the big stuff that can't be helped. I'm still working on it. But I must say the beach life is really working for you. Who knew that your hobby in landscaping photography would lead to such a career? But don't forget to wear sunscreen, I don't have to be able to predict future outcomes to know that you don't tan. You BURN.

Anyways I recently realized I never apologized for the part I played, and I am ashamed.

With you sending that letter to Rosalie months ago and everything finally settling down again. It hit me that I manipulated you in the beginning. I never once apologized for that. I'm responsible for some of the blame in your heartbreak, and I will forever be grateful for becoming your friend. But I regret the pain that I helped set you up for.

I didn't see you coming to Forks. You were my first surprise in a very long time. I value your friendship more for it, even if the unpredictable happens from time to time.

What I did see was possible outcomes when Rosalie locked eyes with you the first time.

I have always been an optimistic person. Glass half full, it's not the impending darkness coming but the brightest of the stars shining through kind of person.

If we are being truthful with each other and I always strive to be truthful with you these days. There were very few possible outcomes where you and Rosalie ended up happy together.

A majority of what I saw was what took place, with some variation or worse, some were of you dying early due to natural cause, accidents, or even sadly suicide. I also saw Rosalie just running off after the cafeteria with Emmett and forgetting about you and staying away from the family until after we moved out of Forks.

Rosalie made the choice to stay though. I saw that as a sign, that with just the right push, I could steer it towards the positive.

I befriended you when she was so vicious. You stuck through it. Even as a human, not only were you drawn to us like prey but even more so Rosalie. That must be the only reason you put up with so much. I accepted you wholeheartedly. You were my first and only real friend.

I would like to say that Edward's intentions were pure at the start of your friendship with him but we both know he was attracted to your blood, mind and was lonely. He eventually understood what you really needed was a friend and not a possible suitor, especially with what you were going through.

After Phoenix, Rose started leaning towards you more. All I thought was finally.

However, Emmett was a constant shadow always hovering. What you didn't know was he was always there even if he wasn't in your eyesight.

I tried to talk to Emmett to get him to back off, but I saw no outcome that he would step aside. Unless it was coming from Rose herself. Talking with Rosalie ended with her walking into Emmett's arms. So, I just kept my month shut. I knew then that any positive outcome I saw would be no more. That any future action I took would be, to try and prevent any more collateral damage to your person.

Jasper has always warned me about getting involved with other's mates or scheming in others lives. I never listened. I should have stayed out of it from the beginning even if that meant the cost of our friendship.

I should have talked to you before leaving Forks, but I was so wrecked with guilt about the party and needing to be there for Jasper that I left without a word.

Rosalie and Emmett carried on their relationship like nothing happened. My sister is so very good at playing the actress that only Edward and Jasper really know how she was feeling during this time. To say that the rest of us and even the Denali's who have waited centuries for something she was throwing away were appalled would be an understatement.

To speculated and make excuses for Rosalie and Emmett would be a disservice to you. Emmett has always been an alpha male and Rosalie an alpha female. Emmett saw losing his wife to another woman as the ultimate smack in the face. When we told you that vampires always stayed the same, did you think that this is what we were talking about at the time? I know that you assume we would grow with the times but for some of us that is not an option. Emmett has always had a carefree attitude with everyone and everything except for what was his or at least what he saw as his. And unfortunately for you, that was his wife. Rosalie is still very much like when she was human and making the same mistakes. The picture that everyone sees as a perfect family is more important than the reality of the situation.

I truly believe that if she made it to marriage with Royce King she would have still put up a masterful display and we all know what type of monster he was. What Rosalie does and thinks is so hard to guess. Edward has never been to fond of sharing anyone's thoughts but Rose. She has always been on the defense with Edward in the room. And he tries to avoid reading the family when he can. That's why you find him always composing. It helps focus him on other things besides the constant static.

When I investigated your future after we left Forks. I saw you moving on and getting back to what you were like before meeting us. Maybe a little wiser and not as innocent to the world but still happy.

Did you know I tried coming back in secret with just Jasper and Edward instead of the whole family? I saw that as soon as we left Forks that there would be no outcome for you and Rosalie that didn't end up with you getting more hurt from the relationship. At this point Rose had already made up her mind. I wish I would have told you to run then. But I was selfish in a way and wanted to make sure you made it through Victoria with our involvement.

Vampires are greedy and vain creatures. It's like the dragons depicted in fairy tales, guarding their treasures no matter if they personally want it or not. They see it as there's. And they'll be damned if someone else takes it from them. This is the real reason Rosalie continued to pursue you after we returned. Yet at the same time she was in full denial of the connection. And just like Emmett holding on to his marriage.

Once you left Forks Rose shutdown to a degree. She was moody with everyone besides Emmett, whom she held tighter to herself than ever before. Initially she asked about you after the meeting and my return, which I told her; you were no longer her concern. That you were gone and not to return.

The wolves didn't take to kindly to our presence in Forks after the battle and your disappearance. They had known what you went through with Rose. Apparently, you called Leah and Jacob to inform them of the meeting and the discussion. Not that I blame you.

Our family has been banned from Forks and the surrounding area because of our actions. We had exposed ourselves to a human.

You might be alive, but you were a member of their community and family. You were hurt by us, so the wolves saw that as reason to revoke any rights that we had in Forks. To be frank our covenant is lucky that the Volturi weren't notified about the situation. Us walking away from Forks is a preferable outcome than to anything the Kings could come up with.

Five years after leaving Forks Emmett met his mate in England. The initial meeting is all it took for Emmett to be smitten. I think that is the tipping point where Rosalie knew that she had done something that she could never take back. Shortly after that Emmett left with his mate. I don't think he could look Rose in the face and see the judgement. To know that she chose him. Which is what he wanted. It's the ultimate compliment to a man like Emmett. To know that Rose picked him over her own soulmate had him walking around with the biggest chip on his shoulder. However, Emmett didn't hesitate to choose his mate and leave Rose in the dust.

Rosalie destroyed their section of the house and attempted to hunt him down until Carlisle stopped her.

She takes off sometimes without a word and returns just as quiet. I think its her going out and looking for you. Or plotting Emmett's death. I can't decide. It's all instinct when she leaves for that period. We as a coven don't speak about it anymore. Its done. No going back now. Edward and I have kept our promise to you and have not told anyone else any details regarding your life to the rest of the family. This has been the pattern until she received your letter.

Rosalie had the envelope for two weeks before finally reading the contents. I don't know all that was written in the letter, Rosalie has been private about it. I can tell you she went catatonic until last week when the hunger won out. The hunger always wins in the end. It's the one thing a vampire can never give up, no matter how much we want to.

To end this rather dreary letter I just want to say. I'm sorry. I'm sorry for pushing. I'm sorry for setting you up for heartache. I'm sorry for looking the other way when you were hurting. I'm sorry that I didn't tell you all that was going on. I'm sorry for manipulating you in the first place. I'm sorry that it had to end that way. I'm sorry that you had to leave your home and support to get away from us. I'm sorry me and my family weren't better towards you. And I'm sorry that you had me for your protection as a best friend and I failed you on so many fronts.

Love Always,