A/N: I've been meaning to write a special Bulma and Vegeta story for awhile now, like A Rose By Any Other Name, but instead of Raditz and Launch, Bulma and Vegeta will be in this story, which I'm thinking will have 4 parts. Each part will have a theme. You'll see what these mean, and if they have any special kinks! ;) This is based in the Gemini Saga Universe. This is a post-story, kind of a peek into the future! Ok, enough babble, onto the juicy Vegebul~!

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- Emotion -


Every object in a state of uniform motion will remain in that state of motion, unless an external force acts on it. Force equals mass times acceleration.

For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

Sir Isaac Newton

"Gravitation is not responsible for people falling in love."


Bulma yelled, fuming. She hit the intercom to the gravity chamber once again, nothing.

"Lunch is ready! Come out and get it!" She shouted again, holding down the button as she screamed, and saw him, facedown, doing push-ups on the floor.

"I'm busy! Stop interrupting me!" He snarled back, and she let go of the communication button, ignoring his rude reply.

"Why don't you just bring it to him, Bulma dear?" Bunny said, smiling sweetly as she laid out a tray littered with an odd assortment of hors d'oeuvres, cocktail sausages, baby gherkins, baby carrots, dressing, and different sauces to dip them in, as well as cold ham and cheese sandwiches. Bulma snorted, crossing her arms.

"I'm no servant! He has two legs, and they work just fine!" She huffed, sitting down at the table, and picking up a cocktail weenie with a toothpick, dipping it in the cheese fondue before taking a bite.

"Well, I made so much, I sure hope he doesn't let it go to waste." Bunny said, and sighed. "I can take care of it, Mrs. Briefs." A deep voice said, and Bunny perked up.

"Raditz, darling! You're just in time! Make sure to save Veggie enough, alright?" She said, and he nodded, entering the kitchen with Launch in tow; who was now beginning to show her baby bump quite a bit, wearing one of those small tank tops with suspenders that bared her entire stomach with no shame, and blue denim shorts with red Nike sneakers.

"Mmm, something smells good! I'm starvin'!" She said, walking over with her curly blonde hair up in a high ponytail that showed off the pink mating mark on her neck, and the new necklace Raditz had gifted her, with a diamond studded heart with the date of their anniversary on it. Bulma huffed, looking away as the two filled their plates.

"I love these little guys! Hehe, they look like baby weiners!" Launch chuckled, and Mrs. Briefs giggled as well. Bulma rolled her eyes.

"..Launch!" Raditz grumbled, slightly perturbed. He raised one eyebrow at her, questioning her morals as a heaping amount of food towered on his plate. He was wearing a thin, black beater that barely covered all of his scars, and rugged muscle that he seemed to like to show off.

"They remind me of Goku's little weenie when he was a kid. You know what, maybe now I'm losing my appetite." Bulma scowled, standing and brushing off her blouse, which was a light blue, thin, lacy material, with a black bra underneath, and high waisted black leggings that squeezed in all the right places. She felt something graze her thigh, and looked down, just as she heard a rough voice from behind her.

"Don't tell me you're talking about that clown Kakarot and his penchant for public nudity, that I could have gone my life without seeing." Vegeta grumbled, and his tail coiled around her thigh possessively.

"Oh, so you are here! Let me get you a cool drink of water, you must be thirsty!" Bunny said, but Bulma stopped her, silently storming over to the ice maker, and filling him a glass without speaking.

"My brother is rather odd, growing up on Earth and hitting his head really made him lack common knowledge..." Raditz said, making Launch giggle as she attempted to feed him a carrot, which he turned his cheek away from, growling.

"Wow, a Saiyan that doesn't like something that's edible, imagine that." Bulma sneered, and thrust the cool glass of water into Vegeta's hand, from where he leaned up against the counter, shoving food into his mouth quickly so that he could go immediately back out to the gravity room.

"I'll get Raditz to eat it, watch!" Launch said, and Bulma crossed her arms, narrowing her eyes at the couple, as the blonde dipped the carrot in ranch dressing, and gave him a seductive gaze.

"Eat it for me, won't you Raditz? For the baby? Once it comes, you want to set a good example as a father, and show em' that vegetables are good for a growing Saiyan!" She said, and Bulma smirked. Even Vegeta paused his devouring for a second to watch, as Raditz weighed his options, twisting his mouth to the side as he mulled over it, and looked at the carrot warily.

"Hm. Fine. For the baby." He grunted, and bit the carrot right out of her fingers, then took a handful off the tray, and began tossing them in his mouth, as if they were just as good as potato chips. Launch looked back at Bulma, revelling in her achievement, her green eyes sparkling as she clearly was flaunting her power over the man.

Bulma looked down at Vegeta's plate, and saw the baby gherkins he'd grabbed before tasting, then a half eaten one on the plate, which he must have discarded after tasting it and finding out he didn't like it. Bulma poked a pickle with her tooth pick, and hesitated, eyeing him as he was face deep in a sandwich, eating everything but the crust.

"Vegeta~" She purred, and waved the little pickle around. "You should try this pickle, it's good!" She said sweetly, and nudged it towards his face. He grunted, brushing crumbs off his face with the back of his hand, then chugging his water. Bulma glanced at Launch, who was laughing into her hand quietly, then to her mother, who balled up her fist and shook it, cheering her on.

Bulma furrowed her brows, then bit off half the pickle. "Mmm, it's bitter, but it's really good, it has a nice crunchy snap to it! Vinegar is very good for digestion, Vegeta." She said, and carefully moved it toward his face again. He exhaled sharply, then pushed it away, storming out of the kitchen, all while muttering, "I'm not a damned garbage disposal like that fool!"

Bulma lowered the pickle, setting it down on his discarded plate, before scraping them into the trash silently, feeling all the eyes in the kitchen on her back.

"Oh, Bulma. That's too bad. He's just not like my sweet Raditz, here." Launch teased, and Raditz chuckled softly as they kissed, and he whispered against her lips, "I love you."

The heavy metal door slammed behind him, as he muttered angry curses in Saiyan, and took off his white shirt, baring his deeply carven musculature, as he walked over and adjusted the Gravity Chamber to 300 times Earth's gravity. The chamber rumbled, and it began to hum with energy; which was almost in a way angrily, as Vegeta began to exercise, squeezing his eyes shut, imagining that fool Kakarot below him, being pounded into the dirt by his fists, as well as Raditz, who should have known better.

Vegeta gripped one of the exercise bars and pulled himself up, staring at the wall as his mind could not quiet itself.

What was she trying to accomplish, feeding me before them all? To demean me, or demonstrate that she has any type of hold over my decisions? He growled between his teeth, his fingers tightening on the sweat slicked bar, as his biceps quivered, and forced his body upward, until his upper body was above the bar, then he slowly let himself down, and up again.

I would never be hand-fed as if I were an infant, or some type of tamed pet. He thought, lastly, and made himself forget the entire ridiculous scenario, as he continued doing reps. Him and Bulma were already mates, and she'd never complained about his performance in the bedroom, so it couldn't be that.

She'd retired to the lounge room some time ago, and was simply sitting on the couch, flipping though whatever magazines were on the coffee table, as her mother and Launch still chattered happily away in the kitchen, as whenever she changed to her bluenette version, she was happy to chatter away mindlessly over washing dishes, or baking sweets.

Bulma didn't know where Raditz had gone, and didn't care to, he most likely was down in the lab with her father, lifting this or that, while he was also happy to let her father talk off his ear, and could argue back about science with his knowledge from being a technician on Planet Frieza. So, that left Bulma with no place to go, not wanting to be a third wheel. She kicked off her pastel blue pumps, and rested her heels on the table, her teal blue toenails shining as she rolled one ankle around absentmindedly, flipping through the latest issue of Science Lately, which had a large section dedicated to Sir Isaac Newton, and his Laws of Physics. She hummed with interest, and began reading away contentedly, as the clock ticked away above her.

What she didn't know, was that she had an admirer, as the evening dragged on, into dinner, and welcoming smells began to tickle her nose from the kitchen, she sighed, setting down the magazine, and stretching, as she got up slowly, leaving her heels behind, and the article wide open on the table, as she strolled to the kitchen for a drink. Vegeta paused, revealing his position from behind one of their large indoor plants. He'd come in because his stomach was growling, but dinner hadn't been quite ready yet, so he hesitated to go to the kitchen, and instead came upon Bulma, but for whatever reason, decided he didn't want to disturb her quiet reading, and waited for her to set down the magazine. He watched her saunter away, with a breeze of cool ocean, and sweet sultry strawberry, as her blouse clung to her back, and her tight black leggings like a glove whispered between her thighs with every movement of her long shapely legs.

Feeling like some type of degenerate stalker, Vegeta moved quickly to the couch, and sat down where she had, and picked up the magazine, quickly glancing over it, finding it was only news he'd already known. Why are they rehashing old news, and why was Bulma even that interested to sit and read it for that long? He huffed, and set down the magazine just how she'd left it, then sunk back into the couch, and held one of those high heeled shoes in his hand, turning it this way and that, inspecting the odd design, then, to his disgust, he sniffed it. And thoroughly enjoyed the comforting warmth of her scent.

What the hell is wrong with me? He wondered, then heard Bulma approach the intercom once again, like she always did to call him out of the Gravity Chamber. He crossed his arms and smirked, leaning back comfortably on the couch, and listened to her grumblings.

"He's probably still in there, knowing Vegeta! Doesn't he ever take a break? Ugh!" She grovelled to herself, then paused, feeling a prick in her senses, felt only by the presence of her mate. Bulma turned her head quickly, her short locks bouncing.

"Vegeta?" She called to the darkness, where he quietly watched. He smirked, feeling an odd sense of playful arousal coming over him. Bulma shivered, rubbing her arms.

"That's odd. I could have sworn it was like he was right behind me.." She whispered to herself, then clicked the button on the intercom, and saw that the Gravity room was dark.

"Oh, he must have already left. That sneak!" She said, and retreated, her cerulean eyes not leaving the dark lounge, as they stared past the darkness, and practically into him, but never saw him, though he stared right back.

"Bulma! Did you find him?" Her mother called, and she was quickly distracted, and turned away, walking back into the bright glow of the warm kitchen.

"No, I think he's washing up, I'm sure he'll smell the food and come running!" She said brightly, and he chuckled, "As if I were some type of blasted bloodhound?" He purred, coming forth at last from the darkness, dropping the shoe as he left the cool lounge for the assault on his senses that made his stomach roar shamefully loud. He'd smell her and come running, if it weren't for his insatiable hunger, and the fact that they had to live with other more conservative people.

"There you are!" Bulma said, and whirled around, kissing his cheek. He stiffened a little, but didn't complain; he was over his days of being embarrassed by her sneak attacks. If the female wanted to lavish him with affection, he supposed it was fine now, seeing as they were mates. Just as long as she didn't try anything insulting to his masculinity like pinching his cheeks, or slapping his 'tight butt' like she liked to do.

"Of course. I wouldn't miss a meal, and let that oaf inhale everything," He teased Raditz good-naturedly, and the other Saiyan responded, "Seeing as this is my mate's delicious cooking, I shouldn't allow you the privilege of sharing in it, but she's declared it to be for all, so take your pick, your Highness." Raditz replied kindly, and Vegeta frowned. Doesn't he ever engage in a challenge?!

"Fine." He begrudgingly huffed, and helped himself.

Bulma reapplied her soft pink lipstick over the bathroom sink, then fluffed her curls with one hand, adjusting her pink headband over her bangs. Dinner had gone as usual, Vegeta and Raditz rarely talked, they couldn't even be bothered to converse over the dinner table, so Bulma ate in relative silence while Launch and her mother giggled over telling the making of the dinner, while her father picked at it behind his newspaper.

Now, she'd freshened up, and was hoping to get some time with Vegeta, alone. He was always darting around behind the scenes, she never caught him long enough to have a decent conversation. Today, she was feeling particularly lonely, and felt herself longing for something she probably shouldn't even bring up, but something that she'd read in the article peaked her interest. It was a quote from Sir Isaac Newton, on the laws of physics, and just one quote stuck out to her: For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

Wasn't that just so painfully fitting? Every time she tried to engage Vegeta, he was repulsed away, like negatively charged magnets; anytime she tried to show her friends and family the Vegeta she knew behind closed doors, the one who was willing to let her play with him a little, and show everyone that he wasn't so cold and incapable of affection like they all assumed.

So perhaps that meant, she needed to push him back a little, if she wanted to get the reaction she truly longed for, but knew she could never have. Inertia. Moving forward. The images of Raditz and Launch lingered in her mind, making her jealousy bubble up, no matter how much she tried to tamp it down.

He's never once said he loves me... Does he? Or are we just mates, solely to produce offspring to further his line, but what then? What then once I grow old, and his vitality outlasts my own?

Bulma sighed, fiddling with her black lace accented push up bra, adjusting herself pleasingly, then unbuttoning her blouse a bit. If she knew how to get Vegeta's attention, it was with these puppies. But she wanted to have his attention long enough to talk, so she exhaled, deciding she would approach him decently and without appearing she was only there to seduce him. She turned on her heel, then looked down, and wondered where her shoes were.

Oh, that's right, I left them out in the lounge. She thought, then left the bathroom quickly for the lounge, hurriedly bouncing down the stairs, and wheeling into the lounge quickly. She grabbed one off the floor, and put it on, hopping as she got it over her heel, then looked for the other, puzzled. Where the heck did it go? She wondered, bending down to look under the couch. It wasn't there, so she continued her search, scoping out the object on the floor, until at last she found it, discarded in the hallway.

That's odd, I don't remember leaving it here. She thought, then shrugged, and went to click the button on the intercom to check the camera. She could look in one way without him knowing if she wanted, so that's what she did. Bulma was pleased to find Vegeta by his lonesome, but furrowed her brows, as she watched him, for once not working out, but pacing; back and forth like a caged animal.

What's wrong with him? She thought, and turned on the audio, then listened, but all she heard was an incoherent rambling in Saiyan that she could not understand, but the intonation was clear. He was upset over something. And she intended to find out what it was. Bulma gulped, then took a deep inhale, and a long exhale, attempting to appear calm and collected with him, for anytime she was anything else; he sensed it right away.

So, if she was taking Sir Isaac Newton's advice, which was odd; given she'd never seen the scientist as an expert on romance; that meant, there were two different outcomes to her making an action. A: She drops her "apple" and it drops to the ground. B: She drops it, and he catches her apple.

Either way, Gravity will deem that her apple falls, no matter what.

He left the man to stew in his own bitter juice, as Raditz walked away from the Gravity chamber, unsuccessful in his attempts to speak with Vegeta. It had only led to a violent exchange of blows, which left him with a lovely smattering of bruises and scratches all over his body. He had only meant to ask Vegeta what their plans were in regards to the future, he knew what his own were with Launch; and he was curious if Vegeta wanted to join them, instead of living on the Briefs' property. But for whatever reason, he seemed very adamant against this, which didn't make any sense, seeing as Vegeta acted like he couldn't stand living there, and constantly avoided interacting with any of the residents, besides small nips at conversation, that usually ended with Vegeta leaving the room.

Raditz wiped the sweat off his face with a towel, pausing in the yard as he heard the door creak open. His head perked up, and he saw the young Briefs woman, and quickly avoided her, flying up towards the trees, and heading towards his suite he shared with Launch whenever they decided to vacation from Kame House.

I sure hope that those two can move along in their relationship, or else I'm afraid Vegeta will regress backwards. He thought briefly, then smiled, feeling a small, fleeting ki from inside the house that belonged to his unborn child.

Clack. Clack.

There was a small tapping outside the chamber door, that made Vegeta pause his frantic ramblings, and turn his head towards the sound. Bulma took two more slow steps up the metal stairs; cursing herself for wearing those heels that made so much noise, and made her idea of sneaking up on him now impossible because she knew Vegeta had to have heard the sound.

That's odd, Vegeta thought, Bulma never comes out here to talk, she always uses that damn intercom. Instead of yelling for her to go away, he found himself wiping the sweat off his body frantically; feeling the need to impress her, as he knew she didn't like kissing him when he was covered in sweat. There was a small rapping, of her knocking on the door, and Vegeta moved over quickly to open it, twisting the air-lock of the door that was once intended to keep the void of space out. The door swung inwards, and she looked down, staring at her hands before her, clasped nervously before her waist.

"Bulma?" He said, tilting his head, he'd given up long ago on calling her solely 'Woman' once she'd made it known she didn't care for the name, though sometimes it still slipped out. She looked up and smiled sweetly, her large saucers delving into his.

"Um, it's getting late, don't you want to get going inside?" She said, and he shrugged, and instead moved aside for her to come in there. Bulma followed, and he closed the door behind them, watching her backside as she walked past, looking around at the broken bots on the floor with a small grumble of agitation.

"I'll clean them up later, and see if your father will fix them. He's always up odd hours of the night." He said quickly, ushering her away from them before she could start yelling at him. Bulma nodded.

Don't worry about it. Relax. A voice whispered in her mind, and she questioned a moment if this were her thinking, or if Vegeta was using their mental connection to talk to her, something they didn't do often, besides in emergencies. She shook it off, and decided she agreed, she should relax. She followed Vegeta, looking around curiously, at how he had made the old spaceship into his own little... pad. It was more decorated than his room, and they spent lots of time there, but normally only at night. Vegeta went to the fridge in the small complex, and took out a bottle of red cherry Gatorade for himself, then looked at her and she smiled, nodding as he took one out for her too, blueberry.

"Ah, sorry it's not quite as well stocked as your mother's kitchen. You aren't hungry, are you?" He questioned, as he perused the contents of the refrigerator, mainly stocked with fruit and nutrition bars.

"No, thank you." She said sweetly, sitting down on a bar stool that was nailed down to the floor, crossing her legs.

The Gravity Chamber closed off all outside noise, making the quiet between them incredibly loud, like the resonating boom of falling sandbags in her ears. Vegeta didn't seem to mind the silence, as he leaned up against the cool refrigerator, and gazed at her, his eyes slowly moving up and down her body discreetly, as he licked sweat off his upper lip.

She desired to stop the noise, so she unscrewed the cap of her drink, and took a few gulps, feeling refreshed by the cool drink, in the hot chamber where the masculine odor of perspiration from his workout was heavy and moist on her skin. It wasn't an unpleasant smell, seeing as Vegeta kept this area so clean, she noticed, but wasn't surprised. Vegeta had demonstrated a level of cleanliness that was almost militant before with his own room, and even hers that was adorable, as he got angry about her leaving her discarded panties on the floor for all to see.

"There's something I have to ask you." She finally said, bringing him out of his daze, his eyes flitting up from her cleavage and to her face, as Bulma set her drink on the bar, and crossed her legs, one foot tapping anxiously, so quickly that her seafoam blue pump was falling off a little and showing the pink heel of her foot.

"Vegeta." She said sternly, and his eyes whipped to hers, and she had his full attention, his onyx eyes at last unglazed by his low lust always brimming below the surface.

"You have my attention. Go on."

Bulma nodded, then fretted on how to begin, smoothing her sweating hands down her nylon leggings, and licking her lips. "Well, you know... Since we're 'mated', I was wondering, when do you want to..." She trailed off.

Get married? Have children? Those were all too intense to think about right now, she didn't want to put that on the table just yet.

"To..." She fumbled, and pulled her blouse away from her skin where it was sticking, and becoming transparent.

"Move? I know. That overgrown porcupine was just in here bragging about moving his rodent family to a new den, like I care. Good riddance." He snorted, and Bulma laughed, breaking the tension.

"No, I don't want to move, silly! I love it here. Don't you?" She spoke softly, as he watched her red tongue swipe across her pink lips like the sweet inside of a strawberry. Vegeta didn't answer right away, bringing his eyes back up, as he slowly came to sit beside her on the other stool, resting one arm on the counter.

He nodded.

"As much as I can with those ridiculous parents of yours." He sneered. Bulma looked behind them, and saw the small twin bed, and a stack of books beside it, and frowned. I never thought to put shelves in for him, she thought reluctantly. It's not like this ship was going to space now, it was grounded precisely as a work out room at this point.

"Oh, Vegeta. It's so... plain in here." She frowned, and got up, fussing with the books on the floor, she bent over to straighten them, and smiled when seeing they were all from the library inside. She plopped on the bed and opened one. As Vegeta stood, grumbling.

"Get out of my stuff, woman. Don't be rummaging around in things that don't belong to you," He snarled, and attempted to take the book. Bulma giggled, and snatched it away, hiding it behind her back. A playful gleam sparked in his eyes, as he quickly reached for it, and she stuffed it beneath her and sat on it. Bulma giggled coquettishly.

"If you want it so bad, come get it." She teased, and then gasped as he picked her up, and snatched the book right out from beneath her, then tossed her onto the bed, making her body bounce on the old bed springs. She patted the bed, and frowned again.

Does he sleep in here? She wondered, Maybe Vegeta takes a nap after reading? She thought, then blushed for whatever reason; imagining him with reading glasses on, snoozing away with an open book on his chest. He growled.

"What are you thinking? I can sense you're up to something." He snapped, his tail doing the same, but Bulma shrugged innocently, reclining back, and crossing her arms behind her head.

"Nothing, just thinking about how sexy and smart you are." She replied sweetly, batting her lashes, and he grunted, not satisfied by her answer.

"No, something was on the tip of your tongue before, but now you're deflecting. What is it?" He growled, and got onto the bed to leer over her with intimidation, making her squirm deeper down bashfully.

"I.. I don't know." She peeped, and looked away, hearing the low rumbling sound that he made to warn her.

"I don't like liars, or people who keep secrets, Bulma." He rasped lowly, then leaned down to whisper a hot breath into her ear.

"And you're hiding something." He purred, and she felt a shiver go through her body. Bulma placed her hands on his white shirt, feeling the hot, perspiring skin beneath as she squeezed his chest to get a grip on herself. Reminding her, that she hadn't yet dropped her apple, and here he was uprooting the entire tree by making their conversation turn sexual.

Bulma cleared her throat, and sat up, and he followed, but kept one hand on her lower back. Bulma lowered her head and took his hand, and placed both of hers around his. "Vegeta, I have to ask you. Why is it, everytime we make love, and I say 'I love you'... you roll off of me and pretend to go to sleep. Or when I just say it out of the blue, you pretend not to hear me. Why?" She asked, and squeezed his hands, looking up into his eyes, as hers suddenly felt heavy, and welled with tears, her throat bobbing as she gulped down a sob. Vegeta stared at her a long moment, then down at their hands, and sighed.

"Why do you insist on saying it, if you know I won't respond?" He said, and she clenched his hand, suddenly feeling angry.

"Because! I love you! Say it!" She cried, her tears spilling down her face. Vegeta growled, loosening his hand, and raking it through his hair.

"It's that damned hair-changing harlot, she got this idea in your head, didn't she?!" He barked, and Bulma froze, sniffling. She wanted at first to bark back, and defend herself, but then her lip trembled, and she nodded slightly.

"Her and Raditz.." She began, but he cut her off, pushing her back with the force of his lips pressing against hers, Bulma gasped, and for a moment forgot how to breathe as he kissed her, with desperation, squeezing her hip, and pulling her body up against him, as he kissed her tenderly, and stroked her shoulder with the other hand, before pulling back.

"We are not Launch and Raditz. And I am not so cheap, as to proclaim my affection by store-bought gifts, and sugar-coated words. I don't want you to ever compare the two of us again." He said, and Bulma nodded slowly, waiting for him to just say it! She was blind to any other words it seemed, her mind was set on those three little words.

"I love you, Vegeta." She said again, and he smirked, cradling her cheek in one hand.

He shook his head once, and she cried out again, and slapped at his chest, pushing against him.

"Why? Why won't you say it? Why did you even bother making me your mate then?" She whimpered, and Vegeta exhaled sharply with his irritation, shaking his head and looking away from her, at the wall.

Bulma felt her rage growing inside her, and growled out loud with her anger, shoving him off her, and onto his back, which was only possible because she took him by surprise. Bulma sat on him, and gripped him by the towel still draped around his neck. She grit her teeth, her cyan ocean eyes blazing with rage.

"Answer me!" She spat, but it sounded more like a whine than a demand. Vegeta threw his head back and laughed, and Bulma grew even more agitated, watching him laugh, his husky chuckle making vibrations on the bed.

"It's not funny!" She huffed, and crossed her arms over her chest, still straddling him as he quieted, and looked up, holding her by her waist.

"Why should I say something that is only a custom on Earth? It's bad enough I have to live here, but now I may as well leave my entire culture behind, and coincide with your demands. Fine. Here: I love you. Is that so satisfying?" He said, and Bulma frowned.

"No... It's not." She said, blinking, her tears drying just slightly as she shifted on his lap, feeling the hot tension between them.

"How... would you say it in Saiyan?" She asked, tilting her head. He frowned.

"Rases." The word rolled off his tongue, love. "But that's not how it was done, from what I know, I never knew my parents to ever say that towards one another." He said, frowning.

"Oh... maybe they... didn't?" She said cautiously, and he shook his head.

"Not possible. They were mates." He said bluntly, "The only woman you can make your mate, is one that you feel a strong connection to. First off, attraction. Second, affection." He said, and squeezed her waist. "Third, selection." He grinned.

"And I chose you, because I was both attracted, and I felt... affection." He said, and stroked her back, rolling down the waistband of her leggings to graze his fingers across the mark.

"Here..." He rested his warm palm on it, and Bulma blushed, feeling a resonating warmth tingling in the base of her belly.

"Is where I bit you, marking you as mine." He said softly, then flipped the both of them around, lowering his face to nuzzle it in her throat, as his hips shifted, and she took a small intake of breath as his growing arousal pressed hard on hers.

"My woman, my Bulma. My mate." He purred, and nipped at her throat, rocking his hips against hers, as his hands wandered and snuck beneath her blouse, and broke the buttons. She whimpered, as he tossed it onto the floor.

"Vegeta..." She sighed, feeling her heart aching with fullness for what she was longing for. He'd loved her all along, even before the moment he made his mark.

"Now do you understand why we don't need such silly words?" He said playfully, darting his tongue out to tickle her earlobe. She nodded, and turned her face to kiss him, wrapping her arms around her neck, and hearing from that small place in her mind. I love you. I love you more than words can say. No earthling words can express the affection I feel for you, Bulma. He whispered in her mind, and she melted into his arms, lost in his warm lips; as the sweet flavors of cherry and blueberry mixed in their kiss, his tongue sweetly stroking hers, his hot hands running all over her body.

First, unlatching her bra, then pulling her leggings down her legs, as her thighs shook with anticipation, watching as he stripped off his own clothes with haste, tearing his shirt off, and springing out of his black shorts fully erect and throbbing, as he came over her, and glared down into her eyes. Bulma felt pressure in her groin as he hesitated above her, and she slipped out of her panties for him, then waited, feeling the brief cool touch of air, before ecstasy. He plunged into her, and she didn't offer him any resistance, as Bulma moaned out hoarsely, and clutched his back, as he held her down by one hip, and angled himself down to sink in fully, her other leg, curling around him, as he sunk up inside of her, and met her with a sweet, long thrust, his own hips shaking as he hit her with a passionate impact, that had her crying out so loud, he silenced her scream, pressing his lips to hers, and staring with half lidded eyes into hers, as their bodies moved together as one, each thrust painfully sweet as she squeezed around his girth, and he plunged into her pillowy warmth.

Bulma arched her hips up and dug her nails into his shoulders, bucking herself up with effort, panting as he watched her breasts bounce, and caught one in his mouth, sucking the erect nipple and twirling his tongue around it.

"Ah.. ah.." She panted, as he took her buttocks and rested on his knees, with her laying back, pulling her groin up to clash against his, as his tail wrapped around her waist, then curled around her breast, the bristles tickling her nipple to a painful erection, as she bit her lip and groaned.

Vegeta looked down at her, his eyes intense, his fingertips burrowing into the softness of her pale bottom, as her flushed pink center met with his unyielding hardness, the dark rosy tip of him slipping out, and stoking her slippery, swollen clit with his precum coated tip.

Bulma took his tail and sucked on the end of it, moaning into it as he rubbed her clit, and stroked himself into a frenzy, until they both felt a burst of emotion loaded pleasure, as his head sunk into the hood of her clitoris pulsed out milky fluid, and she shuddered around him.

Vegeta leaned back, stroking his erection with glazed over eyes, as Bulma took his long tail and stroked it over her tempting body, down her quivering belly, and across her blue curls, until his eyes widened with surprise.

"Bulma," He gasped, then grit his teeth and groaned as she pushed his tail against her entrance, her legs spread out indecently as she watched for his reaction.

"Would this feel good to you, Vegeta? Or do you want the real thing?" She purred, and shifted over to remove his hands from his own groin, and replace them with hers. He groaned, "A Saiyan's tail is his honor, though.. sensitive.." He moaned out loud, as the tip of it popped through, as did his own engorged head, sliding into her pink lips, as Bulma used both hands to stroke his appendages.

"You... vulgar... little vixen.." He grunted, then sighed, as his squirming tail was coiled up inside her, and his cock was pushed up against the walls of her throat, her tongue lathing the shaft, as it hit the back of her throat.

Bulma couldn't answer, so she only moaned, against his shaft, as Vegeta moved his tail around inside her, the soft fur soaking wet with her fluids as it moved in and out, the length of it tickling her cervix, and moving sensually like a snake; stroking and thrusting against her walls as his erogenous appendage enjoyed the new home it was nestled in, and he smirked as he realized her mistake.

He placed one hand on the back of her head, and pulled her head back, to look into her eyes as he began to pull and push his tail deeper, and bob her head on his shaft, until she was a mumbling mess beneath him, and he was almost ready to climax again. Vegeta pulled away from her entirely, then pushed her onto her back, hovering over her, and pulsing one hand between her thighs, two fingers slipping in her slit, his tail was still dripping as it hung pendulously from his back, and snaked between his thighs, with a devilish grin, as he held his slick erection in one hand and stroked it against her hot opening, before pushing it into her, and his tail into her tight backside, as she arched her back off the bed with her surprise.

"Vegeta! No!" She gasped, but he only chuckled, "Yes..." waiting a moment to move his tail, until she was used to the sensation of being so full in both her vagina and her perky bottom, as he squeezed it in his hands, and massaged it to make her relax. Vegeta slowly moved his hips forth to slide back into her heated canal, and tickled his tail at the new entrance it was waiting to burrow into. Bulma wrapped her legs around him, and whimpered her pleas, and he sunk his hips down, and his tail all at once, making her moan hoarsely with her surprise, as she enjoyed the feeling of fullness, of his two erogenous organs penetrating her more deeply than she could even handle.

"Oh, Vegeta!" She cried, and he took her thighs, and spread them out before him so he could watch, as he pulled his shaft out slightly, and slammed into her, making her breasts bounce salaciously, and the milky cream bubbling out between them squelch, dripping down into a puddle on the bed, and lubricating his tail; her previous resistance completely lost, as she clung to him, digging her teal nails into his hard biceps.

Vegeta's pale, firm backside flexed with his tail nestled between it, cradling his scrotum up to push against her folds, as he slid freely into his mate once again, his naked skin moving against hers, his pre seminal fluids intermingling into her womb from his milky wet slit as he was pushing, mixing around the walls her soft pussy with his hard cock, pressing himself higher; until she slid up on the creaking bed with each passionate thrust, the force of his girth, as his twisting tail, stroking the sensitive ridges between them.

Bulma felt her lower body becoming hot liquid around him, that pulsed out and wet the fine black hairs on his sculpted abdomen, as he clutched her shoulders and kissed her panting lips, before burying her into the bed, and burrowing himself deep to release inside her, fully flooding her womb with his warmth, as he dipped his hips down to savor every pulse of their shared orgasm. Bulma dug her heels into his back, and gasped with each pulse, taking his essence into her with each orgasmic convulsing of her cervix as she uncoiled, unravelled with him, and Vegeta with her, until he wrapped his arms around her, resting inside her, as they embraced, and he shuddered, Bulma's contractions still milking him.

"I love you," She whispered, and he purred in response, as she felt a warmth tingling in her mating mark, as he looked at her with loving eyes, "I 'love' you more." he rumbled, then rolled his eyes, and she giggled, as he laid on his back and took her with him, Bulma rested against his side, and placed her head on his chest, closing her eyes as she smiled, hearing the resonating purr in his chest as she stroked it, and he kissed the top of her head. "You foolish woman and your earthling customs... although I have to say, I like the one you made up." He snickered, and tickled between her cheeks with his still warm tail, and she gasped, pinching his nipple.

"Don't you ever dare do that again!" She growled, but he only chuckled maliciously, and groped both breasts, tweaking her nipples. "Don't put my tail in places it doesn't belong, because you're giving me all kinds of filthy ideas for the next time," He snickered, kissing her tender nipples.

"You pervert!" She growled, and crushed his head between her breasts.

"You're lucky I love you so much!" She snarled, and squashed his face so tightly he made a muffled groan, then nipped a pillowy breast. "I could put my dick here too, and cum all over your pretty face," He growled, and Bulma gasped, shoving him down harder. "Don't you dare! We're taking a shower and washing your filthy little tail, then we're going to bed, mister!" She huffed, pulling him by his hand as he followed, grinning devilishly as they entered the bathroom.

"Little? Practically my entire tail was inside of you, and it wants to go again," He sneered, and she pulled him into the shower by his tail. "You bastard!" She growled, as their shadows moved around playfully through the glass wall, gravity attracting both magnets; and forcing them together inseparably.