Stimuli - Anger




The interaction of electric currents or fields and magnetic fields

Electromagnetic force, a type of physical interaction that occurs between electrically charged particles.


The Law of Force and Acceleration, a force upon an object causes it to accelerate according to the formula net force = mass x acceleration.

The acceleration of an object as produced by a net force is directly proportional to the magnitude of the net force, in the same direction as the net force, and inversely proportional to the mass of the object.

"I can calculate the motion of heavenly bodies, but not the madness of people."

-Sir Isaac Newton

It was a bright, sunny day. Grass so green, the sky so fucking blue it made Vegeta scowl in disgust. He mulled about his room, not wanting to exit for the simple fact that today was Sunday, and what Bulma's eccentric mother deemed as 'Family Day'. It had been a long tradition now that Vegeta had been avoiding joining the best he could, but Bulma always somehow managed to drag him out, either with tempting descriptions of the food cooking on the grill, or tempting descriptions of what she would do for him later if he behaved himself.

"Hmph." Vegeta huffed, digging through his dresser drawer for what he was looking for. It was odd, he hadn't thought of it before, until now. He pulled out piles of clothes, all neatly stacked, digging through loads of crisp cotton and sleek polyester until finding his prize. He pulled out the old breastplate, covered in scratches, pockmarked by bullet wounds, and smirked; remembering that this was the original set of armour that he had brought with him from space, the only remnant of his past that was once all he wore on his back. Now he had so many different types of shirts, pants, armour, all procured by Bulma and her mother, that sometimes he just preferred to wear something familiar. But, he wasn't wearing it today. Vegeta flipped the flexible armour inside out with just a small amount of resistance, and looked at the compartments there where he once stored valuable assets for his missions.

The Planet Trade Organization were very advanced, their skilled scientists had thought of almost everything a purger would need whilst scouring alien planets. He opened the compartment, and eyed the syringes lined up in the slots. Adrenaline, Morphine, Poison, Electrolytes, Numbing Agent, there it was. Vegeta picked up the vial of red fluid and smirked. Stimuli. That was a special term, but it was simple enough to understand. The Stimuli syringe was injected to perhaps one who had fainted, or someone who was becoming exhausted on the battlefield. It was a potent concoction but it had wonderful effects.

Vegeta took the syringe, and neatly hid away his breastplate beneath the folded clothes, before standing, and looking at the outfit sitting there, ready for him on the bed. He scowled at it with hatred. It was a white and blue costume, a dark blue Nike shirt, white shorts, and white socks with red and blue stripes. He growled at it. Bulma should have known better than to think giving him this ridiculous sports attire in the royal Saiyan colors would appease him; it did the opposite in fact, it angered him immensely.

"Vegeta! Get dressed! Everyone will be here in five minutes!" Bulma yelled, rapping on the door with her knuckles. His shoulders tensed, tail slumping.

"And please wear the clothes I picked out, you have to wear them for what we're doing today!" She tacked on with a giggle, and he sighed.

"Be out in a minute, don't wait up." He muttered, but that seemed to please her enough, and she walked away. It had been a little over a year since he first gave in to her demands, letting her into his world. And yet, he still had his bedroom, and she had hers; in a mutual agreement to allow each other space as needed. They had mated, an immense amount of times, but still, nothing...


Vegeta cringed, hearing the jarring noise. His shoulders tensed, as if to hide his ears. "Wah! Wah! Weeeeah!"

It's the spawn of the hedgehog and his hair changing harlot! Vegeta realized as he whirled around, and slammed the window shut to cut off the infuriating noise, right before he could hear Bulma and her mother coo over the baby, like so many other times once it had been born a few months ago. He growled, stripping away his plain white shirt and cotton briefs, tossing them on the floor, before storming to the bathroom, needle in hand. It was a delicate process to inject the Stimuli, and he wanted complete silence and privacy as he did it. For that, he slammed the door shut, and turned on the shower, waiting a few moments, then setting the syringe on the bathroom sink before stepping in the scalding water without hesitation.

Vegeta allowed the heat to calm his nerves, the rushing water, and the pounding of a throbbing migraine in his ears drowning out the sound, as he slowly traced his hands around his body, the water dappling his tanned body, his tight neck thick with tension and wiry veins, leading down to his broad chest with slabs of thick muscle making a deep divot down his sternum, to his core, where his hands stroked around the wall of muscle there, allowing the water to trickle down into the V of his waist.

His hands wandered over his body as his head tilted back, eyes shut. In order to inject the Stimuli, he felt it crucial he were clean, taking a dollop of blue body wash and slapping it on his chest, working it into his skin, making a foam, and scrubbing himself down, before stepping under the water once again, his hair when it was drenched, parted down the middle and hidden forelocks dangled down to his chin, the rest splayed around his shoulders, as he rinsed himself off, then looked to the Stimuli sitting on the bathroom sink from the cracked shower door. A vein pulsed in his brow, making the blood vessels in his eyes redden with the pain. He felt himself almost craving the Stimuli; if it would calm this pain and make him feel powerful once again. Vegeta clenched his teeth, stepping out onto the floor mat, he took the syringe, and sat on the edge of the tub.

He took the syringe of red liquid, clasping it loosely in his fingers, and hung his head, his hair hanging over his creased brow, where his unreadable expression seemed worried, as he rolled the syringe between his palms, his legs spread, allowing his flaccid genitals to droop over the side of the tub, his testes heavy from the heat, and yet they may as well have been empty for his failure to produce a child with Bulma; something he had come to secretly loathe, each time they were intimate now he felt it was a race for him to ejaculate, and attempt to impregnate her, which seemed to only make Bulma angry, to his confusion. He was only doing what he had promised her, and yet either she, or he, was failing to produce an heir.

And yet. The last time, they had gone at it for hours and his body had inexplicably refused to climax. Bulma seemed to enjoy it thoroughly, but it was only frustrating for him, to climb and climb to your peak, then fail to reach it as the woman beneath you was squirming with her elation, urging you to come when you couldn't. It left him aching and feeling emasculated. He groaned and slammed his fist into his thigh, embarrassed of his failings.

Vegeta swallowed his pride, and took the syringe, spreading his legs, and injecting it into the thick muscle of his inner thigh, right above the artery which provided blood flow to his groin. He dropped it, knowing what was about to happen in a few moments, his hands clenched and unclenched as he felt a thrilling warmth rush through him, his nails digging into his palms as he felt the effect of the drug reaching down into his body, tingling outwards slowly, he sunk to the floor, tilting his head back. Time went slowly by, as his vision spun and made the overhead light go in circles, then, he felt it.

The veins in his abdomen swelled, thickly chorded with blood, as he looked down and stroked himself, feeling his phallus thickening and becoming denser with engorged blood vessels in his hand. Yes, this was what he would need, revitalisation. He needed to feel virile; potent, and right now this was doing it for him, as his hand made passes down his foreskin, the sheath of it making delicious friction on the sensitive nerves on the thick ridge of his cock, his hand tightening slightly as the other came down and cupped his own testes, gently kneading and cradling them as if coaxing out the desired reaction.

Vegeta huffed and fell onto his knees, one hand on the floor as his hips jerked with tension, and he felt a building up of his arousal swelling in his lower back , his erection straining as his hands were becoming dry, and the friction was almost painful, but he wantedto feel it; heneededto feel it, the stimuli making every hair and skin follicle stand on end, his body becoming extra sensitive as he panted and jerked, his bicep bulging as it worked his shaft vigorously, pumping down its length and making his scrotum seize with each ball bouncing against his hand as he vigorously masturbated, squeezing his eyes shut and forcing the image of Bulma to appear.

Vegeta's tension broke and the heat uncoiled uninterrupted as an image of her, heavily pregnant entered his mind, with him thrusting wildly between her legs already gooey with white strings of cum, his engorged testes slapping erratically against her sticky bottom as she moaned aloud, her breasts bouncing as he leaned down to pull milk from them; gulping the hot liquid down, as it leaked down his chin, he tweaked the other and made her milk spray with a helpless mewl from her lips. His body, which seemed almost small in comparison to her heavily impregnated body was moving frantically, his buttocks clenched, tail frizzed with excitement as he dove between her opened legs, and she encouraged him to cum freely in her, panting out her heated complements to his erect size, virility, and strength. He could almost feel his wildly pulsing cock moving unhinged against her naked skin, stroking himself into climax with her hot pillowy walls already coated in his semen.

Vegeta rocked his hips up and slammed his tip against her cervix, each vigorous thrust making essence ooze out, until she was panting heavily with her orgasm, each clench pulsing around him, as he pulled out, watching the rivers of fluid spill out, then pushed back in with a splash of her and his milky fluids combined, until Vegeta's legs shook, his groin tightened, straining to push out the last drops of semen into her eager cervix, before pulling away slowly. He looked down and watched her, leaking his virile essence from her wet, reddened vagina, between shining wet lips swollen from vigorous mating, panting out surges of his semen helplessly, a small slave woman under his shadow as she was rendered into a cum dumping whore, her vagina full to the brim with his fluid like an overflowing toilet.

"Fuck! Yes!" He seethed, he didn't know why this particularly offensive fantasy was always the one that made him explode, so much so he even imagined it while he was with her, inside of her at the apex of his orgasm, this was what typically made him ejaculate the fastest; which she would surely be infuriated at him for even imagining, but that made it all the more tempting to imagine it in further, sordid detail that a self-proclaimed 'lady' such as his beloved Bulma would never allow to be treated like a breeder woman in a million years.

"Take it! Pregnant slut, ungh! Milk-making, breeding cow!" He hissed, and then panted, his salivating mouth hanging open, red tongue quickly licking his lips as he hovered over the floor, one vascular arm holding him up as the other milked the semen rushing out his shaft, spilling onto the white floor tiles in a hot puddle.

Vegeta curled onto his knees, his head on the floor, the puddle beneath him making a pungent, salient odor as his body shook with shame.

"You... disrespectful cur..." He cursed himself, in a rasping breath. "I've failed you...Bulma."

Bulma tapped her racquet on the turf, grumbling with her impatience as Launch and her mother fretted over her baby, the half-saiyan's long blue tail curling up from her pleated red tennis skirt, leading up to her now soft tummy, and green tank top. Her dutiful mate was close by, as always, Raditz watched how Bunny took the baby and seemed slightly tense when Bunny bounced her on her knee.

"Who's a good girl! Parzi!" She cooed, Bulma rolling her eyes. The quarter-Gemini-Saiyan baby was named Parznich, after Parsnips, and Launch, but they'd all grown attached to just calling the dark green-haired child, 'Parzi'.

"Be careful, she just ate not too long ago, Mrs. Briefs." Raditz said anxiously, and Launch took his arm, smiling sweetly as she led him back over to their side of the court. "Come on, Raditz, let her watch over Parzi, we'll play a few stimulating games of tennis!" The Blunette said sweetly, tossing the ball up in the air for Raditz. He jumped up and swatted it with the racquet, and she quickly tapped it back skillfully, the couple had been obviously practicing, as Launch batted the flurry of his returns back with a trained hand, lobbing it, then hitting his deadly topspin with a backstroke, and even held the racquet with her tail and batted the ball that way.

"Hey! New rule, no tails!" Bulma called, and Launch lowered her racquet, pouting at Raditz. "Aww, does that mean we can't do our special move?" She asked, and he looked dejected.

"We practiced 'Double Thunder' all week." He frowned back, looking over to Bulma with shiny black Saiyan eyes.

"Oh, no. That look doesn't work on me, big guy.. I'm immune." Bulma huffed, looking away. Launch joined him, staring at her with sparkling violet eyes.

"You can do a special move with Vegeta, I don't mind. That would only make it fair." She said sweetly, and Bulma bit her lip.

"Uhh, special move..?" She wondered aloud, then slumped her shoulders. Her and Vegeta didn't have a special move. He'd been so cantankerous and antisocial lately, she only managed to see him for meals, and 'mating sessions' as he so aptly called them.

But...Bulma hadn't yet been cleared with her doctor to go off her pill, her doctor agreed to greatly lower the strength of the pills; to get her used to having more natural, organic symptoms from ovulatation and menstruation before completely withdrawing, but also suggested she discuss it with her husband first before completely stopping; a discussion she had been too nervous to bring up. She was absolutely certain Vegeta didn't want children, just sex, and lots of it. She was scared to think of what he would do if he ever found out she was pregnant, but she did badly desire to have a child of her own, and she was nearing her thirties now, the clock was ticking!

"Bulma?" Raditz questioned, tilting his head and sniffing; as if sensing what she was thinking about.

"Uhh, ok! Yeah, tails are allowed then." Bulma said, making Raditz and Launch high five enthusiastically.

"Great, aren't we all just bushy-tailed and bright-eyed today!" A scathingly cheerful, brusque voice made them all pause as Vegeta came over onto the tennis court, donned from head to heel in his tennis wear, from the white visor perched before his flame of black bristles, to the white tennis shoes on his feet.

"What do you think of my spiffy duds! Raditz, don't you think these colors are fitting for a Prince?" He spat obnoxiously, making Raditz raise one brow at him, placing one arm around Launch.

"Erm, sure..." He said, unsure how to answer, as Launch scowled at Vegeta.

"Vegeta..." Bulma warned, coming up to him with her hands on her hips, an Identical costume flattering her figure, with a white, pleated tennis skirt, and a form fitting blue jersey. He smirked at her, and she frowned deeply at him, shaking her head with disapproval of his rude attitude.

"You're late, you know. I was starting to think maybe you drowned in the toilet," She huffed, making his cheeks slightly redden.

"I was not on the commode!" He growled back, then stormed past her, over onto the court, tossing the green ball up and batting it on his racquet effortlessly.

"Alright, hedgehog, and the bluehead, how about 15-all, if you can make it that long."

"You're on, short stuff." Launch snarled, a little emerald fire showing in her eyes as the other half brimmed just below the surface.

"Come on sweetheart, back up." Raditz reminded her, and the two backed a few steps away from the net, as Bulma moved back as well, and Vegeta prepared to serve. He smirked, bending his knees with the racquet dangling between them, a wild fire still burning in his eyes as he called out the shot.

Bunny was still bouncing Parzi on her lap, as she picked up the scoreboard, and flipped all the papers to say zero.

"Love - Zero, Bahaha!" He cackled, then threw the ball up in the air, and tapped it with the racket, not needing much strength to send it flying. Raditz and Launch scrambled for the ball, as Bulma looked at Vegeta with a scolding glare, feeling hurt by the way he had said 'Love - Zero' as if in reference to them, but that was silly; it was after all just tennis terminology.

"I got it!" Launch yelled, jumping up to hit the ball, just as Raditz swooped in front of her, hitting it before she could.

"Bam! Haha!" He laughed, and the ball went flying, and Vegeta surged forth, just as Bulma did, and swung for it aggressively. The ball hit racquet, and flew, as Bulma cheered, and it soared over Raditz and Launch's heads, hitting the back fence.

"Outta bounds!" Bunny called, adding one point for Raditz and Launch. He growled, and stormed back into position, not looking at Bulma in his frustration with her. "Sorry, guess I don't know my own strength!" She giggled, and Launch giggled annoyingly back as Raditz moved to serve. Vegeta rolled his eyes, crossing his arms as if bored.

"Now serving, 1-Love." The 'hedgehog' announced, his masses of wild hair held back by a green headband. He wore a red beater, and green shorts to match Launch. He tossed the ball up in the air, and tapped it, making it soar high above their heads, Bulma and Vegeta tensed, not knowing where it was headed. Vegeta glanced at Bulma, squatting, holding her raquet at the ready with her cheeks puffed out in a cute way, and that was long enough for the ball to soar over their heads, bouncing just out of bounds.

"Anotha' for Blue and Bullet!" Bunny announced, using their self-made nicknames. Vegeta growled, as Bulma tossed Launch the ball, and she giggled, waving at Parzi as the baby babbled at her, tiny fat hands clapping.

"I guess it's my turn!" She chirped happily, and went off to the corner. Vegeta sighed, not blaming Bulma for this one after all, why did she have to look so damned cute, she was twenty-eight and still had cherub cheeks.

"This one's going to The Prince and... Cheeky over here!" Vegeta snapped, and Bulma looked at him, confused.

"Cheeky!?" She questioned, wondering what the reason was, but he waved his hand at her dismissively.

"Look sharp, this one's a klutz." He murmured, and she nodded back.

"Okie-dokie, uhm, 2- to 0?" Launch said, and Raditz nodded at her, as she shrugged her shoulders, and wrapped her long blue tail around the handle, then tossed the tennis ball up and jumped, or rather flew, as she whacked it, straight at Vegeta. He surged forth, grinning eagerly, and thwack! he caught the ball mid-spin on his raquet, sending it flying back towards Raditz. The large Saiyan barreled forth, his racquet swinging as he charged, then huck! knocked it back swiftly over the net. Bunny whistled as the ball flew back, cheering on both teams. Bulma jumped up, her bountiful chest bouncing, as she hit the ball with surprising enthusiasm, sending it in a spike towards the opposing side of the net. Raditz and Launch both ran to swipe for it, but it landed on the turf before they could.

"Yoo-Hoo~! 1 point for Cheeky and The Prince!" Bunny sang, flipping the card. Vegeta grinned and gave Bulma's perspiring shoulder a quick kiss, as she caught the ball from Raditz.

"Now we're playing! Come on, Cheeks~!" She said happily, swinging her hips back and forth for Vegeta to see, and sure enough, he caught a glimpse of the crease of her round cheeks over her toned thighs, and gulped, licking the tiny taste of her perspiration from his lips.

Something about her taste was just slightly different, as Vegeta's pupils expanded on Bulma, taking in her scent slightly, as she raised her arm to throw the ball, a small damp circle under her arm wafted this new scent towards him, and hit him like a brick wall.

What was that? Is she... fertile? Vegeta gulped, as the green fuzzy ball dropped, and Bulma tapped it up into the air from underneath, her chest bouncing beneath the polyester as she swung the racquet up, and they nearly floated out of the cups of her sports bra with the momentum of her swing.

"Loose cannon, watch out!" Bunny screamed enthusiastically, cheering on Bulma. That snapped Vegeta out of his haze, and back on the spinning green ball soaring through the air.

"Good serve," He said quickly, and stepped up to the net. "Aw, thanks honey-" She began to say, then turned her attention on the ball's ascent.

Raditz and Launch both flew up to get the ball, then crashed into each other, with a yelp from Launch, the ball dropped on the court.

"2-2! That's an Ace in the hole!" Bunny cheered, and Vegeta turned to Bulma, as she held up her hand for a high five.

"That's a tie! One more, and we've got the advantage!" She said happily, and Vegeta nodded, but they still had 13 more points to go. He gave her a careful high five, not wanting to snap her wrist back, and she jumped up and down excitedly, making his eyes follow her chest with every bounce. The question was on the tip of his tongue, but he didn't know how to phrase it, as he gazed at her breasts that seemed somehow larger, the nipples protruding through the fabric.

Definitely. She's-

"Hey, hot shot! Your serve!" Raditz sneered, and Vegeta humphed back at him, catching the ball.

"I heard you." Vegeta muttered, and returned to his corner to serve.

"Don't crash into your mate next time, Bullet." He said snarkily, and Raditz looked apologetic to Launch. She shrugged, then turned her nose just in time to catch a whiff of pollen in the air, and sneezed, her ponytail turning blonde.

"Oh, here we go. Glad you could join us! Fake super Saiyan." He muttered, and Launch put her hands on her hips, narrowing her eyes at him.

"What did you call me!?" She growled, but Raditz calmed her, patting her back and whispering something in her ear.

"Hey, formation, rodents!" Vegeta snapped, tossing the ball up and down impatiently. Raditz and Launch moved back, and he glared at the blonde.

"Batta' up, short stuff! Come on, put a spin on it!" She teased. Vegeta growled at her, one eyebrow twitching.

Vegeta tossed it one more time, then swung the racquet hard, the grid swiping hard through the air, but no impact. It bounced behind him uselessly.

"Second Service!" Bunny yelled, and he picked up the ball, getting back in his spot, making sure he wasn't on the line.

"Serving!" He growled, and tossed it back up, whacking the ball hard, sending it flying right between Launch and Raditz. Vegeta smirked, as neither one of them even moved. Then, just as the ball was arching down, they whirled around, tails up, and caught their racquets in tail, exclaiming, "Double Thunder!" and caught the ball on the edges of their racquets, rearing them back, then Launch hit it, and Raditz helped it along, spiking it over the net. The ball went flying straight for the turf, and Vegeta dove for it, saving it, just as Bulma came in and helped it up. It was hit by Launch, who stormed up and whacked it with a ferocious growl, sending it flying across the court. Bulma and Vegeta watched as it bounced over the baseline, and then he chuckled roughly.

"Out!" Bunny yelled, and flipped the card for Vegeta and Bulma.

"2-3! Prince and Cheeks are in the lead!"

"What! But we did double thunder!" Launch shouted, Vegeta coming closer to the net to growl back at her.

"That's an illegal shot! Panchy! I called it, right?" He snapped towards Bunny, who looked slightly confused as she flipped through the rule book.

"Uhm, I ain't seeing anything about using tails being foul play..." She muttered, and he glanced at Bulma for conformation.

"...Oops." Bulma said with a shrug, and Vegeta snarled, "I suppose, flying is fine in this game too?! They've been doing that as well!" He shouted, and Bulma nodded hesitantly.

"Wow, rules, schmules, am I right, or am I right?" Vegeta uttered, crossing his arms. Bulma stormed up to him and poked him hard in the bicep, catching his attention.

"Hey! What's your deal, we're winning!"

"Ha!" He snorted, shaking his head.

"We could have all five, but no, these two have been cheating!" He accused tersely, spittle flying as he was becoming worked up, he tore his visor off and rubbed his forehead where his blue sweatband was.

"Honey, I'm sorry. I should have told you, we agreed on it before you got here."

"Yeah, seems agreements mean nothing around here, no matter how binding." He hissed back, and glanced at her with the tiniest fleck of pain in his gaze. Bulma was taken aback, recognizing he was scorned, but not knowing why.

"Vegeta, I..." She whispered, coming closer to wrap her hand around his arm.

"Come on, break it up!" Raditz teased, and Launch whistled at them, Raditz making obnoxious sounds.

"Ow-Ow-Awoo!" He howled, imitating a randy wolf, and they both parted quickly.

Vegeta hurried to snatch the ball up off the ground, and stormed back into serving position.

"Yeah, yeah, I'll show you, mongrels." He grumbled under his breath, then smirked as he curled his tail around the racquet, and teased, "Look mom, no hands!" sarcastically, only to have Bunny call back, "You're doing great, sweetie!" He cringed internally as the other team laughed, and prepared to hit the ball, tossing it over his head, their eyes followed it up, and they backed up, thinking he was going high.

Then, Vegeta swung his tail from the side, and put a vicious spin on it, running forward a little as he did. Raditz and Launch scrambled for it, the ball rolling right off Raditz's racquet, and bouncing on the court. Vegeta began to grin, but then before it could land, Launch swooped in with a groundstroke, and batted it up in the air. Raditz quickly helped it, then sent it over the net, as Bulma ran forth, and her and Launch rallied the shot. Vegeta watched as Bulma jumped, and grunted aggressively, her skirt flying up and flashing her white panties for a split second, before she hammered the ball into the ground, and both Raditz and Launch didn't have time to stop it.

"Go, Cheeky~! 2 'ta 4!" Bunny announced, and Bulma landed, laughing as she did. Vegeta smiled at her, and pulled her close for a kiss, tasting her sweat once more as his hands wandered and cupped her buttocks. The game went on like that, one side getting in the lead, then the other coming back up, until it was a match point, and Launch and Raditz were about ready to quit, panting heavily after having to jump and run to get the ball before it could strike turf, with Vegeta's aggressive chip and charge, and Bulma's skill with the volley, catching it every time before it could land. The sky was darkening, and Parzi had begun to cry, making Bunny head inside to change her.

"I think it might rain," Raditz panted, holding his chest.

"What's wrong, honey?" Launch came up, blue haired once again as the sudden chill in the air had made her sneeze.

"Agh.. It's just, this old battle wound tends to ache when there's so much electricity in the air. Don't worry, I'm fine." He grunted, squeezing the area between his sternum and heart.

"Maybe it's time we went in, I think we could all use a break." Bulma said, picking up the ball off the turf in order to head inside. Vegeta stormed forward, his head buzzing with the remnants of his migraine from earlier, becoming more aggressive it seemed from injecting the stimulus.

"It's match point! One more, and then you all can call it quits, but I won't go in because of some niggling little pain, or a bit of crackle in the air. Where's your endurance, Raditz? Did you use it all up when you humped that harlot?" He sneered, Raditz's eyes flying open with his angered surprise.

"What?! Are you perhaps jealous, Vegeta? You seem to have failed to produce an heir in a timely fashion, maybe you couldn't reach the target with your stubby little legs." Raditz retorted back, and Vegeta gripped the ball, his hand glowing lavender with his rage.

"Oh?! And I suppose having a Quarter-Gemini for an offspring is any better? I'll-"

"Guys, guys! Where is all this coming from!? Vegeta!?" Bulma scolded, her hands on her hips. He looked back at her, slightly startled by his own slip, as Bulma was now glaring at him in question, waiting for some type of explanation for his foul language.

"Hn. Mind your own business, Cheeks." He said curtly, as thunder cracked overhead, and almost immediately as if on command, rain began to fall.

"Raditz, we should go inside and check on Parzi... She's scared of thunderstorms!" Launch said anxiously, shaking him. Raditz chuffed, and shook her off, instead, nodding at Vegeta.

"One more point to win." He said, and Vegeta grinned widely with his approval.

"Good, that's better." Vegeta chuckled lowly, as he could still feel Bulma's wandering eyes on him.

"Match Point. Serving to Win." Vegeta said deliberately, and tossed the ball up in the air, a strike of lightning hitting off his racquet, just as the grid cracked off the ball, sending it into a mad topspin, hurtling straight for Raditz. Raditz hesitated, a pained expression on his face as Launch ran to help if need be, and the ball flew through the air, suddenly sparking and becoming aglow with brilliant lavender light, striking him hard in the chest, and knocking him straight on his back with a hoarse cough.

There was an ear piercing screech from Launch, as she cried out,"Raditz!", at the same time as Bulma angrily screamed, "Vegeta!" in unison, charging forward to snatch the racquet from him angrily.

"I knew you were going to pull a stunt like that, you asshole!" She screeched, and then ran off to see if there was anything she could do. Raditz was knocked out cold by the blast to his old wound, as Launch sobbed, worried he was dead, Bulma reassured her he wasn't dead by taking his pulse. Vegeta watched all this from the baseline, feeling the heavy drops of cold rain hitting his face, spattering on his shoulders as the Briefs came out, and hurried all around, calling for help to get the large Saiyan onto a stretcher, and into the infirmary.

"Veggie!" A small voice shook him out of his quiet observation, as he looked back to see Bunny looking up at him, her penciled brows worrying beneath her blue plastic hair cap that protected her blonde bouffant from the rain.

"Can you go inside and watch Parzi, please? Bulma just headed in to dry off, we have to run Raditz to the infirmary right away!" She said frantically, and he nodded quickly without hesitation, not being one to say no to the frail old woman and make her cry.

"Thank you! Oh, how terrible!" She sobbed, and ran back to the ambulance, as Vegeta shook his head, shaking the water out of his hair, and blasted up into the air, heading back for the building to get out of the cold. He swung open the door, and kicked off his white tennis shoes now stained green, peeling off his clothes as he walked in the door without a care, he needed to remove them and raise his body temperature, and he didn't care if that meant walking around on full display in his tight white briefs. He was heading for the kitchen, when he smelled a curious scent.

"There, there, little Parzi, Auntie Bulma has something to make it all better." Bulma's voice was soft, contrasting with the whimpers the baby was making, as she stifled it with a binkie until she was sure the milk was done heating up on the stove. Vegeta slunk carefully into the kitchen, the baby's big, black glossy eyes shiny with tears as she whimpered, and looked at him warily.

"What is it? Do you need your dipies changed?" Bulma babbled to the baby, and Vegeta furrowed his brow, stepping forth.

"Doesn't smell like the little spawn defiled my kitchen yet." He huffed, eyeing the baby with a warning glare.

Bulma didn't immediately respond, turning her back on him, as he noticed she had changed into a comfy white tee, and grey sweatpants, gone was the white little skirt he liked so much, but the curve of her bottom was still visible enough.

"Oh, that explains it. Widdle Parzi is scared of the big, mean Vegeta~" She said teasingly, as she dropped milk on her arm, then hissed, clutching it.

"What on Earth are you doing? Can't you see that it's hot? You want to scald the brat's belly?" He growled at her, storming closer to take the pot off the heat, and stick the bottle in the freezer a moment.

"I'm not dumb, Vegeta, get out of here! You have no idea how to take care of a baby!" Bulma shouted, running her wrist under cold water.

"I know how to adjust temperature, what simpleton doesn't know that?!" He snapped, and Parzi began to wail once again. "See, now you're making her cry! Get out! This is not your kitchen!" Bulma growled, and he snapped his face back to her, his fallen forelocks falling over his face once again.

"This is my territory! What don't you understand! Raditz is a threat!" He snarled, his heart racing, tail twitching angrily. Raditz was becoming the alpha male, he was taller, larger, had already made offspring- What if he-

"What the hell do you mean? You're back on that again? I don't like Raditz like that!"

"Maybe he can give you offspring! I just should fuck off, me and my big mouth!" Vegeta snarled back, not willing to stand down or leave the kitchen until Bulma submitted.

This was not something he or her understood, especially not the crying baby who had spit her binkie out on the floor, and was holding her arms out for someone to pick her up. Bulma hurried over and picked her up, going to storm out, but not before Vegeta stepped in front of her, opening the freezer. He took out the milk, and shook the nipple onto his bare chest, not feeling anything burning, he handed it to Bulma, the baby's eyes lighting up as she took the bottle of formula. Parzi grabbed it quickly, and began sucking it down eagerly, as Vegeta blocked Bulma's movement from out of the kitchen. In his rage, he had made many mistakes, but he wasn't one to readily admit that, and Bulma wasn't one to let those things go.

She stared down at Parzi, and him at Bulma, watching the slowly falling tears on Bulma's face as she clutched the infant tighter.

"How could you say such a disgusting thing? Do you really think so lowly of me, that I would spread my legs for any man that could give me a baby?" She choked out, another tear falling.

"Since when have you ever cared about something like that, I had no idea you were jealous of Raditz, so much that you would hurt him like that. He's supposed to be your friend, he thinks of you as a brother, Vegeta." Bulma said spitefully, glaring up from her blunt blue bangs. He gulped, not quite knowing how to answer her. "I... ah." He sighed, hesitant to begin, knowing she was correct. Bulma tilted her head, rocking the baby as he slumped his shoulders, his tail doing the same as he admitted his most shamed truth.

"I... understand if you wish to break off our bond. I've failed to provide you with children, and... you seem to have a knack with them." He said, looking down to see the child was sleeping, her head resting comfortably against Bulma's breast. Bulma moved the bottle away, and looked back up at him, hiding her eyes in her hair deceptively.

"I should... lay her down to sleep." She said, and Vegeta stepped aside, forgetting the primal nonsense he had been spewing before, as he simply watched her walk past, with longing in his eyes.

"I will talk to you upstairs. If you need to access the kitchen, now is your chance." Bulma said flatly, walking up the stairs, and Vegeta stood stiffly, feeling struck by her gentle command.

The rain still pattered heavy on the metal dome overhead, as he sighed, and turned towards the refrigerator. He opened it, seeing all the snacks and delicious dishes Panchy had prepared for after their game, but he simply couldn't find it in him to eat at the moment. Instead, he found one of the old man's beers, and picked it up, popping the cap off easily and taking a long swig. He found he liked it, so he pulled out the twelve pack, and sat himself on the floor, defending his territory, as he attempted to drown his shame.

The thunder outside hadn't let up, as Bulma was sitting by the window, letting in a tiny bit of the cool spray as she rocked Parzi in the rocking chair Bunny had so happily procured, making a guest nursery for whenever Launch and Raditz visited, in her eagerness to become a grandmother. Bulma stroked the green locks back from the baby's forehead, and sighed, thinking back on all that had happened, and feeling disappointed Vegeta hadn't come upstairs to speak with her yet. She felt this all was a huge misunderstanding, she had assumed Vegeta didn't want children, and he had assumed with the consummation of their bond, she would become pregnant. The Saiyan way of thinking was so confusing, she hardly understood it, and she didn't think Vegeta did either.

If she knew any better, he was still standing his guard stubbornly in the kitchen, and maybe, he could use some forgiveness, like her father had always said. 'Be gentle with him, though his exterior is rough, he is still that neglected little boy inside the strong man you see on the outside.'

Bulma sighed heavily, looking out at the dark sky. She hated to be the one to apologize, but it was looking like they both had some explaining to do. She laid Parzi down carefully in the crib, then shut the window, and crept out carefully, leaving the door cracked just in case she woke up again. Bulma walked down the hall first, and made a stop in her bedroom, then was surprised to see Vegeta sprawled across her bed, a beer in his hand as he leaned up against the headboard, watching TV. She stumbled a little with her sheer surprise, and stopped what she was doing to simply observe him.

"I am here for our meeting." He said morosely, not looking at her, he crossed one ankle over the other, and ticked it anxiously, clearly using the beer as a calming mechanism. What Bulma didn't know was that the Stimuli was still running through his veins, and the alcohol was only exacerbating it's effects.

"There's... something I have to tell you. I... feel like this is partially my fault... a kinda... big part, but... I'm not solely to blame." She said, making a step for the bedside table. Vegeta sat up, suddenly interested, he turned off the TV to listen.

She reached into the drawer, and pulled out a round container, her hand shaking.

"You see... these pills, uhm.. we call them birth control." She said, laughing nervously. His eyes widened slightly as he heard the words, but he wasn't bought just yet.

"What it does is, it makes the lining of the uterus too thin for a fertilized egg to attach. It has nothing to do with a man's virility. The only possible way for me to get pregnant right now, is if I were to stop taking these pills cold turkey. If I would have known that's what you wanted, I would have stopped sooner, but.. I was afraid." She said shakily, and handed him the container. Vegeta turned it in his hands, opening it and blinking at the pills inside for a long moment.

Then, a small smile formed on his face, and he laughed, tossing the container on the floor. Bulma stepped back, startled, as he stood, his eyes dark, and malicious beneath his brooding brow.

"You deceptive little minx... You tricked me." He growled, stepping forth again, he stomped on the container with his bare foot, pulverizing the contents within.

"Really, you are so controlling!" He muttered, and she opened her mouth to object.

"You control what I wear, what I eat, what I do, you even control whether or not you want me to impregnate you!?" He said, staring down at her with that pained look in his eyes.

"I thought we had an understanding!" He roared, and his voice shook, making Bulma conflicted. She was on one hand, glad he wasn't against it, on the other… She sure as hell didn't like his attitude.

"Understanding?! How can we come to an understanding, when there is no discussion!?" She hissed, not wanting to wake Parzi.

"We're discussing it now, aren't we?" He growled back, and Bulma looked up at him oddly, noticing the odd redness in his eyes, and the way his pupils kept expanding and contracting.

"Are you on drugs?!" She accused him sharply, and he in turn looked puzzled.

"Drugs? Oh, like the ones you take every night while I'm asleep, those kinds?" He said just as accusingly back, pointing at the crushed container.

"No! I mean, drugs that get you high! And you're drunk too, I can smell the booze on your breath!" She said in disgust, scowling.

Vegeta chuckled, attempting to pull her close, Bulma crossed her arms stubbornly as he rubbed her back, nibbling on her ear.

"You could join me, you know. Every little nerve stands on end, extra.. sensitive… every little touch, every taste, every smell, why else do you think I was so aggressive out there? I can smell it, Bulma. Something about you is...different."

She huffed, turning her head, ignoring the shivers he was sending through her body with his husky whisper in her ear.

"What did you take?" She asked in a tiny voice, squeezing her eyes shut to hold back her tears.

"..It's just Stimuli. A non-habit forming serum made by the PTO to allow us to further hone our senses, and to keep us on our guard at all times. There's just one downside, though, to feeling stimulated all the time," He chuckled roughly, and moved his hips to press himself against her thigh. Bulma gasped, feeling his semi-erect state, she shivered and backed away, shaking her head of blue locks with her sudden surprise.

"No… I'm.. mad at you still." She frowned, and he paused his advance on her.

"Oh… So I guess you really don't want to give me a fair opportunity to prove myself?" He snorted, crossing his arms.

"It's not that, I… I don't know!" She blushed, feeling flustered, her head swimming with jumbled thoughts.

"Bulma," He purred, seeing his opening, Vegeta came forward carefully, wrapping his arms around her.

"There is nothing to be afraid of." He said softly, and took her into his warm embrace. To his surprise, she began sobbing, heavily, and that included sniffling, snot and wailing that hurt his ears. Vegeta set her down and handed her a box of tissues, waiting until she calmed down so she could explain her outburst.

"I just… " Bulma began, but could not finish her sentence, as thunder cracked, and suddenly, darkness overtook them, the entire house fell into blackness. Lightning struck, and lit up the house with a wash of white. Parzi began screaming, as Bulma stood up quickly, and Vegeta looked around himself tensely, noticing the electricity had gone out.

"I'll check-" They both began, then, Bulma laughed slightly. "I'll go check on Parzi." She said softly, wiping her cheek, and stood, Vegeta following.

"I'll go make sure nothing has damaged the exterior of the house, and go make preparations." He said quickly, then pulled her close and kissed her on reflex, her hands settling on his chest a moment, their lips dry from their anger, sticking together a moment before pulling away. It was as if their lips were trying to tell them something, but he quickly regained his composure, and took off down the stairs, as Bulma started talking down Parzi's frantic cries from the hall as she urgently made her way through the darkness, following the cries of the baby.

Vegeta came downstairs, looking around warily, he saw nothing of concern, then he swung the door open, as it rocked back on it's hinges with a groan, hitting the wall with the force from the headwind gales rolling across East City. As he came outside, he was drenched, flying up, and circling the perimeter of the home, seeing nothing to indicate the cause of the power outage. He listened, hearing the heavy thrumming of his wild heartbeat in his chest, then the activity of the city, as when he turned and looked to the right, he saw the faint red and blue glow of police lights.

"Do not leave your homes! City officials have announced a severe weather warning! Live power lines are down, a strict travel ban has been enforced, on.." Vegeta heard the announcement from far off, and sighed, flying back into the house and locking the door that shook on its hinges. He fumbled around the coat closet, then was able to find a few flashlights to make Bulma feel safe walking through the dark house, though he didn't particularly need them.

Vegeta clicked one on to test it, then searched the living area for candles, knowing Panchy enjoyed the scent and aesthetic, but maybe not the practicality. He lit them, then went to the kitchen and began mixing up a batch of fresh formula for the wailing baby. If he knew Saiyans, which he did well, a little something warm in her stomach would soothe her at least a small bit. He was engrossed in what he was doing for a moment, before hearing the soft creaking of the stairs, and the soft whimpers of the child as Bulma came down, cradling her in her arms.

"Oh, I was just coming down to do just that," Bulma said with surprise, and Vegeta jumped in his skin a little, then turned and handed her the fresh bottle.

"Launch and the others won't be able to come back. There's power lines down in the city, and they've ordered a no travel ban." He whispered, as Bulma tried to get the fussing child to take the nipple of the bottle in her mouth.

"Oh no! I hope they'll be alright." She worried, biting her bottom lip, and Vegeta sighed, leading them to the long sofa, in the living room lit warmly by candles. The soothing atmosphere wasn't unnoticed by the child, who saw her prize and took it, sucking eagerly.

"I'm sure they'll be fine, woman. They've got that hellcat with them, when she's not blue in the head, she's something." He murmured, and Bulma smiled, taking his hand as he reached over to squeeze her thigh.

"What about Raditz?" Bulma wondered, and Vegeta reached with his senses towards the hospital, finding Raditz at rest, his breathing, heartbeat, stable from the steady beeps of the monitor he'd gained from the quick glimpse of the room that lingered in Raditz's mind.

"He's recovering just fine. He's a Saiyan, that wouldn't kill him, don't worry your silly blue head over him." Vegeta said, and caressed her hand. Parzi's eyes slowly fluttered shut as they watched, and Bulma slowly removed the bottle, wiping her mouth.

"That's good to know. Parzi needs her daddy. But Aunt Bulma and Uncle Vegeta are here." She said soothingly, and Vegeta smirked.

"She's asleep, she won't hear you. Why do you insist on putting the idea in her head that we're related?" He grumbled in a low octave. Bulma shifted the child in her arms, then placed her in Vegeta's, as he attempted to back away, refusing, but unable to resist wrapping his arms around the bundle for fear the fragile little thing would slip out.

"Bulma, I don't want this abomination," Vegeta hissed, attempting to pass her back.

"Her. Parznich." Bulma said sternly, stretching, then setting the formula on the coffee table.

"Can't we put her up in the crib?" Vegeta groused, and Bulma laid back on the couch, resting her head on his shoulder.

"In a moment. I'm tired." She yawned, and Vegeta grumbled, knowing that yawn was exaggerated. He settled back into the couch, and moved Parzi to rest on his chest, wrapping his tail around her for support as he laid back and rested his eyes a moment. Then, gooey warmth, and a wet cry. He smelled something putrid, and peeled the puking infant off him. Bulma grabbed Parzi, and patted her on the back, burping the child. Vegeta hurriedly went to the kitchen, his relaxed mood spent, and wiped his chest of the spit up with paper towels angrily, then wet one with soap and what little drizzle of water he could manage, and scrubbed there aggressively.

"Disgusting brat!" He exclaimed, and Bulma laughed, "It's just a little milk spit up, Vegeta. Calm down, I'm taking her upstairs, um.." She hesitated to speak, before he nodded, and she left the room. Vegeta turned to the refrigerator and his stomach growled, full of nothing but rancid beer, he set to making a midnight snack for himself and Bulma to hopefully patch things up between them.

When Bulma came back, she was pleased to see the spread before her, the small kitchen lit up by candles, as Vegeta was standing, placing a bottle of wine on the table, and one single glass for her, for himself, he cleansed his palate with water, and soothed the acid burning in his stomach, the pounding of his incessant migraine hopefully would be leaving himself as he at last relented to taking some headache pills before he'd done anything.

"Mmm!" Bulma exclaimed, eyeing first the strawberry topped cheesecake before anything.

"Ah, ah, eat your vegetables, woman." Vegeta teased, and pulled the chair out for her to sit, as she looked down at the plate of colorful greens before her, and licked her lips.

"Where did you get all this?" She questioned, but did not hesitate to pick up her fork, stabbing into a piece of grilled chicken from the delectable caprice salad before he could even sit down.

"I'm assuming all the food in there was meant for all of us, but you need to eat more than just cheesecake, Bulma." He chided, and took the wine, pouring her a glass. Bulma took it and sipped eagerly.

"I shouldn't have too much, I can't be drunk if Parzi needs to be changed in the middle of the night," She said, but he only shook his head, sensing the child upstairs was deep in sleep.

"I'll sense her distress if anything is wrong, just relax. It's my fault we're in this mess." He said, sitting down, he began eating his rich salad, aware of her curious gaze on him, he sighed and continued eating slowly, to match Bulma's pace as he thought on his next words carefully.

"...I should have made my intentions well known, but if I must be completely frank with you, I wasn't 100% sure I wanted a child until tonight. But now I know that you've been ready for some time, and it's partly my fault for not noticing." He said, and Bulma smiled, sipping her wine.

"I also knew you were taking the pills, and never bothered to even ask what they were for… I thought they were for your… panic attacks." He said softly, and lowered his gaze to his plate, feeling himself rather foolish.

"I don't have them anymore, remember? I haven't had one in almost over a year now." She said, and reached over to squeeze his hand. Vegeta turned his hand over and held hers back, then kissed the back of it, his dark eyes lit up by soft candle light, like black smoke.

"I meant it when I made those promises. When I swore myself to you, then when I united us in our bond, I never intended for it to be broken, or for things to go this way. I may not have been ready then, but I am now. I am asking you now, would you bear my heir? And all those after it?"

Bulma laughed, her azure eyes sparkling with happiness and amusement from Vegeta's classical romanticism, and she nodded. Vegeta grinned back, and kissed her hand once more, then urged her to eat. "Come on, if that salad gets warm I can't cool it back down again." He grunted, back to his usual self as he was satisfied with her answer, and stuffed food in his cheeks.

"Oh, I must have been dreaming, I thought you were the master of temperature control…?" She teased, tracing circles on the lip of her wine glass, before sipping once again.

"I can make things hot, the refrigerator makes things cold, and all that's about to go to waste because of this ridiculous power outage." He grumbled, and picked up his plate, eyeing the oily dressing there and scowling at the grease sliding around the plate. Bulma snorted, he had reverted back to his princely self, alright.

"Well, you know what to do with it, don't you?" She sighed, and his eyes lit up, back at the refrigerator. "I'm sure mom wouldn't mind, but you and I are getting up early tomorrow to make breakfast for them after their stressful ordeal." She said, deftly sliding her half-empty plate of salad away, and a slice of cheesecake closer, licking her lips.

"Alright… I'll suffer that in trade for free-for-all on the fridge," He said eagerly, poking his head in the door. Bulma shook her head, taking a bite of the decadent pie, and moaning loudly, her eyes rolling back.

"Hey!" Vegeta snapped from over the refrigerator door, his eyes suspicious on her, "Save the vulgar noises for later." He said, then snickered, seeing Bulma's blush appear on her cheeks. She took a sip of wine and licked her lips, staring at his muscular back as he perused and devoured the contents of the refrigerator without delicacy, not even plating the items he was inhaling, and she crossed her legs, feeling flustered by the way her body reacted to him, against her better judgment. Bulma had an odd secret, that she'd never revealed to Vegeta, as she dipped a strawberry in the cream cheese and wrapped her lips around it, sucking off the sweet cream, her eyes darkening to midnight blue as she watched him.

She enjoyed watching him. When he was fighting, when he was ranting angrily, when he was in the roves of passion, there was something so wild and unhinged about him, that it sent tremors through her lower belly just thinking about it. She wriggled her thighs together slightly, feeling the delightful pressure sending blood pumping into her labia and throbbing there. She ate another strawberry, licking the red juices from her lips as she watched him, and he was never the wiser to her little flight of fancy, as she watched his tail wriggle back and forth happily, his face nose deep in Panchy's pasta salad.

That food won't be the only place he's going to be buried deep in, Bulma thought, biting her lip, she downed the rest of her wine, and reached to refill her glass, her hand hesitant on the bottle.

But, is it right to indulge ourselves, when we're responsible for Parzi? And he for Raditz's injury? Bulma thought a little, frowning. Vegeta is going to apologize to Raditz tomorrow, and that's final. But I won't spoil our night. I'll tell him in the morning. She smiled secretly to herself, filling her glass; feeling smug in knowing that if she asked him, he would do it, if only for a small price. She pondered on what price he might ask her for, feeling the pulsing inbetween her thighs coming to a head, and a small curl of moisture dampening her panties, as she relaxed her legs, and sat back in her chair, her hand shaking slightly from her miniature orgasm as she drank her wine.

"Are you finished with this?" Vegeta said, eying the cheesecake with one slice taken out. She pouted, and he refrained from devouring it, placing it carefully back in the now practically barren refrigerator. His migraine was now gone, his hunger sated, and the remnants of the alcohol and Stimuli now a low buzz in his mind. But he had plans to recant that, as he honed in on Bulma, as she downed her second glass, then placed it on the table with a long exhale.

"Bulma. Are you ready for the next dessert?" He purred lowly, slinking forth with a silver platter. Her eyes widened, as she watched him carry it closer, and set it on the table.

"I have something I want to share with you, but it's only for us. Our little secret." He whispered, and pulled away the lid. Bulma's eyes widened, taking a small intake of breath as she saw what it was. A syringe, with red liquid inside.

"I only used a quarter of it earlier. But you and I can have the rest." He said, coming close to place his hands on her quivering shoulders. "What will happen to me..?" She whispered, and glanced back over her shoulder anxiously.

"Euphoria. Ecstasy. We will be in a world of hypersensitivity, hypererotica… Do you think you could handle that?" He said slowly and deliberately, his hot breath in her ear, as he massaged the tension from her shoulders. Bulma swallowed, feeling her body slackening from his touch, she let her legs slide open, and shivered from the huff of breath he made.

"I can smell your arousal. What's made you wet for me already..?" He chuckled softly, and nibbled on her neck. Bulma tilted her head back, moaning softly. "You… Vegeta… I want it. I want to feel and taste like you do, I'll do it, just for tonight." She whispered huskily, and Vegeta nodded. "Bend over." He ordered, and she jumped in place slightly, staring at him with her surprise.

"I'll inject it where you will feel the pain of the needle less… Cheeks." He smirked, and she nodded, understanding now that he meant only to get her shot. Bulma stood, and bent over the chair, allowing Vegeta to pull down her pants. She gripped the chair and squeezed her eyes shut as he inserted it, then felt heat where the Stimuli was injected, just below her white cotton briefs in the thick swell of her buttock. Bulma stood, stepping out of her sweat pants, and held her bottom, turning to watch as Vegeta injected himself in the inner skin of his elbow, then crushed the empty syringe. His body naked but for the white briefs he wore, his skin looking like rich toffee in the dark candlelight.

"Now what?" She said, and he sighed shakily, "I've injected it so that the Stimuli will take longer to take an effect on you, but when it hits, be ready. You'll start feeling everything tenfold, and it might be alarming for a moment, but I'll be here with you in the case you have a negative reaction." He said, and pulled her close, kissing her forehead as she stared down, her heart already racing. She ran her hands on his chest, and felt the heat of his body comforting her.

"Let's go… lie down until it has an effect." She said, and he nodded, following her to the couch, where she laid with her back to him, Vegeta cradling her in his arms as the watched the thunderstorm still raging from the large picture windows, his tail stroking her thigh soothingly as Bulma slowly closed her eyes.

As she did, she felt a change slowly taking place in her body, warmth flooding through her extremities, a low thrumming resonating in her ears.

"What is that?" She perked her head up, and Vegeta grumbled, placing one heavy hand on her shoulder for her to relax and allow it to take hold. She felt him move against her and sigh deeply, the stroking hand on her arm, scraping her skin where his callouses rubbed her goosebumps away. Little hairs on her arms pricked, tickled, and she shuddered, feeling the same taking hold in Vegeta, his body becoming warmer, the coarse hair slightly rubbing against her backside as his blood flow quickened, causing her to shiver. Bulma arched her back, turning her face towards his as he took her by the hips and pressed his growing erection between her cheeks, his eyes, expanded so far that the lightning in the window reflected off them like that of a cat's eyes at night.

"Is this what you want? Can you feel it? Feel it growing harder against you.." He said deviously, and she rubbed back on him, sliding her thighs together and wriggling.

"Oh, y-yes, Vegeta… I feel it." She whispered, and he smiled.

"Good. Do you want to feel me slide my thick cock inside of you now, Bulma?" He breathed softly back, his warm mouth making wet sounds as he whispered, the sound making tremors travel down her body, shooting down into her belly, warmth spreading there.

"Yes... I do." She said timidly, and he kissed her with his approval, pulling her cheek back to take her mouth. Bulma moaned, as the warmth of his lips overtook hers, the flavors of all the delicious food still sweetening their mouths, as they kissed hungrily, tongues coiling together, as he pushed against her entrance through the barriers of cloth, his hardness pushing and prodding her softness, making her moan hotly into his mouth as they kissed. Bulma turned her body quickly, curling her leg over his hip to grind herself on him, with urgency, biting his plush lip between her teeth and nibbling, scratching her nails down his chest. Vegeta pulled back, chuckling softly as he was holding her side and massaging there, then reaching up to fill his hand with her breast, groping as she panted.

"You're like a wild little vixen in heat, aren't you? That's why I smelled something different, your body is making itself ready," He smirked, "Those little pills will no longer have any affect, after today…" He whispered, each word sending thrills through her body as he stared at her every reaction, waiting for her response.

"Then do it now, Vegeta, I want to have our own baby." She whimpered softly, and he nodded, kissing her, and pushing her over onto her back. He moved back, and slid her panties over her legs, exposing her heat to the cool air. Vegeta took her legs and spread them over his thighs, quickly slipping out of his boxers, neither of them wished to waste any more time waiting and aching for one another, as he looped her legs around his waist, and Bulma gazed up at him, her body pulsing with her excitement, legs quivering in his hands.

He moved one hand to direct himself, licking his lips with concentrated control, as he slid between her folds, and caressed her with his length. Bulma moaned from the gentle movement, as he rocked his skin against hers, the slickness making it hard for him not to sip between, and push up against her clit.

"Vegeta… I want you inside me… now," She panted, and reached down and directed his head for her entrance, moving her hips up to his surprise, gripping his shoulders in order to take him in her, his teeth gritting as she bucked up to him.

"You have no idea… how badly I've been wanting to hear that." He grunted, and surged into her, sparks flying across her vision as their skin met.

"Tell me more," He growled, sliding back, and balancing her hips atop him, just barely inserted. Bulma whimpered, feeling the loss of fullness inside her, and sighed, "I want you to ravage me," Her nether lips quivered around his tip, and his hips jerked just slightly as she spoke hastily, "Ravage my body like a beast, fuck me until you cum, then fuck me some more, until I can feel your hot cum filling my womb, impregnating me like a heathen," She panted, and Vegeta groaned with almost a whimper in his baratone voice, as his most sordid fantasy was being fulfilled, and hers all at once.

"Yes, very good. But you can't take it back now, you'd better not betray my trust ever again." He growled, and thrust back into her all at once, every inch filling her as she cried out in pleasure.

"I won't, I don't want to, Vegeta, I want you!" She urged, and he gazed down at her eagerly, wanting her just as badly, his length ribbed with engorged veins pushing up inside of her, against her welcoming warmth that throbbed eagerly for him.

"I'm taking you, and I'm never giving you back, understand? You're mine now." He said, moving back, and sliding his flesh against hers, as Bulma writhed beneath, the hypersensitivity to his every move, pushing her body to new heights of awareness, as she submitted to him, rolling her head to the side to expose her throat, and spread her thighs even further.

"Take me then, take me with you to your world," She panted, and Vegeta did not hesitate, he gripped her soft backside in his hands, and began thrusting into her with a fervor, his vision spinning as her breasts jostled from the strength of each vigorous thrust, her moans, music to his ears. Her body, caressing his shaft as he sunk his hips between her legs, and gripped the arm rest behind her, pulling his body up, pain curled up in her belly and resonated into pleasure as he ground himself to the root, thrusting without stopping, the persistent grinding against her tenderness with the coarseness of his thick thatch of black hair, stoking a fire in her body, as Vegeta groaned, barely able to hold himself steady as the strong contractions of her orgasm hit him, heat pulsing out down his rippling abdomen as she came with a gush of hot liquid.

"Oh, no... we'll have to throw this couch out," Vegeta teased, licking her exposed throat, then enjoying the slippery feel of his cock gliding faster inside her, as Bulma was rendered nearly speechless, panting into the crook of his neck, and wrapping her arms and legs tightly around him.

"I don't care, just do it, Vegeta, don't make me beg!" She whispered, digging her nails in his back as he slowed his frantic pace, "Do what? For free?" He purred, then pulled back from her embrace, standing at the edge of the couch, the fluids of her climax still dripping from his heavy erection, which was positioned above her face.

"You will after this." She whispered, and licked the juices dripping down, tasting the sharpness of pre-cum on the tip as she kissed his swollen head beaded with semen.

Bulma took it and wrapped both hands around him as she opened her mouth, and then looked up to see his reaction when she effortlessly sunk him to the back of her throat, and cupped his testes in her hands, feeling their weight and moaning, the vibrations echoing through her mouth as his abdomen tightened, and he wrapped his hand around the back of her neck, and moved her, directing her speed in the way he wanted. Bulma's eyes rolled back to stare up at him, saliva dripping down her chin. Vegeta kept his pace until she felt his girth tightening in her throat, and he pulled back quickly, pointing to where he wanted her as he panted.

"Bend over. On your knees, woman." Vegeta demanded, and she did as he asked, her feet hanging on the edge of the couch as she felt his body heat come near her back, and he stroked her bottom, caressing it beneath his hands, before spreading her cheeks wider, and eyeing his prize. Bulma squeezed her eyes shut and whimpered, clutching a pillow to her face as he fully enveloped himself once again. Her trembling body felt weak to his advances, as Vegeta grew impatient, and speared himself up into her, making her scream out her enjoyment into the pillow.

He didn't hesitate to ask her any questions, well knowing she was enjoying it, his dark shadow behind the creamy white flesh of the woman perched in submission before him, shook with each surge of muscle flexing, his back like liquid caramel beneath the flickering candle lights; a curling tail, bristling at the end, as their grunts and sighs filled the room. He leaned over her, spreading her further to her limits, pressing himself deeper as he pleased.

Vegeta reached below and groped her breasts as he pulled her body back onto his length, and withdrew shining, his muscle thick thighs covered in a sheen of her essence, which dripped down like drops of gold, as he pivoted his weight into her, and each pulse became accented with her cries, and the slapping of heavy flesh against softness, as Bulma peered down between them and saw his body framed around her in the candlelight, a sneaking tail wriggling forth, and ticking her labia. She whimpered and mewled, gripping the tail to keep it's frantic, excited batting aimed on her clit, as he moved wildly behind her, tendrils of raven hair falling with his sweat, hanging before his blazing eyes filled with pleasure.

Vegeta smacked his body against hers, then exhaled shakily, and fell back against the couch cushions, beckoning her forth with a curling hand. Bulma stood and approached, then he turned her around, placing her on his lap as he reclined. She perched above him, and sunk herself down, feeling his shaft curve back against her body, until she slid down his length. Vegeta wrapped his arms around her waist, and she held onto her legs, fully displaying their bodies to the candlelight, and reflecting the warm glow in her dripping essense.

"Are you ready? This may feel very intense." He whispered, and Bulma slowly nodded, her vision blurring, then sharpening to precision as he rocked her back on him, her legs pushing her breasts together, as Vegeta chuffed, and groaned with his pleasure, feeling himself reaching deeper within her. Bulma stared down, enamored with her euphoria as their bodies moved, and he stroked inside her, she was only able to moan helplessly as he shook her body on his length, jarring around her softness with his intrusive penetrations, reaching up to the pit of her belly, and making her cry out with each passionate strike to her cervix, his grunts and her cries soft beneath the clashing of wet skin, the seam in his girth running up align her labia, as liquid ran down his testes and make them shine in the soft light. Vegeta slowed his pace to a dull throbbing, and Bulma relaxed against him, their bodies moving lazily, skin still stinging and throbbing with the results of their agression, soothed by the gentle strokes he made against her.

"Bulma," Vegeta whispered, and she turned her head slightly, their lips meeting for a tender kiss, as he arched his hips, and spilled his warmth inside her, his orgasm pulsing in ribbons up into her body as he pumped his hips with each spurt, making delicious warmth in her body. Bulma squeezed around him, milking his climax further, as she sighed out, and let her body open for him, and waves of pleasure rolled over her, orgasmic tears falling from her eyes as he held her, and quivered, sealing their bond at last, as he buried himself to the base, and slid back, before dipping his tip back deep into her, and cementing his claim on her with the filling of his warm essence in her womb, a display of his love and adoration for her now come to fruition, instead of a sordid fantasy as he had once thought before. They collapsed together, and Bulma rolled over, burying her face in his chest as her shoulders shook with rolling waves of euphoria and explosions of emotion, and he stroked her back, closing his eyes as he panted heavily, and they bathed together in the warmth of their lovemaking, made more passionate by the knowledge that it was also, to make a child from that love.

Vegeta realized, all along that he didn't ever need the Stimuli, he simply wanted it, just as he simply wanted her, and everything that came with her. Whether that meant, suffering though each sunday for the rest of his life, Vegeta supposed, he could get used to that. In fact, maybe he even secretly, craved that.

Bulma tugged on his hand with her tiny one, and they spilled out the door, and into the deluge, rain soaking them; as two beings in pure white became playful sprites, dancing and frolicking in the crashing rain, he chased her, and she eluded him at every turn, the blue haired nymph and the prince. Vegeta at last caught her, as she laughed giddly, feeling electric with each splash of the arctic cold, awakening every vein, stimulating each nerve ending, down to the very cortex of her brain. Her laugh softened by his stare, black hair falling in his eyes, as he pulled her close and kissed her, sweeping her off her feet, and into his shivering warmth, secret tears of gladness falling down his face, as he took her into a breathless embrace.