Chapter 1 – Never That Easy

Luffy grunted as he was forced to kneel on the platform despite his resistance.

The crowd of thousands of marines assembled in formation below the tall tower could only stand in attention as ordered and watch with bated breath as the most wanted pirate of the generation was about to be executed.

In truth, they were completely blindsided by the announcement as well. Fleet Admiral Akainu had just up and randomly decided that today would be the day to execute the pirate that had been caught many months ago.

Luffy glared at the two soldiers waiting on his sides. Both of them gulped fearfully. Bound or not, it was downright terrifying to be glared at by a man whose head was worth almost five billion belly.

Akainu didn't even bother with giving a speech. He directly gave the signal for the execution.

The two soldiers on the platform raised their weapons into the air...

And promptly fell down unconscious, foaming at the mouth.

There was a moment of silence as everyone stared at the comatose soldiers. Luffy's head remained bowed and his eyes shaded as he grinned in challenge.

The moment passed quickly. "Onigumo. Get up there." The vice admiral heeded the Fleet Admiral's command easily and airhopped up to the top. He negligently kicked the two unconscious soldiers off the platform and pulled out two of his swords and took aim at the pirate's neck.

The swords stopped an inch away from their target and try as he might, Onigumo simply couldn't push them further towards the grinning pirate.

Luffy's eyes panned over to the vice admiral's and the next moment, the man shot off the platform as if launched by a cannon, a trail of blood left in the air.

"Enough of this!" Luffy tilted his head to the left and Akainu's fiery fist flew past his face. They glared at each other.

"Seize these games, Straw Hat. No one is coming to rescue you regardless of how much you stall for time. That's the point of the sudden decision to execute you. Your crewmates are all either locked in Impel Down or dead and no one else has enough time to organize a rescue operation. So stop wasting my time and just die!"

Akainu kicked the pirate's chest and subsequently his whole body off the tower and onto the ground below. He followed the pirate through the air as he continued "And remember the deal, pirate! Your life or your crew's life!"

Luffy landed heavily on his feet, the heavy seastone chains binding them making cracks on the ground as they fell. He snarled at Akainu "And why should I listen to you, bastard?! The last time I did that, you went back on your word and killed my friends anyway!"

Sparks of Conqueror's Haki flitted across Luffy's shackled body just barely kept under control from being invoked on the entire army before him. The line of soldiers nearest to him were pointing their rifles at him but their aim was shaking all over the place.

Akainu stood before him, both his arms already turned to lava, fully ready to fight "I am not going to explain my actions to you, pirate scum. But you made that deal with Sengoku and he agreed to see to its terms." The lava slowly turned darker and darker, almost black, as he applied Armament Haki over it.

Luffy glanced at the previous Fleet Admiral who standing on the edge of the potential battlefield with his arms crossed and passively observing everything.

He looked down at himself. Bound by two sets of seastone shackles, one on his wrists and one on his ankles, his body was full of barely closed wounds and badly healed scars. Thin, dehydrated limbs and a growling stomach indicated that he was truly not at peak condition to fight any battle.

But regardless...

Luffy raised his head at Akainu "Fine then. I'll die today."

In the silence following that declaration, a strong wind blew in and the straw hat dangling from his neck floated in the air for a moment before it fell right on his head.

Then suddenly, the chains holding the seastone shackles close to each other abruptly shattered, leaving only the bands themselves on his wrists and ankles.

Straw Hat Luffy grinned at Akainu as the red sparks now danced freely across his body. "I'll die today, that's for sure."

Conqueror's Haki exploded forth and three-quarters of the Marine army was out before the battle had even begun. Luffy cracked his neck and walked forward.

"But I'm not going to make it any easier for you."

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