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"Powerful Creatures Speaking, like a dragon or a god"

Divinity System

"Tvs, Radios, and Text via book or newspaper... when those are around..."

(Mid Chapter Authors Notes)

'where the hell am I?!'

I blankly stare across a small clearing, several puddles of water litter the landscape, showing that it had rained rather recently.

I have been drugged, kidnapped, and shrunk.

Isekai! Grand! I love that genre...

I look down to my clothes revealing a small white t-shirt and long grey sweatpants... similar to what I was wearing when I went to sleep last night.

[Welcome to the god system, you Quasi deity, you!]

"…" I flinch at the sudden appearance of a screen and voice.

"I-I have the gamer system?!" I whisper under my breath.

[INCORRECT!] the screen pings loudly.

[You have the 'God's Ascension' System! Completely different! There are no simple stats! Only divine ranks!]


A new screen pops up.

Name: ?

Race: Human

Divine Ranks: 0

Divine Status: Quasi-Deity

Divine Perks:

Domains: 0/1

Total Faith: 0
Worshipers: 0
Fanatic Worshipers: 0
Priests: 0
Churches: 0
Battle Modifier: 0
Miricle Bonus: 0

Total Faith required for next divine rank: 25



[You have been granted a choice to become all powerful! Congratulations, you! But, like all things, you start out weak, the very bottom, barely even a divine creature!]


[But eventually, you will be able to create planets! Create Races! Travel dimensions! The worlds are your oyster and you will be the chaotic being who isekai's people!]

'Wait... what's the difference between me and a normal human? Are just regular humans divine rank 0?'

[Incorrect! Regular humans lack a divine rank AT ALL, not a 'zero' but literally nothing... Divine rank 0 grants creatures the 'spark' to progress into godhood, and while regular humans CAN in fact eventually get a divine rank 0, they typically have to either kill a god, or be granted divine ranks by Greater Deities!]

[As a Quasi-deity, you don't need to eat, breathe, drink, sleep, are immune to the effects of aging, plus are faster, stronger, and more durable than regular individuals of their race.]

[Plus! You may- as a Divine Rank 0- do 3 'Petty Divine Abilities' per Week!]

"What ar-"

[What are 'Divine Abilities', you ask? Well, simply put they are what you use to create planets, magic, races, entire dimensions, heal the sick and revive the dead! However, because you are so weak, you only gain access to 'Petty Divine abilities', and only three at that! Even demigods can use an unlimited amount of these! With this ability, you can do many things! Heal average non-life threatening wounds like a scraped knee or broken nose, make plant life grow slightly faster, turn weak undead! Really, it can be anything, and it is enhanced even more by coinciding with your chosen domain(s)! (you will gain more at higher divine ranks)]

"And dom-"

[Domains, are simply your area of expertise, they decide what sort of god you are going to be! You want to be unnatural, spooky, and feared across the world? Choose the death domain! You want to be a mysterious and mystical being who sews seeds of wonder wherever he goes? Magic domain! Now, please hurry up and select a domain!]

A MASSIVE list appears in front of me... there are EASILY over two hundred.

Acid, Air, Alcohol, Animal, it really goes on and on...

[Upon selecting your first domain, you will be granted a perk (Or Perks) depending on the level of strength of the domain! So while something like 'Death' might make it so you can see the lifespan of a target, weaker ones like 'Water' might let you create and control steam AND grant a separate perk for ice.]

"Hrmmm..." I let out a long hum as I sit down.

I have selected something that even Yukari fucking Yakumo from touhou would approve of in its absolute capability to be broken.

[You have chosen Reflection Domain]

[You have gained a perk.]

The Other Side: You have access to a 'mirror dimension', you can directly manipulate and change aspects of this mirror world, allowing you to go inside, pull out objects, put in objects, and more!

'hm... so this is basically 'man in the mirror's' ability from Jojo... decent I suppose...'

I let out a low hum as I blankly walk forwards. 'nooow I wonder where I am? The real world? An anime? A game?'


Standing behind me is a large black bipedal wolf with red eyes and a white mask.


"Ah, yes, a werewolf."

With a howl it lunges forwards... fairly slowly... I mean, I would have expected this thing to lunge for me and cleave my head off before I could even blink, but this is taking a little while...

I duck down, allowing the beast to soar over my head.

I pick up a rock as I do so and turn around, blankly staring at the wolf as it gets its bearings and turns around.

I look down to a puddle on my left, then look at the giant wolf.


It lunges forwards, so I boreally toss the pebble into the puddle.

A white outline surrounds the wolf.

The werewolf-like monstrosity makes its way into frame just as the pebble hits the puddle with a splash, sending a ripple throughout.

The creature visibly ripples and stops its charge, but looks mostly unharmed.


I use its brief moment of pause to step over to the puddle and prod it with my finger, right where the black wolf's leg is.


Its leg deforms, as the creature beside me collapses, its form in the puddle follows as well, I glance over to it to see that its hind leg looks like somebody shot it with a cannonball, it is twisted and dented as it had taken a watermelon of steel right to the kneecap.

I snap my finger. 'Beowolf! That's what it's called!'

'So, that means I'm on Remnant... somewhere...'

The crippled beowolf lurches towards me, but I simply drag my finger across the puddle, causing it to be launched out of frame and its chest to be dented as if I had hit it across the chest with a tree trunk.



The beowolf smashes into a tree, its neck snapping and its body falling still.

I take this moment to actually acknowledge what I look like, black hair, purple eyes... nice. I'm a total hottie! I guess that's just divinity for you~

'I guess I'll wander around where-ever I am for a bit... run into plot-important characters perhaps? I'm thinking... Ruby and Yang? Neo- even though realistically she shouldn't be out here... Velvet? Maybe Ren and Nora? That one actually seems pretty plausible... it'll probably be the first two or the last two if I am going to be honest.'

I stand up, put my hands behind my head, and casually wander off into the distance... not a care in the world.

"KYAAAA! U-Ursa! O-OW!"

I slowly blink as a cloaked figure leaps out of the brambles.

She has short dark red hair, looking black in all but the tips, piercing silver eyes, and tattered white tablecloth stained brown and green from mud and grass.

She has a couple of scrapes on her arms and legs and a small steadily forming welt on her cheek from a branch that slapped her.

'ah. It was ruby... and it appears she is cosplaying as her mom or something...'

She locks eyes with me and shouts. "RUN AWAY!"

A large figure crashes through the brush behind her, tearing easily through the brambles

I slowly blink as she rushes past me, gazing over her shoulder to see that I'm not moving.

She skids to a halt, runs back and grabs my wrist. "Come on!"

I refuse to move.

"An Ursa Major, hm?" It actually looks like it is completely ignoring me right now... going only for Ruby.

The Ursa is outlined white as I toss a pebble into a nearby puddle.


Its head barely moves downwards as a force which is similar to a catapult's stone hits it dead on the back of the neck.

"Oh shit." I whisper, allowing Ruby to pull me along, the now angered bear chasing after us.

I manage to keep up nicely.

"W-Why are you out here?!" Ruby huffs as we run.

"Why are you?"

"I- uh got a little too adventurous and got a little lost."

"Mn. I sort of just woke up here. No real memories, no idea how I got here... that sort of thing..."

"T-That's horrible!" She cries.

"Yeah." I nod. "Anyways, we're about to die, yeah?"

A tree behind us shatters as the Ursa barrels through it.

"I-I don't want to die!" Ruby cries. "H-How will I be able to help people if I DIE!"

"Mn. Alright then. Follow my lead."

I change directions, tugging ruby along as I make my way towards a large puddle... one of those GOOD ones you would see on one of those four-wheeler paths where the tires dug a small pit... you can't tell how deep it is and the water is all murky and brown... this is what I need for my plan.

"W-What are you doing?!"

I stop in front of the puddle.

I haphazardly shove her forwards as she gains a white outline.

"Nooo! I don't want to get dirt-" she is silenced as she falls into the puddle, the reflection showing that she gets hurled away from the edge and out of frame.

I hop into the puddle as well.

"-appened?!" Ruby finishes as she looks around, her eyes snapping over to me as a transparent Ursa Major stops in front of the puddle, looking around confusedly.

It is eerily quiet here... even the Ursa raising up and slamming its paws onto the ground has no sound.

The world seems slightly faded... only the puddle showing any real vibrant color as it shows a reflection of the outside world.

"W-What did you do?!"

I give her a thumbs up. "I took care of the ursa problem."

She observes the fact that we are standing under the ursa, my body half-way through one of its back legs.


"no, we are still alive... how do I describe it..." I cup my chin and look up towards the sky. "Hrm..."

Ruby seems to have calmed down slightly due to the fact that we aren't dead.

"You know what a mirror is, yeah?"

She slowly nods.

"Basically, we stepped into the mirror, taking our reflection's place."

"OOOOH!" She gasps. "That's SUPER cool! That's an AMAZING ability! Just think of how many people you could save with that!"

"The only problem is that I need a reflective surface to activate it."

"Oh... W-Well it's still really strong!"

She looks to the transparent Ursa prowling around and smashing trees.

"S-So how do we get out?"

I gesture to the puddle. "Reflective surfaces."

She slowly blinks. "any reflective surface?"

"Well, it has to be big enough for us to fully pass through I'm pretty sure..."

"Anyways." I shrug. "My name is..."

I look up and scratch my chin. "I can't... remember... but I'm feeling 'Asmodeus'… for now at least."

"Oh!" Ruby blinks.

"My name is Summer!"


"My name is Summer, Summer Rose!"



We walk through the utterly silent world of the 'Upside Down'- which I have dubbed this place due to the fact that everything but us will be reversed- the silence is broken... only by a single voice.

"So anyways, I've always wanted to be a huntress! They are just so cool! I want to help people! I used to get bulled a lot in school for my eyes, but then a super cool huntsman appeared and told the others to leave me alone and they did! I really want to be cool like that... if I can make even one person's life better like that man made mine, I'd say my rigorous training would be worth it!"

"Mhm..." I hum with half-lidded eyes as I stare blankly forwards, Summer leading us both because- and I quote- 'I know this place like the back of my hand!'

'oh gods I'm in the fucking past! I'm so far pre-canon that my mere appearance has probably erased Ruby and Yang from existence ENTIRELY! Who is going to beat Salem?! Who is going to stop Roman and Cinder?! Will Summer even die-'

I slowly blink as I realize something.

'I can change this...'

'I can force Summer to live... defeat Cinder and Roman... put Salem on the fucking moon! YES! I can make this place have a happy ending! Buuut first, I should really amass some sort of power...'

"-and that's why I hate Cabbages... always have, always will!"

I slowly blink.

'ah damn... with my internal brooding I seem to have missed a funny-slash-embarrassing story...'

We pass THROUGH a pack of beowolves prowling around, Summer getting starry eyed as she gets a closer look.

"WOOOOAH! I have never seen one this close before! Actually... the only time I saw one was when my dad took me out hunting! That was fun- OH! I meant hunting for things like Rabits and Deer, not Grimm, but my dad is pretty strong! Not huntsman level, but he does have his aura unlocked, so he was able to fight a whole pack of beowolves by himself!"

'her endless energy is slowly killing me...'

"Are we even going the right way?"

"Of course we are!" The girl gasps, awed at the fact that I could even consider that she is wrong.

"At first, I was sort of just guessing, but now I know where we are! We aren't that far away."

We come to a stop juuust in front of a cliff that drops off to another forest about two hundred feet below.


"We might be a little lost..."

"Yeah." I deadpan.

"So, how old are you?" I ask as I slowly follow along.

We had been in this forest for about two hours now... no real sign of Summer's home... and it is actually getting a little late in the evening, so in about an hour or two the sun is going to be going down.

"Fifteen... you?"

"Uh... I think I'm around that age as well... do you have your aura unlocked yet?"

"Hrm... no... my father really doesn't want me to be a huntress... he says that it's too dangerous for me... but I have been training by myself and with my bow I can even take out a beowolf!" She exclaims. "He just wants me to be a regular hunter... for deer and stuff... it's supposed to be the family business, but I want to have more impact than that! I don't want to be just a simple mob character while others go out and save the world!"

"You kill grimm without aura? That's cool..."

"I wish I had aura like you..." Summer pouts. "You have such a cool semblance as well!"

"I'm going to stop you right there." I frown as I hold up a finger. "I don't actually have aura."


"T-Then how?! How did you do all this?!"

"Hrm... I dunno... I could do this as long as I can remember... which isn't that long now that I think about it, but I do this without any other ability... is it a racial trait? Some sort of bloodline ability? I don't know, but. It's cool."

"T-There are powers other than Aura?"

[You have gained a divine rank, thus making you a Demigod.]

"Uh. Yeah." I slowly blink as the world seemingly ripples, but Summer doesn't react so I assume she doesn't see it... "I thought you of all people would know that."


"What do you mean?" The girl questions with a head tilt.

"I mean, that the Ursa basically ignored me up to the point where I hit it with a rock... for some reason it solely wanted to kill you."

"Well... it's obvious the villainous grimm would want to slay the hero well before she grew to her strongest!"

"Mhm..." I hum. "But grimm are equal opportunist killers... why did it think I was less important than you?"


"Because... I am the hero?"

I facepalm, causing a small slapping sound to echo throughout the silent world.

"The grimm aren't smart, so it was something physical... not some sort of astral mission to slay the 'future savior of Remnant'… so what is different between the two of us appearance wise?"

The girl narrows her eyes slightly and leans forwards, hand on her chin as she looks me over, then looks down at herself. "I'm... a girl- *GASP* ARE THE GRIMM PERVERTS?! DO THEY WANT TO FIND ME AND PIN ME DOWN AND DO THAT LEWD STUFF THAT I SAW THEM DO IN ONE OF MY BROTHER'S COMIC BOOKS?!"

"Your eyes." I sigh with a flat stare.


"Oh." She whispers after a couple of seconds of silence. "what about them?"

"They're silver." I answer.

"And? Your eyes are purple." She states flatly. "I don't get what eye color has to do with that ursa hating me."

I rub the bridge of my nose. "That it. When we get out of this hellish forest. We are going to the library."

"Whaaat?! Nooooo! Books are lame! I'd much rather just learn to kill grimm!" Summer exclaims with a cry of loathing.

"Even if it was the secret to unlocking the true power of your eyes?" I ask.

She freezes.

"Wouldn't it benefit the 'hero of remnant' to have a super special power that only a couple have?"

"HRMMMMM." She hums, deep in thought for a couple of moments. "Fine... I'll read a-" she shivers "-Book."

Her stomach growls causing her to pout. "Mnnnn so hungry..."

"How long have you been out here?" I ask with a raised eyebrow.

"Since about eight this morning..."

"So, you have been running around out here... without any food or water for about eight or nine hours now... right?"

She sheepishly scratches the back of her head. "I-I got lost!"

[As a Demigod you have unlocked a new domain.]


'I pick 'Perspective' domain.'

[Perspective Domain selected.]

I close my eyes. 'let's just look at this from another perspective...'

As if I had taken out a drone, my vision sways, Summer looking confusedly behind her as she notices I stop.

I take a quick look around in my out of body experience and notice something. "Smoke..."


I blink and regain my vision, then point off into the forest. "There's a plume of smoke in that direction."

"What..." Summer whispers as her eyes slowly widen. "We need to hurry!"

Then she blurs off into the forest.

I sigh and follow after, easily catching up.

"Summer, I'm going to pick you up, alright? I'm barely trying right now."

"W-*huff* What?" She asks only to be scooped up into a bridal carry as I speed forwards nearly four times the speed she was running before. "EEP-"

Her tablecloth cloak ripples out behind us as we make it to our destination and I slide to a halt.

We see a small house, burnt and toppled; ashes scattered around the yard as a large wyvern grimm prepares to take off.

"No..." Summer whispers as she clambers out of my grasp, falling to her hands and knees as she crawls forwards. "N-No!"

'is this-'

She rushes into the house as a man mounts the wyvern and takes off into the sky.

My eyebrow twitches as I glare up to the man.

I hold out a hand towards him.


He passes over a puddle and the wing of the wyvern shatters like glass.

You are out of Lesser Divine Abilities.

The wyvern spirals out of control and smashes into the ground somewhere out in the forest.

I look back to the house and slowly walk forwards.

Summer is sitting on the floor, crying her eyes out.


I silently walk forwards, a sleeping Summer on my back. Salem had targeted her family... she came back to see her mother, brother and father all butchered like cattle... Her mother didn't even have silver eyes and she was still killed, just not as brutally... her brother and father had their eyes plucked from their heads, then were burnt alive by the wyvern's flames... we exited the Mirror world for a moment to bury them, but otherwise we quickly returned.

Summer had pretty much sobbed herself to sleep... and I get it... if my parents had died like that, I don't know what I'd do... but we have to move forwards. I can't really stand crying girls, so... Salem is going to pay for this. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but someday, I am going to place her in a world of endless agony... no matter how long it takes.

I crest over the edge of a hill, looking off into the horizon to see a large city.


The first step of many in our journey to Beacon.

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