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Chapter 1: Mysterious Letter

Konnichiwa Fuuko-chan, daijobu desu ka?

I hope you are alright. You know I am watching you.

Every hour. Every day.

And you know what? You keep getting lovelier and lovelier as days pass by. How I wish we could be together. But you have a boyfriend. I haven't seen him for sometime, where is he? Did he dump you? My, my! Poor Fuuko-chan. But don't worry because I'm here--I'm here for you. Always. You just don't notice me.

Right at this moment while you're reading my letter, I'm watching you. Watch as you wear that frown on your face. Watch the way your eyebrows knit together in deep thought, thinking who sent this letter to you. Be patient darling Fuuko. You'll know me soon. Very soon. I wish your ever-perfect boyfriend doesn't come back here. I wish he met an accident or fall for another girl so he'll left you to me. Because you know, you are MINE. MINE ONLY. I WANT YOU. I want to be the one whose arms will wrap around you. I want to be the one who'll run my fingers through your long purple hair. The one who'll kiss you passionately. I want to be that ONE. Not your boyfriend, not any other guys, but me. ME!

So long Fuuko-chan. I LOVE YOU and you're going to be mine soon...

Sakoshita Yanagi looked up from the letter that she was reading--her face was a mixture concern and wonder. She folded the letter and handed it over to her friend, Kirisawa Fuuko.

"Well..." Fuuko prompted, taking a sip of her juice. "What do you think about that?" She took the letter from Yanagi and placed it inside her bag.

Yanagi sighed. "I guess it's time to take it seriously." She glanced outside the window. It was a beautiful Friday afternoon. She and Fuuko decided to meet at the café across their university, since the latter have something important to tell her.

Fuuko gave a snort and smirked at her best friend. "Seriously? Ya-chan, don't tell me you believe this crappy letter? Maybe it is just some kind of a joke somebody is trying to pull off." She crossed her arms on her chest. "Well I'm not giving him the satisfaction of believing his lame joke."

"What if it isn't a joke?" Yanagi murmured. "Fuu-chan that is the fourth letter you've received this week. I'm getting worried." She twisted the paper napkin that she was holding. "And don't tell me it's nothing." She warned as Fuuko opened her mouth to say something.

A sigh escaped Fuuko's lips. "You're right. That's the fourth goddamned, gomen ne, letter I received this week." She leaned back and groaned. "Why would anybody send me something like that knowing that I have a boyfriend?"

"Well Mikagami-sempai isn't here now, is he?" Yanagi asked. "It's a very good opportunity to send you a letter."

Fuuko pouted. Mikagami Tokiya, popularly known as the 'fridge boy', was her boyfriend now. At first, it was a great shock for the female population in Tokyo University when they found out that their 'Mikagami-sama' proposed to a certain purple-haired girl named Kirisawa Fuuko. And she suffered a great deal from it receiving crude comments, criticisms and who-knows-what-else Mikagami's fans plan on giving her. But no one dared to say anything right into her face, for they are afraid on what she might do to them or what Mikagami will do to them. It took almost a year for them to get used to seeing Mikagami and her together.

Yanagi was looking at Fuuko worriedly. The former wind-wielder was looking outside with a dazed expression. She can't guess what her friend was thinking. Could it be about the mysterious letter sender? Nah, Fuuko's not the one to take this kind of thing seriously. She always had explanations on why it was done.

Maybe Fuuko's right. Yanagi thought. Maybe this letter is just a sick joke someone's trying to pull off. But her instinct is on alert mode. She knew better to trust it for it never fails her. And if her instinct is telling her that someone's after Fuuko--then someone definitely is.

"Ano, Fuuko." She called out to her friend. Fuuko tilted her head towards Yanagi and raised an eyebrow. "When is Mikagami-sempai coming back?" Their ever-perfect sempai went to another university for a law lecture/seminar. Their university was the one who sent him there as a representative since he's one of the top law students.

"After a week, I guess." Fuuko answered with a shrug. "You know him. He might change his mind when he finds the lecture interesting and stay there for another more week."

"Do you plan to tell him about the letter?"

The question made Fuuko pause. "I don't know." She glanced at Yanagi, who raised an eyebrow at her.

Yanagi reached out to squeeze her hand. "I think it's better if you tell him about it."

Fuuko nodded. "I think so too." She agreed.

"At least I'll get some sleep at night." Yanagi said with a smile as she brought out a book and a notebook. "This letter thingy is making me nervous."

Fuuko laughed. "I know you care Ya-chan. Arigatou."

"Hai," Yanagi said. "And don't even think about not telling Mikagami-sempai ok? I'll ask him myself to find out if you did tell him."

"Hai, hai." Fuuko muttered. Actually she was planning not to tell Tokiya about the letters. She had her pride as a fighter. And telling Tokiya about it is like running to your mother and tattling to her about the bully who beat you up and stole your bag of candies away.

And she's not like that.

But then again, she had no choice. Yanagi's a little hard-headed when they're talking about her safety. Besides, she told herself. She's just concerned. A mobile phone's ringing tone broke her thoughts.

Yanagi glanced up from what she was writing and said, "It's not mine."

"Then it's mine." Fuuko grinned as she opened her bag and brought out her phone. "Fuuko here!" She said after she pressed the answer button.

"Who is it?" Yanagi queried.

Fuuko's face lit up. "It's Mi-chan!" Yanagi shook her head. She never expected things to turn out this way. A few years back, Fuuko and Mikagami would never have one decent conversation with each other. They always ended up in each other's throats. But ever since they entered college, the two started acting a little more mature than before. Or better yet, Fuuko started acting more mature since Tokiya only loses his maturity when faced with the ex-Fuujin master.

Yanagi glanced at her notebook and frowned. She had an assignment in English and she was getting nowhere. I'll do this later. She decided and glanced at Fuuko who was laughing mirthfully. I guess I left my concentration somewhere in my locker.

"What did sempai tell you?" Yanagi questioned the moment Fuuko turned her phone off.

Fuuko toyed with the hem of her blouse. "He's coming back." She said with a big smile on her face.

"That's great Fuuko-chan!" Yanagi squealed. She looked at her watch and started placing her things back in her bag. "When?"

"He's on his way now." Fuuko did the same. "What time is it?"

"It's nearly 5 pm. Why?"

"I have to go back to the university." Fuuko replied as she stood up. "How about you?"

"I'm going to the library to get some books before going home." Yanagi sighed. "I got a couple of essays to finish."

"Good thing you only had two. I have three." Fuuko rolled her eyes.

Yanagi giggled suddenly. "Let me guess, you're too lazy to finish it and you're thinking that you may convince Tokiya-kun to do it for you. Am I right?"

"Jackpot!" Fuuko whooped as they exited the cafe and started walking across the street to their university.

Yanagi shook her head. "Still excusing yourself from your responsibilities Fuu-chan?" She wagged her forefinger at the grinning Fuuko. "That's not a good attitude."

"Yare, yare!" Fuuko answered in a sing-song voice. "I'm just joking. I'm not going to let Mi-chan finish my essay. That would be too much. I'm just going to ask for his help in case I can't finish it myself."

"Where are you heading anyway?" Yanagi waved at a classmate that greeted them as they passed by.

"I'm going to the photography club. We have a meeting." Fuuko stopped in front of a building. "So I'll see you tomorrow ok?"

Yanagi nodded. "Ja!" She gave a small wave as Fuuko turned to enter the building. Yanagi hesitated a little before calling out her purple-haired friend's name. "Fuuko!"

Fuuko turned around. "Nani?"

"Be careful on your way home!" Yanagi said.

Fuuko smiled. "Hai! Arigatou." She turned to walk inside the building, greeting some people she knew before disappearing from Yanagi's view.

The ex-healer continued to walk towards the university's library which was two buildings away. The wind blew softly caressing her soft brown hair. She stopped in front of a garden that was just across the library. It was still beautiful just like the first time she saw it two years ago.

Two years. It was that long. Time flies by so fast. The fight with Kurei and Mori Kouran--they seemed like a long time ago. She shook her head to push away the memory. At least we're all happy now. She paused. Well, before Fuuko started receiving those letters. She turned and made her way towards the library's entrance. Maybe it'll stop once Mikagami-sempai is back. It was the one thing that stops her from worrying. Besides, Mikagami had a reputation in their school. No one dares to cross paths with him since they know they couldn't survive his wrath.

Yanagi was too engrossed with her thoughts that she didn't notice a pair of eyes watching her not very far away.


There's that bitch with brown hair and eyes. Fuuko's best friend, Sakoshita Yanagi. She's beautiful just like Fuuko. But hers was the beauty of an angel while Fuuko has the beauty of a goddess. And a goddess needs to be worshipped. I have to be very careful with my moves from now on. That girl has a sharp instinct even though she looks innocent and based on my observations; she's smart in her own way too. He started walking towards the library. He gave a little smile every time someone he knew passes by. I should watch this Yanagi-san. One has to be very careful. Who knows? She might interfere with my plans. I can't let that happen. He carefully stole a glance at Yanagi again.

I won't let someone like her ruin it.

-To Be Continued-

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