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Chapter 13: It Was an Accident

It was a rather cool morning. The sun may be up in the sky already, but it still has to shower its scorching rays down on earth. The unique smell of dawn still lingers in the air—cool, calming and fresh. Silence hovered in the air, broken every now and then by the occasional chirping of birds and the rhythmic tapping of running feet against the pavement.

He took a deep breath as he surveyed his surroundings. Sweat dripped down his face, arms swinging beside him, keeping in time with his feet as he ran along the not-so-empty street. He zoomed past two jogging girls, who look like they weren't jogging at all, but just merely gossiping.

The road curved ahead and he felt his heart jump suddenly in excitement. Just after that bend is the street where Fuuko lives. He increased his pace a little as he neared it.

Catching his breath as he rounded the curve, he felt oddly exhilarated. He was made aware of the sweat slowly trickling down his back as he stared at the row of the apartments, eyes stopping right at the house where Fuuko is residing.

She's probably still sleeping. He thought dejectedly. 6 o' clock is too early for her to get out of bed, especially since it's her day off today.

Fuuko usually has work at Bijinshi every Saturday. But the photographer (whom she's working for as an assistant) is currently at the other side of the country, working on an assignment. He knew of this, of course. They are working at the same place after all.

He deliberately slowed down when he was near the apartment and stopped right in front of it. Crouching down, he pretended to tie his shoelaces. It's not like anyone's paying attention to him, but better to be safe. The house was quiet and there are no movements inside. He clucked his tongue, undoing and doing the laces of his running shoes, an excuse to stay longer in his position.

"My angel is still in dreamland," he murmured, letting out a soft chuckle. He knew that she is currently alone inside. Her boyfriend left for his customary Saturday morning swim at the local pool in the health club near their place. He had seen Mikagami stepped out of the apartment earlier with a gym bag on his shoulder, while he was stretching his legs just outside his apartment's door.

He watched in a surreptitious manner as the tall lad sauntered towards the health club in a rather relaxed manner not typical of him. He looked fresh and handsome—as always. And that was when he realized how much he hates Fuuko's boyfriend.

Mikagami Tokiya is the biggest hindrance to him and Fuuko. The BIGGEST hindrance. His left hand fisted tightly, fingernails scratching against his palms. It didn't help that he knows the apartment before him belongs to Mikagami. That fact left a bitter taste in his mouth. He's not really happy that the two of them are playing house. And he's not stupid that he would not figure out why Fuuko was not in her room the last time he tried to visit her up in that tree. It wouldn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that she's sleeping in Mikagami's room. It was logical, considering it was Mikagami who answered her phone in the middle of the night.

He stood up stiffly knowing that to linger there longer would look suspicious. He trudged forward with a heavy heart (and feet); disappointed that he wasn't able to see Fuuko. He'd been running around the same track for the third time, hoping to catch a glimpse of his purple-haired angel, praying that she would wake up soon and go out of the apartment (whether to get the morning paper in front of their doorstep or caught a whiff of the fresh morning air up in the balcony). But his effort seems wasted…

"I really want to see you Fuuko-chan," he whispered as he forced himself to continue moving ahead, looking forward to passing by the apartment again hoping that this time he will see Fuuko.

The sun dappled the pavement with its warm rays. He felt it caressed his arm and face—a sensation that he's quite fond of especially since the early morning rays didn't have the scorching quality that it has every noon.

There was a honk behind him and a mini-van with a flower shop logo passed by.

His eyes followed the vehicle until it disappeared from his sight. His lips curved into a smile as an idea formed in his head.

Mikagami stared at the figure on the bed, buried under the dark blue comforter. He just came home from his morning swim and was a bit surprise to see Fuuko still sleeping in the apartment. Strands of her purple hair peeked out from the cover, splaying across the same colored pillow creating a contrast of colors. He caught sight of the dainty feet poking out of the comforter's edge and he wondered if she wasn't suffocating or, given the already hot weather, wasn't sweating profusely under it.

Striding towards the bed, he bent forward a little to peek at the still sleeping girl. Snores were coming from under the comforter and he smirked. He decided against waking her up, even if he was a bit confused as to why she's still there. Didn't she have work today?

Muttering a 'tadaima', he pulled the comforter down, just enough to see her sleeping face and kissed her forehead. She mumbled something but didn't wake up and he was tempted to kiss her again, this time on her lips.

He straightened up, deciding to take a shower since he was all sweaty from the walk back to the apartment.

Just right after he took his shirt off, a muffled groan came from the bed followed by a loud thud. He spun around, only to find Fuuko sprawled down on the floor with the comforter tangled around her legs.

"Itai!" Fuuko grumbled, rubbing her head. She muttered a curse in a weary (and sleepy) tone as she rubbed her head, trying to get up. That was a really nasty fall. She realized that she had hit the floor head first. "Crap…" she growled. She was on her hands and knees when she sensed that someone was standing a few feet away from her. Mikagami was looking at her with an expression that tells her he was fighting the urge to laugh out loud.

"Don't you dare laugh," she warned him as she sat on floor, her back against the bed. She rubbed her head again and winced when she accidentally pressed on the part where a bump was threatening to appear.

Mikagami approached her and crouched down in front of her. "Ohayo," he greeted, the corner of his lips twitching as he fought a grin from appearing. "What a way to start your morning."

"Don't start," she admonished, glaring at him.

He merely shrugged and reached out to examine her head. "Daijobu?"

"Hai," Fuuko answered with a yawn.

"Good," he said as he kissed the affected part.

"That kind of fall wouldn't kill me," Fuuko bragged.

"But it's enough to jolt your brain out of its position."

She merely snorted and signaled at him to help her stand up.

"What are you still doing here?" Mikagami asked. "You should be at your work."

"It's my day off," Fuuko answered as she made a grab of the comforter and started tidying up the bed. "Howard-san's at Hokkaido doing an assignment there."

"How come I didn't know of it?" Mikagami asked with a cock of his eyebrow.

"Didn't I tell you about it last night?"

"You didn't."

"Well, as far as I know, I told you." She scratched her cheek giving him a questioning look, taking note of his half-dressed state. Then she approached him and gave his abdomen a teasing jab. "I'll use the bathroom first," she said, probably concluding that he was about to take a bath. "Don't worry, I'll be quick." She winked at him and he watched her prance towards it.

His eyes rested unconsciously on her sexy derrière. Why the hell didn't he notice that she was only wearing a cute underwear and a sexy tank top to sleep?

One thing he learned when Kirisawa Fuuko became his girlfriend is that she really did have the talent to draw out a man's inner pervert… including his.

He groaned. It was still early in the morning and that vision of her scantily covered butt was making him think of convincing her to spend the rest of the day on the bed with him.

She suddenly appeared at the bathroom's doorway with her toothbrush in her hand. "Yow Mi-chan! What's with that stupid look on your face? Are you ok?"

A vein popped on his forehead at the word 'stupid'. "I'm fine," he answered quickly, hoping that she didn't notice the flush on his cheeks. "I'm just feeling a bit… hot." He inwardly grimaced at that word. "Care to move faster? I would really like to take a shower now."

Fuuko leveled her gaze at him for a moment. "Then go take a shower," she said with a shrug of her shoulders. "I don't mind brushing my teeth while you're just a foot away taking a bath." She emphasized the last word as she wore an impish grin on her face. "All the better for me. After all, it's not like I haven't seen ALL of it." Her eyes traveled up and down his body before turning around and disappearing inside the bathroom.

He stand rooted on the spot, staring after her with narrowed eyes. Then he smirked. Should he say touché?

"Kirisawa," he called out as he followed her inside the bathroom. "You are a pervert."

Fuuko (who is standing in front of the bathroom sink, brushing her teeth) merely crinkled her eyes in a semblance of a smile. If she didn't have a toothbrush currently stuck inside her mouth, she would've laughed out loud at that accusation before saying 'why yes of course'.

She went back to her business, hearing a faint 'plop' as the ex-Ensui wielder threw his shorts in the laundry hamper, followed by the sound of the shower door opening. She didn't bother to turn around, but flinched when he playfully slapped her butt before entering the shower and sliding the door closed.

She scowled. "Make it fast iceberg, I want to take a bath too."

"Use the bathroom downstairs," her boyfriend answered, the sound of the shower blast nearly drowning his voice. "And don't disturb me."

"I'm not disturbing you," she retorted. Or maybe I should. She thought, grinning mischievously at her reflection.

She tapped at the glass door lightly. "Ne, Mi-chan," she called out chirpily.

"What?! I thought I told you not to disturb me?"

The teasing tone was evident in her voice. "Need company?"


Tokiya grunted at Fuuko's demanding voice.

"Mi-chan harder! Push harder."

He gritted his teeth but still complied to his girlfriend's demand.

"Faster! Faster!" Fuuko nearly screeched, the blood pumping inside her wildly. Gosh. They are close. "Gawd Mi-chan!"

Tokiya concentrated on what he was doing. His hands were already screaming from the agony of tiredness and yet he continued with his movements as he aimed to please the already excited girl with him by conceding to her request. Kami, they are near. A few more…

"Yes!" Fuuko shouted. "Yes! Yes! Yes! Kyaaaah!" She pumped her fist into the air, letting go of the PlayStation joystick in her hand. In a flash she's already standing, jumping up and down. "We finished it! I can't believe we fuckingly finished it! Finally!" She twirled around the room, ecstatic.

The silver-haired lad stared unblinkingly at the TV in front of him, not quite believing the words 'Level Complete' flashing on the screen. Shit! After all those hardships, he—actually, they— finally finished this blasted game. All energy seeped out of him as he lay down, flat on his back on the living room floor, breathing heavily. Kami, his hands are hurting like hell, but it was worth it.

"Mi-chan!" Fuuko peered at her boyfriend's face. "We did it! You're not a lousy PS player after all." She crouched down and poked his cheek.

"I can't move my hands… my fingers to be more specific," he drawled out. "I think they're dead."

"No they're not!" Fuuko guffawed. "You are exaggerating." She sat beside him, grabbing one of his hands to massage the aching digits.

"I am not going to play this game again," he muttered. "I'm throwing it out later."

The ex-Fuujin wielder rolled her eyes. "You really suck at this, ne Mi-chan?"

"Shut up."

"I guess you're human after all. And it makes my heart soar to know that you, indeed, have flaws," she teased.

He scowled at her. He didn't like being teased about his PS playing talent—if he did have one. "Ganko's a much better player than you."

Fuuko smirked as she let go of his hand and lay down beside him, resting her head on his arm. She moved to face him. "That's a fact, but still compared to you… I'm a much, much better player." She laughed loudly at his irritated expression.

"But for a job well done, even if I did lend a hand…" Fuuko's voice trailed off, flashing a saucy smile at him. "You deserve a kiss…" She nudged his head forward.

"Hey, can't I have more than a kiss?"

"You would, if you were able to finish the game by yourself. Besides I thought you aren't able to use your fingers hmm?"

"Yeah… but I can still use my tongue." He whispered sensually and teasingly on her ear, letting his lips touch it in a light kiss.

The wind child giggled in girlish but mocking manner. He took advantage of his arm behind her head to push her face closer to his. Their lips locked in an already fiery kiss, as if it has a mind on its own and it decided that it was the appropriate kiss in this broad afternoon, on living room floor with the PlayStation joysticks at their feet.

Fuuko clutched at this shirt, then at his arm, pulling him closer. He vividly sensed her hand, slowly making its way inside his shirt caressing the bare skin under it. And just as he predicted, her leg hooked itself on his hips, making the edges of her pale blue summer dress hike up, exposing her slim thigh for him to touch.

Before he knew it, his hand were already stroking it, moving upwards to her hips, feeling the edge of her underwear against his fingers. He hooked a finger on it with an intention of pulling it down. She responded by wrapping herself around him tighter, lifting her hips in the process making it easy for him to pull the garment off.

There was something so hot and exciting about doing it in the middle of the living room with the afternoon sun still fierce outside, basking everything around them in light.

He was half-way in pulling her underwear down when the door bell rang.

Ding dong.

Fuuko pulled her lips away from his, blinking, her eyes still in a trance-like state. He decided to ignore it and was about to kiss her again when the door bell rang for the second time.

He groaned and Fuuko pushed him away a little, still breathing heavily, with a distracted expression on her face. The bell rang again and she let out an irritated huff.

"I'll go get it," she mumbled, trying to stand while fixing herself up, even though her knees are still wobbly and her mind is still reeling and fuzzy from their kiss.

He muttered a curse under his breath, to hell with that idiot outside the door. He wanted to murder whoever it is. Just when he is getting into the mood…

He pushed himself away from the floor as he vaguely heard Fuuko talking to someone at the door. He proceeded to clean up the mess in the living room (some bag of chips and soda cans), Fuuko single-handedly created while they were playing the PlayStation earlier.


The former sword master looked up, surprised that Fuuko called him with his given name. A lump appeared in his throat. Did something… happen?

He turned his head towards the sound of her voice and saw her standing beside the couch, a bouquet of white lilies cradled in her arms. She made a pretty picture, standing there in her pale blue short dress, holding the flowers, smiling sweetly at him. This was one of those moments where she can take his breath away without really intending to.

Dropping the bouquet, she launched herself at him in a bone crushing hug. His hands automatically caught her as he stupidly stared at the flowers, wondering where the hell did it come from.

"Kyaah, you can be a really, really sweet boyfriend!" She glomped him, planting kisses all over his face. "Arigatou!"

He continued to stare at the flowers, and his eyes slanted dangerously. Then his gazed went to the girl in his arms. He was about to say something when the doorbell rang again.

"I'll get it," Fuuko cheerfully bounded towards the door.

Tokiya reached down to grab the flowers on the floor, examining it carefully, looking for a card or any note attached to it. But there was none.

Fuuko returned, squealing, with another bouquet in her arms. This time it was of purple irises—her favorite flowers, next to lilies.

She hugged him tighter than before, mumbling a thank you against his shirt. Usually he's happy whenever she's touched by gestures like this. But right now, all he was feeling is his blood boiling in raw anger.

The bouquets didn't come from HIM.

He continued to stare at Fuuko with no expression on his handsome face. The ex-wind wielder noticed his indifference and she stepped back to gaze at his face. "Mi-chan?" She whispered.

"Fuu," he muttered tonelessly. "I'm sorry but… those flowers didn't come from me."

Fuuko tore her gaze away from him and stared at flowers. "Then who..." She didn't know what to say. Her face scrunched into a frown. "But you're the only one who knows I like irises…" She placed the irises down next to the lilies on the coffee table. "The lilies are a common knowledge… after all I've been using them as a subject consistently in some of my photos. But the irises…" her voice trailed off and she sat down on the couch, staring numbly at the two bouquets.

"This is awkward Fuu…" Mikagami muttered with an indescribable look on his face.

The doorbell rang again and they stared at each other.

"I'll get it…" The tall lad grumbled with a dark look on his face.

The doorbell rang twice again as if the person outside was in a hurry to be accommodated. Or was it just their imagination?

Fuuko fixed her eyes at the flowers again… she already knew where they came from.

When her boyfriend came back, there was another bouquet in his hand… this time with white lilies and purple irises together. It was beautiful. The contrast of the flowers was so striking. But Fuuko couldn't bring herself to admire it knowing who sent it.

Tokiya was holding a small white card in his hand. It obviously came with the flowers.

"Somebody just left it at the door, guess who?" He flicked the card towards her and she caught it with her fingers.

O Mistress mine, where are you roaming?

O, stay and hear; your true love's coming…

She frowned at the message. Ok, where the fuck did her stalker get this crap?

"It's an excerpt from Shakespeare's poem…" the ex-Ensui master whispered, answering the question that she never uttered out. He watched as an annoyed look cross Fuuko's features.

Under the excerpt was a message that made Fuuko clenched the card tighter.

Where are you Fuuko-chan? You should be in my arms right now like you're supposed to be…

"Oryaaah! I'm alive and kicking AGAIN!!!" Kamatari Natsuo screeched, clapping his hands with an enthusiasm that was so common in him. "You hear me world? I'm baaaccck!" His statement was followed by a round of applause from some of his friends and Natsuo bowed down again and again as if he were an actor in a play that had just ended. If he was wincing or hurting from some wounds that still needs to heal, he didn't show it.

It's been a week since he was hospitalized and he just got—finally—discharged from that pathetic and boring place yesterday. His friends decided to throw a welcome home party for him and despite the doctor's order for him to just rest first and take it easy, he totally agreed to the idea. After all, he is a self-confessed party animal. And the still-had-to-heal wounds that he received from that demented assailant of his are not enough to stop him from partying his heart out.

"You didn't use your healing powers on him did ya?" Fuuko nudged Yanagi who was drinking her punch with a lively gusto. Fuuko will bet Recca's ass, that the punch was spiked. But it seems like Yanagi was enjoying the drink so much that she didn't bother to stop the former healer from drinking it. After all, it wouldn't hurt Yanagi to inject some alcohol in her system every now and then, ne?

Yanagi giggled in answer. "Of course not! How could I? I didn't have them anymore." She drank down the last of her punch and spun around to get some more from the table behind her. Fuuko shook her head. It looks like Yanagi's been drinking the punch even before she arrived at the party. Tokiya drove her there about an hour ago and left, saying that he had to go to the university to take care of something that he didn't bother to elaborate. It's not like he didn't want to attend Natsuo's welcome home party as he told her that he would come back as soon as he can.

Streamers and balloons are everywhere, a large banner with letters, 'Welcome home Natsuo-chan' was plastered on the living room wall. The party mood was hovering in the air. When Poker Face started blasting from the speakers, almost everyone inside the apartment began singing and dancing.

"This is a great punch! The best one I've ever tasted." Yanagi commented with another giggle as she offered one to Fuuko who declined with a slight shake of her head.

"Hey, easy with the punch," Fuuko reminded her brown-haired friend. "Or you're going to get crocked and Recca will have my ass."

"Oh, forget about him," Yanagi pouted.

Fuuko raised an eyebrow at her. "I smell a lover's quarrel. Trouble?"

Yanagi sulked. "He's being an insensitive jerk."

Fuuko raised another eyebrow. Ok, Yanagi almost never uses that description. "What did sea monkey do this time?"


"Oh, Fuu-chan!!! Yanagi-chan!!!" Natsuo screeched as he bounded towards the two girls, cutting of Yanagi's explanation. He gave the two of them a tight hug. "Glad you could make it!"

"Err… why wouldn't we?" Fuuko asked, returning Natsuo's hug adding a comforting squeeze in it.

"Natsuo-kun! I'm glad you're well!" Yanagi embraced him too and hiccupped, earning a surprised look from Natsuo.

"She plans on getting drunk with the punch." Fuuko explained with a roll of her dark blue orbs.

"Tch, tch," Natsuo clucked his tongue. "If you want to get drunk, I have something much, much better." He grabbed both of the girls' hands and steered them towards the coffee table filled with shot glasses. "These are tequila shots for everyone."

Yanagi stared at the small glasses. "They're kawaii!" She was about to grab one when Fuuko stopped her.

"Oh no you can't!" The former Fuujin wielder laughed. Turning to Natsuo she asked, "What's this tequila for everyone crap?"

Natsuo grinned. "Everyone who attends my party are required to drink one, little, harmless shot." He handed a shot glass to the smiling Yanagi. "But the rules are no lemon and salt to help."

"If she gets drunk, I'll make you return to the hospital again." Fuuko warned as she stared at her pretty friend who was examining the glass that Natsuo handed her.

"No one gets drunk with just one shot!" Natsuo said in with an exaggerated horrified tone in his voice. "You should know that!"

"I know that! But she already had too much of that spiked punch," Fuuko retorted. "And knowing her alcohol tolerance is next to nothing—"

Yanagi surprised the two of them by drinking the shot without further ado. "Waah," the ex-healer squealed. "It is good but it burns in my throat."

Natsuo laughed. "See?" He nudged the purple-haired girl whose eyes had widened in disbelief. "She didn't drop unconscious after that drink. Care for another shot Yanagi-chan?"


"Ok, that's enough." Fuuko reached for the glass that Natsuo was about to hand to Yanagi. "I need to get you home without you tripping on your own feet." She wrapped an arm around Yanagi's shoulder. "Recca and Mi-chan, will have my ass if you get drunk."

"But you can take them both down if you want too Fuuko-chan," Yanagi said with a dazed expression on her face.

Natsuo laughed, deliberately misunderstanding Yanagi's statement and Fuuko shot him with a look.

"It doesn't mean like that you idiot!" Fuuko snarled. She glanced at Yanagi who was girlishly giggling at Natsuo's expression. "And thank you for those kind words Sakoshita-san, but you know I've accepted long ago that my fighting rank is right after those two so it'll be really hard for me to beat them."

"Whatever," Natsuo muttered with a wave of his hand. "You still have to drink your shot Kirisawa. If you don't drink, I'll give it to Yanagi-chan."

Fuuko eyed the glass in her hand. "I don't have any choice, ne?"

"You don't," Natsuo said with a gleam in his eye. "Where's Mikagami-sempai by the way?"

Fuuko downed the drink in one gulp. "Back at the university," she answered, coughing a little as the drink stung her throat. "He said he had to take care of something first before coming here."

"Oh, so he's coming over?" Natsuo squealed. "I'm fuckingly delighted! Ahaha!" He handed her another glass.

"I thought I only have to drink one shot?" Fuuko queried incredulously.

"Well… for those hard core drinkers… one isn't enough." Natsuo laughed. "Don't worry, I'm not really trying to get you drunk just so I could seduce Mikagami-sempai," he flashed a smirk at her, batting his eyelashes. "Even if that idea is really tempting."

Fuuko sneered at him, then she eyed the drink warily.

"Drink," Natsuo cajoled her. "Or I'm going to make Yanagi-chan drink three more shots," he threatened when he saw Fuuko hesitated. "Then you'll have to lug her back home and explain to her boyfriend and your boyfriend why she is smashed."

"Fuck you Kamatari," Fuuko cursed before drinking again, vaguely hearing Yanagi clapping beside her and Natsuo laughing like a hyena.


Yanagi spun around at the voice. She was getting a glass of water from the refrigerator and was surprised when someone called her name.

"Mikagami-sempai?" She said when she saw the former Hyoumonken master standing at the kitchen's doorway. "Konbanwa."

Mikagami returned the greeting with a smile. "Have you seen Fuuko?"

"Eerr…" Yanagi pondered. "I think she went outside for a fresh air. Natsuo's trying to get her drunk with the tequila and she snuck out earlier to get away from him. You didn't see her?"

The tall lad shook his head.


"It's ok," Mikagami said. "Are you alright?" He queried when he noticed how red her face is. "Your face is red."

"Eeh?" Yanagi shyly turned her face away.

"You've been drinking?" Mikagami asked, surprised that his sister's look alike can actually be cajoled into drinking.

"Uhm… a bit," Yanagi admitted, fidgeting a little under Mikagami's gazed.

"Fuuko didn't force you did she?" Mikagami raised an eyebrow, knowing his girlfriend can influence Yanagi into doing things the ex-healer normally doesn't do.

"Iie, iie," Yanagi shook her head. "I had too much of the punch and it was spiked. Also, Natsuo-san required everyone here to drink one tequila shot…" she rattled on. Then she stared at Mikagami. "He didn't ask you to drink one shot?"

"No," Mikagami responded, glancing at the living room. "It seems to me they've already run out of tequila when I got here."

"Oh…" Yanagi giggled. In the living room, she can hear Natsuo shouting at someone to hurry with the beers. She offered a glass of water to Mikagami who declined. "Have you eaten sempai? I can get you something." She volunteered knowing that Mikagami would prefer eating in peace in the kitchen than outside in the living room, where there are a lot of people creating ruckus and girls (and gays) trying to catch his attention. It was a feat that Mikagami was able to step inside the kitchen in one piece.

"Eerr… will that be alright?"

"Why yes of course. Don't worry about it." Yanagi beamed. She was about to leave the kitchen but hesitated. "Ano, sempai…"


"How is Fuuko-chan?"

The question wasn't literal. She was pertaining to Fuuko's stalker. She had heard of the bouquets being sent to her friend everyday this week. Fuuko had told her of it.

Mikagami's expression changed at the question and Yanagi chastised herself for asking about it. "Nothing from her stalker so far," Mikagami said after a few seconds. "Aside from him sending bouquets with letters at the apartment every day. I know Fuuko told you about it already. The bouquets always end up in the trash as well as the letters."

"He didn't send photographs like he did one time?"

"He didn't," Mikagami sighed. "But he keeps calling Fuuko. And I told her to just ignore the calls."

"I see…" Yanagi murmured.

"Oryah? Mi-chan? You're here?!"

They both turned towards the doorway and saw Fuuko standing there.

Yanagi approached her. "Where have you been Fuuko-chan?"

"Outside… trying to hide from Natsuo's eyes." Fuuko responded wearily. "I swear, an hour more with him and I'll go home crawling from too much intoxication." She turned to her boyfriend with a grin on her face. "Yow Mikagami!" She greeted with a wave.

Mikagami merely raised an eyebrow at her greeting.

"I think Natsuo-san's calling me," Yanagi made an excuse to leave the two, giggling.

"She was supposed to get me something to eat." Mikagami drawled as he leveled his gaze at his girlfriend. Her face was flushed and he immediately knew that she'd been drinking more than she should have.

"Really now?" Fuuko asked as Yanagi popped her head at the doorway.

"You're here now Fuu-chan, so I'm gonna leave it to you." She waved before disappearing into the living room.

"Eh?" Fuuko said in disbelief. "Hey, don't drink too much ok?" She reminded her friend, knowing that Natsuo will coax Yanagi into drinking more, especially now that Fuuko's not beside her.

"Maybe you should tell that to yourself," Mikagami said, leaning against the sink with his arms folded across his chest. "You're redder than her."

"She cannot handle drunkenness as well as I can," Fuuko stated haughtily as she approached him. She slipped her arms around his waist. "Well hello, glad you could make it here." She kissed his cheek.

"You'd probably drink yourself blind if I'm not here."

Fuuko stepped back to study his face. "Are you mad?"

"No. I just don't want to lug you around when you pass out from too much—" He stopped when he felt the wetness of her lips against the exposed skin of his neck. "Oi, Stop doing that." He reminded her, as she started sucking on the said skin. "We're not alone here."

Fuuko laughed. "Well technically, we are." She motioned at the empty kitchen. "They are all in the living room and are too busy partying to pay any attention to us."

"You're really hard to control when you have alcohol in your system." He muttered before bending down to whisper at her ear. "What would your friend think if he finds out we had sex here in his apartment's kitchen?"

That made Fuuko laughed again. "What makes you think he'll find out?" She pointed towards the door on her right. "See that? That's the bathroom."

"I'll rephrase my question," Mikagami straightened up and towered over Fuuko's small frame. "What would your friend think if he finds out we had sex in his bathroom?"

"He'd be very, very envious." Fuuko responded with a mad grin.

"Oh? Then let's go." He pulled Fuuko towards the bathroom door.

"Kyah! Mi-chan, I was only joking." She resisted, chuckling as she tried to pull her arm back.

"Well I'm not."

"Mikagami Tokiya," she growled. He turned his head to stare at her. Seeing the familiar teasing glint in his eyes, she shook her head and laughed. Drat, he got her. "Ok, ok. I'll stop."


"Let's just get you something to eat shall we?"

"That's better."

"Fuuko-chaaan?" Natsuo suddenly called out in a sing-song voice, peering at the kitchen. He appeared so suddenly that Fuuko guessed he was probably eavesdropping. "Why are you hogging Mikagami-sempai all to yourself? You should let him eat or there'll be nothing left for him. Those starving idiots are already clearing the all the food! Get your ass here and stop flirting in my kitchen!"

Fuuko pushed herself away from the tree where she was hiding herself, flicking her cigarette away. She had sneaked outside, away from Natsuo's incessant whining and threatening to make her drink some more, leaving Tokiya and Yanagi deep in their conversation in the kitchen about Recca's current idiocy (which she didn't bother finding out).

Outside, it didn't look like a party was being held at the apartment, as most people opted to stay inside, dancing and drinking the night away.

She rubbed her hands against her jeans. It was best to get back now before Mikagami bursts an artery when he doesn't find her anywhere inside Natsuo's apartment. She didn't tell him where she had gone off too.

She was about to step out of her hiding place but halted. A smirk form on her lips.

"Oi, come out now. I know you're watching me somewhere." She said, trying to sense where her observer's location is. She had been feeling his eyes on her for a while but she opted to act like she didn't know, wanting to find out what her stalker will do as she was currently alone.

"Only those who don't have the balls to face me will continue hiding themselves." She taunted.

There was only the sound of the wind rustling the trees, making its shadows dance across the pavement. "I know you are there stalker-san," she sneered. "You're the only one who dares watch me from afar like the coward that you are." She was hoping her insults are enough to make him come out and face her.

But he didn't.

"Chicken," she muttered and moved forward, stepping towards the lighted street. Then her back stiffened and she felt a presence standing behind her.

"Why you—" she was about to turn around when something rammed against her and she toppled forward, surprised. She didn't have time to think of anything else, as her sudden movement unbalanced her and the force that rammed against her unexpectedly, made her hit the cold pavement head first… hard enough to knock her unconscious.

He didn't mean it. By God, he didn't.

He didn't mean to hurt her. He threw the beer bottle that he was holding aside, the smashing sound reverberating across the silent street and crouched down at the unconscious figure. She turned around so suddenly that he reacted without thinking, pushing her so she wouldn't see his face and… and HE had HURT her.

"Fuuko-chan," he whispered, his hands trembling as he reached out towards the unconscious girl. "Fuuko-chan!" He adjusted her position so that she was now lying on her back.

He touched her cheek and then brushed the hair away from her face. She looked so pale against the dim light of the lamp post. He drew his hand back when he felt something wet on her forehead.

"Blood," he murmured as he stared unbelievingly at his hand. She was bleeding. No, no! It can't be. He had hurt her so much this time. And he was angry with himself. He didn't mean it. He let out a small wail.

"Gomen, gomen," he whispered as he reached for his handkerchief, pressing it against her bleeding forehead. "I didn't mean it. I'm so sorry." He wiped the blood off and pressed at the wound, repeating the gesture again and again as he stared at the pale face of his angel. The damage wasn't really big. But the sight of her blood, flowing out from a wound that he himself had created… was so much to him.

He cried. Surprised that tears are falling from his eyes. He was so shocked by what he has done. By what he had done to the woman he loves so much.

"Fuuko-chan gomen ne…" he shook her a little, trying to wake her up. A moan escaped her lips. And he felt his heart jump at the sound of it. "I didn't mean to hurt you."

He lifted his head and looked around. No one was there. No one saw what happened. He was contemplating whether he should bring her to the hospital or to his apartment to tend to her wound when he heard the front door of Natsuo's apartment opened. He recognized the voices of Yanagi and Mikagami talking about where Fuuko went.

He immediately moved away from the unconscious girl to hide himself behind one of the trees, far enough not to be noticed but still with a clear view of what was happening. He didn't want to leave Fuuko, but to be seen with her…

The shrill sound of Yanagi's voice screaming Fuuko's name reached his ears, as she was the first one who saw the figure of the purple-haired girl, down on the ground and unconscious with blood seeping out of the wound on her forehead.

He watched from the shadows as two figures made their way towards the still unconscious Fuuko, their loud and fast footsteps drowning out the thudding sound of his heart against his chest as he bent his head down and cried silently.

-To Be Continued-

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