Disclaimer: J.K Rowling owns the characters used in this one-shot.

Authors Note: There is a violent nature to this one-shot and is graphic - Please do not read if you do not enjoy.

Authors Note 2: This is an outtake from my current House of Black story and can be read separately as it does not interfere with the main story.

Bellatrix was hastily making her way across the saturated grounds; it was pouring with rain and she was drenched. Having destroyed the wards upon her arrival she knew that her target would be none the wiser of her approach. She'd already hexed a few white peacocks that tired to attack her. Her mind was a mess with her ire. How dare that man touch her kitten! He would rue the day he took his first breath!

Her skirts were catching on all the roots that broke through the ground from the large oak trees that hid the Manor from sight. As she got closer, she could see the looming Manor ahead of her and the blackened doors that would allow her entry into the entrance hall.

She barely felt sting on her arm as she passed through a thorn hedge that ran the length of the long drive. Not giving any thought to anything outside of her current state of mind, the major part of her thoughts were surrounded by the images that she'd conjured. A platinum blonde haired man touching her beloved inappropriately, they would shift to him placing his hands on her pure body and then she'd see red when they shifted to him physically assaulting her.

Bellatrix pushed the doors open and stepped into the Manor. Her hair was plastered to her face and shoulders; her eyes were completely blackened. As she strode forward, she left behind a trail of water and mud on the pristine tiles. Her dress was soaked through and clinging to her form like a second skin.

Her wand was in her right hand and dagger in her left, she walked slowly through the lower level of the Manor searching him out; entering each room on the ground floor, even checking the kitchens. She ascended the grand staircase which led to the first floor. Continuing with her search; the thrill of the hunt lacing through her and leaving her feeling slightly euphoric. She knew that she could cast the 'Homenum Revelio' but where was the fun in that.

Finding nothing but an empty parlour, study, library and guest rooms; her search continued to the second and final floor. Checking the bedroom, she assumed once belonged to Lucius and finding nothing but old posters of his favourite Quidditch Team, the Falmouth Falcons, and all sorts memorabilia of his time at Hogwarts.

Moving to the next room, finding it to be the drawing room, still full of empty canvases and some artwork that would forever remain unfinished; her eyes zeroed in on one that looked freshly painted. It was a woman in the nude, her slim frame and underdeveloped breasts gave way to her underaged appearance. Her rage began to bubble and churn within her stomach as her eyes found those of her beloved Hermione.

Leaving the room after setting fire to the room, she hastened down the hall and came to a stop outside of a beautiful observatory. It was lined with deep red roses in varying stages of blooming. Shaking her head before stopping just outside of the last door on the second floor; she grinned evilly. She could hear the sounds of human intimacy from behind the closed door and it added to her devilish rage.

Aiming her wand at the door she fired her spell, cackling as it splintered against the wall. Striding into the room she could see the man she had come to kill with his hands wrapped around the waist of a teenaged girl. Her hands were tied to the frame of the bed and her mouth gagged. Her blue eyes sought Bellatrix's in a silent plea for help, but the older woman wasn't having it.

Abraxas Malfoy was so involved with his ministrations that he hadn't noticed the commotion nor the demonic form of Bellatrix Black. He grunted his pleasure and slowly realized that he was no longer alone with his plaything.

"Well, well Malfoy senior. It would seem that I have interrupted you. No matter, you've finished defiling this pathetic thing now we can get to business!" Slicing her wand through the air she gave a satisfied cackle as the girl's neck split open and sprayed Abraxas with her blood.

Abraxas pulled away from the girl's body; his visage still that of a man that was needy, and it gave Bellatrix very many dark thoughts that left her shrieking with laughter. He made to move but was stopped when a black robe suddenly gripped his ankle.

"You touched what wasn't yours to touch Abraxas and now I'm going to teach you a lesson and trust me, you will not be getting out of this alive." Brandishing her wand, she let out a serious of spells and soon Abraxas was laying on the floor, still naked and in need. His hands and feet were pinned to the floor with spear like poles.

"You're awfully silent. Well we can change that, oh yes Bella can change that!" Making her way towards her prey she cackled and hissed. She watched him shifting to try and free himself but landed up crying out in pain when she jostled the pole in his right hand. "Tut tut, Braxie! No movements! Bella wants to play!"

"You're out of your mind! You crazy witch!" Bellatrix's cheek and upper lip twitched, and her eyes flashed dangerously. "Braxie needs to learn not to play with what isn't his." Dragging her wand across his chest she shrieked with happiness as his skin peeled away from his sternum and rib cage. He was screaming and Bellatrix could feel the euphoria begin anew.

"Aww is wittle Braxie in pain!" Childishness was her favourite way of making a person fear for their lives and she gleefully used it to her advantage. "Come on Braxie, scream for Bella!" Kneeling next to him she stabbed her dagger into his arm, and he did what she wanted, he screamed loudly.

"You're a good listener when you're in pain, Bella wants to hear you beg for mercy!" She could smell the smoke that had started sweeping along the floor. "Come on Braxie, we don't have much time before your house is nothing but ash!" Giggling while plunging the daggers she'd conjured into his stomach and arms; she was rewarded with him screaming and crying begging her to stop.

Bellatrix dragged her wand over his abdomen and legs before standing to her full height, with scream she slashed her wand at his body and with a satisfied and sadistic grin she was rewarded with multiple lacerations littering his body. Abraxas was hit with her favourite and fear inducing spell a second later 'CRUCIO!' as soon as it hit, he screamed and writhed where he was pinned. Her own screaming joined his as she kept her spell on him.

Blood began spluttering from his mouth as his voice died away, his body still writhing and shaking on the floor as Bellatrix hit him with another 'Crucio'. By now the second floor was being engulfed in flames, the first floor was beginning to burn as well but Bellatrix could not care less. He was coughing and spluttering and she knelt down atop his diaphragm. "Braxie? Have you had enough? Shall we play another round or shall I show you mercy?"

Making a point at tapping her wand to her chin in thought she gave another cackle of laughter "Nope! I think there's a few more things to do before the finale! Are you ready! No? To bad!" Bellatrix pointed her wand at him and started peeling his skin away from his fingers and toes. Abraxas screamed out again before choking, setting off his coughing again.

"Now for the last part for my masterpiece!" Aiming her wand at the appendage that distinguished him as a man she cackled and then shrieked her spell 'Diffindo!' with a crazed look in her eyes she watched as the spell severed said appendage from his body. He screamed again but this time it wasn't the coughing that interrupted it was her boot as it put pressure on his throat.

"B..Be…Bella… P..Ple…Please!" He spluttered between his sobbing. She gave him her most evil smile and placed her hand on his cheek. "I'm finished Braxie, you'll be made new again. Don't worry." She purred softly and watched as his eyes widened with pure fear, her euphoric state of mind made her buzz and tingle. Standing up she sucked in a lung full of smoke filled air and grinned.

"Bye-Bye Braxie!" Aiming her wand, she whispered her final spell 'Avada Kedavra!'