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Marlowe's Plan.

Stephen Marlowe popped the cork of his expensive wine while he was cooking a celebratory dinner, thankful that he now had the salary following his promotion to Technical Director of to enjoy such luxuries, and he wore a satisfied smile on his face as he poured some of the wine into a glass. He held the glass up, smiling before he took a sip, savouring each drop he took into his mouth.

He turned when he remembered something important, and he smiled in delight when he saw the two framed portrait photographs of Professor Frederick Turner, and his daughter Holly.

He smiled and he lifted his glass towards them both, mocking Frederick although he felt admittedly more affection for Holly, dear sweet naive Holly; the girl might be smart, but she truly had no clue about the real world.

As he drank from the wine glass, Marlowe took a moment to think while he turned back to his cooking. He had been waiting and working hard to get the role of Technical Director, using a combination of his own scientific flair and creativity combined with his backstabbing activities to make sure Webb, the blustering idiot promoted him.

Marlowe didn't care if he had caused a lot of grief with what he had done; ever since he had gotten his first job at Webb. Biotech, Stephen had worked long and hard to fulfil his long term plan. To take Frederick Turner's work into time travel and make it his own before he revealed to the world he had secretly constructed a working time machine.

Okay, it would not be the TARDIS from Doctor Who, having a limited temporal range and would not be able to travel forwards in time as Turner's theories and work on the machine would not allow such travel, but it would be a time machine. It would change the world forever. Forget all those other inventions; they had all led to the development of the time machine. The Time Machine was the greatest invention in history, and it would make him richer than beyond the dreams of avarice. He didn't need to worry that much; Frederick was gone somewhere. Marlowe had no idea where the man was, and he didn't care. He also didn't care what Holly would do when he presented the time machine to the world; yes, she might own the only other time machine on the planet, but Stephen knew the girl was just too passive to do anything.

It would be so simple. When he had discovered what Turner was doing, Stephen had taken a great deal of interest in what the time machine project could do for him. Marlowe had managed to copy the time travel theories and the plans. He had them in a wall safe. He checked on them every single day to make sure he had everything. It was the most valuable collection of scientific information in history. When he had left Turner (and Holly), Marlowe had taken the scientific offer from Turner, working long and hard... But while he had the scientific information to build the time machine, hell he even had the plans for the machine, but he didn't have the knowledge - technical or scientific - to make use of it.

Marlowe had been disheartened for a long time. Depressed he had lost his chance to make it big. But then he had come to the straightforward conclusion, that if he could not build a working time machine, then he would need to find others who could. And when he had come up with the idea it had been like a lightbulb lighting up his mind. He had come up with a plan and set it up in phases.

Phase One - Become the technical director, and do whatever it took to reach the position. Webb was a fool, a blustering, money-mad fool. It would be child's play to make that business obsessed fool promote him with a bit of time.

Phase Two - use his new position to find the right scientific minds to build the time machine while coming up with a plausible story for persuading Webb to accept them. Once done, he would give them whatever resources were needed to build the machine.

Phase Three - Once the time machine was built, he would let them test it to see just what it could do. He might have some experience with time travel himself, but the real expert had been Turner. It would be good for him to gain practical experience.

Phase Four - He would kill the scientists once the machine was finished and tested. He would then use the machine to give himself an alibi so he wouldn't be suspected.

Phase Five - Present the machine to the world.

Phase one of the plan was complete, and it had taken a very long time for him to manoeuvre himself into this job. Phase two had just begun. Now he had access to one of the highest positions within Webb's organisation, he would have no trouble finding the right minds who'd be able to construct a time machine. He would need quantum physicists, and he would need to find a way of coercing them into approaching Webb, telling them of Turner's work. He hoped by showing them some of the formulae Turner had come up with, they would jump at the chance to develop a time machine. After that, they'd be putty in his hands, and when they least expected it then he would kill them.

But that would come later.

For now, Marlowe would adjust to his new role.

He had it all worked out.

He would spend the next year or so to adjust to his new role before he either looked quietly into finding the right minds who could duplicate and understand Frederick Turner's work, or he would wait a little bit longer. Stephen thought about it a little more, before he shrugged his shoulders dismissively; he had been waiting for a long time to develop time travel for his own wealth, he could wait a lot longer.

Marlowe lifted up a glass in a celebratory toast.

Not long now.