Chapter 1

Usagi along with her friends and most loyal scouts was helping her out to get through the crowds. She was just released from the hospital only this morning. She lived through out time with Pluto to kill endymion. So her child is already sorted in their houses in Hogwarts and the others who was coming with them as well. But usagi was not looking forward to this new adventure. It's bad enough she just finished a 1000 years worth of adventures. And now stuck in a new one and right after killing how she missed her kylo, she wondered if he was going to come back soon. He and his friend hux was sent back to finish the war they needed to finish. But she gave them the key to get to her. She missed her beloved and her dear friend. She knows kylo real name but she knew how much he hated it. But she accepted both sides of himself.

"Come on Usagi, you can't honestly say you're not looking forward to it a little bit?" chirped minako

"I know your still healing from the last battle and the end of endymion also chaos. But you could miss something important." Said ami

"Like what? There haven't been any phages since Galaxia and endymion is dead and in the gates of hell., and we can't even transform anymore! To be honest I'm looking forward to some peace and quiet more than a little. Well after living and fighting for a 1000 years to get back to point" grumbled usagi

"Usagi, that's what we were all talking about, you should have some peace after all that." Said makoto

Makoto giggled as she flicked the pages of her magazine since they weren't fighting all the time she had found more opportunity to pursue her hobbies. The magazine in question was about flower arrangement. Even though usagi wished it was much different than what they are about doing. Plus she still gets sick for the poison endymion injected into her. Plus is cursed markings are still healing. But not much she could do right now. But happy her children was getting this experience to. Along with her ex husbands and some of the soul society as well. And some of her other friend's.

"Spill Usagi, you just miss kylo." Chirped rei

A red tinge began to creep up Usagi's face, but she was spared any further question by a knock on the door. Rei pushed herself to her feet and opened it, revealing four people the girls had not expected to see for a few years at the very least. Setsuna did not wait to be invited, but she sorry for the 1000 long year to merged back in time endymion sent the father back than what they thought. But they had to do what was expected of usagi to become queen. But she went over to check the wounds on her future queen body. Hotaru went straight into the room, shortly followed by Haruka and Michiru.

"We're sorry if we're interrupting anything, but usagi your looking a bit better" said micharu, Setsuna looked gravely around the room.

"No, nothing much, I still horrible and sick the pain still the same." Said Usagi

"I'm afraid you won't much like my news my princess." Said setsuna

"What? Usagi killed endymion and chaos?" asked minako

"No… not them…" said setsuna

"But there's something, isn't there?" asked usagi

Minako felt her heart beat quicken they couldn't even transform, how on earth were they meant to fight? As she went to usagi side knowing she was in no mood to fight right now. But what happens that they might have to fight. Usagi is not even at full strength. They are even lucky enough to have her here in the first place. Her mother and father wanted them to keep her in the hospital longer. But they knew she was needed and put their daughter care into them. Most if all with their future king being away to end his war and come back to them. They never met their king yet and is looking forward to it.

"Yes and no…" said setsuna

"Oh just get on with it Setsuna before kaneko kills you, or I'll tell them." Hissed amara

"Very well, I know usagi would wish to kill me for this one but I'm sorry. But you girls ever heard of Hogwarts?" asked setsuna

"It's a school a school of magic." Said usagi

"And there are things happening there this year that threaten the future we have striven for so long to protect,most of all suffered more than others to get there. But now there threaten the creation of Crystal Tokyo itself!" explained setsuna

"So it's serious then?" asked makoto

"I'd most definitely say so." Said ami

"So what are we gonna do about it? Walk up to the gate and ask 'em to let us in?" asked rei

"Oh no, that won't be necessary – we've already got places." Said micharu

"What? How?" asked minako

"This year Britain, which is where the school is located, is having a huge drive for international magical cooperation – we're going as transfer students. So let's get going to gather your stuff." Said setsuna

Minako squealed as they appeared in what seemed to be the back yard of a grotty pub. As the rest of them tried to get their bearings from the odd form of transportation. Usagi was used to almost all forms of transportation but this one was new. But it didn't help she barfed all over the place since her body was still healing from last war she fought in. but some of their henshins don't work for now because of endymion.

"From now on, refer to it as apparition, and it works only because some of us can still perform the Henshin." Said setsuna

"What? Who!" chirped minako

"I can," said Hotaru

"As can I,Now come." Said setsuna

Setsuna faced the wall at the back of the yard, and the girls exchanged glances, meaning they missed what she did next. When they looked back, however, there was a large arch forming out of the bricks of the wall. Usagi arched a brow and had to say that was new. While the others was trying to figure it out.

"Ok, that's more than a little cool." Grumbled rei

"Follow me,we should stick close." saud setsuna

The alley they moved into next was full of life, people in strange clothes moving from ice cream parlours to bookshops to what looked like an apothecary. Usagi could only hear brief snatches of their conversations that everyone was having with each other. but what they were saying seemed more than a little intriguing. Well some she was wondering they were saying. Amara was next to usagi as her protector.

"That dark mark! At the quiddich world cup no less!"

"You don't think... not you know who?"

"No... just some deatheaters... right?"

"We need to do some shopping to equip all of us for your year at Hogwarts." Said setsuna

"What sort of stuff do we need?" asked usagi

Ami was looking around her blue eyes eager to take in as much of the bizarre street as possible. Even usagi was doing the same thing. Usagi was just as intelligent as ami. But even more so since the 1000 years trying to merge back into time and do what she needed to gain her crown. But now she eager to soak in something new. And learn something new as well.

"Well, first things first we'll need wands." Said setsuna

"Wands? They actually use wands?" shouted rei

"Yes, they do. Please warn us next time you plan on making us so conspicuous." Snapped Setsuna reprimanded her.

"Sorry," said Rei

"Right, now follow me." Ordered setsuna

Setsuna lead them to the most dilapidated shop on the street. Usagi looked at everything that was around her. It was interesting to see all of the interesting new things. As they stopped in front wand shop, usagi could feel the power flowing from it. While the other girls wondered if they would all fit inside, so Setsuna sent the inner senshi in first while she and the others waited outside. it was silent, and very dusty inside the shop. Even Usagi, who had admittedly been unusually quiet since they reached the magical alley, did not break the stillness of the place.

"Usually, when students enter my shop, they aren't looking for anything specific. You ladies, however, are something new… or maybe something old…" said ollivander

"Erm… are you Mr Ollivander?" asked usagi

"Yes, that I am. You have come here looking for something… curious…" said ollivandar

"Well I don't know what you mean, but… we wanted wands…" said makoto

Makoto tried to see where the voice was coming from, but the shadows in the shop were preventing her from seeing him. Then, very suddenly, an old man loomed out of the shadows. In his arms he carried a wooden box which he set upon the counter. Tentatively, he clicked the lock open, as though he were afraid of the contents.

"These are not wands I made myself, They have been sitting in the back of the shop for many hundreds of years, since the time of the fabled silver millennium,The wands themselves are full of mystery, each on containing the ability to channel the power of the planets themselves. In the wrong hands, deadly." Explained ollivandar

He reached into the box and pulled out the first box, plainly carved from wood. As he smiled at the way it felt. But these were given to him for only one reason for the people who they belonged to. And they are right here in front of him. He knew the two oldest ones in the room. Most of all princess serenity heirs finally came and gone theirs along with the others that followed them. Most of all there are a some others that needed to be given.

"They do not have, as most wands should, a core of magical property. Instead the wands themselves are the core, for each is carved out of a different enchanted material. The first is of a metal I have never quite been able to , I do believe, is for you." Said ollivandar. He replaced it into its box and handed it to Minako, who nodded.

"This next one seems to be made of ice, and yet it has not ever shown the slightest sign of melting. For you." Said ollivandar He held the box out to Ami.

"And here we move closer to a realm I am familiar to, a wand made from the wood of an oak tree, although no tree I have ever seen has produced wood of such an auspicious quality." Said ollivandar He passed the box to Makoto.

"This wand is made from the embers of a great fire, smouldering still and yet they do not burn." Said ollivandar, He passed the box to Rei.

"Then there are four more of similar properties, I imagine for the companions you arrived with one supposedly carved from the mythical 'space time door', another containing the howling seas. One is hardly there at all, but seemingly made of wind made solid and one… a black wand created from the silence that ends all things." Explained ollivandar

"Erm… Mr Olivander, I still need a wand. I know my child and other friends gotten theirs." Said usagi

"Aah, the final and most mysterious wand of the lot. And yes your children gotten theirs and your other friends as well. But for you my dear, My father once told me that this wand was made of many things. Of moonlight and shadow, the remnants of the moon palace and of love itself. Fanciful tales of course, but curious nonetheless." Explained ollivandar

Usagi reached forward and took the wand. It shimmered slightly silver even in the dim light of the shop. She barely registered as Makoto paid him with the large gold coins Setsuna had given her, which seemed to cover the wands for the outer senshi too. Her eyes were fixed upon the solidified moonlight under her fingers, and the potential held within.

When they emerged from the gloom of the wand shop, Makoto handed the four remaining wands to the outer senshi and took a deep breath of the cool, clean air. After the stifling shop the alley seemed beautifully well lit.

"Where now?" asked usagi

Usagi was still somewhat buoyed by the box she now clutched tightly to her chest somehow the wand felt right, even though her connection to her beloved was hard to connect to right now. But she sure missed him though. But her wand it was as if it had always been there waiting for her. Looking around, she could see that the others felt the same by the way they were holding them.

"Well we have to get you fitted for robes, but I suppose we could split up for a while first, so long as you're all sensible." Said rei

There was a clamour of agreement, and Haruka whistled to calm them said, handing out more bags of the golden coins, taken from the air itself it seemed obviously they could still reach their subspace pockets and handed them around. Everyone is allowed a single present each. Usagi only smiled as the inner senshi wandered off, smiling as Michiru took her hand. Usagi was suddenly more herself after her meds kicked in.

"Well Setsuna said she'd pick up our books and stuff, so we should get straight on with recreational shopping." Chirped minako

Minako grabbed Usagi's hand and started to drag her up the street. While usagi sighed in annoyance at how excited minako is being, but its refreshing still, but she wished she knew the threat that she was facing. She still held her gift that kylo gave her it was a saber like his but the blade turned pink. And he teached her the ways of the light and dark side. So between that and her death god powers it should be fine. She shared powers of the silver crystal with him as well. She gave him some of her powers to go back and save the ones he held most dear and given his father a second chance at life even though he staying at her parents home right now. Usagi sighed as Makoto began to follow, but Rei's eyes had been caught by something in a nearby shop window.

"Rei? are you coming?" asked usagi

"No… just wait there a minute." Said rei

Usagi arched a brow and watched rei disappeared into the shop which looked to be called Quality Quiddich supplies, whatever that meant. The others found a bench to sit at and waited for Rei to come out of the shop. When she eventually did, she was clutching a long, thin package to her chest.

"What's that Rei? It looks like a broomstick! Oh my goodness! It is isn't it! It's a broomstick! Ha!" chirped minako

"It's not just any broomstick, it's a firebolt -the best one there is. Apparently Haruka gave us quite a lot of money." Growled rei

"Well I think it's cool, though I'll keep my feet firmly on the ground thanks." Said minako

Usagi pushed her and they spent the next hour wandering through the magical alleyway. By the end of their time each of them had their gift. Ami had bought herself a large book in a shop called Flourish and Blots. The book, Hogwarts through the Ages, would give her a thorough knowledge of everything she needed to know. Makoto had bought a strange little flowering plant while the others had been getting ice cream. It seemed to wave joyfully in the sun. Usagi, however, had taken an age before finally finding something she wanted. When she had heard that students were allowed pets her initial reaction had been joy – Luna would be able to join then. Setsuna had, however, been firm that Luna and Artemis should remain in Tokyo as a contact to keep them informed on any happenings there.

Then, at long last, she had glanced at a shop called Eyelop's Owl Emporium. Inside were owls of all shapes and sized for the purpose of carrying post. The others did not say anything, until usagi found a silver fox that shimmered and called out to her. Its fur was silky then it hit her that it was a animal from the silver kingdom, she gotten it and called it ben since kylo hated his real name. she finally gotten through to his father and uncle with the other jedi she brought back to life includes anakin wife. But for nor she smiled as she paid for ben and the owl from the silver kingdom that called out to her as well.

Meanwhile One week later, at Kings Cross Station

Ami was checking everyone's trunks were in order as the others climbed aboard the scarlet steam engine. Usagi children and the others was joining up with them. While they made their way and tried to make sure ever was going to be ok, usagi had all of her medical and other stuff since she was still healing from the final battle with endymion and chaos.

"Yes, Ami it's all there. Stop fretting." Grumbled ikkaku

The compartment they found themselves in was surprisingly big, meaning the whole group of them could sit together quite comfortably. Setsuna, because she was older than school age, was going separately as a supervising teacher. Haruka and Michiru were going as Seventh years, the inner senshi as fourth years and Hotaru as a first year. And usagis children was in third tear. And the rest the same year.

The train journey was pretty uneventful, spent mainly recapping the many lessons Setsuna had drilled into them in the past week although how she had known all this they could only guess. At some point they heard what could have been fighting in the neighbouring compartment, followed by the smashing of glass, but it all calmed down after that, and eventually they pulled in at what could only be Hogsmeade disembarked and, as Setsuna had instructed them, headed towards the tallest person they could see. As they approached he called out to them,

"You'll be the transfers 'en? Right, follow me. Firs' years this way!" said hagrid

They followed the giant of a man to the edge of a lake and climbed into some small boats waiting for them there. Haruka and Michiru somehow ended up with one to themselves, while Hotaru went with a group of students her own age. The boats glided smoothly across the water and into a jetty. The giant led them up some steep stone stairs and towards Hogwarts Castle. They all listened intently as a stern looking woman with iron grey hair, McGonagall listed the details of exactly what the Hogwarts houses were about and then followed her into the great hall. They stood nervously, not quite sure what to expect this was one thing Setsuna had not gone into extreme detail about.

Finally, Professor McGonagall placed a worn wizards hat on a stool and stood back. Then, the hat began to sing.

A thousand years or more ago,
When I was newly sewn,
There lived four wizards of renown,
Whose names are still well known:
Bold Gryffindor, from wild moor,
Fair Ravenclaw, from glen,
Sweet Hufflepuff, from valley broad,
Shrewd Slytherin, from fen.
They shared a wish, a hope, a dream,
They hatched a daring plan
To educate young sorcerers
Thus Hogwarts School began.
Now each of these four founders
Formed their own house, for each
Did value different virtues
In the ones they had to teach.
By Gryffindor, the bravest were
Prized far beyond the rest;
For Ravenclaw, the cleverest
Would always be the best;
For Hufflepuff, hard workers were
Most worthy of admission;
And power-hungry Slytherin
Loved those of great ambition.
While still alive they did divide
Their favourites from the throng,
Yet how to pick the worthy ones
When they were dead and gone?
'Twas Gryffindor who found the way,
He whipped me off his head
The founders put some brains in me
So I could choose instead!
Now slip me snug about your ears,
I've never yet been wrong,
I'll have a look inside your mind
And tell where you belong!

The girls exchanged sidelong glances. Since usagis kids and her other friends and ex husbands has been already sorted before coming. They had long since decided it would be easiest if they were all in the same house, but it didn't sound as though that was going to happen for one thing, Ami would most certainly be in Ravenclaw, and there was no hope of Minako or Usagi getting in that particular house. They watched as, one by one, the Hogwarts students put the hat on. It would then call out the name of the house they were in and they would move to the respective table. When the last of the students were seated, an old professor stood Dumbledore, the headmaster.

"As you may have noticed, there are more students than usual to sort. As part of the year of magical co operation, these girls have come from Japan to learn here with us. They have all previously been taught at home, and so may not be as advanced as many of those in their years, most of all gryffindor as already sorted students from this part so but please, welcome them with open arms." Explained Dumbledore

Dumbledore clapped and the rest of the hall joined in. Usagi watched as a ginger haired boy at the Gryffindor table nudged his dark haired friend and whispered something in his ear, earning a slap around the head from a girl not sat far away. She smiled and turned back to the sorting hat. Professor McGonagall called out the first name.

"Aino Minako, joining the fourth year." Announced mcgonagall

Minako's legs were like jelly as she walked up and sat down on the stool. She was nervous and that is bad for her when it came down to what was about to happen. Mcgonagall placed the hat down on the scout of venus head.

"There is something different about you. You do not have normal magic, do you?"

"No," said minako

"And yet here you are, full of fears. I can see all of it everything you've done. It leaves no doubt for me. Most certainly…"


The last word was a shout that echoed through the hall. Minako jumped to her feet and, after taking the hat off, moved to the Gryffindor table. Hikaru and karou who made friends with the weasley twins waved her over to then, tamaki was chatting with harry out of all of them. But stopped when his father placed a hand on his shoulder. Diamond was one of many of them to decide to do this magic school thing.

"Hino Rei, Also joining the fourth year." Announced mcgonagall

"There's a lot of fire here, a burning passion to prove yourself, but also a thirst… a thirst to protect. Why is it that you care for them more than yourself? No, do not answer, I know already. For you, it had better be…"


Rei moved over and took a seat next to Minako as spirit patted her back while szayel was trying not to look bored right now. But that all waited to see who was next on the list. While rei smiked happy to she her you'd princes and princesses. And most of all their new friends. Usagi given them the best allies that any of them could ask for,

"Kaioh Michiru, seventh year." Announced mcgonagall

"A delicate mind, but complicated for certain. For the first time in over a thousand years, I find I do not know where a student should go. Tell me, where is it you wish to be."

"I want to be with her," said micharu


"Kino Makoto, fourth year." Announced mcgonagall

"There are many traits here… you would certainly fit in Hufflepuff. Loyal to the end, and strong willed but, as with your friends, there is something different about you…"


"Mizuno Ami, fourth year." Announced mcgonagall

"A bright one eh? Well I shall offer you the choice – Gryffindor with the others, or Ravenclaw, where you will shine."


"Tenoh Haruka, seventh year." Announced mcgonagall


"Tomoe Hotaru, first year." Announced mcgonagall

"You are another anomaly. And half of the serenity line. Your mother is princess serenity. But where you should go is not a decision I should take lightly. There is great power within you. Great power, and terrible responsibility. And yet… you are very much like the others. I feel this must be getting repetitive, but…"


"And lastly, briefs Usagi, fourth year." Announced mcgonagall

"Now, now, now. If this is not an interesting head I don't know what is. There are so many things in here, but above all love a power that must never ever be underestimated. You shall go far, but you shall not do it alone. Not again"


Usagi barely registered the cheers that erupted from the Gryffindor table as she moved over and sat down next to spirit, and nor did she hear the next words of the headmaster as he welcomed them. She did, however, notice when the plates before them suddenly filled with food. She took this turn of events with a large amount of enthusiasm, and began filling her plate. Only a couple of seats up the table, a girl was sat with her arms crossed, seemingly refusing to eat anything.

"It's slave labour, Ronald. Simply slave labour and I won't have any of it!" hissed hermione

"Oh come on Hermione. it's just house elves, they enjoy-" said Ron

"Have you ever been a house elf? do you know the conditions they are subjected to more often than not?" snapped hermione

"Erm… Hermione, you should eat…" said harry

"Oh that's right Harry. side with Ron just like always." Snapped hermione

"Hermione don't do that." Harry begged her.

Tamaki watched on wondering what the hell a house elf is. Most of them who was in their group was wondering what the hell the girl was bitching about. So tamaki sighed and was going to be the one to speak up and answer everyone question on what s house elf is.

"You know, I couldn't help but overhear, I mean, we don't have these… um… house elves… back home, but it seems to me that if they do work in slave conditions the best thing to do about it isn't starve yourself." Said tamaki

"Yeah! There must be better ways to improve conditions for house elves." Said harry

"But house elves don't – Ow!" said Ron

It looked as though Harry had kicked Ron under the table. Hikaru and karou snickered about that one. Their new friends feed and gorge snickered at their brothers pain. Hermione huffed she was not going to yell at tamaki for not knowing what was going on, but she was more than happy to see what she was able to tell a new person to a place that they are knew to.

"Hmm… I suppose so…" said ron

"Meaning you should eat up," said makoto

Makoto joined in as well, she was not going to have none of this. What usagi was taking her medications and pain medication so she could get through this meal. Plus the one that will help her to keep the food down. Makoto was about to move a sausage casserole over to Hermione when it disappeared only to be instantly replaced by a treacle tart.

"Oh well… just have more pudding." Said makoto

"You know, I didn't really expect the food to be this different, it's a lot heavier." Said minako

Usagi shushed everyone and pointed to dumbledor. She laid her head on spirits shoulder as he stroked her long silver hair waiting for the medication to kick in and the food she finished eating settle. But closed her eyes behind the dark glasses to shield her eyes from the brightness. Spirit an her other ex husbands still loved her deeply. But they knew she was destined to be with kylo.

"And so another year begins, meaning, of course, that there are new faces to introduce. Firstly there is Professor Meioh, who is a member if the Japanese magical education board and will be supervising the transfer students. She will also take up a teaching post in her time here. I am very sorry to say that Professor Binns, who has taught History of Magic here for many centuries, disappeared this summer," announced dumbledor

there was a ripple of chatter through the crowd and a few sighs of relief. Hotaru thought briefly on the ghost, who had cried with joy when she had offered to take him past the midnight gates. But he chose the soul society first though. He wanted to become a death god. So usagi used muramasa to send him there. Usagi sent a hell butterfly to tell them to place him in her area .

"And Professor Meioh will be taking his post. Professor M-. well we'll get there I suppose. Anyway, on to bigger, more important news. I am very pleased to announce that this year, Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry will be hosting the-" announced dumbledor


The doors to the great hall swung upon and a large figure began to limp ominously up the room. Silence reigned in the giant space as the man reached the teachers table. Dumbledore shook his hand and then announced, usagi and some of the others narrowed their eyes at the man. They sensed something off about him. Szayel golden eyes glowed but not sure how to put this guy they will have to keep watch.

"this is Professor Moody, who will be taking the post of Defence against the Dark Arts teacher. Now where was I? Oh yes, this year we shall be playing host to the Tri-Wizard Tournament." announced dumbledor

The hall erupted. Obviously this meant something to nearly everyone. Here and there were a few people sitting down – although none at the table with green ties, Usagi noticed. Even Haruka seemed to know what this was and was cheering with the rest. They all exchanged glances thinking the same thought on this. They will need to keep watch over this one. But it seem like the wizards and whitchs don't seem to notice that this might not be the person wh o they are waiting for. But they will have to see how this will play out.

"Although, as an added safety precaution, only students over the age of seventeen will be able to compete in the you and good night, you will need an early night in order to be fresh for classes tomorrow morning." Announced dumbledor

Dumbledor smiled and his eyes twinkled at them as he turned to leave. He knew this year was going to be rather interesting, as everyone tried to follow to their temporary homes for the school year. Haruka wanted to join in or the tournament. It sounded just what she needed. She has been bored lately. But there was this sick feeling that something was going to happen to her kaneko this year and wont end well.

"I only hope we're allowed to compete, Though I can't see why we wouldn't be technically we're Hogwarts students for the year." Said haruka

"I'm quite glad I'm not seventeen yet to be honest, to much pressure after… well after stuff. How about you Harry," asked usagi,

Usagi talking to the black haired boy from earlier. Even though she lied about her age. Well most if them did that is. She saw a old friend though. Severus she always ran into him. But he must of not recognize her. She smiled she knows who his soulmate is. It's her beloved daughter rose. Since her mate died by the volturi since he was not her mate. Now she has one its severus. Rose arched a brow but usagi waved her daughter question off.

"Hmm, I don't know… maybe if I were old enough." Said harry

"Ha, of course you'd do it! its right up your street. I might talk to Fred and George – they're nearly seventeen so I bet they're gonna try something." Said Ron

"You're… you're not… Harry Potter, are you?" asked rose Harry blushed.

"So who's Harry Potter when he's home?" asked maka

Harry actually stopped in his tracks its odd seeing confused looked on these people faces. It's as if they were confused on what was going on in his world. They were only curious about why how and why he was so famous. He sighed it's a relief to see something like this for once. The new comers looked at him and waited for him to speak,

"You mean you don't know? Well that makes a nice change." Said harry

"No, I don't think any of us but rose know." Said tamaki

"I know, I'll tell you later, it would not be fair to make Harry say." Said hotaru

Harry looked relieved that he would not have to say. While they others who knew harry longer and knew his story only gasped at what hotaru said, but not of the new people was going to look that shocked back at them. They were waiting to get to were they are needed to be. But harry, Ron and Hermione led the group of new friends to the portrait at the end of the wall.

"Ummm… What's the password?" asked ron

"Balderdash,Come on, this is the Gryffindor common room." Said hermione

As the portrait sang open and everyone entered the room was large and yet cosy. Friends were saying goodnight as boys and girls headed up separate staircases. While usagi and some of the others was still looking, while the males if the group with with harry. Well after saying their goidnights. Usagi children was trying not to call her mother. Well only when in private. Even though it was hard.

"Come on, this way to the girls dormitories," saud hermione

Hermione led them examined small wooden plaques next to the doors as they passed, seeing were everyone went, as she point everyone area out and urged them inside, she did not notice the put out looks of Haruka and Michiru, She was looking very confusedly at the sign by the second to last door.

"Why am I not I here anymore?" asked hermione

"I don't know, but it looks like you're in here with us," said minako

Minako added as she was looking at the sign by the final door it's as if they all have their own area.

They headed into the room and Hermione gasped. As if this was something odd to her. She was taken from the other girl dorm and added to the new people dorm. Even though she wondered if harry and ron was the same.

"This room is so much nicer than my old one!" said hermione

"Huh, I wonder why," said usagi

Usagi moved to the bed with silver sheets and black as well. She smiled a bit of her beloved dark prince mixed with it. As she sat down as she noticed the softness of the bed. She smiled as she tried to image the two of them laying together on the bed in each other's arms. She felt their bond hum as if he was happy with her thoughts and his worry for her healing. But setsuna set of the gate so they could come and go as if their friends want to come and visit.

"No idea… the drapes were all the same in that room Gryffindor red." Said hermione

The others were all moving towards a bed of their own. Ami to a blue bed, Makoto to a green one, Rei to a red one and Minako to an orange one. This left a bed with plain black covers for Hermione. When she sat on the edge of the bed, she found it to be more comfortable as well.

"I wonder why I'm in your room though, I mean, the magic of the castle itself sorts out who's in what room." Said hermione

"HA! Poor Haruka and Michiru, they looked so put out when they found out there were others in their room." Chirped minako

"Minako. do you have to talk about sex at every opportunity." Grumbled rei

"Well it isn't really-" said minako

"Minako!" growled makoto

"Alright, alright!" said minako

"Well anyway, we should get some sleep before lessons tomorrow." said hermione

Hermione was concealing a yawn. Ami was moving to the trunk at the end of her bed. She pulled out a set of purple pyjamas and went into the bathroom to get ready for bed. As did all of the others. It's going to be a very long day tomorrow. Usagi was in one of kylo shirts. It still smell like him as she closed her eyes and hoped that they will see each other in their dreams.

to be continued