Chapter 2

Usagi yawned as the others bustled around her, moving from their beds to the bathroom as they got ready for the school day. Hermione's alarm, which was apparently magical, had woken them all up in plenty of time to clear the bathroom, but despite being showered Usagi still wanted nothing more than to go back to bed. She feels like shit. She yawned and took her meds and pain medicion. As she packed the ones for her to last through the day, usagi sighed and wearily she began to put her hair up in its usual serenity royal hair style, taking advantage of a full size mirror to the side of her bed. It appeared that at some point during the night someone, house elves according to a furious Hermione, had brought in Gryffindor ties for the girls. The uniforms were another thing that were incredibly different to those they were used to, although Usagi suspected that most British schools did not wear robes to school.

"Are you ready, and how are doing Usagi?" asked ami

"What? Oh, yes. I just need to get my wand. I still feel the same but I must keep going." Said usagi,

usagi had tears in her eyes as she ran her fingers down her saber. She sighed and put her dark shades on to help her block brightness. Oh how she missed her beloved dark prince. But she has a feeling his war is going to be over soon. Hux came like another brother to her. She blood adopted him as a brother. She has blood adopted children as well. But her family is growing and its wonderful. Hikaru and karou already has mates who are here with them athenadora and sulpisha. They have their own room.

"Ooh! I almost forgot to ask, what wand types do you have? I don't suppose Mr Olivander would have made them, I mean what would the point have been to go to London just to get a wand before returning to Japan?" asked hermione

"Umm, no Mr Olivander didn't make them," said rei

"Can I see them? What cores do they have?" asked hermione

"Well they don't actually have cores, the wands themselves are the core, see this is mine, made of never melting ice." Said ami

ami and Hermione went on ahead to breakfast chatting animatedly about the differences in their wands. That, Usagi thought, was a friendship that had only ever been a matter of time. The rest of them headed down at a slightly slower pace and met Harry and Ron in the Gryffindor common room. Ron looked just as Usagi felt far too asleep to be walking around. But once her medication kicks in she should be fine. She smiled at her children and her other friends and ex husbands.

"Hi, are you coming to breakfast?" asked harry

They headed down from the common room, Harry and Ron leading the way, towards the great hall. The smell of food lead them once they reached the marble staircase and they sat by Hermione and Ami at the Gryffindor table. Hikaru and karou along with their mates athenadora and sulpisha. Tamaki was with soi. As her other children was with their mates. Rose must caught on severus was hers. Usagi and Diamond squeezed their daughter hand. They would be grateful for Carlisle saving her.

"McGonagall's handing out timetables already, She'll be asking you what subjects you've learnt so she knows how to arrange your timetables by the way." Explained hermione

"what's your timetable like Ami?" asked minako

"I have the same lessons as Hermione," chirped ami

"Oh, you'll probably be with us for most of it as had everything except ancient runes and arithmancy with Hermione last year." Said harry

Ami smiled as Professor McGonagall came up the table. As she smiled down to the rather large group that started remind her of a large family, but the poor girl looked horrible. Snape told her usagi is a friend of his. And he brewed somethings for her to help her heal faster. But he took note usagi daughter rose he felt drawn to her. Maybe he could write a letter to usagi and ask why he feels that way to rose.

"Potter, Weasley your timetables." Said mcgonagall

"Hang on Professor, I have a timetabled flying lessons how come?" asked harry

"Professor Dumbledore and Professor Meioh agreed that some of the transfer students would enjoy learning how to fly, and so the timetables were adjusted to accommodate it. Unfortunately those taking Ancient Runes will be unable to participate-" explained mcgonagall

"How come I'm taking ancient runes all of a sudden?" whined ron

"Because, Mr Weasley, you do not need flying lessons." Explained mcgonagall

"And Harry does?" asked ron

"If you had waited and not interrupted me, you would know that Harry will be assisting Madam Hooch when she takes these classes." Explained mcgonagall

"I will?" asked harry

"Yes Mr potter, you will. No, Miss Hino, what subjects have you been learning?" asked mcgonagall

"Not ancient runes, and not arithmancy either." Said rei

By the end of breakfast, she, Usagi, Makoto and Minako had timetables identical to Harry's and pretty similar to Ron's. while everyone else's was different. But they all was happy to learn new things. Usagi sighed as snape dropped off tones of potions in her back. Usagi smiled her thanks to her old friend, she will try and see if they will work if they do she will give a gift to her friend for the help. It seemed to be Ron's new refrain and they were all pretty glad when they headed off to their first lesson of the day Care of Magical Creatures.

"You'll have met Hagrid on your first day of course,but he's a great guy." Said harry

"So he's a good teacher then?" asked Ami

Ami blinked a few times as they headed through the grounds to where they are needed to be. But whoever it was laughing was rather annoying, A loud guffaw came from behind them. They all turned and arched a brow at the boy. Szayel wondered if he would send this pain in the ass to stien or mayuri. Or just let them both have him then toss him back home. This beat seemed to be a arrogant and something else they could not put their finger on.

"If you're talking about that oaf masquerading as a teacher, then dream on. The day Hagrid becomes a good teacher I shall eat my hat." Said malfoy

Turning, they saw a pale haired boy with a sharp face walking with a group of people in green ties. Usagi arched a brow and wondered what the hell is wrong with thus guy, it seemed ,like he had a large dick up his ass or something. Usagi looked to harry and wondered what in the woukd is going on and who is this little asshole.

"Shut up Malfoy!" hissed harry

"Know what Potter, I don't think I will. The new comers deserve to know what a crap teacher that idiot is before they get exposed to his classes." Said draco

"You git!" hissed ron about to draw his wand .


To everyone's surprise, usagi voice said the spell calmly and she caught Ron's wand. She looked very annoyed and was not going to give in to what this stuck up little bastard wanted to do. And duffous ron was going to be stupid so she was going to treat him like one of her children when they pulled something stupid.

"Best not to fight," said usagi

Usagi putting her own wand back in her pocket. Her Jack looked like her brother hux. She was not here to play games with bastards like this malfoy. Plus ther don't want to lose any points for Gryffindor. Minako smiled to usagi at her show of authority. She being the queen she was always meant to be. They all are proud of her. Draco smirked he liked thus one. She is angelic and would be a perfect wife for him,

"That, is a very sensible thing to say miss?" asked hagrid

"briefs," Said usagi

usagi said blushing at the man before her. Oh it makes her miss chewie. That furball is just so loveable abs well with children. Hagrid, it transpired, was the giant who had escorted them to the sorting ceremony the previous night. Usagi sensed kindness and live from him, so yes hes a good person with a pure heart crystal and soul.

"Miss briefs. Ten points to Gryffindor. Although I think you can be giving Ron his wand back now." Said hagred

Usagi sighed and nodded and handed Ron's wand over, smiling apologetically at him. He shrugged and pocketed the wand. Ron shivered usagi is hot as hell, but she reminded him of his mother. It was something that as comforting. The silver hair guy they think his name was diamond he got up and comforted tamaki from his nightmares.

"Now, today we'll be startin' this year's project blast ended skrewts." explained hagrid

"What now?" asked minako

"Hagrid they're… eugh! Hagrid!" said hermione

"Now they 'aint all that pretty, that doesn't mean they 'aint useful." Explained hagrid

"Do they have any magical properties then?" asked szayel

"Umm, I don't exactly know, but we may find out. Now we'll be feeding them today…" explained hagrid

It transpired that Hagrid was indeed not a brilliant teacher. Usagi had soon decided, however, that she would not admit this for the world. She could see very easily why Harry, Ron and Hermione had been so defensive of Hagrid when faced with Malfoy, and she was thoroughly on their side, even when trying to feed dragon liver to creatures that appeared to be able to bite, sting and burn all at the same time.

When the lesson finished they headed over to the greenhouses where they spent an enjoyable hour in a herbology lesson. Makoto in particular seemed to enjoy this and got into a very deep conversation with a boy called Neville and Professor Sprout about the flower she had purchased in diagon alley, which now lived on their dormitory windowsill. Usagi has a green thumb as well along with cooking skills.

Meanwhile a little while later

After break, however, was the lesson Usagi had really being looking forward to. She could not honestly say she had ever looked forward to a history lesson before, but she felt that Setsuna's lesson would probably be slightly different. While everyone was with usagi was in their area in each class. Or in the year they are in, but usagi was feeling joy about this one.

"I suspect Professor Meioh will be better than Binns, I mean, she can hardly be worse, right?" asked ron

Harry nodded in agreement as they waited outside the classroom with the rest of the Gryffindors.

Setsuna smiled at all the students as they filed into the room and took their seats. Usagi found herself sat next to Minako, with Ami and Hermione to her right, Rei and Harry to her left and Ron and Makoto sat at the desk behind them. Usagi took the options severus gave her there will be more delivered to her room. She had to say they work tons better. Usagi sent him a gift that will keep restalking his private stock of things of the moon palace he could use and books he can have help with the usage. Most of all stuff from the galaxies where kylo is at they will keep coming along with books as well. And stuff from the soul society books and all and stuff he could use. He sent a thank you letter at the most wonderful gifts.

"I have spoken to professor Dumbledore, and we have decided that it would be best, and most certainly in the interest of international magical co-operation, that you should be taught the course I grew up learning. Now. When I was your age, I learnt not about goblin rebellions, or the formation of the wizangamot, but of the history of my own country, and of the silver millennium." Explained setsuna

"But, isn't that just a myth? A kid's story told to rationalise things for muggles?" asked hermione

"It is indeed believed to be just that nearly everywhere, in Japan, however, we know different. In fact, I myself have seen conclusive proof that the silver millennium exists." Explained setsuna

"Conclusive proof? What would that be?" asked harry

"I have met the reincarnations of the moon princess and her senshi. Now, we will start by covering the very basics of the silver millennium society the royal hierarchy and the alliance that formed between the planets excluding, of course, Earth and so leading to the rebellion lead by the force known as Metallia. Over the year we will cover more recent events, such as the final defeat of Metallia and the end of the Sailor War, a silent conflict that has been going strong for nearly one million years." Explained setsuna

Setsuna looked over the class as see the ones who has not have any knowledge of this will learn. But usagi and everyone else knew. But this is new to some of the students. Usagi smiled to setsuna to let her know it was ok for her to continue. Plus they were going to leave a bit out that was a bit dark.

"Now I don't expect any of you to have textbooks on this, so I shall expect you to take notes. We shall start with the palace on the moon, and the honoured traditions of the Serenity bloodline."

Usagi smiled as she pulled her books towards her. This, she thought, was going to be her favourite class. The afternoon lesson was double charms, and Usagi nearly revealed, accidentally, just how little she knew of wand magic. Luckily enough, Minako had saved her by blowing up the goblet she was supposed to be summoning from across the room, distracting Flitwick from Usagi for long enough that he forgot to continue questioning her about her previous charms education. They spent the evening on the exceedingly long essay Setsuna had set them on Moon Kingdom traditions before heading up to bed.

Usagi fell asleep the moment her head touched the pillow. Hogwarts was fun, she had decided, but it was also very hard work. They only had three lessons the next day due to doubles in transfiguration and potions. McGonagall actually set more homework than Setsuna, all though the new History of Magic teacher did come close to matching her during third period. Potions was merely a disaster minako. Due to the set up of the classroom, or dungeon more like, the scouts, harry, Hermione and Ron could all sit at the same table and from the very start of the double period Snape did all he could to make the two hours they were to spend in the confined space a nightmare.

Ami was literally in tears by the time Usagi and Rei lead her out of the room at the end for, despite her potion to cure the common cold being exactly the right colour of lime green, Snape had merely poured the entire cauldron down the sink, declaring it unfit for human consumption. This time Ron had been the one to restrain Rei when she tried to punch Snape. Luckily, however, the scuffle for the bell meant that Snape did not actually notice.

Meanwhile the following day

Breakfast on Wednesday morning consisted entirely of Ron complaining about his lesson in ancient runes for period 2 while the senshi, with the exception of Ami, learnt how to fly. Usagi wasn't entirely sure she was looking forward to the flying lesson, but she was certainly glad that she didn't have to sit through ancient runes with Ron in such a mood.

Divination turned out to be a bit of a joke. Professor Trelawney, who claimed that she could tell the future from the position of the planets, could not even sense the presence of the moon princess in the room, meaning that they mainly spent the lesson laughing and talking as they helped Harry and Ron find the correct planets on their charts. Harry seemed to have a particular trouble finding Neptune, and Minako laughed out loud when she heard how they pronounced Uranus in England, declaring that Haruka definitely would not like that. Then, at long last as far as Rei was concerned, they headed down to the quiddich pitch for their first flying lesson. Rei hugged her firebolt tightly as they made their way to the center of the pitch towards a group of first years, Haruka and Michiru. They were delighted to see that Hotaru was amongst the first years. It seemed that all of them but Ami were to start , seeing that Rei had her own broom, came over to find out what model it was. Usagi laughed and shook her head as Madam Hooch arrived on the pitch.

"Now, I don't expect many of you, particularly not you first years as it's against the rules, to have brooms, so please step up to a school broom."

Rei followed Harry's example and laid her broom on the ground to her side. While the others did the same thing rei did, they knew minako was going to not get it, usagi was rather excited about flying on a broom. Harry smiled at the new friends he has now. But he wondered which one would pull a stupid move he has his money on minako as the look of horror she has on her face.

"Now, Mr Potter over there is going to demonstrate how it's done. I don't expect any of you to reach quite the heights Mr Potter can, but it will do well enough for now."

Harry intoned the word clearly and the broom shot into his hand. He put one leg over the broom, kicked the ground hard and soared into the sky, looping over their heads. As if he was trying to impress them. Usagi arched a brow at what harry was doing, he seemed to enjoy showing off in film of others. Its rather not attractive or interesting in her books, being cocky and showing off like this was going to get you into trouble .

"Right, that's enough showing off now Potter,"

Harry grinned and slowed to a stop a short distance away. The students did as Madam Hooch instructed and tried to summon their brooms to their hands. Rei's shot straight up and she caught it neatly, as did Haruka's, but the others took a little longer. Minako broom in particular seemed unwilling to move, perhaps reflecting her wish to stay firmly on the ground.

Eventually, when they were all ready, Madam Hooch blew her whistle and they kicked off. Most of them flew jerkily and hesitantly, but Rei swooped straight into the air, shrieking with delight in a very undignified and incredibly un-Rei-like fashion. Haruka and Michiru also seemed reasonably comfortable in the air, and they moved smoothly higher together. Madam Hooch sent them and Rei to a separate part of the field to work with Harry while she concentrated on those who needed a little more help.

Come break they moved back to the castle and met Ami, Ron and Hermione. Ron was practically in tears as he showed them the length of the translation they still had to do for ancient runes. Usagi started as she realised that she recognized the symbols as the old language of the Moon Kingdom, and realised that they had been 100% mistranslated. She looked at Ami who nodded and raised her eyebrows before giggling.

meanwhile later that day

The only lesson left in the day that they had not yet had was astronomy, which the scouts found to be a predictable walk in the park. They did not have all that much homework, with the exception of Hermione, Ron and Ami, the last two of whom also had reams of Arithmancy homework. Usagi, Minako, Rei and Makoto found themselves sat in a corner with Haruka, Michiru and Hotaru and finally Usagi found the courage to ask,

"So what is it Harry's famous for anyway?" asked usagi

She addressed the question to Hotaru who looked speculative for a moment. Usagi looked at hotaru and wondered if she knew anything on this one. Hotaru finally figured it out when it came down to harry Potter's fame and glory, plus they remember snape telling them about harry father. And sad to say the man was a mega dick to how he explained. Harry much hot is cocky side from him.

"Harry is famous, I suppose, merely for the fact that he isn't dead." Said hotaru

"Huh. How come everyone round here's not famous? 'Cept the ghosts obviously, coz they are dead." Asked ikkaku

"when he was a year old, Harry paid a visit to the midnight gates. And I'm sure nearly consoled him to the soul society" explained hotaru

"So how come he didn't, well you know, pass on?" asked tamaki

"Because the woman who came before him, his mother I believe, invoked an ancient magic. She was not supposed to die that day, but she offered her life in place of her son's." explained hotaru

"You mean his mothers… she's…" asked spirit

"And his father too. There was another who came to the gate that day but did not pass through. But they were not meant for the soul society since the deeds they did in their life. The man… or thing… that tried to kill Harry. I could not let him pass because he was incomplete. Parts of his very soul were missing, torn away from the whole." Explained hotaru

"What does that mean? is he still alive?" asked makoto

"Yes and no. He has no body, no physical form, but there are magics that could restore him to a body." Explained hotaru

"Well let's hope that never happens." Asked minako

Minako asked firmly, while Rei nodded in agreement. They felt for harry, or what has happened to him. They wondered if his family was ok or not. Usagi remember the first time she met severus. He explained how his child hood was like and how badly her was bullied through till his adult life. Now everything clicked harry father was the asshole that made his life hellish.

"Wait you didn't know any of this?" asked micharu

"That's why we're here, We're here to prevent Lord Voldemort receiving a body." Said haruka

The mood already dark as they all now understand why they are here., suddenly became incredibly morbid. Usagi sighed she had a feeling that this was going to happen, but right now she was going to enjoy the little peace until things get rather crazy. She wished her dark prince was here with her. They bond they have together was a bit frizzled right now. She just hope he was ok. She knew her father was getting annoyed with kylo father. But usagi knew that her mother was enjoying the help from kylo grandmother and grandfather. She sadly regrets that she gave life to be young again for kylo father. But she sent tons of capsule cases with kylo to take what he wanted from where he came from.

Meanwhile the following day

Their first lesson on Thursday morning was defence against the dark arts. They arrived early, having heard much praise about Professor Moody from Ron's twin brother's Fred and George. Ami and Hermione cut it very close, however, claiming that they had gone to the library after breakfast despite having finished their homework the night before.

"Let's start, with curses." Explained moody

No one moved from what moody has asked. This was the first time they had ever seen Moody close up, and he was terrifying. He looked worst than mayuri. but one of his eyes was small, and normal sized, while that other was large and electric blue, whizzing around its socket like there was no tomorrow.

"Like the magical eye, do you? Well that's why they called me mad-eye, wasn't it." Said moody

He turned and began to write on the board fir the lesson for the day. That was when he proved eyes can be on the back of your head with that eye he has. Mayuri and few others would love to test that eye and see how it works. Hell usagi wanted to see how it works. Usagi was her mothers fatger in experiments. And ever her father daughter.

"don't put your gum there please, Mr Finnegan," growled moody

"No way! The coot can see out the back of his head!" asked Seamus

Moody span round, his normal eye narrowed as if he was deeply offended with what Seamus has basically blurted out with out thinking, usagi and some of the others arched a brow at the other not so bright kid in their house. Moody eyes the new people in the room, it seemed that they started this year. But he cant pin point what they are since the eye telling him that they are not human. Seamus was embarrassed but his word vomit.

"Yes Mr Finnegan, he can. Now, who can name me one of the unforgivable curses? Miss briefs ?" asked moody

"The imperious curse." Said usagi

"Aah yes. That one gave the ministry quite the problem back when you-know-who was around." Said moody

Usagi glanced towards Minako and shivered. She did indeed know who Moody was referring to. Moody reached into a jar on his desk and drew out a spider. And said impero. the spider began, impossibly, to tap dance across the desk. Minako giggled in smack her in the back of the head to tell her not to piss this man off. Usagi and some of the others was trying to figure out this man and where the real moody is at.

"Think it's funny eh? What should I do now? Have her throw herself out of the window? Drown herself?" asked moody

Minako just shut up right after that. Moody or fake moody was good and effected in shutting some up when he needed it. And this was the first time she seen minako shut up rather quickly, most of all the others was shocked in seeing this, they had to mark this day as the dish someone shut her up this quuckly. Even though this man was not the real moody, but they had to say whoever he had they have to give him praise for shutting minako up.

"The imperious curse gives complete control to the caster. When you-know-who was defeated the ministry had no way to tell who had been doing his bidding willingly and who had been cursed. Of course they would have done, had the ninnies been willing yo use veritaserum. Now, who can name another? Longbottom?" explained moody

"The… the cruciatus curse." Stuttered Neville

"Crucio!" said moody

The spider on the desk flipped over and began to twitch horribly as if it were in pain. Neville, sat not far from the desk was growing paler and paler every second, his kuckles white from clinging on to the desk. while and some of the others was disturbed by what they were seeing. Sure they seen some fucked up things in their whole lives. This was disturbing and propulsive. No wonder why theh where banned.

"Stop it! Stop it! Can't you tell it's upsetting him?" cried hermione

Hermione's shriek rang through the classroom and Moody moved his wand away from the spider. Usagi sighed she felt sorry for Neville right now. Usagi was told by setsuna on what happened to his parents. So that is why her mother was working on them to heal. Neville grandmother was more than happy to have the famous brief family. She knew that they were the best if the best to help them come back from the vegetable that they are currently is in.

"And I suppose you can tell me the last of the unforgivable curses, Miss Granger? Avada kedavra." Hissed moody

Moody whirled around, pointed his wand at the spider and shouted the words. There was a flash of green light and all was silent. Usagi gasped as dud everyone else. they were shocked seeing. Just one spell could kill, usagi will make sure that will remain banned when she takes her seat as neo queen serenity. Moody arched a brow at the one with very long silver hair and most of as if she was horrified by what she has seen. Maybe his master would let him keep her.

Meanwhile the following say

When they came down for breakfast the following day, Harry seemed to be in a much better mood. In fact, the next few weeks seemed to zoom past them as the group became firm friends. Ami and Hermione in particular seemed to be very close, but Usagi and Minako had long since decided that harry and Rei most definitely had sparks, particularly after Harry offered to tutor Rei on flying one on one on Friday evenings before their astronomy practical.

October rolled in as the weather worsened and soon signs detailing the arrival of the schools of beauxbatons and durmstrang went up on the notice boards. They were to arrive, it transpired, on the day before Halloween, which would be a Friday. They would also, to everyone's delight, miss most of potions in order to greet the the time came, they filed out onto the grass to wait. It seemed like an age before anything interesting happened and then, finally, someone pointed to the sky.

"Look!" said tamaki

"What's that?" asked ikkaku

"It's a flying house!" said spirit

"That is the delegation from Beauxbatons,"

Dumbledore announced above the chatter. It was not, in actuality, a flying house but of all the guesses this was the closest. It was in fact an exceedingly large, powder blue carriage. It landed in front of the students and a boy in blue robes leapt out and placed a set of stairs before the door to allow an enormous woman to climb out. She was easily as tall as Hagrid, and when Dumbledore, who was not exactly small, moved over to her he barely reached her shoulders. Minako was wondering if it was a boy.

"Madam Maxime, what a pleasure as always!" said Dumbledore

"Dumbledore, how good it is to see you," said maxime

"Karkeroff is not here yet would your students prefer to wait or go inside?" asked dumbledor

"Inside I think, it is chilly," said karkeroff

"Of course, of course. Do not worry about your horses, our gamekeeper Hagrid will take care of them." Said Dumbledore

Usagi arched a brow at this. It seemed that this karkeroff looked like a rasputin wannabe. It seemed that she was not the only one thinking this. But dumbledor greeted them as if they were old friends or something like that. But the rasputin wannabe seemed to have a very large dick up hiss by the way he was speaking to Dumbledore. He walks in and make demands as if he own the school. Usagi sighed this man was just dumb. They only had to wait a moment longer when the durmstrang students arrived in style. A ship began to rise from the depths of the lake, making Usagi and a few others squeal and one by one people dressed in heavy furs disembarked.

The one in the lead, presumably Karkeroff, embraced Dumbledore and the two lead the students of both schools inside. Usagi, Hermione and most of the scouts and the others ahead as Harry, Rei and Ron seemed to have a fit about some famous quiddich player who had arrived with the durmstrang students, but soon enough they were all ensconced at the Gryffindor table, while Ron grumbled about the durmstrang students sitting with the Slytherins. The feast was sumptuous and within minutes Usagi and Minako had all but finished a strange stew Hermione and Ami assured them was called Bouillabaisse. Before desert arrived however, Dumbledore stood and raised his arms for silence.

"Before we continue with our fantastic feast, let us take a moment to talk of the tri-wizard tournament. I would like to introduce Mr Bartemious Crouch and Mr Ludo Bagman, heads of the ministry departments of international magical cooperation and of magical games and sports" announced Dumbledore

The students clapped and cheered for the person or government official for this department. But they were waiting on the information on the twiwizard thing. although Harry suspected most of it was for Mr Bagman, who had played beater for England a while back, rather than for the prim and proper Mr Crouch, who was in fact Ron's older brother Percy's boss at the ministry. Then again they were told percy was a dick.

"Now, Mr Crouch and Mr Bagman are in no small part responsible for the revival of the tournament and I will leave it up to Mr Crouch to explain the rules to you." Said Dumbledore

"Good evening, This year the tri-wizard tournament will be slightly different to all previous occasions in that no student who is under the age of seventeen will be allowed to compete in the tournament. This has been decided for the safety of the students. Now, each of the three schools will each have a champion. The champions will be selected by an unbiased judge on merits of strength, courage, loyalty and skill. Please bring forth the goblet." Explained crouch

Argus Filtch the withered school caretaker moved forward and placed a small table in front of Mr Crouch. Though small in diameter, the table was tall enough to easily reach his chest. Filtch placed a stone goblet on the tabletop and shuffled back. While usagi and the others wanted to know what was under the sheet that was covering something that looked like a shape of a trophy. They just have to wait and see what it was underneath it. While usagi was still getting thus bad and awful feeling something was going to happen.

"This is the Goblet of Fire," announced crouch

Crouch spoke the words rather dramatic as if it was going to help him make any other students happy, but they seemed be already excited about thus stupid tournament. And the sad thing she has a feeling she was going to get the short end of the stick again, usagi sighed as she watched blue flames leapt into life inside the goblet causing many of the students to gasp out loud. Usagi had to say it rather beautiful to see.

"To be considered for school champion, a student need only place a piece of paper containing their name and school inside the goblet. It will be placed in the entrance hall at the end of the feast and shall remain there until the Halloween feast tomorrow evening. The official prize for the champion is one thousand galleons in prize money, although perhaps more valuable is the honour won for the champion's school. Thank you." Explained crouch

No one clapped as Crouch took his seat since he finished the speech he needed to say and as well explained to everyone about what the rules are. But now he turned expectantly back to Dumbledore. Who only had that ever twinkle in his eye. He had to say this that thus year will prove very differently when it comes down to what this tournament was going to bring to the fun of it all. Then there was something else that was really bothering him deeply that something very bad was going to happen this year as well.

"I think it is important, to note that placing your name inside the goblet creates a binding magical contract. If your name is selected there will be no backing out, no changing of your mind. The selection of the school champions is final. Also, as two of them are indeed old enough to submit their names, the students involved in the transfer program are considered full Hogwarts students for the year, and so may submit their names into the goblet." Explained Dumbledore

Usagi turned to see Haruka grinning and holding Michiru's hand as she was slapped on the back by her fellow seventh years. Usagi smiled and hoped her good friend and one if her very protective scouts. She knew of haruka feeling for her was she knew about. But either way she hope haruka gets the pick of the tournament. Even though she still has this sick feeling that there was something going to happen.

"And finally, an age line shall be drawn around the goblet to prevent those under age from entering the tournament. Please note that I shall be drawing this myself. So think upon this, and enjoy are fantabulous desert!" chirped Dumbledore

The golden plates were suddenly full with various puddings ranging from éclairs to apple pie. Usagi helped herself to a little bit of everything and soon thought very little of the tri-wizard tournament. Usagi was always a curious sleeper when it came down to food. Her uncle kakarot was a slob like ron when he eats. As she stood from the Gryffindor table, Haruka saw Setsuna standing by the double doors looking at her meaningfully. She sighed and headed over to her, knowing that this conversation had always been inevitable.

"You do know, I assume, that if you put your name in that goblet you will be chosen as champion?" explained setsuna

"I had guessed as much," said haruka

"I had guessed that there would not be one at Hogwarts who could beat me to be champion. I shall take your words as confirmation that you have seen the timelines." Explained setsuna

Setsuna was not looking at Haruka, but rather over her shoulder as if there was something that was bothering her or something she was seeing right now, Haruka fought the temptation to glance back, knowing that there would be nothing there. But they have more to talk on about this. It's as if there was more to it than what setsuna was telling her. Or she knew there was more to all of this than setsuna was letting on.

"What's that mean then?" asked haruka

"It means that there is some power in this castle that prevents me from connecting to the space-time door. Something with this much power is most definitely a force to be reckoned with." Explained setsuna

"But you could see the lines before! you could see that events at this castle would affect the future of Crystal Tokyo!" snapped haruka

"Not at this castle exactly, related to would be more accurate. I could only see the future in which their Lord Voldemort revives his body, and this future has changed, due to both our presence and the tri-wizard tournament." Explained setsuna

Haruka eyes went wide from what she was being told, shit this us a real mess they were going to have to clean up from the crap that was going down this year. But there was more to just what she was being told. They need to get their future king back where he is needed. Even though he was trying to finish the war where he is at, but he was going to be bringing more allies and to be at court in crystal tokyo.

"The tournament is causing the crystal Tokyo to not be there." Explained setsuna

"It is certainly a part of it. You must enter Haruka, you must enter, because whoever does will be in mortal peril." Warned setsuna

"What about me?" asked haruka

"You are well used to mortal peril." Explained setsuna

Haruka wondered what was going to happen. There was a look of worry in her eyes as if tgere was going to be something far worst than setsuna was telling her. She just hoped her kaneko was not going to be named one. It seemed that it could happen. But then again there was something that was making her feel sick about the whole thing, but she sighed and went back to the great hall to finish up her meals.

Meanwhile the following day

Rei was in a foul mood the following day. I hardly slept a wink. She spoke quietly as Hermione headed into the bathroom, usagi was still getting s sick feeling about this whole thing. And it seemed that rei was getting the same way with the whole stupid tournament that might screw up their future if they fucked up, setsuna took them to another room to explain what they should do and not do, it was something they all needed to know. Plus usagi wanted to asked setsuna on what she was feeling this way.

"tons of the boys were having really loud dreams about being tri-wizard champion." Growled rei

She rolled her eyes, she didn't nedd to see a jerk off circle. That was just sick and gross. And there where some having vivid sexual fantasies of usagi, plus she did not say anything about the very brief glimpse into one particular dream she had it was a Saturday they dressed slowly and headed down for a late breakfast. Harry and Ron were sat by a wall in the entrance hall, watching the goblet of fire and eating a stack of toast and marmalade.

"Hey!" chirped ron

ron exclaimed as Minako darted forward and pinched the entire stack, passing it round the girls as they settled down. They wondered what minako has as she past it all around. Usagi sighed minako loved her fashion just like alice and rangiku. Usagi only could smile at that. While she went back to watching the other students put their names in, she talked two of her ex husbands to put their names in, shocking enough spirit was one of them. She knew her sons and daughters wanted to enter she forbidden them to enter. But sad enough she cant get this sick feeling about something was going to happen to her.

"Anyone interesting put their name in yet?" asked Hermione

"Hmm? Oh, a few Slytherins, couple of Ravenclaws, Diggory… and some of our friends and family. " said tamaki

"I hope it isn't Diggory, stuck up prat." Hissed ron

"Ron! Don't say that." Hissed Hermione

"What girls only like him 'cause he's handsome," growled ron

"What, you know who he is?" asked Rei

"Hmmm… oh, Well… he kinda looks like my…also with maka and a few others." Mumbled minako

Usagi narrowed her eyes at the other boy she disliked since he was trying go flirt with her daughters. Bad enough draco has been trying to flirt with Isabella another daughter who has not met her soul mate just yet. Usagi arched a silver brow at draco who only looked down at his feet. She has a feeling he was starting to figure things out.. usagi eyes roamed over draco and saw his heart is pure with a pure heart crystal. So he just puts up a front for the Slytherins. Usagi had chats back and forth with lucius and narcissa who became spies for the cause only for her. Since minako revealed that draco soul mate was her momoko. She knew her mother explained about what's going and is pleased to know that their son is the soul mate of a lunarian princess. But they also been getting training for whatever was going go come.

"Any of the beauxbatons or Durmstrang lot done it yet?" asked hermione

"Yeah, the Durmstrang students were leaving when we came down, but we haven't seen any of the Beauxbatons students yet." Said hikaru

"yeah and their rasputin wannabe headmaster. " said karou

" he just so ugly in and out" said yumichika

"Haruka!" chirped Usagi

usagi called across the hall and the blond girl coming down the marble stairs looked around and smiled. Well some of the students wondered if she was a dude sometimes. But most of the boys knew better to not think or look at usagi the way they like to think. Or even talk about her gets their asses kicked by her very protective scout. Plus they can tell the truth that she was already spoken for. Haruka took Michiru's hand, earning a few glances, and came over to where they sat.

"If it isn't my little kaneko," said Haruka

"I haven't seen enough of you two since we got here!" Said usagi

Haruka pulled a scrap of paper out of her pocket and headed towards the goblet people stopped and watched as she took a step over the age line and dropped the paper into the goblet. A few Gryffindors cheered and clapped as she headed into the great hall arm in arm with Michiru.

Next the beauxbatons students came into the entrance hall. One by one they placed their names into the goblet. Hermione slapped Ron hard over the head when he stared at one of them for a little too long. But what was most amusing was when ron twin brothers took a potion and tried to put their names in on my to be blasted back with beards.

meanwhile a week later

Harry, Ron and Hermione spent the day down at Hagrid's hut, while the scouts and the others spent the day celebrating Minako's birthday. They were a tad late, but Minako had been far too overloaded with homework on her actual birthday to do much celebrating. When it finally came to the Halloween feast the hall was buzzing. Even Usagi could not eat very much, nervous as she was about the champion's selection she hoped Haruka was chosen, or if something was going to happen to her. but going by the qualities listed the previous night she did not think that Sailor Uranus would really face much in the way of competition. And yet still, she was nervous. When finally the golden plates disappeared, Dumbledore waved his wand and the table supporting the goblet glided gently to the front of the hall. He did not speak, merely looked at it expectantly. Then, the flames became red and a sheet of paper flew into the air. Dumbledore caught it.

"The champion for Durmstrang is Viktor Krum!" announced Dumbledore

Rei and Harry nodded in firm agreement even though some of them this ron has a man crush on krum, they shook their heads at ron cheering. Diamond arched a brow in wonder uf the boy is just not all up stairs. He sighed and closed his eyes as his brother arched a brow as well. But he was happy severus was his little rose soul mate, their thoughts was caughg off guard as soon Dumbledore directed Krum to a door behind the teachers table. There was another moment of tense silence before the goblet went red again and another piece of paper floated down to Dumbledore's outstretched hand.

"The champion for Beauxbatons academy is Fleur Delacour." Announced dumbledor

They clapped politely as the girl Ron had thought might be part veela headed up past the teachers table. None of the men was attracted to her in usagi group of friends and family. They just found her disgusting flaunting her feminine charms to use her allure to draw men in, it just something they never found appealing. Now the tension was huge who would be the host school's champion. The final piece of paper flew into the air and Dumbledore caught it.

"The champion for Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry is Tenoh Haruka!" announced Dumbledore

There were cheers and claps from all of the students, although none more so than the Gryffindor table. Haruka stood and walked past the teachers table, glancing at Setsuna as she walked past. Setsuna nodded almost imperceptivity. But usagi still felt sick from the feeling that was not going away. It's as if there was going go be more to happen to them. She sighed and laid her head on spirits shoulder to take some of his comfort in, she just wished it was her dark prince, her kylo, oh how she missed him.

"And so we have our champions, The first task will take place-" said Dumbledore

Dumbledore broke off, however, when the students began to murmur. The flame inside the goblet had, once more, turned red. Everybody watched, transfixed, as another scrap of paper flew into the air. Dumbledore caught it, somewhat automatically, and looked at the writing upon it. Professor McGonagall, and to the surprise of some, Setsuna, hurried around to look at the paper and there was a brief, hurried discussion between the three members of staff before Dumbledore turned to face the students.

"There are two names, Harry Potter and Usagi briefs." Announced Dumbledore

There was silence in the hall while usagi eyes snapped open in fear. Sure she been through more than anyone and lived very long as well. But this was the sick feeling she was getting. Hell she sure as hell kylo could probably feel her panic through their bond. She was trying to bread while spirit and diamond was trying to get her to snap out of it. No one moved and it seemed as if no one even breathed. Eventually, Dumbledore spoke again,

"Harry, Usagi… come forward please." Demanded Dumbledore

Usagi's legs felt numb as she slowly stepped over the bench and walked hesitantly to where Dumbledore stood. She was vaguely aware of Harry moving at the other side of the table, but mostly she was aware of the stares from all sides of the room. After what seemed like an age, she made it to the front. Dumbledore pointed to the door the others had headed through and silently Usagi followed Harry through the door. The room on the other side was silent. Krum, and Fleur were standing by the fire while Haruka was lounging against the wall nearby. Usagi groaned when she saw who was coming into the room. Fleur and Krum turned at her words, frowns creasing both of their faces. Usagi glanced at harry who was looking determinately at the floor. She did not speak, but was intensely glad when the door behind them opened and Ludo Bagman bounded into the room.

"Well… impossible as it seems, may I introduce the fourth and fifth tri-wizard champions." Said usagi

The reactions were mixed. Krum's frowned deepened, Fleur began to speak in rapid French words that did not sound particularly polite were the most prominent. And usagi was sure as hell punched the little bitch in the face for what she spoken about her in her native tongue. While Haruka looked as if she was going to be sick as she looked at Usagi, her eyes wide. The door opened again and a stream of teachers poured into the room, all arguing over what should be done.

"They have no choice, the goblet of fire is a binding magical contract once their names came out they are bound to compete." Explained crouch

"So Hogwarts will get not one, not even two! but three bites of the apple!" hissed maxime

"Well at least my name using on a fucking condom package you prissy french bitch." Hissed haruka

"Indeed, in fact I have half a mind to take my students home right now." Hissed karkeroff

"Empty threat, Karkeroff, your champion is bound to compete in the tournament as well and you are bound to judge. None of you can leave. In in the words of fair usagi, shut up you rasputin wannabe." Hissed moody

"Harry, Usagi – did either of you put that piece of paper into the goblet of fire? Did either of you get an older student to put it in for you?" asked Dumbledore

Usagi and harry shook their heads,. But haruka on the other hand yanked her princess, leader and friend and out her behind her. As she growled from seeing her being manhandled by the headmaster. Harry sighed he knew how protective haruka is of usagi. He sighed Dumbledore might want to watch out from what might happen to him if he tried to do that again. From what also understands that usagi boyfriend is even more protective over her.

"Albus, may I have a word," said setsuna

Dumbledore looked a little surprised maybe she might have more information on what might happen, but nodded and followed Setsuna to a small chamber where there were not even any portraits 100% private. As he looked around and wondered what was so important that his newest teacher needed to talk about with him. Setsuna was trying to calm her own nerves down since her former king and queen yelled at her with worry about what was going to happen. She sighed and composed herself rather quickly.

"You wished to tell me something?" asked Dumbledore

"Yes. I know why Usagi's name came out of the goblet." Said setsuna

"Really? And why would that be?" asked Dumbledore

"You know, I assume, what this is?." as5 setsuna

Setsuna reached to her neck and pulled out a locket on a golden chain. On the locket was the planetary symbol for Pluto. For a moment, Dumbledore was speechless he never thought he would see a henshin if a sailor guardians in his life time and now he was lookin right at one. So he was wondering what this could mean for the school if his theory was correct. He just didn't know how to explain it to the other staff right now.

"may I? The Henshin necklace, precursor to the Henshin wand, tool of the mythical sailor scouts." Said Dumbledore

"I knew you were sceptical when I changed the syllabus, but it is real, Albus you of all people should not struggle to believe these stories, The goblet of fire took Usagi's name because it was reacting to her mere presence." Explained setsuna

"Her presence? Is she one of the sailor scouts?" asked Dumbledore

"Yes and no. The scouts are here and more, however." Explained setsuna

"All of them?" asked Dumbledore

"Every single one. Haruka, for example, is Sailor Uranus. She has entered the tournament under my instructions. Had she not, the Hogwarts champion would have died. There is no doubt about that. I still worry for Haruka, however," explained setsuna

Dumbledore sighed at the memories that was share in strict confidence. Usagi is very old it seemed but frozen in time since she hit her growth. He sighed and it seemed her children and ex husband are her as well. This was going to be a tough one to think on. And interesting enough by setsuna memories was showing him that usagi got the malfoys to spy for her side. Shocking since Dumbledore knew they only put a front up for others. But it seemed young draco was meant to be with usagi daughter momoko. He was happy for him.

"You are Sailor Pluto then?" asked Dumbledore

"Yes. I am far older than you can even begin to imagine, Albus. Far, far older. I have not been able to see much of this year and I have dreaded it since the timelines twisted this way. Being blinded is not something I enjoy. But as the memories I shared with you I hope it help you understand usagi more." Said setsuna

"So why are the scouts here?" asked Dumbledore

"They are here to prevent Lord Voldemort returning to his body." Said setsuna

"I suppose… I suppose that if Usagi is and yet is not a senshi then she must be-" said Dumbledore

"Yes. Usagi is the reincarnation of Princess Serenity, heir to the Moon Kingdom and betrothed of Prince ben solo but he rather got by kylo Ren his past lifes name." explained setsuna

"That is a lot of weight upon the shoulders." Said Dumbledore

"Yes. Those in her year are the inner guard, Haruka and Michiru are Uranus and Neptune, and Hotaru is Saturn." Explained setsuna

"The sailor of ruin? The stories that speak of her never end favourably." Said Dumbledore

"Stories are told by survivors, and survivors are always bitter." Grumbled setsuna

"That is a wise thing to say, and yet you are a survivor… and is usagi as well…" said Dumbledore

Dumbledore did not finish the sentence, but let it hang in the air. But usagi suffered so much. It's interesting that one of usagi daughters was severus soulmate. He smiled ag that so he must pick on severus later on that one. Setsuna leant forward and took her Henshin necklace from Dumbledore. As she tucked it back into place where it belongs for the time being. Dumbledore was trying to let all of the knowledge he just was informed on sink in. this was something he never ever thought was going to be told to him. But it is welcomed though that mean very powerful allies on their side in this new war that was coming up.

"The point here is that only Saturn and I are still able to complete our Henshin. Most of the scouts lost their's when usagi ended the long war between her and endymion after me and usagi merged back into time, and Usagi burnt out much of the silver crystal's power when she destroyed endymion and choas for tossing them in the gates of hell. But she will gain it back, and when she does the scouts will find their powers once more, but I do not know if she will gain it in time. I cannot see, and that is never good." Explained setsuna

"And Harry will be in danger?" asked harry

"Most certainly. I do not know why his name came out of the goblet, but the fact that it was on the same scrap of paper indicates that whoever put it in did something to ensure that it was absolutely certain Harry's name would come out. It is a terrible fact that the tournament requires a vow such as that made with the goblet unbreakable." Explained setsuna

There was most certainly a bitter edge to Setsuna's voice. Dumbledore shivered from what she had just said. It was refreshing that she was being honest with him on this. But it's time to be thinking seriously on what was going to be the outcome of this year. She just needed to make Dumbledore understand what has transpired and what might or might not happen. But her only concern was for usagi. Sure she was worried about harry and haruka. But usagi is the most important one right now and she was going to help her in any way she can.

Meanwhile two hours later

Usagi, Harry and Haruka headed silently up to Gryffindor Tower, none of them wanting to speak of the tournament. When they pushed open the portrait hole it was to find a massive party in swing. Usagi groaned she was not in the mood for this right now. Even though it was something that seem to be happy about. But usagi was not happy. Haruka walked with her on her back. As she glared at anyone who dared to bother her.

"Three Gryffindor champions! who could have seen that coming!" chirped fred

"Yeah, you'll have to tell us how you did it at some point, I never saw your beards," chirped gorge

"Just move it dammit. Come on Usagi." Hissed haruka

Haruka grabbed Usagi's hand after she was placed back on her feet. As she pulled her through and up the stairs to the dormitory. They passed Hermione in the corridor and she squealed as she saw Usagi and hugged her tight. Usagi eye was twitching in annoyance at the bombardment of hugs. Haruka sighed if they don't get usagi somewhere quiet she was going to snap and that is never pretty when that happens. And she knew that usagi didn't want to kill the fun fof no one in her fowl mood she was in.

"I can't believe it they're not going to actually let you compete are they? That would be ridiculous and so dangerous! We'll have to work out who put your name in the goblet, and Harry's too obviously. I haven't seen Ron since the feast though have you seen Ron?" rambled usagi

"Hermione? Go down and help harry." growled haruka

Hermione nodded, tears in her eyes and headed down the stairs. Usagi and Haruka headed onwards to Usagi's room inside of which all the scouts, including Setsuna although Usagi had no idea how she could have gotten there so quickly. Setsuna proceeded to explain why Usagi's name had come out of the goblet and the reason why she had to compete. All in all, it was not a good night.

To be continued