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Day 18

Asia Argento hummed as she walked, practically skipping in elation as she held her bookbag in her arms, her new academy skirt flowing with every step. Whenever another student passed, they waved at her, delighting in both her presence and her infectious happiness. She waved back with a smile—some of the boys blushed for reasons she didn't understand, but she didn't bother thinking too hard about it.

Ever since she'd formed a contract with Rias, life had fundamentally changed. Rias saved her from rotting in isolation, gave her a new home, and a life to look forward to—a life in Kuoh, where she currently attended Kuoh Academy as a second-year student. It was all so strange, so sudden, so foreign. Coming to this school, staying in this town, exiled from the church, she never dreamed that she could be so happy.

"Hi, Asia." A passing student greeted her with a nod.

She smiled and waved. "Hello!"

The people here were different from those of the church. Yes, they were friendly, yes they were kind, but they were also so open, energetic, and normal.

Asia's whole life had been one of monotonous deification, where the only constant was the pain and suffering she healed in others. She never got to see what it was like beyond that suffering—once she fixed them, they were usually gone and never to be seen again while she was trapped at an altar, muttering blessings and giving well-wishes over and over again. But here, she wasn't idolized or worshiped like an object to be placed on a pedestal.

No, the people that surrounded her, that smiled and waved—they were normal. Students. High-schoolers. Kids that fooled around and had fun. And they treated her the same way. As a normal person that did normal things. As mundane as it sounded, it was amazing to her.

She'd made friends—real friends that liked her for who she was and not what she could do. She'd found people to hang out with, people to laugh and play with. In only a short week, her life had turned around, and she was happier than she ever could have been as a nun.

It was as if the moment she took Rias' hand, what worldly desires she'd had as a child were fulfilled. Gone were the short but terrible days of hiding in the shadows and escaping death, and gone were the years of loneliness in the Vatican. Asia was eternally grateful to Rias…


There was still something missing. Some relationship to be desired. Something she now wished she could have now more than ever.

Father…where are you…?

"Oh, hey Asia!"

"A!" Asia tripped.

An arm caught her. She looked to her savior to see two of the many friends she'd made since she'd made a contract with Rias.

"O-Oh, Murayama! And Katase!"

When Asia first attended Kuoh Academy, she was anxious about what the other students would think about her. Never would she have imagined that everyone would be so openly friendly towards her! She'd stuttered and stammered when she'd introduced herself to her class, and she thought that she'd blown it for sure, but her classmates had squealed in delight, approaching her with vigor and excitement.

It was how she'd met Murayama and Katase, the Kendo Club duo that always carried their bokken around and treated Asia like a sister. They were nice and had a lot of energy, always trying to take Asia out to do new things. Well, normal things that any other person who'd grown up in a normal household would have done.

"Jeez, Asia. You need to watch where you're stepping," Murayama chastised. She gave Asia a small frown of concern. "One of these days, you're gonna fall and break your nose."

"Yeah, sorry about that," Asia apologized sheepishly. Well, that wasn't really true. Even after Rias saved her, Asia still had a certain older brother that was always looking after her.

"We were wondering if you wanted to come and get some gelato. Y'know, since you're Italian and all. Your Japanese is great by the way."

"Ah, thank you," Asia smiled, knowing full well that her language ability was all derived from magical nonsense. The girl's mind blanked for a second. "…What's gelato?"

Murayama and Katase each blinked, then looked at each other.

"A-actually, it doesn't matter. I'm sorry, but I'm going to be hanging out at the club today."

Murayama and Katase both perked up at that. "You mean the Occult Research Club? Gosh, I keep forgetting that you're in that! How did you get in? Can I get in!?"

Katase nodded frantically. "Yeah! Can we? What's it like being with the Big Sisters and the School Mascot all the time? And what about Prince Kiba!? Tell us!" There were stars in her eyes.

Asia laughed nervously. "W-Well I don't know if I'm allowed to do that—"

"Yo, Asia, I'm back!"

Murayama and Katase tensed at the same time. Slowly, like their joints had been rusted over, they turned. Issei Hyoudou approached, bookbag in one hand, the other waving at Asia.

The girls' faces scrunched up in disgust while Asia's brightened a bit.

"Crap. Here comes the pervert."


"Good afternoon to you too," Issei greeted dryly as he stopped in front of them. The kendo girls kept as far away from him as they could.

"Eat a bag of dicks, Hyoudou," Murayama replied.

"Sorry, too straight for that."

"Asia, how can you put up with this asshole?" Katase asked, jerking a thumb at the boy. Issei deadpanned. "Listen, if he does anything to you—and I mean anything, you come tell me, and I'll get the whole kendo club, alright? We'll drop his ass!"

"A-Ah, sure," Asia nodded. "But…I don't think I'll need to."

Issei Hyoudou… Meeting him had been a strange affair, but not an unpleasant one. He was a massive pervert, and his reputation as one of the Perverted Trio preceded him, but…Asia didn't think he was that bad. He was a pervert, yes, and he is also 'the Enemy of All Women', but somehow, Asia found in him a friend, even despite the fact that they'd only known each other for a short time. Issei was friendly and eccentric, and, so far, a big help with getting settled into this new life. He had this certain ease about him that made him fun and easy to talk to, and he was always checking up on Asia to make sure she was adjusting nicely.

Katase frowned at Asia. "...Alright, if you say so. But just remember that we're here for you."

"I'm right here y'know." Issei sighed. "And give me a break. I already got beat by the Tennis Club today." He looked at Asia with a smile. "Anyways, I'm heading to the club. You coming with?"

"Uh, sure!" Asia stuttered. She stepped away from the kendo girls and to Issei's side. "Wait, you got beat…?" She gave Issei a startled look. The kendo girls glared daggers at the pervert.

"You probably deserved it. Y'know, now that I think about it, how did you even get into the Occult Research Club?" Murayama pointed at him. "There's no way you got in unless you're bribing them or something!"

"You sick freak—I bet you're harassing the poor girls in there everyday!" Katase added. "And you better not be corrupting our prince."

"Listen, Hyoudou. You try anything with Asia, and I'll turn your balls into scrambled eggs!" Murayama growled.

Issei paled at threat for a second. "Oh Jesus, no need to go that far. Since when have I ever gotten hands on?" he grumbled. "I'm a pervert, sure, but there's a fine line between peeping, and sexual assault."

"No there isn't!" the girls cried.

Asia only looked on in confusion.

"Well whatever. Let's go, Asia." Issei turned away without letting the kendo duo reply.

"R-Right. Uh, I'll see you guys tomorrow?" Asia offered apologetically to the kendo girls.

Katase sighed, her brows knit in a frown. "Okay, Asia we'll see you tomorrow. Just remember what I said, alright?"

"Alright." With that, Asia hurried a couple of steps to catch up with the retreating Issei, slowing to a walk by his side.

The pervert sighed dramatically. "Phew, that was a close one. I thought they were going to just beat me."

"A-Are you okay? You said the Tennis Club beat you earlier." Asia looked mortified.

"Ah, don't worry about it. It happens all the time," Issei shrugged.

Asia's eyes widened slightly. "Do…all the clubs beat you up?"

"All the girls' clubs, yes. But that's just the price you have to pay for peeping," Issei replied. He had a resolute look on his face, and with a deeper voice, he preached his philosophy sagely, gripping the air in a pose. "To gaze through the windows of Heaven, to venture into the depths of pubescent depravity, to see what every teenage male wishes he could see, no price is too high!"

Slowly, Asia's concern melted away, replaced with amusement.

"On top of that, it's my dream to one day ascend beyond mortal limits, and become the Harem King!" Issei claimed proudly. "Getting smacked by a bunch of wooden sticks is nothing. If that's the only price there is, then so be it!"

"That's just silly, Issei," Asia giggled. "And I don't think doing whatever it is you do is worth getting beat up over."

Issei looked aghast. "Hey! Don't dog on my passions like that!"

"Okay, okay, I won't..." Asia trailed off.

Issei gave her a smile, but after a moment, it shifted to something like concern. He looked away. What was that about?

The two exited the main school building and started walking, taking the path they normally took to get to the clubroom. They noticed that there were still other students running about. Some were heading home, but a good number of them were heading to other clubs. Many among them were scantily-clad females, and usually, Issei would at least acknowledge them with a leer or a lecherous look. But this time and a few others, he seemed distant, staring straight ahead even as some of the girls walked right in front of him. When they noticed him, they scowled and scurried away, covering themselves all the while. He didn't give them any attention.

"Hey, can I ask you a question?" Issei suddenly looked at Asia.

"Is something wrong?"

"I just wanted to ask…you're looking for your father, right…? What's he like?"

Asia looked at the boy, her eyes widening and her lips parted in surprise. "…"

"It's cool if you don't wanna talk about it."

"No, no, it's okay! I was just caught off guard is all. My father…he was the most loving person. He was a little rough around the edges, and he was tough too. But he was the best father anyone could ever dream of…" Asia smiled as memories of her past life came to the front. "More than anything in the world, I just want to see him again."

"What happened?"


"Obviously if you speak so highly of him, he isn't a bad guy, so what happened? Were you guys separated?" His eyes showed genuine interest and care.

Asia stopped walking for a second, as did Issei. The girl pursed her lips, then nodded slowly. "Something like that. It's…very, very complicated."

Issei nodded slightly. "Complicated, huh…? Is there any way I can help?"


"Yeah! If there's any way I can help you find your father, I'd like to help. We can make it a group effort!" Issei gave the girl a thumbs-up. "I know if I got separated from my parents somehow, I'd do anything I could to get them back. Being the Harem King can wait."

Asia smiled, both amused and touched. "I'd love that, Issei."

"Cool. I won't let you down, Asia. Let's talk more about this after club, if you want?"


Issei, perverted though he may be, was so nice that Asia sometimes forgot he was a devil. All of the Occult Research Club members were, really.

The two crossed the school grounds and went through some trees, eventually coming upon the old school, where the club room was located. They entered and walked down the main hall, and Asia just barely heard the tail end of a conversation.

"—Can you believe that? He fought an Ultimate-Class devil that was using a Relic, then attacked Bael Castle and completely destroyed it on the same day, then left without so much as leaving a scratch on Lord Bael or Lord Zekram!" Came Rias' baffled voice. "He must've been after something, but what?"

"My my, he sounds like quite the troublemaker." That was Akeno.

"And on top of that, he also somehow revealed that the Great King Faction might be in cahoots with—"

Issei pushed the clubroom door open jubilantly. "We're here!"

"Bah!" Rias cried, surprise written on her face. "O-Oh, you're back…"

Rias Gremory. The most pleasant woman Asia had ever met sans Akeno. She was full of compassion, she was optimistic, she was smart, she was strong, she was impossibly gorgeous, and she was, well, rich beyond Asia's comprehension. Asia owed her a lot, she knew.

But becoming a devil? Asia had declined no matter how many times Rias offered to turn her. Regardless, she was still thankful for the life that Rias had given her, and accepting a contract with the devil wasn't a problem.

"Welcome back." Akeno smiled. "You two seem to be close lately~" she teased.

Akeno Himejima. The other most pleasant woman Asia had ever met. Like Rias, she was impossibly gorgeous, and as voluptuous as could be considered sexy. Their personalities, though, were very different. While Rias was kind and compassionate, Akeno was calm and elegant while also somehow being an extreme tease that took every opportunity to use her immense feminine wiles to get a rise out of people, probably for fun. She wasn't bad though—in fact, she was something of a doting 'onee-san'. Asia immediately recognized her as such. Akeno certainly seemed to treat everyone like she was their big sister, anyways.

Issei blushed lightly at the implication. "W-Well, we do have the same classes together. Who else am I supposed to talk to aside from the bros?"

"I guess you make a good point." Akeno let out an amused giggle. "Alright then. Have a seat and I'll put on some tea if you'd like?"

"Tea made by the Akeno Himejima? Who the hell would I be to say no!?"

Akeno's amusement grew. "Oh my. Are you that desperate?" She smiled sultrily when Issei blushed again. "I'm just joking, Issei. Relax, you silly boy."


Issei approached one of the two couches in the middle of the room where a small, white-haired girl, Koneko, was sitting, a bowl of sweets before her. She gave Issei one look, then returned to her treats.

"Other couch, dingus."

Koneko Toujou. She seemed to have a hard time opening up to new people, and the times where she ever emoted were far and few in-between. The girl was also apparently the mascot of the school. Asia didn't really get it, but she wasn't mean at least. Well, as long as you weren't Issei.

"Right, right," Issei replied, raising his hands placatingly, a drop of sweat running down the side of his face. He promptly sat down on the couch opposite of Koneko.

"Hey guys. How are we doing today?" Yuuto asked as he approached the couches.

Yuuto Kiba. The prince of Kuoh Academy, the most handsome young man Asia had ever met. The boy was polite, upbeat, and friendly, and he seemed to be defined by chivalry and honor. He was reliable if nothing else. Asia could get along with him.

"I got my ass beat by the Tennis Club today, thanks for asking," Issei said sarcastically.

"So not as bad as usual," Yuuto teased. "Got it."

"Oh, shut up, Kiba. You've got twenty-four seven access to booby-buffet with the whole female population flocking to you. I, on the other hand, have to take the approach of a freaking bird watcher to see some tits."

Yuuto tried to hide his incredulousness behind a smile while Koneko managed a small glare. "You're the worst."

Akeno giggled sultrily. "You know, Issei, Rias doesn't really mind if you see her naked."

"Eh?" Issei turned his head.

"Akeno!" Rias stood from her desk.

"What? It's true~" Akeno retorted playfully.

"Yes, but it's still my personal information."

"Wait, you're telling me you wouldn't mind if I saw your bazongas!?" Issei demanded.

Rias looked off to the side, crossing her arms beneath her bust. "If I just so happen to be naked in front of a peerage member, then no, I don't mind."

Akeno's smirk grew. She feigned a whisper to Issei. "Hey Issei, just wanted to let you know, Rias always takes a shower after school before the club starts."

Issei froze, his eyes wide. "Asia, from now on we're coming to the club early!"

"Jeez, you're hopeless." Rias rubbed her forehead with a frown as Akeno openly laughed.

Koneko glared at Issei harder. "Idiot…"

Off to the side, Yuuto merely smiled, as did Asia. Is this what other friend groups were like? Silly and fun, filled with harmless jokes and amusing idiocy? If so, she loved it so far. She wondered what her father would think of all this…

"Alright, everyone, settle down." Rias circumvented her desk. "Now that we're all here, it's time to get to work!"

Issei sighed as Akeno sauntered over amusedly. Yuuto stood respectfully, his disposition changing from relaxed to focused. Koneko…just continued being Koneko.

Asia, meanwhile, fidgeted, eyeing Rias as she sat down next to Issei. It had been a couple of days since she last asked…

"Hey, President?" She raised her hand as if she were in class.

Rias smiled amusedly before pointing at her, playing along. "Yes, Ms. Argento?"

"Before we start, have you found out anything about my father?" Asia asked hopefully. When Rias's face fell, Asia already knew the answer.

"I…sorry Asia. I haven't stopped looking for clues with what you've given me, but a lot of stuff is happening at the moment." Rias put one hand in the other, closing her eyes.

Asia looked down in disappointment. "Oh."

After Rias had helped her recover, Asia had given the Gremory every detail she possibly could about her father, from him being a marine, to him being from Texas, but so far, it had amounted to nothing.

Issei's brows knit when he saw Asia's despair. He nudged her. "Hey, don't be frustrated! I said I'd help you find your father, so don't sweat it! We'll find him, no matter what."

Though Issei didn't notice, those around him seemed taken by his resolve. Yuuto let out a small hum, but Koneko only scoffed.

"Thanks, Issei," Asia mumbled.

Rias sighed, shaking her head. "The Underworld has been going crazy lately ever since this new person of interest appeared. It's all everybody talks about nowadays. Even the Clan Lords won't shut up about him. Apparently, he's taken the world by storm, and the aristocracy has no idea how to control him, or if they even can control him," she explained matter-of-factly. She looked down worriedly. "Even my brother warned me. If I ever cross paths with him, do not provoke him. He worries that if he's not around, I'd be as good as dead…"

"What the hell?" Issei frowned. "Who is this guy? Sounds like a psycho to me."

"He's the same guy that caused us all to go into shock a couple weeks ago."

"Holy crap," Issei muttered. "I remember that. It felt like…like—"

"Doom…" Koneko finished. For a moment, everyone seemed downtrodden, save for Asia.

"Funny you say that, Koneko," Rias said. "Because there was a broadcast about him only a couple days after he arrived… They call him the Doom Slayer."

That very name made an involuntary chill go down the spines of every devil in the room, Issei's especially. But for Asia, something clicked.

"Doom…Slayer?" she muttered. Where had she heard that word before? "…Doomguy…"

Within the confines of her spirit, Asia felt Spearguy stir, but he didn't manifest. He just…reacted, like he was familiar with something. Asia didn't know what to make of it.

"Well, even if he did come after you, he'd have to get through me, first," Issei claimed, arms crossed.

"Well said, Issei. But you're forgetting us," Yuuto added. "We will all protect the President with our lives, won't we?" He looked around. There was unanimous agreement.

Rias shook her head, smiling softly. "Stop it, you're making me blush!" She clasped her hands together. "Now then, enough of that! It's time we get to work."

"Ah, right." Issei nodded. He leaned back into the couch. "So, what's new, prez? Please tell me I don't have flier duty today?"

Rias chuckled. "Not today Issei. You actually have a request this time."

"Wait, really!?"

"Yep. I'll give you the details in just a minute. As for you, Asia," Rias turned, pointing at Asia from just beneath her chest. "You're not a member of my peerage, but the contract I made with you allows me to call upon you for assistance in combat and vice versa if needed. So, today, I want to do a test with you and see what the limits of your Sacred Gears are."

"Huh? Okay, President. If you say so," Asia replied. That was new, but she supposed there was no issue with it.

"That's right," Akeno perked up in realization. "You have two Sacred Gears, right Asia? I've never even heard of something like that before. You must be really special."

Yuuto and even Koneko looked surprised at that. Asia merely blushed at the praise.

"Damn. You must be awesome, Asia!" Issei said.

"Yep. And both are really powerful," Rias nodded sagely. "One is Twilight Healing, but the other I've never seen before. What did you name it again?"

"Uh…I didn't name him. He 'told' me to call him Spearguy, but I like to think of him as more like my big brother."

"Now that's interesting," Rias mused. "Alright. Yuuto, can I ask for your assistance today in helping Asia find her limits?"

"Of course, President. I'd be happy to." Yuuto gave a small smile.

"Thank you. Now, Issei, onto your assignment."

"Whatever it is, I'm ready!" Issei declared, clenching a fist.

"Good. Today you'll be—"

It happened without warning.

The building shook suddenly, the table and desk rattling. Any smiles dropped, looks of either confusion or sobriety replacing them. Instantly, Koneko shot up, almost like an animal that had been frightened.

Rias noticed instantly. "Koneko?"

"President Rias. An explosion all the way across from town. It was powerful…" Her eyes widened. "There's something wrong!"

Everyone looked at Koneko—Issei and Asia were shocked, everyone else concerned. For her to exclaim with such worry. Something bad must be happening.

Suddenly the building shook again, much more violently this time.

"Everyone outside!" Rias ordered.

Koneko and Yuuto were the first to leave, immediately followed by Issei and Asia, then Rias and Akeno. Quickly, they rushed out of the Occult Research Club, then past the treeline, stopping just at the edge of the courtyard of Kuoh Academy, where groups of after-school club students were staring with horrified, open-mouthed shock on their faces. When Asia and the devils saw the source of their amazement, they too, were astonished.

A colossal gray cloud of rocky debris was expanding from the top of one of Kuoh's surrounding mountains like the aftermath of a brutal volcanic eruption, the cloud expanding high enough to hinder the sun from shining. A cone of land that encompassed the top of the mountain shifted, then started sliding down in a violent landslide.

Students screamed in horror, then cried again when there were numerous flashes of light that dotted a small point in the city followed by a group of large explosions that tore apart an entire city block in the distance, condensing into one large mushroom cloud that slowly rose over the city. Their booms only reached Kuoh Academy after ten seconds, scaring all of the students once more.

"W-What the hell is that!?" Issei panicked.

"Oh my God," Asia muttered, her hands flying to her mouth. The devils flinched at that. "S-Sorry."

"It's fine Asia," Rias assured her. Her eyebrows set in a frown, her aura shifting as her eyes darkened. "But Issei is right. We need to find out what's going on."

"There are explosions happening everywhere," Yuuto noted, his gaze drawn back and forth across the city when more and more explosions began going off in seemingly random parts of the city, though at a much smaller scale than the first. "An attack?"

"Most certainly, Yuuto," Rias nodded. "And it's definitely magical. Looks like someone is causing trouble in my territory."

"Our territory." Rias turned just in time to see Sona push her glasses up the bridge of her nose, the Sitri's peerage at her side. "Have you forgotten that I also govern this town, Rias?"

"No, I have not," Rias replied. Despite the situation, a ghost of a smile settled on her lips.

Sona turned to stare at the faraway destruction. "Then, as Kuoh's sole authority, it is our job to defend it."

Rias nodded in agreement. "I would like to see the face of the foolish individuals who think they can get away with this."

"As would I…"

The devils watched in amazement as the Kings' eyes each glowed blue-green and bright pink respectively, a resolute anger settling within each of them.

"Oh my, it seems the Kings have been riled up," Akeno quipped.

"Shall we split up, then?" Rias offered to Sona, crossing her arms beneath her bust. For once, Issei didn't gawk as it bounced without restraint.

"A sound plan," Sona agreed. "It seems the attack is happening throughout the town, so we'll need to look everywhere to find out who's doing this." She adjusted her glasses, then leveled Rias with a serious stare. "Whatever is happening, it's big, Rias. I suggest you have your brother on the line, just in case."

"Don't you have any faith in me, Sona?"


"If it's that bad, then have your sister on the line as well."

"...Very well. I suggest you have your peerage send out their familiars. I'll take the western side of town."

"Then I'll take the east." Rias nodded to the Student Council President. "Good luck, Sona."

"The same goes to you, Rias."

It was only then that their friendship born from competitiveness could be seen. They seemed to challenge one another, asking who could get the job done faster. The moment ended as soon as it started when Sona and her peerage disappeared via magic circle.

"Issei, this may be your first time in actual combat, so stay close, alright?" Rias half-turned to him. "The same goes for you, Asia. I know you've been surviving by yourself for a while, but I still don't have a clear measurement on your ability. Be prepared for anything."

Issei saluted as Asia nodded resolutely. "Yes ma'am!"

Rias smiled slightly. "That's what I like to hear. Alright, everyone, let's teach these fools not to mess with the Gremory family."

Her peerage replied with their respective affirmations, and she smiled kindly at them, seeing the apprehension in the eyes of the new blood, but also the resolution behind them. She was already feeling proud.

It didn't last though.

Suddenly, there was another explosion, this one closer than the others. When Issei turned and saw the smoke rising over the town, and the general direction from which it came, his eyes widened.

"That's near my neighborhood!"

"Oh no!" Asia gasped.

With their cries, a calm urgency was instilled over the others. If there was one thing any of them held close to their hearts above all else, it was family. They'd all lost entire families at some point. They didn't need Issei to go through that too.

Rias's expression hardened. "Well, looks like we know where we're going first…" There was a shift in her demeanor as her tactical side took over. "Everyone, send out your familiars to investigate the east side of town, then we're going to make a jump to Issei's house."

"Yes, president."

The devils complied, sans Issei and Asia, who watched in confusion. Little creatures of various shapes no larger than small animals seemed to appear from small bursts of air before flying off in random directions. As this occurred, Rias shifted her focus to Asia.

"Asia. Come here. I need to give you the right permissions to jump with us."

Asia blinked. "Huh? Oh, okay."

She stepped over, and Rias put a hand over hers. There was a soft glow for a moment, then nothing.

Asia frowned. "I don't feel any different."

"Good, it'd be bad if you did." Rias looked at her peerage one more time. "Is everyone ready?"

She received an array of nods in response. She nodded back.

"Alright. Let's go, then."

A magic circle appeared beneath all of their feet, spawning unseen winds that tossed hair around and flipped up the girls' skirts—not that anyone cared at the moment—then, a moment passed, and…nothing happened.

"What happened?" Issei looked around at the school. "Weren't we supposed to teleport or something?"

"Oh no. Issei…" Rias had a dreadful look on her face that the boy didn't like. "You don't have enough energy to do a jump…"

"What?" The realization was slow and painful. "You mean…because I'm so weak, we can't save my p—"

Rias grabbed the boy's shoulders and shook him as the others watched in both sympathy and some frustration. "Listen, Issei. Your parents are going to be fine, I promise you that. Just calm down, can you do that for me?"

Issei's eyes lost focus for a second. "But I—"

"Issei! I need you here with me, understand?" Rias stared into the boys eyes with an authoritative look.

"I… Yes, President."

"Good." Rias immediately turned to the others. "Akeno, Koneko, I need you two to fly to Issei's house. You can't teleport there since you've never been there, but you have the address, right?"

"Yes, President," Akeno nodded.

"Then go. Make sure not a scratch comes onto anybody in that house, understand?"

"Of course," Akeno smiled. She let out a small laugh as her wings spread from her back. "Shall we punish the instigators together, Koneko?" She splayed her fingers, cupping her own cheek, offering her other hand to the small girl.

Koneko gave her a flat stare, pushing her hand away. "Please don't fetishize this, Akeno."

"Oh? Whatever do you mean?"

Koneko grumbled as her own wings spread out, then the two took to the skies, flying into the distance towards Issei's neighborhood…in plain view of many students, some of whom had been taking videos of the situation and happened to catch the event on camera.

Such media would have an impact in the future…

Issei watched Akeno and Koneko leave worriedly, barely managing to keep the rising adrenaline down. After a second, he looked down.

"I'm sorry, president." He sighed. "Thanks for looking after me."

Rias looked at him. The only reason she'd sent Akeno and Koneko separately was because, as they just learned, Issei didn't have the proper magic for teleportation, and neither he nor Asia could fly, and while Kiba was strong, Koneko was a defensive powerhouse that could effectively hold a position on her own. Aided by Akeno's lightning magic, there was little aside from overwhelming raw power that could stop the two as a team.

Perhaps it would have been better to send Kiba. Maybe she should have taken the risk and brought Issei and Asia into the skies. But those were just the thoughts she'd have to deal with as a leader.

"We're not leaving them alone. Let's go."

Issei nodded. "Right."

"After we deal with this, we really need to do something about your demonic energy, Issei. Or at least, get you to learn how to fly."

"R-Right. Sorry."

"Let's cut through the edge of the business district. The roads are mostly straight there," Yuuto offered.

Rias nodded. "Lead the way then, Yuuto."

Yuuto complied and took point, keeping a vigilant eye on the group's surroundings as they sped through the streets, past many human civilians that were watching the slowly reddening sky and the rising snail-pace smokestacks with open-mouthed horror. Soon, the devils could hear the chaos drawing nearer. Terrified screams of throat-ripping agony that shrieked with seemingly no end.

Rias and Yuuto were acclimated to violence, but even they couldn't help but be apprehensive of what they were going to see after hearing the ungodly shrieks, and in Rias's case, she couldn't help the well-hidden rage that brewed within her. Who was the enemy? Why were they killing random civilians? Why was Kuoh under attack? It couldn't be the angels, nor the fallen—neither had the balls as far as she knew.

She hoped to Lucifer that she wouldn't have to call in support from her brother, but if it really came down to it, she would.

Unbeknownst to Rias, Issei's world seemed to fall away as his focus narrowed onto his loved ones. He inwardly pleaded for them to be okay as he cursed himself for his apparent weakness. He tried not to voice the storm of panic within him, but it was difficult.

'Damnit! Damnit! Goddamnit—" He flinched. "I'm sorry! I'm sorry! Please be okay!"

Then he heard it. A low guttural chittering, a gurgle in the throat of something. The sound was so foreign, so wrong to his ears, that it made him falter. He looked to his left, and his eyes widened when he saw the monster.

Asia saw it too, and when she did, she stopped dead in her tracks, her breath caught in her throat. The world seemed to move in slow motion as both Rias and Yuuto also ground to a halt.

Standing in a low crouch, perched atop a small brick building was a large but impish creature. Its skin—if it could even be called skin—was a yellowish brown that faded into deep purples lower down its body. Its hands and feet were armed with nasty claws, and out of its back protruded a dozen bone-like spikes. Its eyes glowed a menacing red, and its teeth were set in an evil grin.

But it wasn't the physical features that shook Issei. It was the feeling—the spiritual, the aura, the suffocating corruption, the biting malice, because from the creature's flesh exuded a veil of rage, of torment and chaos, the physical manifestation of agony itself. It was the most horrific thing he had ever seen, and the fear he felt just from the energy it exuded alone was a primal terror.

Stunned, Issei could only choke. The creature reveled in his fear, but alas, its focus wasn't even on him.

There was a sudden, loud cracking that made Issei flinch, and he turned his head to see a human police officer firing a standard New Nambu M60 at the creature. The creature barely flinched, each bullet barely scuffing its skin. Instead of showing pain, it showed annoyance, then anger. It chittered, then shrieked, then without warning, it jumped from the wall with immense speed.

The police officer only had enough time to raise an arm in horror before the monster's claws came down upon him. Issei froze completely when the officer's body became a cloud of red mist, sliced by its claws into five mangled filets of flesh that slowly collapsed in a heap of blood.

Issei felt a queasiness rising within him as Asia brought her hands to her lips in horror.

The monster chittered in victory, then it set its gaze on him. Issei felt sick. He couldn't react when the creature rushed him. It threw its claws at him.

Suddenly, a blur appeared before Issei.


A sword in his hand, Yuuto stood before Issei in an instant, intercepting the blow. When the creature's claws hit the sword though, the blade shattered. Yuuto's eyes widened slightly, but he didn't falter. The creature slashed again, and Yuuto conjured another, tougher sword to block—one for the express purpose of blocking. When the claw met the blade, they clashed, sending sparks flying everywhere, and Yuuto was pushed back.

"Issei! Are you okay?" Yuuto heard Asia cry.

"Y-Yeah, good," came Issei's reply.

Yuuto quickly steadied himself, and in a fraction of a second he studied the creature up close. Though in a crouch, it stood upwards of seven feet tall, and it was full of muscle and an abundance of bone. It was tough—and immensely strong.

What made it most imposing though was this creature's energy—it was a miasma of negativity, an aura of all things bad that seeped into Yuuto's own, trying to attack him on a mental, spiritual, and quantum level. And for just a moment, its power worked.

Something, some terrible primal fear from the depths of the soul came over the Knight, but Yuuto squashed it down in a millisecond, his eyes narrowing and his teeth gritting behind his closed lips. Whatever the Hell this thing was, it was badreally bad. Destroying it was the only option.

The creature growled, then slashed at lightning speed without relent, and Yuuto was pressed to block each blow, taking a step back with each impact. What concerned Yuuto at the moment was the fact that there were sparks every time he blocked a blow—this creature's claws were tougher than Yuuto's own sword, and with every strike, it was whittling the sword down.

"Kiba?" Rias asked—her tone indicated that she was questioning whether he needed assistance.

"I got this," he answered coolly.

His eyes narrowing, Yuuto blocked one more strike, then jumped away. The monster didn't relent, clearing the distance he'd created in a fraction of a second. The monster swung again, blazing fast—not as fast as he was, but still incredibly shocking. But this time Yuuto was prepared. With a proper amount of strength, he parried the claws, opening the monster's guard.


Given the right conditions, Yuuto could slash his blade several dozen times in only a second. Now that the creature couldn't attack or defend, it was time.

With a grunt of effort, Yuuto swung his blade and cleaved the creature in half—or at least, he tried to. Like he'd run into a wall of steel, the sword sliced through the first layer of skin, an inch into the flesh, then it stopped at bone.

"What!?" Yuuto's lips parted, revealing clenched teeth as he leapt back, avoiding another blow.

"Yuuto!?" Rias urged.

"Kiba!" Issei cried. "Look out!"

Yuuto turned his head just in time to see another one of the creatures land atop a car, a fireball in its claws. His instincts went wild. That was not a normal fireball.

The monster on the car launched the fireball, and Yuuto jumped into a backflip to avoid it. He just barely got to see the fireball explode on the ground, turning a small circle of the street into white-hot slag.

Something in the corner of Yuuto's vision blurred, and he turned his head midair just in time to see the other creature, the first one only a foot away from his face, already clawing at the air. It had jumped up to tear him in half. Surprised, Yuuto had only enough time to bring up his sword—

Suddenly, in the other corner of Yuuto's vision, a roiling blade of intense blue energy appeared, then an armored arm, a leg, then the body of a futuristic Templar Crusader. His mouth fell open.

Lightning quick, Spearguy rammed his spear through the chest of the creature, sticking it to the spearhead, then he spun and threw his spear downwards with terrible might. It skewered the second creature beneath the first, the sheer force tearing both monsters in half and crushing the top of the car, the spear piercing straight through the vehicle, embedding itself in the pavement of the street.

Spearguy landed heavily on the hood of the car, crushing the engine. He retrieved his spear just as Yuuto landed.

"H-Holy crap." Issei rose from unsteady legs, eyes wide. It took him a second to remember Spearguy. "Wha—Hey, you're that guy!"

Yuuto noticed too. He turned to the resident ex-nun. "Asia?"

"S-Sorry if that was sudden. You looked like you needed help." Asia had a distraught look on her face. She withered under Yuuto's gaze. "A-And, brother wanted to help."

Yuuto's gaze softened. "It's alright. Thanks for the help."

"Kiba, what was that?" Rias stepped over, drawing their attention. The look on her face was a mix of concern and acerbity. "You panicked for a moment there."

Yuuto inwardly flinched. He closed his eyes for a second. "I don't know. Whatever that thing was, I couldn't cut through its bones..."

Slowly, his eyes shifted to the creature, which, Yuuto noticed, was burning away. He almost commented on it, but then his attention shifted to Spearguy. The imposing apparition still stood atop the hood of the car, staring down at the remains of the enemy. The apparition hadn't moved an inch.

Yuuto recalled the violence with which Spearguy had dispensed the enemy. Spearguy's actions hadn't been mechanical, like a puppet that was being controlled by Asia's whims. His actions had been filled with hate. Real hate.

"What's wrong, Yuuto?" Rias inquired.

Yuuto pointed at Spearguy, his eyes narrowing. "...He knows what we're up against."

Rias looked at Spearguy then back at Yuuto like he'd grown a second head. "It's just a magical construct, Yuuto. Asia's power."

"No… He's alive. And conscious."

Rias made to protest.

"...Demons." It was a low, gravelly voice. All heads swiveled as one, landing on Spearguy. Everyone's eyes widened.


Spearguy's fists clenched. He palmed his helmet with his unoccupied hand, as if remembering something. The apparition stumbled off the car, eliciting caution from everyone except Asia.

"Brother…?" Asia reiterated, her voice barely a whisper as she stepped over to him.

"The demons… We must…kill them all."

"Demons?" Rias muttered. She briefly ignored the implications of him speaking, of him clutching his head like he was remembering something. She briefly put aside Yuuto's claim that Spearguy was conscious and sentient.

"They are rage. Brutal. Without mercy."

"What do you mean, demons? Devils?"

"Nay. Demons. These are Imps. They feel no pain. They feel no fear. They know only rage. They destroy indiscriminately, as is their purpose. Upon expiration, most burn away, such is their fury."

Issei felt a chill go down his spine as Spearguy described them. Asia too had an unpleasant feeling welling up inside her. Demons?

Like the ones from her past…?

The girl doubled over suddenly, incurring Issei's concern. "Asia!"

"I-I'm okay," she muttered. Her eyes clenched shut, and she could barely feel the prick of wetness at the corner of her eyes.

"I've never seen these demons before," Yuuto grimaced. "But they're dangerous. Just being near them…it felt like they were attacking my soul."

He turned to Rias. "President, we need to regroup with Koneko and Akeno. Sending them alone might have been a mistake—I don't think these demons are your everyday enemy."

"They are not."

An explosion rocked the earth, making the devils stumble, and the growling of several more Imps could be heard. Spearguy didn't falter. Instead, he put away his spear, scooped Asia up, who squeaked in his arms, then he uttered two words.

"Follow me."

Then he took off. His speed was immense, surpassing even a Knight's.

"Hey, slow down! Don't run ahead," Rias grumbled. She preferred that nobody run off without her saying so, but Spearguy seemed to be heading in the direction of Issei's neighborhood. To Spearguy's credit, he slowed down, just enough for the devils to catch up. Rias turned her head as she followed, pushing down her exasperation. "So, you seem to know alot about these demons. I won't ask why or how for now, but do you know anything about them? Their weaknesses and whatnot?"

"Yeah, I'd like to know that too." Yuuto ran up to Spearguy's opposite side. "Why can't my swords cut through them?"

"The flesh of a demon is tough beyond measure, and the bones are nigh-indestructible. They are enhanced by the Essence, their lifeblood—Argent Energy, the blood of the Primevals themselves. Without the Essence, or the proper weaponry, you will not be able to cut through them easily. No normal blade can cut demon , as you wield weapons that can pierce their flesh, if you desire to aid in combat, aim for their ligaments and tendons to sever their limbs."

Yuuto was surprised by the influx of information. Nevertheless, he nodded. He took an anatomy class a year ago, and although these demons weren't human, he figured he could find the tissue at their joints. "Thanks. And what are these weapons you speak of? I'm assuming you wield one?"

"Yes. If you desire a suitable weapon, you may not find an Argent Energy weapon, but there are others that will work, less effective though they are. High-frequency weapons, or quake weapons. Any blade that can vibrate at high enough speeds will be able to cut through their bones."

"High-frequency blades?" Yuuto asked.


"B-Brother, how do you know all this?" Asia asked hesitantly.

"I'd like to know that as well," Rias said.

"...Demon slaying…is my purpose." Spearguy paused. "Whatever happens, do NOT get hit. A single blow from a demon is devastating, no matter how powerful you are. They attack the soul itself, and the Essence allows them to damage anything—from the strongest shield to the hide of an Ancestral, nothing is impervious to their terrible magic."

The devils listened intently. It dawned on them just how dangerous this threat would be. Rias inwardly scowled. "Strong or not, I will not allow anyone to trample on my territory, nor slaughter the people I swore to protect as governor of Kuoh. We must drive them back and make them pay for what they've done."

Spearguy looked at her. "...Aye. But we must fight as one. There is no victory against the demons alone. Only one man is capable of such a feat…" His words hung in the air for a moment, leaving the others to ponder. "Let us regroup with the small feline warrior, and the sadistic tea-maker."

"I'm sorry, the what—?"


When the devils turned a corner, Issei's eyes quickly zeroed in on his house halfway down the street, where two figures fought. It was Koneko and Akeno! And they were fighting with demons!

"Sister Asia. May I rush ahead to assist them?"

Asia looked astonished for a moment. Then she nodded quickly. "Help them. But please, stay safe."

"As you command." Spearguy placed Asia down, then equipped his spear. "Let no harm come unto her. If you are in danger, I will be there."

In a flash of speed, Spearguy exploded forward, Asia watching in awe and hope. Yuuto followed him, feeling a strange sense of camaraderie in the apparition.

The two approached Issei's house, and from a distance they could see Koneko slam her elbow into the sternum of an Imp. The demon didn't even flinch. It slashed at the girl, but she stepped back, caught its arm, then threw it at a car.

The force was enough to shatter all of the vehicle's windows and embed the demon in the side, but the Imp merely clawed its way out, sustaining no injuries, two more Imps landing on the car itself.

Koneko, on the other hand, kneeled, one fist supporting her on the ground, the other resting on her knee as she glared, scowling with visible teeth as she heaved lightly.

What was happening to her? These things were messing with her mind, prodding at the hidden nekoshou side of her being, and their life-energy was chaotic. She already hated them and feared them at the same time, but she had to fight them.

The Imps screeched, but before they could leap forward, a large bolt of lightning exploded atop them, bathing them in smoke. Akeno stood behind Koneko, one hand extended, her palm out. There was no smile on her face, no expression of her usual sadism, and the lightning she'd casted had been for the purpose of killing and not for torture, not to draw out pain.

It spoke volumes of the situation.

When the smoke cleared, the Imps were on the ground. All three writhed and clawed their way to a crouch, horribly disfigured beyond repair. Lengths and chunks of flesh had been torn and blown away, completely exposing their ribs, humeri, portions of the skull, their ulnas and radii, and even their femurs and pelvic bones, each area bleeding profusely, but the Imps didn't appear to be bothered at all. In fact, they didn't even encumbered at all, just enraged.

Akeno didn't let them move from the spot, striking them thrice more before they each fell apart at the seams—despite the power of Akeno's lightning, their bones remained entirely intact, but now with the flesh and the cartilage blown off, leaving them demonic husks.

"What does it take to kill these things?" Koneko growled. Her emotions were rising, fear, rage, and frustration getting the better of her. She needed to reign them in before anything happened. She wouldn't turn. She would not become what her sister did.

Her senses sharpened, and she heard more screeches. She looked up to see two more Imps falling onto her. She raised her fists, ready to defend herself, but a blur intercepted them.

In a flash, Spearguy rammed his spear through the Imps, skewering them on his weapon nearly halfway down the pole. They screeched not in pain, but rage, trying to swipe at him, but as he landed, stabbing his spear into the ground, he pinned them to the ground with a boot, then ripped his spear upwards in an arc, cleaving them nearly in half, from their bowels to their heads.

Koneko was stunned for a moment, then she decided that being surprised wasn't worth her energy, especially since two more Imps landed a short distance away from her, one having swung from a tree branch, the other having clawed through the roof of a nearby house. The first jumped at her, but she dashed at it and slid between its legs, then launched it into the air with a kick to its pelvis.

It screeched in rage, but before it could fall back down, Yuuto appeared behind it, and in a fraction of a second and flash of light, the demon was sliced a dozen times in three different places. The Imp began falling back to the ground in three different cuts separated at the ligaments, the angry glow in its eyes dimming upon its death.

Koneko's eyebrows rose in the slightest surprise, but she didn't let her focus waver. As she finished her slide, the remaining Imp swiped at her. She deftly stepped under the blow and used its momentum against it, throwing the Imp by its arm into the hard ground. It bounced once, cracking the pavement, then a spearhead erupted from its chest.

With a hard swing, Spearguy launched the Imp into the air from the tip of his spear. It was struck by three bolts of lightning from three different angles at the same time, creating a triad of lightning, and when the Imp came back down, there were only bones left.

Koneko let out a breath as Akeno stood at her side. The two looked at one another, then at Yuuto, then at Spearguy. Koneko's face through multiple different expressions—the most any of the devils had ever seen at one time, then it settled on her usual blank visage.

"Thank you." She nodded. Her voice was back to its usual monotone.

"My, that was quite an entrance," Akeno commented. She employed a small smile, eyeing the demonic body parts strewn about as they began to disintegrate. "A bit brutal for you, Yuuto. What have they done to tick you off so?"

Yuuto shook his head as his blade disappeared. "Asia's…brother taught me. It's the only way I can cut them. But even their ligaments and tendons are tough. It took me four slashes to get through just one. Thank Lucifer I took anatomy, even if I had to make a guess..."

He didn't notice earlier, but there was a horrific amount of blood splattered across the streets—so much that it was actually running across the ground like a small stream of red. Some of the trees had their leaves speckled with blood, some of which dripped down like red raindrops.

Stray body parts and entrails were strung up on roofs and power lines, or stuck on the sides of buildings, most of which had holes and claw marks that raked through the walls and roofs.

It was enough for even him to be sick. He'd sliced enemies to pieces before, but this? This was something else.

He could see the looks in Akeno and Koneko's eyes, the way they subtly shifted in ways that conveyed both horror and disgust at their environment. They tried their best to ignore it and stay calm, but it was clear, no matter how acclimated they were to violence, this was too much.

Akeno hummed as her eyes shifted to Spearguy. "I don't believe we've formally introduced ourselves. I see you're quite the fighter. I like that. Thank you for taking care of Yuuto here."

Spearguy merely nodded. He looked at Koneko, who stared back almost nervously for a moment, then he averted his gaze in another direction—Asia's. Of course, Asia's approach also meant Rias and Issei.

"Akeno, Koneko!" Rias called.

"Right over here, Rias!" Akeno urged.

The redhead came quickly, but when Asia and Issei saw the state of the neighborhood, they slowed down. They saw the river of red, the decorations of death, they heard the growls and screeches and screams from afar. They felt the auras of chaos falling over them, seeping into their souls. Combined, it was all too much.

They only got a couple of houses away, then Asia's knees buckled. She nearly fell to her knees, but Spearguy was there to catch her and pull her into a comforting embrace.

Issei was not so lucky. He gagged at the smells and sights and sounds, then he turned to the side and retched on shaky legs, right into a large puddle of blood, adding his own fluids to the already horrendous mix. He couldn't keep himself from falling, and he had to use his hands to support himself. He gagged again, growing nauseous as his clothes soaked up the sticky red blood.

"J-Jesus H. Christ."

"I-Issei, are you okay?" Asia managed to mutter.

"No…" He retched again. It was only after he stood back up that he realized Yuuto had come and helped him up. "M-My house. I need—my parents, are they…?"

"They're okay," Akeno answered, seeing the look in his eyes. "But we might not be if this is just the beginning. Rias?"

The redhead closed her eyes. "...Call Sirzechs. Code Black."

"Understood, Rias. Thank you." With a nod, Akeno stepped away from the group, and a magic circle appeared by her ear.

"Shit…fuck," Issei cursed as he panted. He looked at his allies, his newest friends, then he looked at his house. "Mom. Dad!" He called, stumbling towards the front door.

Yuuto reached out to him, but Rias stopped him with a hand on his shoulder. She shook her head. "Help me set up a barrier of concealment. We can't stay here too long, or the whole town will become a slaughterhouse, it looks like."

"Yeah…you're right."

The two immediately got to work, Koneko standing guard, trying her best to adjust to the environment. Spearguy looked at them all, then he turned to Asia.

"Sister Asia. We must fight these demons. It will be dangerous…but…you are my priority. If anything happens, I will be at your side, and we will retreat if we must, to live and fight another day."

Asia stared up at Spearguy, both assured by his conviction for her safety, and disheartened by the idea that an enemy like the demons could be terrible enough to make even Spearguy consider retreat. She trembled at the danger ahead, but at the same time, she could see him looking back at her. She could see her father standing in the way of evil no matter how putrid or powerful so that no demon could do harm someone like they did her. Like they did him. But how could she be like that?

"Stand strong, Sister Asia. We will get through this. You are stronger than you think."

Spearguy looked at the rising smokestacks and the red sky.

"For this, you must be."

Dohnaseek tapped his foot impatiently, his flip phone ringing several times as he called the highest superior he could manage. He nervously looked around the small diner he and his colleagues had fled to in the nearest neighboring city.

Mittelt sat across from Kalawarner in one of the nearby booths, nervously nibbling on a greasy french fry. She eyed Dohnaseek's flip phone irritatedly.

"Jeez, what are you, a fossil?" Before Dohnaseek could reply, Mittelt hurriedly spoke again. "Sorry! Sorry. That was uncalled for. I'm just…nervous."

"That's fair. We almost died after all," Kalawarner tried to assure her. "I still can't believe we escaped that."

"I can't believe that Raynare became an insane megalomaniac." Mittelt paused. "Scratch that. I can. She was always kind of ambitious when she got on the team with us."

"Ambitious is underselling it. I also can't believe she's doing that all so she can have a go with Azazel. She should've just asked, the crazy bitch." Kalawarner grumbled in annoyance before stuffing a fry into her face. She paused when out of the corner of her eye, she spotted the news on a television mounted above the doorway to the restrooms. "Hey…look." She pointed.

Both of her long-time allies looked.

"—this just in, Kuoh Town, south of Nerima, is currently undergoing a disaster as what can only be described as monsters ravage the streets. Here is Shizuka, live on the scene from one of our choppers. Shizuka?"

The shot switched from one of a woman at a podium to a camera shooting from a helicopter down at the horror below. A lot of it was being censored live.

"Uh, I-I can't even begin to describe the situation, Saya. I-It looks like h-hell down there—I'm gonna be sick."

Slowly, everyone in the diner began to take notice, stopping whatever they were doing to stare at the spectacle. People began murmuring to one another.

"Saya, are you getting this? It's literally…oh shit! Hirano, get back!" The camera suddenly jerked back, and there was a loud clattering. The camera rested showing the floor of the helicopter's cabin, as well as the outside sky. "Takashi! Get us the hell out of here—"

There was a streak of red, then a crash and a boom, and the helicopter began spinning. There was yell, and a large man in a hoodie went flying out the cabin's open door. After a few seconds, the named Shizuka screamed, then the camera footage cut off when the helicopter presumably crashed. There was static for all of five seconds before the shot switched back to the news anchor.

The diner went silent. Saya, the news reporter, was also silent. After another moment, the news cut off all together, immediately switching to a commercial break. The diner erupted into a cacophony of shock, fear, and outrage. Dohnaseek, Mittelt, and Kalawarner all looked at each other.

Dohnaseek jumped when his phone was finally answered after his fifth call. "You've reached Azazel's office. Chief Secretary Penemue, speaking."

"Ma'am, it's Dohnaseek."

"Ah, Dohnaseek. Are you calling to make a report?"

"Ma'am, please get Azazel on the line, it's urgent."

"I'll be the judge of that. Azazel is a busy man. What do you need?"

"It's Raynare. She's gone rogue and is using our Relics to take over Kuoh—the Gremory's Japanese territory as we speak!"


"It's on the damn news! Check the Japanese networks, it's all over the place!"

There was silence for a moment.

"...I'll put Azazel on the line."

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