This story is dead. I don't know any other author that takes several months to put out a chapter because they're lazy, busy, or unmotivated. In my case, life caught up to me, and I've been too busy with irl stuff all while my motivation to write this story dwindled over time. That being said, I will now tell you what was going to happen.

If you didn't know, this story wasn't really a good story. It was a repetitive power fantasy that was just a what-if scenario, and not likely a realistic one. It had a lot of potential yes, but I was much too immature and uncreative—and still am—to act on it.

Starting from Raynare's takeover of Kuoh, what was supposed to happen was a joint effort between Kuoh's devils, Asia, and Dohnaseek, Mittelt, and Kalawarner taking down Raynare, with Spearguy being the main weapon.

Asia would get a power-up, her own armor and Sentinel weapons, and then she and the others would eventually retreat, at which point Doomguy arrives, takes care of Raynare, and leaves without knowing of Asia's existence.

Fortress of Doom gets done, then eventually, Doomguy meets Asia during the Kokabiel Arc when he shoots himself from the Fortress of Doom to the distress location. They reunite, Kokabiel gets his spine ripped out, then Asia lives in the FoD with Doomguy as the father, Tiamat as the pseudo-surrogate mother, and VEGA as the uncle.

One happy family.

At some point, Diodora manages to incapacitate and kidnap Asia, which leads to a Berserker Doom Slayer, which ends in catastrophe.

Also, you may have been wondering why I did the whole succubus-touch thing in the earlier chapters. Well, basically, the ones that interacted with Doomguy would have come to create a religion with a massive pantheon, originally composed of succubi that would become devout virgins or something like (sex was allowed). These guys would basically head the second coming of the Night Sentinels, and they'd follow Doomguy's positive rip-and-tear doctrine. It would be called the Church of the Undefiled Doom God, as seen originally in chapter ten.

And guess what? Ophis and Red, after investigating, would become the greatest chancellors of the religion. Ophis would embrace it fully, while Red was a skeptic. Eventually, Tiamat would become the Divine Beast of the religion, Asia would be the Saintess, and VEGA would be the Guardian.

Also, that OC introduced in chapter 10, Olivia, inspired by Olivia from Granblue Fantasy, would become the Angel of Death of the religion, mostly because I just felt like it.

Anyways, the Doom religion becomes a thing, develops its own nation-state on Earth and gets territories in the underworld and becomes extremely powerful politically. At some point, the supernatural is no longer able to be concealed from the mundane world, and we have a pseudo interspecies exchange program thing that happens on a large scale with a bunch of political stuff.

Doomguy collects all but one of the collectibles from the villains: The Icon of Sin.

Fast forward to the end of the story:

The Khaos Brigade, headed by Rizevim, does a mass-sacrifice blood ritual while using the Icon of Sin collectible to break the seal on Jekkad (Doom hell) and unleash chaos. Several Super Gore Nests pop up, the collectible activates, summoning the Icon of Sin, the Trihexa is awakened, and the war begins.

The new Night Sentinels + the Supernatural world + Doom Slayer and co. vs The Khaos Brigade + all of Jekkad + the Icon of Sin + Demonic Trihexa. A true armageddon scenario. The recovered collectibles are even used by trusted people, making a confusing planetwide collectible demon vs demon scenario.

Guess what guess what squared? Eventually, the Elder Demon Gods from the Doom concept art show, and the Doom Slayer is too occupied to fight all of them plus the IoS + Demonic Trihexa. BUT, due to some spacio temporal shit that happened in the VERY FIRST chapter of the story, it turns out that Maligog survived, and was transported to Earth, resting beneath the crust.

During the fight, Asia discovers this somehow and awakens him, and since Maligog is technically a neutral party, the titan goes apeshit on the Elder Gods, working with the Doom Slayer to kick all of their asses back to Jekkad.

When the battle is over, Earth and the Underworld is ravaged, but victory is celebrated. Maligog returns to Jekkad since nothing there can threaten him any longer, and thus begins the rebuilding of the world.

Of course, all the other characters have their own glow ups and stories but i'm too lazy to get into that.

In the epilogue, instead of the Azazel Cup, it's the Slayer Cup. Teams would fight each other in a tournament style fashion WHILE being harassed by Collectible demon summons in increasingly more difficult arenas, and the final two teams would go up against the Doom Slayer at the same time. Whichever one lasted the longest would win.

Fuck me, this story could've been amazing, but my motivation is naught for it anymore.

If anyone would like to continue this story and actually has the capabilities to do it, please PM me. I'm fully willing to hand everything over so long as you credit me with the original work.

That's all. Sorry for being lazy and unmotivated, but I have other, possibly shitier projects in mind now. Cya.