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Story takes place 3 months before season 1 of my hero academia entrance exams.

A waterbending quirk

"Come on, Aang! We can't let them get away after what they did!"

"Don't worry. I'll make sure they face Zuko for what was destroyed!"

Aang and Katara sprinted through the forest after the large group of firebenders trying to escape. At least three dozen men were attempting to flee from the incoming avatar and waterbender hot on their trail. It had only been two days since the defeat of Ozai, and many of the fire nation forces refused to surrender underneath the new rule. Droves inside the earth kingdom went on sprees of destruction in retaliation to the news of their leaders demise.

The leader of this group of firebenders turned and faced his pursuers, all of his men stopping as well. "This is the end for you, avatar!"

Both Aang and Katara stopped and prepared themselves for a fight. Katara opened the canteen on her side and bended out a large water whip over her shoulders. "You will pay for what you did. That village was filled with innocent people and you burned their homes down!"

"Those peasants don't deserve to live in the world of the phoenix king! All for Fire lord Ozai!"

"Ozai is done for, I defeated him myself." Aang stepped forward and readied his glider staff. "Come on, give up already!"

"He is still the true firelord, not that traitorous prince of his!" The leader and his men prepared their own fire and stepped forward. "That false lord will never be our ruler. Attack!"

All the soldiers began shooting fire balls towards the two. Aang slammed his hands into the ground and created a large stone wall blocking all of them. "Katara, now!"

"Right!" Bracing her legs, Katara felt her body launched up from the rising dirt beneath her and fly up above the wall. She used her water whip and lashed out to grab several of the soldiers and fling them out of the way into several nearby trees. With her free arm she shot more water out and swung along the hanging branches to get behind the group of firebenders. "You'll be sorry for ruining those homes!"

Some of the firebenders turned to face the young water tribe girl. "You think you can take us all on with that little bit of water? You don't frighten us, little girl!"

"You should be frightened…" She smirked as her hands began squeezing the air in front of her and crushing the trees around her. Their bark began to splinter as the water was drained out from them.

"What the…" One of them exclaimed in shock. "what is she doing!? She's just a water bender!"

"No…" another muttered as he watched the water gathered around the girl. "She removed the water from inside the trees. She can create more than what she has."

"Exactly." Katara smiled as the massive water ball above her shot out multiple arms and grabbed three more of the soldiers. She lifted them back and threw them behind her, instantly freezing their bodies to the trees as she went back to facing the others.

"Damn it! What kind of a bender is she!?" one of the soldiers frozen yelled out.

"She can use not just normal water, but the water in the vegetation…" Another one said as he watched their pursuers continue to pick off the other members of their group. "She has an endless supply of water at her disposal."

Growling, the other two soldiers began using their own bending to melt their ice prisons, steam rising from the dissipating ice. "How are we supposed to fight them if they have water everywhere around them? It's as if we are fighting on the ocean then!"

Once free, the first officer huffed as he shook off the water from his armor. He looked around to the massive trees all around them and saw there was no end to this girls bending. But then his mind thought back to the firelord's plan for Sozin's comet, and a sinister grin spread across his face. "If that is the case, then we should destroy the fuel for her bending."

"What do you mean?"

"I mean we torch this damn forest and burn everything here to the ground, the avatar and his little girlfriend included."

The other two watched their comrade light the fire in his hands, both of smiling as well. "You're right. Let's torch this place!"

The three soldiers all ran in separate directions, igniting every tree and shrub they passed. They began shooting fire off into the canopies, leaves igniting like paper and instantly rising up into the sky. After several more ignitions the fire began to spread on its own as it grew larger and larger. They laughed in unison as they looked up to see their work beginning to grow outward, soon the blaze now engulfing the entire area around them.

"Now let's see you bend this, girl."

The bright light behind her forced Katara to turn, her eyes widening in shock to the massive inferno behind her. "Oh no! Aang, they set the forest on fire!"

Aang looked up to her call, his eyes filled with anger as he listened to the fire benders cheer on to their work. "How could you do this!? The forest has nothing to do with your war!"

"Everything in this world is for the fire nation to take! You will regret standing in the way of the phoenix king!" their captain cheered on as the other men rallied behind him.

Grinding his teeth, Aang spun his staff around and launched an airblast at the soldiers knocking a large number of them down, but the gust of wind hit the burning trees and increased the flames size. "Shoot, I can't airbend with the fire everywhere!"

Looking up to the trees, Katara knew she had to do something. "Aang, you take care of the fire benders. I'll deal with the fires."

"Got it. I'll help as soon as I can!" Aang went back to the group and redirected the fires they shot at him with his own bending.

Running towards the inferno, Katara winced from the wave of heat coming from it. She frowned as she looked to the diminishing water over her arms. "I don't have near enough to stop this. Why couldn't there be a river nearby?" She grunted and looked to the nearby trees not burning. "Don't have much of a choice."

Waving her hands out and clenching her fists, she ripped out the water from several trees at once causing them all to dry and splinter. The growing water ball over her burst outward, dousing a large number of engulfed trees in her area. She ran forward and repeated the process to the next set of burning stumps, the loud hiss of water against flames overtaking the air. After doing this twice the water she had diminished too much to work anymore. She grimaced and ran up to the trunks of other untouched trees. "Sorry, but I need to do this." she whispered to the tree as she ripped the water out it as well.

Katara continued this act over and over, extinguishing fire and destroying the nearby greenery to gather more water. She never truly enjoyed ripping plants apart for water, but she knew if she didn't do this the fire would destroy everything else. Her eyes then met the group of fire benders causing the blaze in front of her, fueling the anger in her body. "There you are. Get back here now!"

The three soldiers turned and grinned as she ran their way. "You want to get burned? Then come on over!"

The earth beneath all of their feet began to violently shake, their feet struggling to keep balance. "Woah! What the hell is that!?" one of them yelled out.

Katara herself began stumbling back and forth from the sudden tremor and caught herself on a nearby tree. "What the… is Toph here?"

The ground between them suddenly fractured outward, a massive glowing creature bursting up from beneath. The four benders watched in terror as the great creature emerged, it's green fur shimmering and giant clawed paws crashing into the dirt beneath it. It's bear like head bared fangs as it raised thirty feet up, turning towards the fire benders.

"How dare you destroy my forest, you heathens!" a deep voice burst out from the creatures throat.

"AHH! What the hell is that thing!?" one of them screamed out while backing up.

The other group of benders turned around in shock at the monstrous creature that towered over the treeline. Many of them began backpeddling in fear to what it was, but Aang had a large smile across his face to what he saw. "It's the forest spirit that lives here. You all really messed up now." he grinned knowing full well what an enraged spirit would do.

The large bear stepped forward towards the three of them, it's great feet shattering the ground. "For years this forest has suffered from the acts of you fire benders. So many times I restored it's trees. But now you burn down what I have replaced!"

"No, w-we are sorry! Please!" one of them cried out as its giant paw rose up. "Wait!"


The three soldiers were smacked across the ground and crashed into the large tree bases to their right. They dropped down in agony from the pain running through their bodies, even their armor had cracked from the intense force of the spirits paw.

Katara smiled and looked up to see the bear turn her direction. "Thank you great spirit. The fire nation came through and did this to…" Her smile vanished as the spirit raise it's paw once again. "… wait, what are you doing!?" The giant paw came crashing down towards her in an instant. Her own reaction speed barely let her escape as she jumped to the side before the claws shattered the ground where she was standing.

Aang felt terror run through his body as the girl he loved was nearly killed. "Katara!" he bolted off towards her, not caring about the fleeing soldiers behind him anymore. "Stop! Don't hurt her!"

Katara crawled off the ground and backed away from the incoming beast. "Stop! What are you doing? The fire nation is the one who burned-

"The fire nation isn't the only one destroying my forest. You were also responsible for this destruction!"

Aang jumped in between Katara and the enraged spirit to try and stop them. "Please listen to me spirit. I'm the avatar, and we were here to stop the fire nation."

"I know who you are, boy. And you are fool if you do not punish this girl as well as the fire benders."

"Katara was stopping the fires. How can you blame her!?"

"They burned them, but they can still grow back. She herself was killing them with your bending too!"

Katara's mouth dropped open as her eyes went over to the many trees she had drained for her water. Their shriveled trunks could barely stand up, shattered in many places and for certain never growing back. "I-I had to use their water. If I didn't the fire would spread further!"

"So one good deed makes up for a bad one? All you wretched creatures say that whenever you wreck the land!"

Aang stomped his foot in anger to the spirit. "The fire nation is to blame! They came through and burned down the nearby village and-

"That village has been destroying my trees for years. All you humans are the same to me! Destroy and cull! None of you care for my forest! And I won't stand for it any longer!"

The furious bear reared up and roared at the two before bringing it's paws down. Both of the benders jumped out of the way just as the claws ripped into where they stood. Katara launched her water up into the bears face, but that only seemed to enrage it even more. "You are no avatar to me!" It bellowed out and rushed towards Aang.

Realizing he didn't have a choice, Aang stomped the ground and punched forward. A Large column of earth burst forward and collided with the bears chest. To his shock however the beast was breaking through the attack like nothing. "His anger is making him stronger!" He yelled out before ducking out of the way. He spun around and was met with another swinging paw striking him.

"Aang!" Katara screamed out as she watched him flying backwards through the trees. She was about to chase after him before a massive shadow suddenly came over her. Her blood ran cold as she turned around to see the great beast above her. "Please spirit, I didn't mean to ruin your trees. I was doing what I thought was right."

"It is always right for humans and I am tired of hearing that! No one will hurt my forest any longer!"

Aang rubbed his head while standing up from the hit, his eyes suddenly seeing Katara about to be hurt. His eyes and tattoos began glowing as his anger grew. "Get away from her!"

Aang launched forward in his avatar state and formed a large air bubble around his body. The forest spirit glared up and collided with the boy stopping him in is rush. The entire forest shook from the two forces colliding into each other, forcing Katara back as they tried overcoming the other. Her eyes then noticed the spirits mouth opening up and a bright glow beginning to form. "Aang, look out! It's about to do something!"

The young avatar couldn't hear her inside the wind storm around him, before suddenly feeling his body being shoved out of the way and to the ground. He turned back and his eyes lost their glow from the shock of seeing the gathering energy inside the spirits mouth into what he could tell was some form of energy blast.

And Katara standing where he was below the spirit.

"Katara, NO!"

His voice was drowned out by the high pitched beam of light shooting out of the spirits mouth and engulfing the area beneath it. The entire area was blinded by the blast as ground below was ripped apart. Aang shielded his eyes while trying to move forward. "Katara, get out of there!"

After several seconds the beam slowly dissipated until vanishing. The young airbender quickly pushed out a gust of wind to move the large dust cloud blocking his view. After he did, however… he had wished that he hadn't. "No…"

There sat a massive crater beneath the great spirit, the earth disintegrated and burned up from the power of the energy. And nothing else.

She was gone.

"Katara… KATARA!"




Those were the first things that ran through Katara's mind as the energy had hit her. She thought she would have burned from it, and yet when she was struck, those were the things that she felt. It happened so fast she couldn't even process what had happened after she pushed Aang out of the way. All she knew was that he wasn't hit by the spirits attack and that he was unharmed. That alone was enough for her to be happy.

'I hope that you will forgive me one day…' she thought to herself as she sat in darkness, her closed eyes blocking out everything around her. Thoughts of her other friends and her brother began coming into her head, the pain of regret beginning to grow as she realized they would never see her again. 'Sokka. Zuko. Suki. Toph. I'm sorry.'

She began sliding her legs across the ground to her chest and…


Shifting her legs, she could feel the hard surface scrape beneath her. But how… she was dead… right?

She was hesitant to open her eyes in fear of what she would see, but her curiosity began to take over to what the hell was going on. Very slowly, she opened them up, only to shoot wide open a second later. "What.. Where?"

Katara found herself in a side alley on what she thought was gray rock, but it was all in one giant piece and perfectly flat. She sat up and stared to the two very tall buildings on each side of her. And these weren't just tall… must have been as high as the earth kingdom palace! Not only that, the walls higher up had strange metal balconies all across the sides going to different entry points.

"What kind of building is that? I've never seen that before." She said to herself as she stood up. The now dark sky was illuminated by a half moon, giving at least some light for the confused girl. She looked to expect burns or blood on her body, but she was in complete disbelief that not only was her body completely uninjured. Not just that, her clothes didn't even have a scratch on them as well. "I could have sworn that spirit hit me with it's attack. Or… was it an attack?" Her hands clutched her head as she tried to think. "What the heck is going on?"

She felt something on her hips and looked down, sighing in relief to her water canteen still full on her waist. "At least I have something with me." Her ears suddenly heard chatting down the alleyway around a corner, causing her heart to jump in excitement. "Wait, if I got sent here, maybe Aang did too!"

She sprinted down the strange stone road and turned to the source of the voices. "Aang! Aang, where are…" her voice came to a stop along with her feet as she exited to the open, "...you?"

Her eyes were overwhelmed with the suddenly bright lights of the bustling street, but it was unlike anything she had seen before. Buildings rose high into the sky, taller than the ones she was standing by and lit by strange fires that… didn't seem to burn at all. Multiple Shops lined the area she was in and showed off strange outfits and weird trinkets she had never seen before. There were food carts with strange pink puffs attached to sticks and drinks that were in small, clear canteens. Strange sandwiches were on pictures, but she could read the word 'burgers'. But then her eyes noticed…. The people.

"what in the…"

People wasn't even the word she wanted to use as a man with a dog head walked by her. She walked out of the alley in shock as she stared at him go by before her eyes noticed a woman with bat wings go the other way. She weaved through the crowds of clawed hands, purple colored skin, and a child with what she thought were snakes growing out of their head instead of hair. Then there were ones who had multiple limbs coming out of their bodies, or even some who didn't grow out animal parts at all. There was a boy who had what looked to be strange wheels instead of legs, and another woman who had a wooden head.

Her confusion grew even more as no one even seemed to notice or even care to the fact these people were all growing odd things from their bodies. They almost seemed more annoyed that she was the one staring at everyone going by.

"What the hell is this place?" She whispered out as she wiggled her way through the walking crowds. She stood at the edge of the people and heard a loud, vibrating voice.

"Looking to escape your troubles?"

Katara spun around thinking there was someone speaking to her but saw no one. Her eyes then caught the massive picture on the side of one of the buildings. It's bright and colorful glow captivated her like rare jewelry to a royal. It showed a blonde woman with yellow eyes and snakes in her hair holding a pink bottle in her hand. But there was something about this picture that made her stare as if it were the last thing in the world.

It was moving.

The woman in the "picture" lifted the bottle up and sprayed it onto her neck. The woman smiled and looked towards Katara.

"Let your senses escape with the all new Jasmine fragrance. It will set you free."

Katara stared at the bright image, her eyes unable to leave it. "It's… pretty." she mumbled as she stepped off the curb. She walked towards it like a moth drawn to a flame, not even looking around her surroundings any longer. "How do they make a picture move, or look so real?"

"Hey, get out of the road!"

The sudden scream broke Katara from her stare. Her eyes shot to the side and locked onto something screeching towards her. "Is… Thats a…!"

The strange vehicle was all metal except for the clear glass in front. It rushed through the road with no creature pulling it. That meant it moved on it's own power. Just like…

"A fire nation tank!" She sneered out and flipped open her canteen. She bended out the water and enshrouded her arm. "So some of you followed me here, didn't you!?"

Rushing forward, the angry waterbender lashed outward and sliced the front of the small tank off. One of it's wheels bounced across the road and made the rest of the machine come to a screeching halt. Several people screamed from the sudden act happening out of nowhere. Smiling, Katara pulled the water back to her body and prepared herself for more to come as they opened it's side doors. "Don't think you can get me that easily you evil… fish?"

The man climbing out of the car had a red fish head staring out, it's massive bugged eyes glaring at her. "What the hell!? You wrecked my car you stupid bitch!"

"Uhhhh…" Katara sat frozen at the sight of the yelling fish man stomping his feet towards her. "Sorry I thought you were fire nation."

"Fire what? What about my car? You better have insurance for this!"

"Hey, what's going on here?"

Katara turned around to see two men walking her way, both of them with purple skin and matching dark outfits. The crowd around began cheering as they walked forward.

"Hey, the twin ninja heroes are here!"

"Yeah, they will get that trouble maker!"

"Heroes?" Katara said as they came closer.

"Is there a problem?" One of the two asked.

"Yeah, there is a problem…" the fish man yelled out. "This girl just walked into the road and destroyed my car with her quirk!"

"My what?" Katara yelled out in confusion to what was going on.

The two heroes stared at her curiously and cautiously as her water was still out. "She has some kind of water quirk obviously, and quite strong to cut through a car." one pointed out.

"Yeah that is pretty dangerous. But the question is… who is she? I've never seen that costume before on anyone around here. She obviously isn't a pro, and she's too young to have gotten her license yet." the other asked.

"Could be a villain. Either way…" The first one reached into his pouch and pulled out several shuriken, "We have to take her in for unauthorized quirk use."

Seeing them draw weapons caused fear in Katara. "Wait, I didn't mean to do that!"

"Come with us now and we won't have to hurt you, kid." One of the heroes declared as he readied himself.

"No, I didn't mean…" Katara back stepped away from them as they got closer. Her already heightened adrenaline made her panic and raise her water up. "Stay back!"

"Don't resist!" One yelled and leaped into the air above her. He threw down multiple shuriken towards Katara, but her speed was too much as she quickly rolled out of the way. Grunting, the hero grabbed more from his belt and launched them downward.

Whipping around, Katara used her water arms and redirected the incoming blades away from her body and into the street. Her body in full flight mode kicked in as she sprinted down the road, more of these tanks… er cars stopped as the two heroes chased after her. "What is going on? What is this place!?" she yelled out in utter disbelief. She looked over his shoulder as the two ninjas started catching up. She then noticed a giant fountain coming up on her right. "Perfect."

She reached out and bended out all of the water onto the street and shoved it behind her. Both heroes stopped in their tracks at the massive wave rushing towards them. "What the hell!? AGH!"

They yelled out as they were blown backwards from the sheer force hitting both of them. The turbulent waters bounced the heroes around for several seconds before slapping them down on the road. They coughed a few times before looking up to see the young girl gone and out of sight.

"Shoot, we lost her." one of them grunted out as he stood up. "That is a powerful water quirk she's got."

"She won't be getting away." The other answered before pressing on the earpiece he was wearing. "Calling all nearby heroes in Hosu city. We have a suspect that escaped our sights and is loose in the city. Young girl in blue robes and dark hair. Caution, suspect has a powerful water quirk. Repeat, suspect has a powerful water quirk."

Running down one of the nearby alleyways, Katara stopped behind one of the nearby corners to catch her breath. Panting, she looked back around the wall to make sure she wasn't followed, "What is this place? Is this in the fire nation somewhere?" She asked herself. "It can't be, but… those machines. Only the fire nation has that kind of technology, but nothing like those things on the road."

Was this somehow in the future? Or something else?

"Hey you, Stop right there!"

Katara spun around and saw another man walking towards her, this one in a blue and white outfit and what looked like a helmet with a fish fin on the top. 'oh great. Another one after me.' she pouted internally.

"I would rather not hurt you, and I order you to stop this now and come peacefully." The hero Manual dropped a large container on the ground in from of him and flipped open the lid revealing water. He then lifted his hand up, the water flowing upwards and out above his body. Katara's eyes sparkled at the scene she saw before her.

"You're a waterbender!? Oh thank goodness!" She yelled out in excitement. "Please, can you tell me where I am?"

Manual raised his eyebrow in confusion. "A what? Waterbender?"

Katara's smile faltered at hearing what he said. "But… you are bending water. You have to be one."

He could see the troubled look on her face and tried to use this to his advantage."I'm not sure what you are talking about, but how about we just go to the police and straighten this out." His eyes noticed the two ninja heroes creeping up behind the girl, so he continued keeping her distracted. "I'm sure you didn't mean to do what you did earlier, so how about we go talk to the others and get this all sorted up."

While he thought he was sly, Katara had dealt with situations like this before and sensed others around her. She whipped her own water out and lashed it out behind her. The two heroes barely evaded the incoming whips and dashed towards her.

"Manual, hit her with your quirk! We will restrain her!"

"Right!" Manual shot the water forward towards Kataras back, only for her right arm to reach into his own water and pull it all towards her. "She took control of my water!?" He exclaimed in shock.

Glaring out, Katara created multiple water arms and shot them in all directions, snatching all three of the heroes and lifting them off the ground. They all tried to flail around to escape but to no avail from the strong grip around their waists.

"What the hell! Who is this kid?" Manual yelled out as he tried to rip through the water around him. "My quirk isn't working. She's overpowering it!"

"I Don't know what's going on here, and I don't want to hurt you." Katara explained to them. "But I can't let you follow me anymore." All of the heroes were suddenly pushed up against the nearby walls and felt the water around them suddenly lock up into ice sticking them to the concrete.

"Ice!?" Manual screeched in panic, "You said her quirk was only water!"

"She didn't use ice earlier, how were we supposed to know!?" one the ninja sneered out. He tried with all his strength to break free from the ice around hid body but couldn't even budge it. "Shit, we aren't getting out of this anytime soon."

Manual gritted his teeth and looked back where their captor was standing, only to see she had vanished once again. "Great, she's gone again."

"Manual, come in! Where are you?"

The earpiece in Manual's helmet crackled in his ear, making him sigh out. "I'm off the corner of Shinji Himota street. I'm in the back alleyway with two others."

"Have you found the suspect?"

"We did but she got away. Hey listen…" his face turned a bright red from embarrassment. "Can you… come unfreeze us?"

"I'm sorry, what did you just say?"

The streets through Hosu became filled with gossip of a possible villain running through the streets. Word began getting out that multiple heroes were taken down with ease from this person, and now the city was being put on alert. More and more heroes began showing up and searching through the crowds trying to find the mysterious girl that showed up. As they rushed around the streets, a single girl in blue ran down the side alley further away from the loud crowds.

Peeking around the corner of the building, Katara looked around and ducked back as several of the odd black and white vehicles drove passed her. The high pitched sirens and flashing lights were so bizarre to her and didn't make sense. "If they were looking for me why wouldn't they try to be more quiet about it? I can hear them coming."

Shaking her head, she looked out again and noticed a break in cars on the road and very few people at this moment. "I don't get what's going on or where the heck I am, but I'm out of this place." She said to herself before running from cover across the road. "If I can just get to the edge of the city, I can make my way to a smaller village and figure out what this place is."

A massive blast of fire scorched the sidewalk in front of her cutting off her pathway. "What the!?" She screamed out and stepped back to avoid the intense heat from the flames.

"So you are the one causing all of this trouble."

Katara turned around and felt her heart rate double as the figure made its way towards her. The massive man in blue had fire enshrouding his boots and most of his face, giving off a terrifying sight for the young girl. Through all of the battles she had been in, she could instantly tell this man was different than the few who tried to stop her earlier.

"It's quite the coincidence I was doing patrols in this town today, but it turns out to be pretty unlucky for you, criminal." The burning man smiled as his fists lit up in a bright ball of fire.

Katara felt sweat drip down her forehead from the intimidating vibe she was receiving from this man, somehow feeling even more frightened than when faced against Azula. "You're… a firebender aren't you?" she shakingly asked.

"Firebender?" The hero Endeavor questioned before smirking, "I haven't heard my quirk called that before. Either way, I'll be the one taking you in."

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