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"And why the hell do you think I agree with this?" Mirko asked, tilting her head in amusement to the two teens standing beside the teachers. "You think I need some band aids to take these kids on?"

"I didn't say I agree to this," Aizawa muttered, "But this is what both of them requested to do."

"Huh… and what makes you two think you deserve me at my best?" Mirko snickered, just before she winced and twitched her ear to the internal ring she heard. When she noticed the look Katara gave her, she laughed and shook her head. "Don't think this will make it that much easier for you, kid."

"It may not, but we don't want excuses if you end up losing this time." Katara taunted, grinning at the twitch to Mirko's eye.

"But the point was to use what you learn to face your opponent and do the best you can." Midnight said.

"And does it mean we are doing our best if she isn't?" Katara retorted.

"Midoriya…" Toshinori asked, walking up to his successor. "Are you two sure about this?"

Izuku looked over at Katara, seeing the small smile on her face and returning one of his own. "Yes, All Might," he said looking up to his idol. "If we are to be pushing ourselves to the limit, that means our opponent should be at her best as well. Plus Ultra, right?"

"But…" Toshinori held his tongue as he looked into Izuku's eyes, seeing the determination in his eyes.

Tensei was certainly surprised by the request as well, not thinking Katara would want to let someone as dangerous as Mirko fight at full strength only seemed like insanity. Even if it were a test, he knew he wouldn't stand a chance against her if she were at full power. "You realize this means you'll be at more of a disadvantage, Katara…"

"If we are working to be the best we are, that means we should be facing our opponent at their best." Izuku said, looking at Katara once more. "We both think this is the best thing to do."

"Yeah…" Katara glanced over to Mirko and gave a small shrug, "unless she wants to fight thinking it will make her feel better as an excuse when she loses."

Before the others could say anything, the gust of wind from Mirko sprinting forward put all of them on alert, Aizawa's eyes widening as he reacted and grabbed his neck scarf and turned to the students. "Mirko, don't!"

Katara's eyes widened as the blur rushed her way, flipping her gauntlet open but couldn't get out any water before Izuku leaped in front of her, his own leg swinging forward and cracking against Mirko's. The loud impact rang out to the area, the students in the distance shocked at the commotion.

"Oh shit, this is happening here?!" Kaminari yelled out.

"Katara!" Tenya yelled out, stepping forward as the others watched in worry.

As the other teachers stood ready to jump forward, Izuku's body arched with green energy as he pushed against her leg, gritting his teeth at the power he felt. 'I activated ten percent… and it feels like she didn't even budge!' he yelled internally. Not only that, he could tell from her strike she wasn't even going all out. All she was doing was testing him.

A test that made her laugh.

"Alright kids. If that's the way you wanna play, then let's play." She snickered and pulled her leg back. "If you want a worse beatdown, I'll give you ten minutes."

Bursting off the ground, Mirko leaped through the air off towards the main campus. As the dust cleared, both Izuku and Katara eased themselves back, followed by Aizawa and Midnight lowering their arms as well. Sighing, Aizawa released his neck cloth and looked at the two students. "I know it's not like it would've affected the fight too much, but I hope you two know what you're doing."

"We do. If we want to really see where we stand, I want to know our opponent is as strong as they can be as well." Katara responded, smiling at her teammate.

"Alright then…" Aizawa nodded, "Head to the grounds and wait for the bell to start."

"Good luck…" Toshinori said, receiving a nod from Izuku.

"Katara…" Tensei said from behind. "Show them what you got."

Smiling, Katara gave a nod as well, turning and walking with Izuku down towards the gate. Before they walked through, Katara glanced back towards the other students, more specifically Tenya in the front of the crowd. He didn't need to say anything, only smiling and giving a thumbs up to her. She smiled back, returning the gesture and walking after Izuku, readying themselves for their battle to come.

UA Medical office, several minutes later

Coming out of the bathroom, Shoto sighed as he rubbed his sore shoulder. After waking up on the medical bed, he only felt frustration that he couldn't have done better in his match. Sitting on the bench in the hallway was his partner, the redhead rubbing her neck. "How are you feeling?" Kendo asked.

"As good as I can be…" He grunted. "How about you?"

"Two cracked ribs apparently, so it could've been better," Kendo laughed. "Pretty much healed already."

Taking a breath, Shoto gave a small nod to her. "Now I really see what you all meant, how intense she is in battle. "

"You've got no idea, still…" Kendo muttered, remembering the battle inside the cave. "I sure hope Katara and Midoriya are ready themselves. While…" The sudden commotion down the hall cut her off, turning curiously to the door flinging open.

"I don't need no treatment!" Bakugo growled out as he stomped out of the office, several bandages over his head and covering his left arm.

"You still have a fractured arm!" Recovery girl yelled at him from inside.

"Then fix it later!" he yelled back, glaring at the two looking at him. "The hell you two staring at?"

"You with a broken arm…" Kendo said bluntly, shaking her head as he kept walking their way. "Heard you lasted a bit longer than us. Good job."

Normally Bakugo would've said something snarky and arrogant in response, but he just wasn't in the mood. Walking forward, he growled and moved past Shoto in annoyance, looking over to the redhead beside him. "Seems like your punches weren't enough for her."

"Uh, for Mirko? I kind of figured that," Kendo laughed and stood up from the seat. "Was kind of interested in seeing how your guys' match went at least."

On cue, Momo walked through the door as well, rubbing at her healed abdomen as well." "We almost had her a few times, but she got us in the end pretty good." She quietly said, looking over to the others. "Now the only one left to fight is Izuku and Katara…"

The four of them didn't even say anything to one another, all curious to see the battle about to take place. Kendo wanted to see her two friends, while both Shoto and Momo were concerned and wanted to go watch and support their significant other against the unstoppable force. Bakugo, however, wanted to watch them battle just to see how far they really had come. He needed to watch them fight and judge just what he could do himself to make sure he wasn't going to fall behind. If anyone was going to be right there besides those two as the strongest in class, he was going to see every detail of their fight, and he wasn't going to be behind them for long.

'Just wait, you two…' He grinned to himself as he walked down the hall, 'I'll be number one soon, and you'll be catching up with me.'

While the others exited the hall and headed back towards the training grounds with everyone else, they didn't notice the speeding blur that landed on top of the roof, hopping down and into the window of Recovery Girls office, healing up for the same match.

Six Minutes Later

Taking their time as they walked into the facility, Katara and Izuku stayed quiet most of the time, knowing this was going to be more than just a basic school test fight. They knew they were going to be facing perhaps the hardest challenge they had faced yet. For Izuku, he had faced many deadly foes already, including nearly meeting his end against the villain Muscular. And yet, he heard he had been taken out at the same time with two other villains by Mirko before she went on to literally run all the way to Mount Fuji and take on arguably the strongest of the hunters as well. That is where Katara felt the same, having watched her battle with Muteki inside the caverns. Even injured and exhausted, she saw just how powerful and formidable the rabbit hero was first hand in battle, and now they were going to have to face her.

And yet, they both didn't feel frightened at the moment. Instead, they both felt a strange thrill inside. Partly because they knew this wasn't an actual battle to the death, but to the point they were ready to truly test themselves.

Looking over to Katara, Izuku gave a smile at his partner. "After all this time, we are finally working on a team together."

"Unless you're counting Kamino, the last time was when we ended up meeting against Stain." Katara shook her head thinking back before laughing. "A lot has changed since then."

"Yeah…" Izuku responded, pulling his glove back and tightening his fist. "We can do this together, Me and You."

"I know you'll have my back. Thank you, Midoriya." Katara nodded as she adjusted her gauntlets, looking up to the sky "I will warn you since you haven't faced her yourself though…" She paused as the siren rang through the facility, signaling their match began. "The more challenging the fight we put up, the more fun she is going to have."

Taking a breath, flexed his hand a few times before looking up as well. "Then let's give her the most challenging fight we've got."

Speeding through the facility, Mirko couldn't help but smirk to herself as she kicked off a tall pipe. She had to admit that it felt good to have that annoying sting gone from her head, feeling just as good as she was when she started this test for the school. But it wasn't for the fact of her feeling better that made her grin, but the fact the very reason this test was even happening was finally here. While she actually enjoyed the other students and seeing what they could do, it was a battle against Katara she was most excited for. "Finally time to see what you got, Ryujin…" she said to herself.

After watching what that girl could do in the caverns, she couldn't help but want to test a match up herself against her. Anytime she saw how strong someone was, she had to get into a fight against them to see what they were made of. And by the way she heard of this Midoriya kid, she couldn't keep her curiosity away, needing to see why Ryukyu gave him so much praise. And by that kick she tested against him, she felt even more excited. "He actually had some power there… and he was fast enough to at least move in the way. This could be quite interesting."

Speeding through the facility, she jumped onto a tall rooftop and flicked her ears back and forth, listening for the slightest tap or scrape in the distance, twitching when she heard footsteps to the right beneath an alleyway over two hundred meters to the right. "And now we begin…" she snickered, dropping off the building and running towards the source.

Peeking around the corner, Katara kept her eyes open for the slightest motion, glancing up to the sky as well. "She can literally come from anywhere."

"I saw that part…" Izuku muttered while he kept watch the other direction. "The moment she comes, we go at her together."

"And don't hold back…" Katara said, keeping her fingertips ready on her gauntlets. "Trust me… you don't want to go easy against her."

"I wasn't planning to," He responded…. Just before a quick shadow from overhead made his eyes widen, flipping around and aiming his hand upward and flicked. "Heads up!"

The air bullet rushing up barely missed Mirko as she rocketed straight towards him, spiraling out of the way as she flipped and brought her foot forward and straight at him. "That was a weird one!"

Izuku leaped out of the way as her foot smashed into the ground, quickly getting up and flipping out of the way of another kick. Mirko was about to chase him down before she stopped and weaved out of the way of the water whip snapping her way, grinning as she turned to the waterbender now beside Izuku. "So you two chose to simply stand and fight, I see…" Mirko chuckled as she stood up straight. "No hidden tricks or things waiting for me? Not that you two could make that anyway…"

"You're right, we can't. And it's not like any of that has worked against you so far," Katara said, guiding the water into a flowing circle around herself. "We just need ourselves this time."

"Oh, a head on fight? I like that." Mirko laughed. "Saves me the trouble of keeping myself looking around for shit."

Izuku focused his gaze at the heroine in front of him, knowing this was the time now to test himself. 'If I'm going to have a chance by standing up to her, then I have to go hard right away…' he said internally, clenching his fists and focusing the power inside himself. 'One for all, full cowling… twenty percent!"

The energy Mirko felt immediately caused a shiver to run down her back, sensing the change coming from the green haired teen in front of her. Already she could sense he was stronger than when he blocked that kick, and it made her even happier. Readying her hands, she grinned and tightened her core and got in position. "Alright, kids. Time to see what you're made of!"

Not waiting any longer, Katara took the initiative and thrust her arm out, launching the water whip forward. Mirko burst forward as well, dodging the flying kick from Izuku and weaving out of the way as several more shots of water rushed at her. Katara glared and whipped the water back and split up the whip into multiple streams, the many tendrils shooting forward to ensnare the woman only to be kicked away by a quick kick every time. Izuku quickly leaped into the fray, throwing a spinning kick that was countered by a kick of her own that made Mirko laugh out loud.

"A lot stronger than before… that's what I wanted!" she shouted and pushed back against him, dropping down and sweeping his legs out and grabbing his collar. Izuku yelped as she spun around and launched him at Katara, the waterbender barely dodging as he flew by. She couldn't even call out to him before Mirko was on her, shielding herself from a kick for it to shatter instantly. She stepped back, whipping her arms forward and redirecting the incoming kicks with an ice hit.


Mirko's eyes widened as Katara dropped down, revealing Izuku launching himself at her with his fist drawn back. Quickly bringing her leg up, she slammed it into his punch stopping him, having to flip backwards as another pair of water whips shot at her from the sides. Katara didn't hesitate and pulled more water out of her other gauntlet, stepping forward and launching multiple ice spikes at her foe. Mirko huffed out and kicked at every icicle shattering them, her ear twitching and dropping herself down evading another punch from Izuku. Seeing his chance, Izuku flipped forward and brought his heel down at her, only to be stopped by her foot coming up and kicking against his.

"Midoriya, move!" Katara yelled, thrusting her arms and launching a spiraling pair of streams at the two. Izuku used Mirko's foot as leverage and leaped out of the way as Mirko quickly flipped over the streams. Katara quickly redirected the streams upward at the hero, only for the rabbit woman to spin rapidly and kick through the water, shattering it. Katara used that moment to freeze the water covering Mirko's leg, but a quick flex of her insane muscles shattered the thin ice instantly. Gritting her teeth, Katara gathered all the ice broken off and reformed them into a large ice spike and shot it after Mirko.

"Katara, to the right!" Izuku shouted and sprinted down the road in front of Mirko, aiming his hand and pulling his finger into a flick position again.

"Again?" Mirko muttered as she dodged each of the incoming air shots from Izuku, while also flipping over the icicle coming at her from behind. To her surprise, she noticed the ice disks whizzing her way from Katara. Flipping onto her hands, she began spinning like a top and kicking at the ice attacks. While in motion, she also noticed Izuku above her in the air, shooting straight at her with another diving kick. "Let's do this!" Mirko shouted and threw herself straight at Izuku, feet clashing and stopping one another. In a split second, they both pushed off and spun around, clashing shins as they countered each other's kicks along with his punches versus her feet.

Gasping as one of her faster kicks grazed his shoulders, Izuku charged his twenty percent cowling once more. "Smash!" he yelled as he spun around and threw a focused kick at her incoming axe kick, the loud impact reverberating the area. To his shock this time, however, he felt his leg shaking and pushed back. 'Even twenty percent isn't making her budge?!'

Grinning, Mirko yelled and whipped her leg forward, launching Izuku through the air and slamming into a warehouse wall. "Midoriya!" Katara yelled out, turning her focus up to Mirko falling straight towards her now. Glaring, she opened up her canteen as well, launching the water upwards as it formed into a dragon racing right towards Mirko.

"Luna ring!" Mirko shouted as she spun forward, her legs acting like a buzzsaw cutting through the dragon. As she broke through it, she laughed as Katara rolled out of the way just before she slammed into the ground, leaping off the crushed concrete as another stream of water slammed into the road as well.

"She really is strong…" Katara whispered to herself as she summoned the shattered water from earlier back together, putting some reserves back in her gauntlets. "Still crazy seeing her power!" She shouted and whipped her arms forward, windmilling water slashes at Mirko.

As Mirko jumped and weaved her way through the blades of water slashing through the ground, her ear twitched to the large crash from behind. She leaped into the air and kicked back at the force behind, clashing with Izuku's kick once more. "Glad to see you aren't a glass cannon…" She laughed out loud.

Izuku glared and focused his power again, pushing back off her leg and towards the nearby building wall. Katara quickly gathered whatever water was separated back together and launched it up at the falling rabbit hero, latching onto one of her legs as the rest of the streams encircled her. To her shock, however, Mirko used the force holding her leg to actually create momentum in her next attack, spinning her body and kicking her way through the other streams and breaking free of the water on her. Gritting her teeth, Katara arched her hands and redirected all the water around Mirko into a wall of icicles and launched them inward, but once again watched as Mirko's spinning feet shattered every projectile before kicking off a larger one and shooting to the ground out of the way.

"Keep her down there!" Izuku shouted and launched off the wall after Mirko, the water racing down as well with Katara guiding it while shooting another stream from her gauntlet. Mirko dipped underneath the water whip and raced forward at the waterbender, only to snicker as Izuku landed in front of her and blasted her way. He yelled out and threw out another kick to counter hers, this time spinning with his momentum and avoiding her follow up strike. He swung his other leg up at her face, making her block with her arms before she flipped backwards from the water slash coming down. Backflipping away from the other water striking from above, Mirko glared in annoyance as she continued evading water and stifling another pair of strikes from Izuku. But not to the fact she was struggling, hissing as she caught a kick from the teen, both shaking in the struggle.

"I wanted to fight you two because you're supposed to be the best…" She growled out, "You'd better start showing me why!"

Izuku's eyes burst open as her leg whipped around at his face, crossing his arms and blocking the kick that rocked his body launching him across the area. "Midoriya!" Katara yelled as he raced her direction, shooting out water from her gauntlet and grabbing him, yanking back and stopping him.

"Thanks…" Izuku said as he landed back on the ground, before gasping to the form above Katara. "Katara, freeze this now!"

In the single second she had to figure out what he meant, Katara squeezed her hand and froze the water around Izuku, allowing him to grab it and pull hard upwards, yanking her off the ground and just in time before Mirko's leg slammed into where she was. Katara yelped as she regained her balance midair, turning towards her partner. "I owe you one!" She shouted as she was about to pull herself back on the water, only to gasp out as Mirko shot through and broke the connection.

"Katara!" Izuku shouted.

"Where's the fighter I know of?!" Mirko yelled as she kicked off the warehouse wall, shooting straight at Katara. The waterbender hissed and thrust her hand out and shot water to the right, hooking onto the concrete and pulling herself out of the way of the drop kick. Mirko growled as she landed on the opposing wall and shot off at Katara again… only for Katara to shoot a stream from her other hand and pull herself up, flipping her body above the rabbit. Now Mirko raised her brow as she looked back at the waterbender, watching as she swung through the air over the rooftop, grinning to herself. "Okay… now that's something."

Watching the screen, Shoto and the others were truly surprised to watch Katara flipping through the air, shooting water out from her gauntlets to swing herself over the factory setting beneath her. "When did she learn this?" he said in amazement.

"Damn, she's like a gymnast!" Mina laughed in excitement as Katara spun herself over a long pipe, shooting a stream and pulling herself out of the way from Mirko slamming into the metal beside her.

While everyone else was cheering as Izuku shot across the screen and blocked another attack on Katara, both Kendo and Bakugo watched her movements, noticing the way she was shooting the streams of water and pulling herself along before using other streams to redirect her body, flipping over a rooftop and landing on the top. "You see that?" Kendo said, glancing over to him.

"Hell yes…" Bakugo glared, thinking back to the webbing being used the same way. "She's moving like that spider bitch in the cave. So this is what she started practicing the last few days."

From the middle of the students, a single one watched in amusement, smiling thinking back to that first night Katara called them.

Two days earlier, near Midnight

Taking several breaths, Katara glared as she crawled back up from the ground, stretching her arms as she looked to the large trees ahead of her. "One more time." she yelled, pulling water out of her canteen and enshrouding her arms and shooting a stream onto one of the branches. Pulling on the tension, she yanked herself off the ground, flying up at the tree, swinging by and shooting another stream to the nearby tree and pulled… far too fast before yelping and slamming her gut right into the branch. Gasping, she fell back and landed on her butt, coughing out and glaring again. "You make it look so easy."

The whizzing of tape beside her was followed by Sero pulling himself by, cutting his supply and landing on the ground and laughing. "It took me a while too, don't worry."

"I know…" Katara muttered and stood up. "It's just I've done it somewhat before and now I'm doing worse."

"Well you are looking awkward when you're pulling," Sero admitted. "You're trying to pull as hard as I am but that doesn't work because my quirk retracts straight. You can pull yours in any direction you want. Use that to your style instead of copying mine honestly."

Katara thought about what he said for a moment, knowing she actually started doing worse when she began copying his movements. Looking up, she shot another stream out to the branches above, pulling herself off the ground again and swung her weight. Instead of yanking hard to match Sero's speed, she instead moved at a smoother motion, shooting to another branch and pulling once more. She kept it slow for a few minutes, figuring out her weight balance before rushing to speed up her motions. Soon, she actually learned a comfortable position for the water to her body, experimenting by shooting off to another branch to spin her body. While somewhat awkwardly, she did it without falling, moving faster with each attempt.

Even as the night ticked on, Katara couldn't help but continue, trying new techniques and movements to increase her mobility. She couldn't help but smile as she soon found herself not even touching the ground for the next ten minutes, simply enjoying the feeling of freedom she felt swinging through the air.

Running over the rooftop, Katara leaped off and shot her stream of water onto the collection of pipes running over the large factory, pulling herself through the middle and flipping mid air, looking over to Izuku zipping from pipe to pipe between leaps. "Nice moves you got there!" he said with a smile.

"Thanks, been practicing!" She responded, spinning and throwing a pair of water blades backwards and collapsing several as Mirko moved through them. To her annoyance, the rabbit hero simply burst through them and kicked two straight at her. Swiping upward, Katara sliced the iron pipes in half as they came, missing both her and Izuku as they both quickly lost the lead to Mirko. "It's still not fast enough for her!"

"I know!" Izuku jumped over another set of pipes before skidding to a stop, clenching his fist and leaping above where Mirko was going to be. "If all this goes down, maybe it will distract her enough for a follow up strike…" He said to himself and charged his punch up once more, leaping and slamming it into the wall as Mirko was about to come through. Seeing the area about to be closed off, however, Mirko only laughed and dropped into a crouch position, flexing her thigh muscles out before blasting off the ground, rocketing and shattering the debris in her way and colliding straight into Izuku's body.

"Midoriya!" Katara shouted as she stopped her motion, watching as Izuku gasped out from the hit before he attempted to push off her and throw a pair of spinning kicks, but Mirko was just too fast still, ducking and weaving out of the way before flipping over his next strike and driving her foot down into his shoulder, slamming him into the ground and causing it to crack outward. Glaring seeing his eyes roll white from the powerful impact, Katara pulled out several large streams and launched them at Mirko, forcing her off Izuku as she flipped out of the way. "I just need to keep her off him to catch his breath…" she said to herself, twisting her hand up and shooting out multiple water tendrils from the streams after the fast hero.

While she was able to jump and weave her way through most, Mirko landed back on the ground before she felt a line of water ensnare her leg, followed by a few more grabbing and crawling up her calves. As she watched many of the water shift to ice and launch her way, Mirko gritted her teeth before tightening her legs, her thigh muscles seeming to almost double in size as she blasted off the ground. The sheer force ripped through the water holding her down, evading the cage of water before it enclosed around her and straight at the shocked waterbender. "Shit!" She shouted and surrounded herself in a water shield while shooting another stream forward, watching in panic as Mirko buzzsawed her way through the center of the attack directly at her.

Katara froze the water around herself as she crossed her arms, gasping as the powerful kick from Mirko shattered her ice barrier and clashed against her steel gauntlets, launching her through the air directly at the factory.

Fighting through the intense pain in her forearms, Katara reacted on instinct and pulled out some more water from her canteen and enshrouded her body, the new ice sphere crashing through the wall of the building as she hit the ground hard, the ice shattering once more as she bounce on the floor. Gasping, she crawled back up to her knees, wincing at the sharp pain in her shaking arms. "Even with the ice… she nearly broke my arms." she gasped out, seeing the dent in the metal gauntlets protecting her. She could tell just from how much power was behind that kick, she certainly was stronger than Itkomi was, now seeing the difference in power there really was.

'No wonder the hunters didn't want to fight her head on.' thought as she gathered the ice into water, pulling it back in her gauntlets while leaving some out to heal her arms. The soothing feeling was interrupted by the sound of someone landing ahead of her, looking up to see Mirko inside before herself.

"Not bad kid, but I'm a bit disappointed," Mirko growled out. "Where's that fighter I saw back in the cave? I want to see that part of you fighting!" she yelled and rushed at the waterbender, kicking at the ice shot her way before sweeping out Katara's legs and landing another kick launching her against the side wall. As Katara gasped and fell back to her knees, Mirko clenched her fist in annoyance. "You are someone who took on a deadly assassin. If you are holding back on me now, you're going to regret it!"

Panting, Katara gripped her shoulder from the pain she felt, looking up to the angry look Mirko was giving her. "And you think I wasn't trying? You sound just like Bakugo…"

"Then maybe he's onto something, because I know you have way more than this," Mirko growled. "I want you to show me!" Katara rolled out of the way as Mirko rushed her and drove her foot into the wall, shattering it. "Where's that power you demonstrated back then?!"

Jumping back up, Katara glared as she felt the water in her gauntlets, sensing only a third left and half in her canteen. After Mirko launched her through the air, she wasn't able to pull back all the water she already had out.

'You need to stop holding back, Katara…'

The voice inside Katara's head made her eyes widen before she took a breath, recognizing the avatar's voice. 'I am trying, Kyoshi…'

'She is stronger than you are… but you are stronger than this as well,' Kyoshi said, 'You have more power inside that you can use.'

Katara clenched her fists as she got back up, realizing she had no choice but to try using that power once more… although she didn't know how to reach it again. While she was going to figure it out, she knew she had to pull out her reserve now. 'I need time to figure how to use it again… I guess I have no choice now.'

Waving her hands forward, Katara lifted off the two items out from inside her robes, Mirko watching curiously as the small canisters floated through the air, each about the size of a flask. "The hell is this?" she mused out. "

Thrusting her hands forward, Katara launched the two items into the air above Mirko, waiting for the right moment before she crossed her arms, squeezing her fists and throwing her arms out causing them to crack.

Several hours earlier

"What is it?" Katara asked about the two canisters, watching as Mei snickered and tapped them.

"Something I told you we were going to make a long time ago." Mei answered, "I told you we would get you more water."

"Hatsume was actually the mastermind on these," Powerloader admitted, "She figured a way to increase the amount of compressed water by actually installing the water as steam, allowing far more to be concentrated inside, shifting into water once locked inside. And that's the trick of this one."

"What do you mean?" Katara asked.

"Well, once we get the water in, it's locked inside until you use it. Once you break the seal, it's free and can't be used again. So I say save this for emergencies when you don't have access to water."

Katara looked down to the small items, surprised how they could hold so much water. Using her bending, she waved her hands to lift one off the cart, her eyes widening when she sensed the unreal amount inside. "How much did you get inside of these?!"

Hatsume couldn't stop the laugh from leaving her mouth. "These babies are loaded with forty eight gallons each."


The explosion of water in front of Katara made Mirko's eyes burst open in shock, stepping back from the wall rushing at her. "Well, shit!" she shouted and leaped backwards out of the way, flipping over the thick water whip lashing out at her, spinning and kicking through several streams before leaping up to the rafters. "Certainly had more than I thought!"

Katara slowly pulled all the water back towards herself, eyeing the large current encircling herself. She really had to thank Hatsume some day, giving her far more in each of these containers than all the water she had before. Now she certainly didn't feel at a disadvantage now.

Mirko took a breath as she watched the dancing water below, knowing there was more this girl had to give. The sudden sound from behind made her leap from her spot, just as the wall behind her burst open with Izuku leaping straight at her. "Someone's back!" she shouted and raised her knee to block his kick.

"As long as I'm up, I am not done!" Izuku yelled and drove his fist forward, missing as she dropped out of the way and shattered all the rafters with his strike.

"Glad to see you up!" Katara shouted and launched her water up at Mirko, splitting the current into a dozen whips. As she fell, Mirko spun and kicked at every stream, breaking through them and keeping them at bay. Izuku launched himself through the streams and collided with the rabbit hero, slamming his fist into her and shooting her towards the ground. Mirko growled but grinned through the pain, her large legs crashing into the ground and tanking the impact just before bursting out of the way from the water slamming down after her, spinning away from the icicles shooting after her. Watching Izuku land beside her, she gave a nod his way. "Sorry I couldn't heal you. She got a hold of me."

"I'm fine, don't worry." he responded, bringing his fists up once more. "Sorry for letting you hold her off while I caught my breath."

"I managed enough…" Katara muttered before frowning to herself, knowing she should've done better. 'Come on…' Katara said inside as she focused on finding the power inside of her, taking a breath as the energy slowly flowed through her limbs. After several moments, the air seemed to chill around her, causing her hairs to rise slightly before opening her eyes, revealing the white glow once again.

Izuku noticed the strange glow as well, surprised to see it for the first time. 'This is what Kendo told us about…' He said to himself, hardening his gaze and charging his power once more. 'Time to step it up as well… twenty five percent!'

Eyeing the two teens, Mirko couldn't help but smile to herself, seeing they were now taking this to the next level. "Now this is what I was waiting for. Time to see how far you'll go!" She shouted and dug her feet into the ground, ripping through it as she burst forward.

Both Izuku and Katara engaged as well, the waterbender launching razor-like whips forward past her partner as he ran forward, forcing Mirko to redirect herself around the streams. The rabbit hero threw a wheel kick to keep Izuku back, this time surprised as his strike pushed back against hers. 'He's getting stronger than before…' she thought as she dipped her head avoiding the surge of water whipping by and flipping out of the way of his punch, feeling the air from his strike. "Looks like you finally aren't playing around!"

Katara spun and launched a surge of water after Mirko, chasing her down as Izuku sprinted beside her keeping near pace with her. As Katara summoned two spinning streams and shot them at Mirko towards the front, it slowed her enough for Izuku to clash once more, their punches and kicks causing the area to shake each time they countered one another. Even as he threw his blows, Mirko was still able block or redirect them away, but now had to jump to avoid the slashes or kicking the ice from hitting her. The speed at which the water was coming was far faster than before, and even when she kicked through the water rushing by, she felt they were more dense than before. She kicked Izuku away and launched herself at the waterbender, spiraling between a pair of water slashes and brought her leg up to attack, missing as Katara skidded out of the way on a current of water and encased the rabbits foot.


Mirko hissed as she bent backwards and dodged Izuku's blow, throwing her free leg up and driving into his stomach and launching him upward. She growled as she brought her foot down and crashed through the water hitting the ground, launching herself up and freeing her other leg from Katara's grasp. Even as multiple streams rushed her in the air, Mirko kicked out and busted through the attacks, wincing as one of the slashes cut across her shoulder. But she wasn't mad, in fact laughing seeing they made her bleed. She corkscrewed through a stream before it closed on her, grabbing a pair of icicles and launching them back at the teen below.

Katara hissed and spun past the rushing ice, guiding them around herself and whipping them back even faster. To her shock, Mirko tanked both to her shoulders and barreled forward at the waterbender. Racing across the area on top of a current of water, Katara dodged the first blow and shot a wall of water backwards, only for Mirko to blast through the attack as well. Katara even spun and whipped out a water slash at the incoming hero… only to gasp in shock as Mirko rushed straight forward, taking the slash across the face without even blinking. "What the-?!"

"Being afraid of pain is below a hero… something you should learn!" Mirko roared out and threw out a low kick, forcing through the water surging her way and connecting with Katara's leg. The impact made her cry out in pain, feeling something crack inside as she fell to her knees. She barely got her water shield up in time to stifle another kick, the force throwing her back and collapsing once more in agony from the crack inside her knee.


Mirko's ear turned to the shout from behind, launching herself backwards and spinning to clash with Izuku once more. Feeling herself actually shake against his power made her even more excited, licking at the blood dripping down her face. "There's the warrior I heard so much about!"

"Rahh!" Izuku shouted and flipped over her leg, driving his own foot down and crashing into her blocking arms. As they traded several blows, one of Mirko's kicks got through straight into Izuku's stomach once more, gasping as a cracking sound rang out. Despite the pain and blood dripping out his mouth, he gripped her leg and flung himself above her and drove his knee down into her shoulder, the impact causing her feet to bury into the ground below. 'More… I need more than this!' Izuku hissed internally, charging his power even more and causing the green energy around himself to grow further. 'Full cowling…. Thirty percent!'

Mirko's eyes widened as she sensed he rising power inside him, throwing him off and winding her leg back and striking against his. This time, she was the one to feel her leg pushed back, jumping back and eyeing the green haired kid before her. 'This kid… something strange about him too…' she whispered inside, cracking her knuckles and planting her feet. "You are both full of surprises, aren't you?!"

Forcing herself up, Katara winced as she guided water around her injured knee, the liquid brace healing it as she glared and launched forward her streams, forming a dense dragon and shooting it straight at Mirko. As Mirko jumped out of the way of Izuku's attack, now she had to evade the dragon rushing through the air, kicking at it and feeling the struggle pushing into it. 'This is different than before…' she whispered, spinning and kicking at Izuku's incoming back kick. The two continued throwing blows, having to drop to the splits as the dragon rushed by her head. As she spun and drove her foot into Izuku's shoulder throwing him back, she turned and faced the dragon turning her way. This time, however, she was shocked to find her feet encased in ice locking her in place. "The fuck?!"

"Do it now!" Katara shouted and thrust her hand forward, the dragon's mouth opening up and blasting a stream of water and crashing into Mirko. "Go!"

As Mirko struggled standing straight against the torrent of water, she turned her head to watch as Izuku launched himself straight at her, his leg swinging right at her. Growling out, she flexed her muscles hard and broke her leg free, whipping it up and driving her knee directly into his shin. The ear splitting impact rocked the entire area, followed by a sharp crack inside Izuku's leg. He cried out in pain, bunching his fist and aiming it straight at the hero's head. "SMASH!"

The straight punch to Mirko's face sent a shockwave outward, caving her cheek in and launching her through the facility. The hero tumbled in the air before crashing through the mass of pipes to the side.

Katara stared in amazement to the dust cloud rising from the impact. "Shit…" she muttered out, before widening her eyes to the cry from Izuku, turning to see him collapse. "Midoriya!" She shouted, wincing but running on her semi healed leg up to him. "You alright?"

"I'll be fine…" He lied, his left leg pulsing in pain. He was also dealing with a few cracked ribs from some of the kicks he took from her. Not only that, his arm he punched with was also trembling, the muscles strained to near tearing. "I'm still not used to this amount yet…" he cursed under his breath.

"Here," Katara pulled over a ball of water and spread it over his body, covering his injured arm, torso and down his hurt leg. Immediately she sensed the many cracked bones, taking a breath and focusing her energy once more. The water began glowing bright white like what was on her leg, targeting the fractures and soothing the pain in his muscles. Within just seconds, Izuku was already feeling the difference, taking a breath himself and laughing softly.

"Your healing is almost as good as Recovery Girls now." he said, making even her laugh.

"Please, I'm not that fast like her still…" She said as she shifted on her leg, grunting as she felt some discomfort but not unbearable. "Thanks for covering me."

"No… thank you, kids…"

The voice from behind made both of them freeze, turning to see Mirko standing up through the busted pipes. "And back already…" Katara said, honestly not too surprised by the sight.

Mirko didn't even wipe the blood dripping down the side of her head, laughing as she gripped the metal around her and leaned up. "I knew there was something special inside of you two, and I am glad you finally chose to use that shit." She cackled and tilted her head to the side. "Having the rush of actually having to try to fight you kids is making all this even better, holding back has been a bitch this entire day!"

Izuku felt a chill up his neck from the crazed look Mirko was giving them, the sensation making him think of a rabid animal ready to attack. Now he understood what Katara meant about making this harder for her; it only made her more excited and want to fight more. She was a true battle hungry warrior, wanting the best challenge for herself even if she lost. She was going to fight until she dropped and couldn't move if that's what it meant.

"Mirko!" The rabbit woman's ear twitched to the voice she heard below, her eye shifting to the earpiece that had fallen out beside her feet. "Control yourself. You're pushing this battle further than it needs to be and-


The statical crack beneath Mirko's foot ended that conversation, the hero grinning ear to ear as she flexed all the muscles in her legs. "We're at the endgame here, don't disappoint me and say you have nothing left in the tank! The last stretch is where you pour everything you got out and make your stand!"

Gritting her teeth, Katara summoned the current of water around herself again, focusing her mind and spreading the energy once more through her body. The water and air began circling her faster as she activated her internal energy once more, her eyes flashing white for a moment before reverting back to normal. "Let's do this…"

"Katara…" Izuku panted lightly as he stood up, his mind contemplating an idea. "Are you able to heal me as I fight?"

She looked at him curiously to his statement, "I can try. I've never done it while in the middle of battle like that."

"If you can, we can finish this now…" He growled out, clenching his fists and stepping forward. "I need your backup now."

While unsure how it would turn out, Katara nodded and guided a large sphere of water around his body, spreading it out and creating a thin coating that covered his forearms and legs. Immediately it began glowing as the healing took part, soothing whatever pain was radiating from within. 'As long as I keep it controlled, it should be safe to fight at this amount,' Izuku hissed internally as he charged his power up, continuing the level he was at earlier and causing the water around him to pulse with his own energy.

'One for all, full cowling…. Thirty percent!'

The increased power pulsing out from the teens caused Mirko's neck to shiver slightly, her instincts warning her of the power in front of her. This only made her laugh out loud and squeeze at the metal beside her. "Don't hold a single thing back, you hear me? Don't you dare hold back now!"

Both Mirko and Izuku launched at one another, yelling as they drove their kicks against the others. The rabbit hero couldn't help but laugh out loud, her kicks countered and cracking against his making the area shake. She couldn't help but revel in the feeling of getting pushed like this against students, spinning off him and whipping her leg through a stream of water attempting to engulf her. Spiraling downward, she sliced her way through two more incoming streams before ax kicking into Izuku's punch, her own leg shaking against his strength. "That's it, damn it! Don't think about stopping until I'm down!" she screamed out and spun to another kick into his side launching him.

Katara glared as she used the water around him to actually stop where he was sent, struggling to heal as she also formed a spiral of water around Mirko. She refused to stop, however, swinging her arms before slamming her hands together and shooting the water inward at the hero. The moment it engulfed her, Mirko's insane core strength spun her body like a top, her legs ripping through the water prison and dropping towards the ground. Even with the water below gathering to capture her, the sheer force of the hero's ax kick split the water out and shattered the ground below, cracking the ice blow in all directions. Izuku used this chance to launch himself directly into the woman, plowing his fist forward into her blocking left arm.

The moment she felt something crack, Mirko winced but grinned in utter excitement, spinning and catching him in a backwards leg sweep before driving her heel down at his stomach. Just before it hit, a torrent of water slammed into her side knocking her off balance, giving Izuku the chance to flip up and drive a back kick right into her side. Even with the pain she felt, Mirko continued to grin and gripped his leg, whipping her own up and crashing into his gut, slamming him into the ground.

"Get off him!" Katara shouted and thrust her hands forward, multiple water streams rushing at the hero alongside several spinning ice blades. Mirko leaped off the ground and kicked through the first few attacks, pushing off one of the disks and flipping between many of the others. Even when another water dragon burst from the pool of water below, she only laughed harder and drove both feet down, crashing through the water jet and shattering the dragon from the sheer force she generated. At the same time, Katara could feel her healing taking place, fixing the injuries to Izuku's stomach as he jumped up and launched himself once more, charging straight at Mirko once more.

"Detroit… SMASH!" he shouted and plowed his fist into Mirko's blocking leg, the two forces shaking as they pushed against each other. While he could feel his muscles straining from the thirty percent push, the healing from Katara was enough to keep him from breaking, grabbing her leg and driving one of his own into her stomach. Mirko herself gasped out some blood from the hit, growling as she broke free of his grasp and jumped up, spinning and landing three kicks launching him backwards. Before he could crash into anything, Katara's water stream caught his body before whipping him around herself, thrusting her arms and launching him back at her.

"Luna arc!" Mirko shouted as her heel slammed down into the drop kick Izuku threw at her, the impact forcing both combatants back from the shock wave created. The moment she landed, Mirko kicked off the ground to avoid the barrage of ice shot in her direction, wincing as several icicles grazed her body as she barreled at Katara. The water dragon bursting forth from the torrent around Katara went to bite down engulfing Mirko, only for its head and neck to explode outward from the rabbit's windmill kick. "Luna rush!"

Katara's eyes widened as Mirko kicked off the dragon's body, ricocheting her body over the form and obliterating every portion she kicked. As Mirko leaped up above, Katara shot up an entire wall of water engulfing the rabbit hero, the obstacle distracting her long enough to jump out of the way as Mirko burst through it and slammed into the ground. Throwing back water slashes, she managed to graze her foe across the leg, and yet Mirko charged through like a bull and was nearly on top of her before Izuku launched at them from the side, yelling as he brought down a dual hammer fist. Mirko threw her right leg straight up, her standing splits kick cracking against his hands and making him stumble back.

"You both really are incredible!" Mirko laughed in utter joy as she weaved out of the way of slashing whip of water. "Show me your limits!"

Izuku growled through the strain on his body, the healing keeping him from actually getting injured. He clenched his fist once more and leaped into the air to grab Mirko…. But froze when a strange sensation began crawling through his arm, followed by what felt like an explosion bursting outward. Literally.

Both Mirko and Katara's eyes shot open in shock as a stream of black tendrils seemingly burst out from Izuku's arm, thrashing out wildly and in every direction. "The hell is that?!" Mirko shouted as she jumped out of the way, evading the thrashing whips going in all directions.

"Midoriya?!" Katara yelled out in panic, yelping as she shielded herself with ice from some of the tendrils flailing in her direction. She looked back to see his face in utter panic, grasping at his arm helplessly. "What is that?!"

"K-Katara… say back!" he screamed out, the black energy bursting out and ripping through the warehouse walls, yanking him out and into the open air. "What is this?!" Another cry in confusion rang out as the mass of black tendrils flailed wildly, ripping through the buildings and structures all around.

The audience all watched in utter confusion and shock as the strange energy appeared on screen, the staff's mouths all opening in confusion. "What the hell is going on?!" Vlad yelled out. "What's your student doing?"

"I don't even recognize this…" Aizawa quietly said, turning to see Toshinori's eyes trembling. "All Might…"

"Something's wrong…" Toshinori stuttered out, "Something's wrong here!"

"Izuku?!" Momo gasped out as she watched him slammed into a wall, the strange energy dragging him before being pulled through the air once more. "What is going on?!"

"You don't know about this?!" Jiro asked.

"What's happening to deku?!" Uraraka yelled out, turning to see the fear on Momo's face.

Shoto's mouth fell open in confusion to the sudden appearance of this power, his eyes widening as Katara appeared through one of the dust clouds evading the tendrils. "He's attacking everything around himself!"

"Get out of there!" Tenya yelled at the screen, watching Katara dodge another slamming energy whip.

Bakugo watched in shock as well, completely lost at what was happening here. 'Deku… the hell is this power you have now?!'

"GAH!" Izuku cried out in frustration as the energy inside him continued to surge, flailing in all directions and at everything around himself. "Stop! Stop it!"

Mirko jumped and flipped backwards out of the way of the slashing whips, unsure what was happening at all. "The hell kind of power is this from him? Talk about a switch up from punching!" she growled out and jumped off a rooftop just as several tendrils slammed into the building. She was ready to jump over and take him out before more damage , but then noticed the waterbender… in fact going straight at the out of control teen. "The hell are you doing, kid?!"

"Midoriya!" she shouted and shot out multiple water whips, latching onto his and pulling back. Immediately she gasped as she was nearly yanked off the ground, locking her body down in ice and pulling harder. "Midoriya, stop!"

"I can't! I can't control this!" He shouted, squeezing at the spot where the energy was coming from. "Get away before you get hurt!"

"And leave you like this?! No!" She retorted, shooting out more streams as hers began to strain. She tried restraining several other loose ones before snaking one up his body and squeezing, causing him to gasp out. 'If I can calm him down, maybe that will help!'

Mirko growled as she dodged a single loose tendril, launching herself at the struggling teen. "Whatever this is, I'm ending it!" Katara panicked and pulled, shifting Izuku just out of the way of her kick. "Hey, this isn't some game now!"

"Just wait, please!" Katara yelled, focusing her bending on the stream around his body as her others began breaking. "Come on Midoriya!"

As her bending caused the water to glow, Izuku suddenly felt his mind float from his body, feeling as if he were light as a feather. As he opened his eyes, he found himself in a dark void, having no idea where he was. "Huh? What's… what's going on?" he said out loud, his voice sounding hollow and echoed.

"Damn, about time you got a hold of this."

"Gah!" Izuku gasped at the voice behind him, turning to see a large muscular bald man standing above him, wearing black pants and black open leather jacket. "Who are you?!"

"Pretty rude to your predecessors, aren't you?!" the man scolded him and poked him in the head. "We've been trying to get a hold of you for sometime, looks like miss rabbit out there caused you to finally break the lid off."

"I have no idea who you are or what this is?!" Izuku shouted, just before he saw the many figures behind glowing, before noticing an outline of one looking similar to All Mights former master, Nana Shimura. "Wait… that's…"

"Ding! On the buzzer! Yeah, kid, we are the past wielders of One for All!" The man adjusted the goggles on his head, and grinned, "The names Daigoro Banjo. Seems like you got my to activate first."

"Your… your quirk?" Izuku looked down to his hand, squeezing it in confusion. "I… I thought just strength and power was stockpiled."

"I mean, technically yes, but that power of mine and every other quirk is in there. Seems like it finally expanded enough and made it's way out." Banjo noted, "I gotta say, you should thank your special friend, too. Seems like that power of hers made a stable connection for us to talk."

"Huh?" Izuku tilted his head in confusion before yelping from another flick from the man.

"Yeah, your pal who has some other past spirit living inside her. Maybe you should get some tips from her so you actually know how to talk to us!"

Before he responded about that, Izuku's eyes widened when he remembered what happened. "Oh no, I… I almost attacked Katara! I have to fix this and-

"Chill kid. That's why my quirk black whip went haywire on you. You spazz out too much and let your emotions get too much. Take a breath sometime."

"But… how do I control it?" Izuku asked, earning a smirk from the past user.

"You see the way your friend moved around right? I'm sure you can pick it up.

Izuku gasped as his eyes suddenly opened up to the real world, looking around as the energy crawled back into his arm. Breathing hard, he turned and saw the water up his body, panicking and looking down at Katara on the rooftop. "K-katara!" he yelled out.

"Glad you're back," Katara panted as she released her grip on him and set him down. "You alright?"

"I'm so sorry, I almost attacked you!" he stuttered out. "I don't know how it happened!"

"Yeah, I can definitely go for an explanation later." Katara said, earning a blush from the other teen. "What?"

"There… there is something I need to talk about with you…" He quietly said, rubbing his arm. "I feel like if anyone else should know… it's you."

Katara had no idea what he was referring to. Before she could ask, however, she was gasping and grabbing his arm. "Look out!" she shouted and pushed him out of the way, throwing out a wall of water and shielding them from the powerful kick. As the force sent both of them skidding back, Katara glared and waved her arms pulling the water back around her. "What are you doing?!"

"What does it look like?" Mirko hissed as she stood back up, licking her lips and spitting out the dried blood. "This match isn't over yet…. And looks like you have another surprise to use."

"After what just happened, are you serious?!" Katara yelled at the hero, the idea to fight after what occurred blowing her mind. "This isn't the time for this!"

"And when is the time, huh? Are you going to ask a villain for a time out?!" Mirko shouted and launched herself forward, this time clashing with Izuku blocking her kick. "This is the perfect chance for you to test whatever the hell that was, when your life depends on it and in field experience. Don't tell me you're afraid now to face a threat and save your friend with your power! It's yours to do whatever the hell you want with it!"

Both Izuku and Katara's eyes widened at her words, thinking back to how Shoto refused to use his left side no matter what, even if it meant defeat. Katara's mind then flashed to the night with Stain, to the moment she used a power she never wanted to use, only to be told by others that if she was gifted that ability, she was free to use it however she wanted. She almost wanted to laugh out as she began thinking about it herself, thinking her next training sessions were going to be at night now.

At this moment however, both teens knew what they had to do, Izuku pushing back against Mirko as Katara thrust out a wall of water forcing her away. As they stood back up right in position. "Katara, that thing you did earlier with the healing… Can you do that all over now?"

Katara turned in surprise to his request, "You mean your whole body?"

He nodded, "I did something similar when If we are to end this now, I have to go even further. I can only do that with your help."

While taken back, Katara nodded and guided some of the water over him, this time spreading not only his arms and legs, but his entire torso as well. As she activated her spiritual energy once more, Izuku took a breath as the white glow enshrouded him, focusing the power inside of him. 'I know this won't be as powerful as Eri's ability, but it will be enough at this level…' Whispered inside, the green energy pulsing within the white glow around him.

'One for all… Full cowling. FORTY PERCENT!'

Katara stared in amazement to the power radiating from her friend, smiling as she waved her hands through the air, allowing the massive stream of water behind her to spin like a vortex. The gust of wind generated by both teens caused Mirko's hair to blow back slightly, making her almost burst out in excited laughter. She didn't care that she gave them an extra few seconds to reach their next levels. She didn't care if she got chewed out by the other staff for treating these two differently than the other students. Right now… she was just bursting with adrenaline, ready to finish this battle here and now.

"Let's go!"

Mirko and Izuku burst forth first, the pair yelling as they clashed knees once more. At this point, even Mirko felt her legs trembling, pushed back by the glowing teen. She laughed as she flipped backwards to get space, only to be surprised he was already on her and winding his fist back. 'His speed is far higher than before. This kid…' she hissed while barely dodging his punch and sprinting across the rooftop, looking over as he was now side by side with her. The both exchanged several blows, with Izuku's in fact not only coming in stronger, but quicker than hers keeping her on the defensive.

'He may be faster than me now.'

From her spot, Katara spun her water around her body and began punching at the stream, a barrage of icicles racing at the rabbit. Mirko's ears picked up the sound, flipping herself through the ice attacks and spinning on her hand, throwing spinning handstand kicks at both the ice and Izuku's strikes keeping him at bay. As a rush of water barreled her way, she flipped up and landed a spinning back kick right into Izuku's chest, the water however instantly healing some of the damage caused by her strike. He burst off the ground and slammed his head into her body making her gasp out, driving her hammer fist into his back getting him off.

As Izuku took chase still, Katara took a breath as she took all the water she had outside and formed a single large wave, leaping onto it and surfing down the building top after the pair. Aiming her arms up, she lifted a ring of water before spinning it like a saw, yelling as she launched it towards Mirko. The whizzing sound made Mirko jump up, the water ripping through the metal and causing the side of the building to crumble. Spinning mid air, the rabbit drove her heel down as Izuku threw a charged punch up. Both landed their blows, hers to his shoulder and his to her gut, each gasping from the ear splitting impact caused by one another. While the healing helped, Izuku only had a moment before she spun out and wheel kicked his face, sending him slamming into the roof top.

Spitting up both saliva and a little blood from the hit, Mirko winced as a water slash grazed her shoulder, jumping back and evading as multiple razor like streams shot her direction. She burst at the waterbender, having to jump back when she realized two large streams were hidden behind Katara before they spiraled past her. Jumping off the building, She evaded the streams and dove to the ground, landing and jumping out of the way as multiple ice spikes stuck the ground. As Katara chased her down, she gasped as Izuku rocketed past both her and Mirko, crashing into the street and barreling through the smoke.

"SMASH!" His voice rang out as his fist collided with her incoming kick, the whole street seeming to shake from the hit. This time, Mirko was the one to strain, feeling something in her leg crack.

"That hurts!" She laughed out and corkscrewed over his arm, driving her knee forward at his face but blocked by his other palm. The massive blow shook Izuku's arm, yelling out as he powered through the pain and squeezed her knee and spun her around, launching her at his descended partner's water wall. While Mirko did kick through most of it, the new pain in her leg caused her to falter slightly, allowing Katara's stream to latch onto her leg and throw her into the building side. Mirko hissed and blasted off the metal as a stream crashed into the spot she was, whipping her legs and breaking through the rushing stream of water her way. In a last second move, Katara covered her fist in a spiral gauntlet of water, punching out and driving it into Mirko's stomach launching her back, but not before Mirko's foot came down and slammed into her hand, breaking it.

As Katara gasped out and dropped to the ground, Mirko now spun and was slammed by Izuku's rushing form, the water around his body falling off from the force of the blows. 'Just a little more!' he screamed inside, driving multiple punches at the hero. While most were blocked or redirected by her hands, several found their mark and slammed into her torso. Mirko couldn't take many more of the blows, roaring out and grabbing one of his fists and driving her leg into his chest before aiming a kick at his head. She heard the loud crack of impact, then grinned as she saw his hand had tanked the blow, several bones inside broken. "You kids really are insane!" She shouted in glee, breaking out of his grip and jumping up.

Katara's busted hand shook in agony, but refused to stop and heal it. She nearly cried as she shifted her hands and bended, taking all the water she had and formed a single water 's body so dense it couldn't even be seen through, pulsing from how constricted the water was. Yelling out, she launched it right at Mirko in the air, the hero attempting to kick through it. To the rabbits' amazement, the dragon crashed into her body and slammed her through one of the warehouse walls, collapsing it in a heap of rubble. Gasping out, Katara dropped to her knees, unknowingly dropping the healing water over Izuku's body.

Seeing he wasn't protected any longer, Izuku turned to see the rubble bursting out from the top, with Mirko leaping through the smoke. "I have to end this now. Right now!" he said to himself, focusing not only on the percentage of his quirk… but the new energy inside him. "Come on, you can do this…" he whispered, remembering the sensation he felt. He then thought of Katara's water, using that as a guide as he clenched his fists and launched himself into the air at Mirko.

"Still not giving up?! Let's go!" Mirko laughed as he barreled towards her, roaring out and slamming her leg into his arm, both feeling their muscles strained from the impact. "You really are everything I heard about!"

Yelling out as well, Izuku gripped her leg and yanked himself forward, driving a punch into her stomach and launching her towards the street. Wincing from the pain from his punch, he had to focus, aiming his other hand down at the falling hero. "Imagine that power inside… now!"

The stream of black whips shot out from Izuku's hand once more, this time far more controlled and sleek. Mirko was in too much surprise to react in time now, the energy whips encircling her torso and tightening up. Using all his strength, Izuku yanked backwards, pulling Mirko back and away from the ground and at him. Even as she thrust her legs up and kicked at the whips loosening the connection, she was unable to avoid the direct fist charging up and coming straight down.


The powerful punch drove straight into Mirko's cheek, launching her back down towards the street with a devastating crash. Katara stared in awe as the massive cloud of dust billowed up from the hit, her breath catching in her throat. The impact reverberated in Izuku's arm, gasping out as he felt several fractures inside his arm. "Gah!"

Falling back towards the street, he attempted to try black whip once more, but his inexperience made him panic out, attempting to turn and land on his feet at the last second. The sudden stream of water catching him made him sigh in relief, dropping to the ground and panting in exhaustion. Katara approached him, panting herself and dropping to her knees. "You okay?" She asked.

"Yeah…" he got between breaths. His body was aching all over, her healing having saved him from probably collapsing in agony. "Holy crap, that was crazy…"

Katara almost laughed with him, only to gasp from the pain in her hand and head, gripping her forehead with her good hand. "Still not used to that power that much."

"You're telling me… I just found out about a new power." he laughed out.

Katara wanted to chuckle, but only felt her heart stop when she saw the figure walk from the smoke. "You're kidding me…"

Both teens watched as Mirko trotted out on a small limp, her right arm hanging by her side as multiple cuts and scrapes covered her body. Her face was deeply bruised as well, with multiple trails of blood dripping down her face making some of her hair stained pink. Neither of the teens could believe she could move after those hits, and here she was, still standing after all that. "She's unbelievable…" Izuku muttered in disbelief.

To both of their surprise, however, she wasn't enraged like they thought she would be. In fact, she almost had a crazed grin spread across her face, the blood dripping over her mouth making her seem that much more insane. "You little bastards…" She wheezed out between breaths, her ribs killing her in all honesty. "It seems I wasn't disappointed in you both."

Before they could even respond, the loud siren rang off in the air, signaling the end of the match.

Team 14: fifteen minutes. Objective complete

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