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Sitting in the infirmary, Katara winced as Recovery Girl's power flowed through her body. She could feel the bones in her hand shift back into place, the damaged ribs pop back and the numbness in her leg beginning to go away. Breathing several times, she laid back in her medical bed as the healing continued. "I have to say, I do wish my healing was as fast as yours…" Katara mumbled out.

As her lips retracted, the elderly woman chuckled. "Perhaps when you're my age and had the practice, you'll be this fast."

"Maybe," resting her head against the pillow, Katara shifted her hand back and forth, wincing as some of the pain still remained. "She got me pretty good."

"Your hand had nine fractures alone, I'm surprised you were even able to move it after that hit." the nurse stated. "Between the pair of you, you have the record for the most injuries today with thirty one fractures in total, not mentioning whatever cuts, bruises and lesions over your bodies.

Katara's eyes turned to look at Izuku's arm, noticing the bruising that covered his skin that didn't come from Mirko. She stared at it as he began getting his treatment. "How're you feeling?"

"Could be worse," Izuku forced out a laugh before sighing in relief to the feeling of his own broken bones healing. "After who we faced, we could've ended up pounded into the ground like the others."

"Yeah," Katara muttered, frowning slightly. "But I wasn't asking about battling her itself."

Izuku's eyes widened at her comment, swallowing the lump that formed in his throat. "You mean… at the end of the match?"

"It's not that hard to guess…" she responded, eyeing him curiously. "That was nothing I've seen you do before."

Feeling sweat drip down his neck, Izuku turned and caught Recovery Girl eyeing him as well. After everything that has happened, he knew Katara should be one to know the truth about himself now, if anyone from the class should know. She revealed her deep truth, and he should do the same with her. "It's… It's complicated. And-

The loud knocking on the door startled him, hearing multiple frantic voices outside. "I… I promise I will tell you everything, just right now…. Just go along with what I say, please!"

Katara couldn't even ask what he meant when the door suddenly burst open as several of their friends tried crashing through. "Katara, if you're conscious, yell out my name!" Tenya shouted.

"Izuku, you better be okay!" Momo yelled as she pushed in past the others, her eyes wide when she saw him staring at her. "Oh my god… you're okay."

"Y-yeah." Izuku muttered, watching as Momo, Tenya, Uraraka and Shoto entered the room, all of them having relief on their faces when they saw their friends up. "Good to see you guys too."

Walking forward, Shoto sighed in relief when he watched Katara sit back up. "Glad to see you're fine."

"Thank you." Katara said with a smile. "Same for you, I didn't get to see you after your match."

"You certainly did better than any of us!" Tenya shouted as he walked forward. "The fact you didn't get knocked out, but actually lasted the time is incredible!"

"You both were amazing!" Uraraka cheered in excitement. "Everyone was blown away by how good you did, especially as they all tried to come with us."

Izuku took note of what his friend said, figuring more would've come besides just them. "They tried to come?"

Momo was the one to blush now, "Well… we weren't supposed to run over here like this. Aizawa stopped everyone after we already got out of sight. We just had to make sure you were all okay."

"So you're all going against the rules again?" Katara joked, "I guess you'll be hearing a talk from him later."

"I'll deal with that later," Shoto said as he sat on the bed next to her. "I have to say… watching you fight like that was incredible. You did amazing against her."

"Thank you. It was quite the battle."

Uraraka looked down to Izuku's arm, her curiosity growing once more. "Deku… what… what happened by the way out there? With that weird energy…"

"I thought your power was strength control, and that was far different from that." Tenya added, gripping his chin curiously.

Now the room went silent, everyone looking curiously at the green haired teen. "Yeah. I've never seen that ability from you." Momo asked as well, her hand feeling the bruises on his arm. "Where did that come from?"

Izuku took a moment and lifted his arm up, squeezing his hand several times. "I'm… I'm trying to figure that out myself. Perhaps it's a form of energy control I didn't know I had."

"Like… a second quirk?" Shoto asked, looking down at his own hand. "Something like mine perhaps?"

"Y-yeah… it could be." Izuku answered with a chuckle, "Maybe I've been with a double quirk this whole time."

While the others were pondering that idea, Momo knew him well enough when he forced a fake laugh like that. She immediately knew he wasn't revealing the whole story. Katara was also sitting silent with her thoughts, knowing he knew more than he was letting on. But what he said just before let her know this was something big… perhaps like the secret she had before.

"You mind telling us what the hell that was?"

Mirko huffed out in annoyance at the question Aizawa asked her, turning to the glaring teacher along with the other staff. "What, did I do something wrong there?"

"You really want to say that? After what just happened?" He growled. "You are supposed to be testing these kids, not trying to actually hurt them."

"No, you wanted me to play patty cake with them," She retorted, "I was testing them."

"No you weren't," Midnight stepped up with her hand on her hip. "You were getting your rocks off by making this an actual spar. You could've seriously hurt both of them!"

"And so what if I took this fight seriously? It's not like I was the only one getting in good hits," Mirko said as she held up her broken arm. "It's just a few broken bones, big whoop. I-

Mirko's eyes widened as she felt something off in her mouth, shifting her tongue before she felt something pop free. Tasting blood, she spit out onto the floor, her eye twitching as one of her molars bounced on the ground. "Shit… this gig came with dental, right?"

"I think this was a perfect example of why it wasn't the best idea to have you be the center of this test." Aizawa muttered, cracking his neck. "You were supposed to test them and see how they could deal with a force greater than themselves. While most of the matches were somewhat overkill, they were quick and not too much damage was done. That final match with Midoriya and Katara however was nothing of the sort. You were simply looking for a thrill for yourself and used those kids as a means to that."

The rabbit hero laughed out loud before spitting out a little more blood, rubbing at the massive welt formed on her cheek. "Maybe I did. I'm not going to lie and say I wanted to test out Katara's power after witnessing her in the cave. And after hearing about what Midoriya did on that raid with you, I couldn't help but be interested in that kid's strength. And you know what? Maybe that was the best thing you could've asked for."

"What are you talking about?" Midnight asked.

"Why don't you ask the two silent ones there?" Mirko said, nodding behind them. "You'd think they would be crying the most."

Aizawa furrowed his brow and turned around, seeing both Toshinori and Tensei sitting silently. "Do you approve of this? After what happened to her on her last mission?"

"That's exactly why I'm okay with it…" Tensei growled, stepping forward on his cane. "I watched her today and saw just how strong she has become. She is working hard so what happened to her… never happens again." He took a breath as he adjusted his step, standing up straight. "I'm like this because I wasn't strong enough, jumping into a situation I couldn't handle."

Midnight's brow furrowed at the comment, feeling uneasy after his words. Aizawa simply turned his gaze to the silent teacher sitting there, nodding his direction. "And what about you? Do you agree with that level of combat with students?"

"It may seem like far too much…" Toshinori said, clenching his fists as he looked up to Aizawa. "But the threats these kids are facing are far beyond what we could've ever imagined. Many have already engaged in life or death situations more times than any students should. If we want them to be ready to take on the dangers that are still coming, then perhaps we need more training like this to make sure they are ready next time."

Aizawa growled and rubbed his neck. "I may somewhat agree with you people despite how crazy it got," he turned and glared at Mirko. "What I don't agree with is you making this a personal training session for yourself and using the students as punching bags."

The rabbit hero sneered and leaned back in her chair. "Hey, I told you I wasn't going to be a normal teacher from the get go. Matter of fact, I still am not. So I do things my way, and if that's too much for you, then perhaps I should just go my way."

If it had been last year, Aizawa would've completely agreed with the offer he just heard. Unfortunately, as much as he didn't want to agree… perhaps the hot headed woman's "training" was the way to go for the students. The only way they were going to get stronger was pushing themselves against the greatest challenges they could face, much like when All Might was still able to go against them. "I'll leave those choices up to Nezu. Recovery Girl will be in here once she's done with the students first."

As Aizawa and Midnight turned to leave, Tensei huffed out and chuckled before looking at Mirko. "I must say, I never expected to see my brother or Katara facing off against you ever."

"Yeah, just warn that little speedster about turning. Crazy bastard is going to end up in a wall moving like that." Mirko said, causing him to laugh.

"Give him time. Perhaps he may give you a run for your money."

"Yeah, don't get your hopes that high…" Mirko warned, "It may have been training, so I'll give him a pass on that kick to the face. Next time I may break that foot."

"If you can catch him. Maybe he'll be too fast for you next time." Tensei laughed as he made his way out of the room as well, leaving the former number one hero alone.

"Well, that certainly ended up crazier than I expected," Toshinori admitted. "I didn't think you'd actually be pushed that far against two students. I've felt your power and must say, I didn't see the students bring out your true strength."

Mirko sighed as she thought back to three years ago when she got cocky and wanted to test her strength in a sparring match with All Might himself. While he told her she was impressive, she certainly tasted humility that day feeling the true strength the number one hero possessed, knowing he certainly wasn't going all out. "I didn't either, but here we are." She grunted. Chuckling, Toshinori stood up as well and began walking towards the door. Before he exited, however, Mirko took a breath and leaned back in her chair. "All Might…"

"Hmm?" He stopped and turned back towards her, noticing the curious look on her face. "What is it?"

The rabbit's hero's face was deep in thought, really processing what was inside her head. "When you met this kid Midoriya… is that when you began losing your powers?"

The eyes in Toshinori's face nearly burst from his head at those words, the former hero's mouth falling open. "Ex-Excuse me?"

Mirko gave a little shrug. "I mean this kid supposedly was a late bloomer with his quirk… same time your power began fading?" She shook her head and chuckled as her ears twitched, picking up on his increased breathing. "And trust me, I feel my hair stand on edge when something strong is coming my way. The power I felt coming from that when he hit me all those times… it was the same sensation I felt when I faced you years ago."

Toshinori's mouth twitched several times in disbelief, not sure how to even respond to what she said. "I…I don't think-

"I don't think you should try and lie now," Mirko cut him off. "Whatever the hell he did in the end, that is confusing. But that strength and power? Don't even think about saying that wasn't exactly like yours."

The door opening up made Toshinori freeze as he turned to see who it was, sighing somewhat when Recovery Girl came in. "Ah, the wondrous nurse coming in," Mirko chuckled, cracking her jaws and looking up to the shocked hero. "I guess we can talk more later about the test. I have a few things to go over with you later."

Toshinori sat silent as the rabbit woman winked in his direction, unsure what to even say. He never even mentioned anything about One for All ever to Mirko, and she pieced together his little secret just from engaging with midoriya in one match. Even though Recovery Girl knew his truth, he figured another time may be best to talk with Mirko about this, turning and leaving her to her healing session. As she felt her body being rejuvenated, Mirko couldn't help but laugh to herself, thinking about this new scenario she found herself in now.

'I got a girl from another world here, and a kid who's got All Might's power. A hell of a year for me to get involved with this school.' She said internally, shifting her hand as it slowly healed. Now she only grew more curious, wondering if she could convince Aizawa and the others for another training class down the line. She was wondering if she got a few extra matches against that kid, maybe she could build up her strength and be the victor next time.

The next day in the evening, Katara walked down the campus pathway towards the spot she'd been asked to go, making sure to tell Shoto she had an errand to run for Aizawa. Making sure she was alone, she entered the empty classroom she'd been told to go to, opening it and seeing Izuku there. To her surprise, she saw not only him, but also Momo and Bakugo. "Huh? What are they-

"They know about this too," Izuku answered, "It's just I needed to make sure we were alone."

While confused, Katara came inside and closed the door, taking a seat alongside the others. "So this is about that thing yesterday?"

"It's more than that…" Izuku took a breath and rubbed his head. "The truth is… My quirk itself… isn't mine."

Now Katara was the one surprised, her mouth falling open at the statement. "Okay… Didn't expect that to start this with."

"Jsut shut up and listen…" Bakugo grumbled, "I want him to explain this shit quick."

And with that, Izuku did, explaining to Katara his past and how he grew up with no powers. He explained how he ran into All Might and how he was the one chosen to inherit the power within him, eventually getting him into this school. Katara sat in total surprise hearing all of this, but as he told his tale, she began thinking back to all the times All Might spoke to him on the side alone. She always assumed it was because he was simply helping him with his powers since they fought the same, and now it actually made sense. "Honestly… now that you explain it all, it makes sense why your power was so similar to his…"

"Yeah…" Izuku responded, looking over to Momo beside him. "I told Momo the truth after Kamino, and eventually Bakugo pieced it together after the exams."

"I knew before that," Bakugo made sure to point out, "Just waited for the right moment to kick his ass."

Katara leaned back in her seat, taking in all this news. "And you kept this secret for everyone's safety."

"The fact All for One is the one after this power, I need to keep as few people from knowing the truth to help keep other villains from learning the truth. More could be in danger if word got out. Even the hero commission or other teachers besides Recovery Girl and the principal know the truth."

A knock on the door caught their attention, everyone looking up in surprise before it opened and revealed Toshinori coming through. "Sorry I'm late. I had to get out of a meeting with Ectoplasm." after setting up this meeting with Izuku, the skinny hero turned to the waterbender in the room, sighing before smiling. "It seems we both had a secret this whole time."

"All Might…" Katara whispered, looking at the former hero in a totally different light now. "So… your power?"

Toshinori nodded. "Yes. my abilities and strength now reside inside Midoriya."

"That's why we had to keep this a secret. Only us and a few chosen know the truth about this power." Izuku explained, noticing the frown on his mentor's face. "What?"

"You have to include Mirko on that list now…"

"Huh?!" Bakugo sat up hearing that. "Why the hell does Cottontail know now?! You spill it to her too?!"

"I didn't say a word to her," Toshinori grumbled. "She figured it out on her own since we sparred years ago… and she can sense the same energy coming from Midoriya that I once possessed."

Izuku was totally caught off guard by that news, never expecting Mirko to actually have background experience with All Might. "Does, does that mean we should be…?"

"No. Mirko is reckless but she isn't stupid. And she certainly wouldn't do something to put anyone here at risk." Toshinori explained.

"Okay, I'm still confused," Katara suddenly said, shaking her head. "You got your powers from All Might, but what was that thing yesterday? He's never done anything like that before."

Now everyone in the room turned to Izuku, the teen exhaling and nodding. "It's because… it came from a previous wielder of One for All."

"What?" Toshinori's eyes seemed to bug out from his head. "You… you have access to quirks previous wielders had?!"

"You had no idea about this shit?" Bakugo asked, earning a head shake from his idol.

"No… It was a stockpile of strength from previous wielders… I didn't know their abilities as well."

"I only found out after that incident yesterday," Izuku said, looking at his hand and squeezing his fist. "The power is called blackwhip, and it's original wielder was the fifth holder of One for All. He said it was like the perfect time for all the abilities to come together, in that sense." he saw the confused looks on everyone's faces, shrugging. "What? That's what he told me."

"You spoke to him?" Katara asked, thinking about herself. "Wait… this is like me and…?"

"I mean… kind of…" Izuku said, "You said you are able to communicate with Kyoshi through a connection. I guess… It's something similar to that."

"Perhaps this is a chance for both of you to figure this out together," Momo suggested, "If it's a similar connection, you can help give ways for him communicating, Katara.

"I mean, it's worth a try," Katara said.

"Alright, get your asses up, we're testing this shit now." Bakugo growled.

"Everyone, slow down!" Toshinori slightly yelled before lowering his voice. "Just… take your time with all of this. This is all so new and such a strange development. Let's just… take our time with this. Especially with what's coming up. We should all take some time and rest. Go enjoy yourselves for a bit and then we can figure this out."

One Week later

"Go! Go! Go!"

"Come on!"

"Oh no, not this time!"

The many shouts from Mina's room rang down the halls, the pink girl snickering in amusement as she hit the buttons on her controller. After class today, she had decided to have a chill night and invited a few over to her room, including a class B student as well to join in on some video game fun. The small group of teens watched in amusement to the battle on screen, while the pink one's opponent was not as thrilled herself.

"This sucks. Let me up!" Kendo growled as she struggled to get her character back onto the stage, only for the large crocodile creature Mina controlled jumped over and smashed her off screen. "Shit!"

"Eh hehehe…" Mina laughed as she made her character taunt, rolling away as Kendo's character threw a bomb at her. "Another one bites the dust."

Kendo's eye twitched as she heard a few laughs behind her. She glared over her shoulder at Katara and Momo, the pair slightly giggling while Setsuna pointed and laughed at her. "Shut up, you lost to her, too."

"Yeah, but I wasn't getting spanked this bad," Setsuna cackled between laughs. "You're getting your ass handed to you."

"I don't play this as much, okay?" Kendo grunted as she tried shooting arrows to keep Mina away, only to keep missing or one to even be reflected back at her. "Why don't we go back to what we played earlier?"

"Oh yeah, you wanna go back to Mario motocross, of course," Mina laughed and countered a sword slash before grabbing and slamming her frustrated opponent down. "Not until I bust you up a bit more."

"Just kick her ass quick so I can get my rematch, alright Ashido?" Setsuna snickered as she took a swig of soda. "You about you, Yao, do you want in the next match?"

"I think I'll pass this time," Momo giggled and adjusted her spot on the couch. "I think Katara is ready for another round."

"You girls are crazy if you think I can take any of you on…" Katara laughed and sat back on the ground, leaning against the couch Momo was sitting on. Having little experience in this kind of entertainment, Katara mostly sat out and simply watched as the girls played different games through the evening. While she did try a few different matches earlier and certainly struggled, she couldn't deny it was actually kind of fun trying this. Momo had opted to sit out most of the time as she simply wasn't good, enjoying the chaos Mina caused as she dominated everyone else. Both couldn't help but giggle as Setsuna leaned over the seat behind them, both laughing as Kendo continued to struggle as Mina simply toyed with her.

Crawling forward, Katara pointed at the screen as an item spawned. "Go for that Kendo, you got this!"

"Grrrrrrr…" Kendo growled as she rushed towards the mystery item, aiming to pick it up only to be hit by a cannon ball from Mina's character. "Oh come on!"

"Nope…" Mina laughed as she picked up the item and opened it, revealing another bomb and throwing it at her foe and blasting them off stage.

"Oh of course you freaking get one of those," Kendo scoffed as she rapidly tapped her buttons to jump back to the stage, getting closer and almost back on. "Just got to-

"Peekaboo!" Mina laughed as she jumped off stage and slammed her characters feet onto her opponents head and blasted him downward and knocked him into the abyss, taking the final life that Kendo had. "And that's how you three stock someone."

Grunting in annoyance, Kendo dropped her controller and pursed her lips out as the others chuckled at her expense. "I hate when you use him…"

"Hey, I can use any character and kick any of your butts." Mina shrugged and smirked, cracking her knuckles in success. "Whoever's ready to get whipped next step on up."

Sighing, Katara grabbed one of the controllers as Setsuna leaped over the couch and snagged the other. "Alright, I'll give this a go again." Katara said.

"Just stay to the side as I focus on her," Setsuna cracked her neck and took a breath. "Time for some payback now."

While the girls began talking about who to pick, Kendo's phone vibrated. Opening the message, her eyes widened when she saw what it said, quickly getting up from the floor. "Hey, I actually gotta go."

"Right now?" Momo asked curiously, "Something wrong?"

"No no, it's just… something came up real quick that I need to take care of." Kendo smiled as she stretched her arms. "That was fun despite the cheating."

"Psh… please," Mina laughed out loud, "Just because you can't touch this girl here doesn't mean I cheat for victory."

Yeah… I'll practice and take you down next time." Kendo said as she opened the door to leave. "Don't forget about the snacks for this weekend."

As she left the room, the girls all took a moment as they thought about what she was talking about… the christmas party they had planned.

"This is going to be so exciting! I just love the holidays!" Mina cheered.

"I know, I was already planning out what special things to buy for it," Momo pondered.

"All I know is there better be cookies," Setsuna chuckled as she picked her character. "I'll put down a few boxes myself. I already got my white elephant gift picked out as well."

Sitting silent for a moment, Katara looked over at Momo, both girls quickly forming little smiles. After having a run down on what christmas was, Katara couldn't help but feel excited about a special day like this, especially since class A and B wanted to do it together. Since there were so many people in their class, everyone agreed to do only a few gifts to a few close friends, and a single present to go into a group game where everyone would get a random surprise gift. Knowing that, Momo had helped Katara with ideas the other day for what she should get Shoto… While Katara did the same for her with Izuku.

"So, what did you get for lover boy?" Mina teased at the waterbender making her giggle.

"Something small but I think he will really like it." Katara responded. "I also had to get something for Tenya I know he will really enjoy."

"Hmm, well I guess we will see their reactions then." Mina chuckled as she pushed start on the game.

"Heh heh, time for you to go down." Setsuna grinned as she readied herself… only to be gritting her teeth in rage and throwing her controller as she and Katara were taken out in three minutes. "God damn it!"

Taking a breath, Kendo made her way down the hall past her room, making sure nobody saw as she reached the room she was going to. Giving a quick knock, she waited until it opened up and saw Bakugo standing there, silently entering his room and seeing the reason he got her attention. "It's… It's finished?" she asked.

He didn't answer as she walked to the desk, sitting down in the chair to get a better look. Eyeing it over, it wasn't perfect, but it was certainly an improvement to what it was. "I can't believe it. So are we going to give it to her this weekend?"

"You can." Bakugo grunted.

"What?" she turned back to him in confusion. "Why? You were the one who started this in the first place."

"I don't need appreciation from her. As long as we're even, that's all that matters." he answered and took a bite of some crackers he had. "You can take all those hugs from her for all I care."

"Oh come on, this is something special for her," Kendo said, "She should know you were the one who saved her heirloom."

"Tsk… no thanks. Knowing her, then she'll act like she owes me and I don't need that. Besides, I doubt a lot of people are taking this holiday thing seriously."

"I have not been this serious about a gift ever…" Izuku muttered in his seat. "I have no idea what to get!"


"Ow!" Izuku yelped from the chop to the top of his head, frowning as Uraraka pulled her hand back. "What was that for?!"

The gravity girl sighed and shook her head. "Deku… rule number one for getting a gift for a girl; never wait until the last minute for it. You should've asked me before for help if you needed it."

Izuku blushed and rubbed his head. "I know. It's just… I've been thinking about it for a week and can't think of anything perfect. I thought of earrings, a necklace, and all that stuff."

"Well that's problem number two!" she shouted and poked his forehead. "Your girlfriend is super rich and doesn't care about things like that, right?"


"Then do something from the heart! Something you know is precious to her because that's what matters. Something that can be handmade but with all your heart put into it can be just as impactful as some diamond necklace."

"Depends how big the diamonds are…"

Uraraka frowned to Tsu's comment to the side, turning to where she, Tenya and Shoto were also sitting. "That doesn't help the situation here."

"I must agree with Uraraka on this point," Tenya declared, chopping in Shoto's direction. "I am disappointed you have failed to find a gift for Katara as well!"

"I had several ideas…" Shoto grumbled, "You've been turning them all down."

"Because your ideas have all been gift cards, Todoroki!"

"It is the smartest choice, giving her the freedom to choose what she wants." todoroki answered, earning a head shake from the girls.

"You really haven't gotten gifts for girls ever…" Tsu bluntly answered, making Shoto frown.

"I… I don't want to get something she won't even enjoy." He answered, making Tenya adjust his glasses and sigh.

"You are thinking about this far too much, Todoroki. Katara doesn't care about materialistic gifts as you've seen. I chose to get her something more personal that I know she will cherish."

"Exactly! You both need to figure out something you know they will both like that they will love!" Uraraka happily said. "Now, you boys need to think about what you can get that actually means something to them. Think about hobbies, or things you know they always needed." Both teens glanced at one another awkwardly after that statement. After both were stuck on not getting a gift, one had asked Tenya and the other had asked Uraraka for help. Then those two talked to one another, demanding a group meeting to solve this problem.

Izuku sighed and rubbed his neck. "Well… Momo is really into reading novels, and lately she actually began getting into martial arts films ever since training and-

"Right there!" Uraraka pointed at him. "You haven't thought of getting things related to her training she did with Edgeshot?"

"I'm not sure ninja stuff is what she wants. Ribbit." Tsu admitted, earning a chuckle from Uraraka.

"Maybe. But it would still be something personal for her." Uraraka suggested. "You need to think with that brain of yours and search through things you've heard her say and find that thing you know she will truly enjoy getting from you."

As Izuku sat pondering that idea, Tenya turned back towards Shoto and began tapping his foot. "The same should be for you, Todoroki. I am really surprised you even have had this problem."

"It's just…" Shoto looked to the ground in embarrassment. "Katara deserves something special, and yet all the things I did think of I know she doesn't have interest in."

"And that is your problem. Much like Midoriya, you're stuck thinking about materialistic things as for shopping when she cares for more personal things."

Shoto frowned and rubbed his hands together. He had no problem affording anything, but what to get her to be special was the problem. He wanted something she could remember, to look back on and-

"Look back on…" his eyes widened when he suddenly came up with an idea. "I got it."

"Hmm?" Tenya turned when he heard that. "You've come up with a solution? Then let us hear it!"

"I'll need to get a hold of the others," Shoto said to himself as he pulled his phone out. "I have to see what they have taken so far."

Uraraka sighed and turned back to her friend, patting him on the shoulder. "Don't worry, Deku. You will figure something out that will really knock her socks off!"

"Warm socks could be an option." Tsu chimed in, making the others stare blankly at her.

"She can literally afford anything and make everything… I think socks are something she doesn't need…" Shoto commented.

"But It's better than what he has now." She stated, making Izuku frown.

"I think I can do better than that, at least."Izuku huffed out and grabbed his chin, his mind thinking over everything he could for Momo. "She doesn't need jewelry, in fact she doesn't really care about things like that. She would probably like something more fun. Something to…" His eyes suddenly widened as he realized what he was missing this whole time. "That's it!"

"Huh?" Uraraka tilted her head in confusion.

Two days later

Exiting the elevator, Katara stretched her arms before smiling to herself, adjusting the green sweater she was given by Tenya for the party. She had learned the main colors for this holiday were red and green, and figured she would try on a color she normally didn't wear. Immediately the festive music was ringing in the air, turning the corner and coming to the main living room of class A. The large area was bustling with the many faces of both classes, everyone in either red or green sweaters and hats.

"What in the…." Katara nearly burst out laughing as Tenya walked towards her, not only in a red outfit but also sported a large white beard. "What is that?"

"You mean to not have a santa at a party?" Tenya happily stated. "Someone has to take on the role and I will gladly be that person for christmas!"

"Well, I hope you enjoy it, then. Merry christmas." Katara laughed and patted his shoulder, moving by and seeing the dozens of teens chatting, Mina and several others laughing as they watched random christmas videos on the tv, and a familiar face walking her way making her smile. "Glad to see you down here."

Shoto gave a small smile as she approached, noticing the color she was wearing. "Green does look good on you."

"Perhaps I should wear it more often then," She chuckled, walking up and kissing him on the cheek. "Merry Christmas."

Shoto couldn't help but feel his cheeks warm up, hearing her say that to him as she pulled him back towards the crowd gathered in the seating area. Taking a seat next to Shoji and Ojiro, they sat across from Rin and Pony from the other class.

"Hey, the other star of the test," Rin chuckled and threw some candy into his mouth. "Congrats."

"Star?" Katara asked, shaking her head before laughing, looking over to her classmates. "This the title you're giving everyone?"

"Hey, we didn't come up with it… alone." Ojiro chuckled.

"You were awesome!" Pony exclaimed happily. "You and Midoriya kicked butt!"

"They aren't wrong on that," Shoto smiled, patting her shoulder. "Everyone still can't stop talking about it."

"I mean it's hard not to," Shoji added, pointing behind himself. "Both you and Midoriya did what no one else could do."

Looking over the couch, Katara saw Izuku and Momo approaching, the creationist with her hair down underneath a christmas hat. "I don't think anyone is going to forget that for some time." Momo giggled and gently shoved Izuku, making him blush.

"I mean, I certainly won't," He laughed to himself and rubbed his neck. "The fact we held our own against the number three hero is pretty wild."

"Yeah, I'm still shocked she didn't break more of our bones…" Katara sarcastically responded, earning some laughs from the others. As they switched the conversation from that to other topics, they all shared their excitement for the end of this end of classes they've had, enjoying the small break they got from having to learn. Soon Pony suggested they play a game, just as the smell of sweets began to overtake the waterbenders nose, wanting a bite herself. "I'm down for a snack if anyone wants something."

"Ohh! Cupcake please!" Pony asked.

"I'll take one if you're getting up. Thank you. "Momo added.

Nodding, Katara stood up and walked around the couch, giving a quick hi and chat to Tsu before reaching the line of desserts laid out. As she made a plate of cupcakes and some pudding for herself, she yelped in surprise to the ruckus to the right, turning to see a few arguing over the snack table.

"Oh come on, you've had enough already!" Jiro yelled and tried grabbing the tray of cookies from Setsuna, the green haired girl hissing and snatching a handful off.

"I brought these ones!" Setsuna growled and shoved several sugar cookies into her mouth. "Eat… the chocolate… chip!" she mumbled between bites.

"Sugar are my favorite!"

"Everyone please…" Shiozaki pleaded from the side. "We have plenty more desserts."

"Not really…" Yui from class B muttered as TetsuTetsu and Kirishima were across from one another, attacking another table full of snacks.

"GO! GO! GO!"

The group of class A and B teens stood around cheering them on, the two hardening students shoving cake and whatever else was put in front of them trying to outdo one another. "Hey, you two hogs are going to go through our dessert before we even get to the gifts!" Toru complained as the brownies were being attacked next.

"Kirishima's got this!" Sero laughed as chunks of food flew out.

"Hell no! Tetsutestu will easily win this and show he is better!" Monoma shouted out.

Watching as the crowd cheered the two on, Katara just shook her head and laughed, walking over to the drink table and making herself some punch besides Tokoyami. "Seems like they are already enjoying themselves." she said, making him chuckle.

"It appears so," he said, giving her a nod. "Merry christmas to you."

"Merry christmas to you too," She smiled, "You wanna come join us? We were going to play a game right now."

Thinking for a moment, Tokoyami gave a smirk and a quick nod. "I"ll join you, yes." His smirk disappeared and was replaced with a scowl. "Again?"

"Huh?" Katara turned to the side, wondering why there was a floating piece of a plant on a string. When she looked down, however, she frowned when she saw it attached to the stick above Mineta's head.

"Oh my, it seems I'm under the mistletoe," Mineta chuckled and rubbed his chin. "It seems someone has to give me a kiss now."

Katara gave a blank look at the purple headed teen, hearing the sigh from Tokoyami. "You've really tried this with every girl here now. I really doubt she will fall for this either."

"Yeah, no thanks," Katara muttered, knowing the whole idea about mistletoe and this holiday. Walking past the desperate teen, the two of them joined the others as they brought out some board games. The group of teens all laughed and joked as they played their games, enjoying the amusement they had as Shoto groaned in annoyance as he kept rolling one and barely moved ahead on the board.

"Attention everyone…"

The students all stopped when they heard the familiar stern voice, surprised to see Aizawa standing there. "Sorry to be disturbing your evening, but I need a favor to ask of you all." he said. "I need to finish up some things I'm behind on, so if you could, can you keep an eye on her for me?"

From behind the dreary teacher, the small girl came out from behind, her little red hat making everyone in the class gush over. "Trick or treat…" Eri quietly said.

"Wrong holiday again…" Aizawa said.

"Eri!" Izuku happily stood up and approached, his heart warming when her face lit up seeing him. "You're going to spend time here with us?!"

"It would be easier if she could be watched as I finish up some paperwork I'm behind on. She would certainly enjoy this more than being stuck in the office watching me."

"Oh, she is most welcome here!" Uraraka squeaked in excitement, running up and getting down to the little girl's level. "You hungry? We have so much dessert!"

Smiling, Eri followed the gravity girl over to the dessert table as Izuku approached their teacher. "We can watch her sir, no problem. If… If you want anything you're welcome to the snacks."

"I'm good. I'll be back in around two hours. I appreciate it." Aizawa said as he turned around to leave, stopping before the door. "By the way… Merry christmas."

Chuckling at their teachers comment while he left, Izuku turned back to the area, smiling as most of the girls gathered around Eri to entertain her. He had been hoping to see her again soon, and this was the perfect opportunity to show her even more fun things in life she had been missing out on.

As Eri came by wanting to say hi to everyone, Katara couldn't help but giggle as she brought up the festival once more, explaining how she loved watching her dance with the water. The waterbender was also certainly having a great time, truly enjoying a holiday with all her friends around her as they continued to laugh and play different games. She giggled as some attempted karaoke later in the evening, failing at attempting Shoto to try a song with her which she was fine with. She even had more of a chance to catch up with the class B girls, getting to know more than just Setsuna and Shiozaki.

Later in the evening, they played the random present pick, each person taking a chance to grab a random gift from the large stack set aside. Most of the gifts were on the humorous side, with some getting a random shirt, or the shock when Mina picked a gift that contained five gift cards for pizza. "Ohhh hell yes. Pizza night!" the pink girl cheered out.

Katara ended up with one that had a pair of puzzles, not expected but something she actually figured could be fun on nights when she just wanted to relax. It was still better than the gift Bakugo picked out, his face showing his disappointment when he simply got a flower pot. The exploding teen had to fight every urge in his body to smash the pot over Kaminari's laughing head.

After some time later, Tenya stood up and held his hand up for the entire group. "Attention everyone! At this time, perhaps it would be a good time for personal gift giving as the night is coming to a close!"

Immediately the blood pressure of many in the room jumped, their nerves or excitement rising as they now were ready to give their special gifts they picked out for their best friends or special ones. As people began picking out their gifts they set in the second stack, Katara waited her turn to grab the several gifts she had chosen, feeling her cheeks warm when Shoto grabbed from the other side of the stack. Even though she had told him she didn't need anything crazy, just the idea of him picking something for her made her blush but also giggle, imagining his imagination at work. As she made her way back towards her spot on the couch, she noticed several gifts already placed in her seat.

"Really?" She play frowned, "I told you guys I didn't need a lot."

"Hey, this is your first christmas! We couldn't just let you not enjoy it!" Mina giggled along with a few others, "a lot of us shared gifts, but we had to contribute something!"

Sighing, Katara began opening up the gifts in front of her, some of them ranging from new shirts or sweaters to someone getting even new shoes. One of the gifts surprised her when she opened it up, seeing Tenya's name on it and containing a mount Fuji model.

"I figured you have not only seen Mount Fuji, but also conquered it as well," Tenya said from the side, smiling under his fake beard. "Remembering what you overcame… I assumed it would be the perfect inspiration."

While it seemed like an odd choice at first, Katara couldn't help but smile at the idea behind it, reading the engravement below.

Even when you are down, what matters is whether you pick yourself back up or not.

Smiling, she moved on through different gifts, before seeing a small box revealing a stunning pair of earrings that made the other girls' eyes widen in shock, their eyes sparkling from the diamonds hanging from them. "Holy shit…" Jiro muttered in surprise.

"It's no big deal," Momo said, waving her hand. "My mother gets so many of these as gifts through work that I have so many I've never even used. I made sure each of you got a set yourselves."

Immediately the other girls from their class began ripping through their presents, ignoring the other gifts until they found their personal earring sets. When she found hers, Uraraka's eyes wide in utter disbelief, the jewelry probably the most expensive thing she'd ever had in her life. 'This thing must be worth a sports car…' she muttered internally, amazed at even receiving something like this. Her eyes then noticed the picture inside, pulling it out and seeing it of her with both Izuku and Momo smiling together. She flipped it over, scanning the small note on the back.

I know it may not help much, but if you wanted to help your parents, this is a perfect way to start with this.

Merry christmas, Izuku and Momo.

Izuku blushed as Uraraka suddenly threw herself forward, wrapping her arms around him and Momo giving them a big hug. Hearing the light sniffle, both returned the hug before she sat back, looking at one another as the brunette took a breath and smiled, not needing to say anything else for thank you from the pair. Now that they looked at each other, the couple both took a breath as they exchanged their presents with one another, the green haired teen opening his up first. Immediately his eyes burst open when he saw the familiar yellow hair and smile came into view.

"Is that…" he reached in and pulled out the tall action figure. "The first edition rookie year All Might Action figure?! HOLY SHIT!"

Momo nearly burst out laughing hearing him curse like that. "Well I know how much you like collecting his memorabilia, so I thought something like this would make you excited."

"Excited?! This is from his first year becoming a pro here in Japan! I've been looking for this and-

He paused when he realized his outburst, blushing and coughing to calm himself. "I mean… y-you should open yours now."

Giggling, Momo took a moment before she took a breath and opened hers. Pulling the wrapper away, she tilted her head curiously at what looked like a white shirt, pulling it out before gasping as it revealed to be a flowing white dress, the edge lined in gold trim. "It's beautiful…"She said, before noticing something else inside the package for her.

"I had to get you something for a date and your hero outfit as well," Izuku happily said.

Pulling out the package, Momo opened the small box and saw what looked like a clear visor headset with red framing, raising her brow curiously as she picked them up. "Well not really my style, but I appreciate more glasses for reading." she giggled as she tried them on, only to gasp as the glass in front of her eyes suddenly formed a display screen. "What the…. What is this?"

"Something that will help you in the field." Izuku explained excitingly, "I had Hatsume make it real fast. It's a mobile encyclopedia that you can use in the field, giving a breakdown of practically anything you can think of."

Momo turned her focus to the holographic screen in front of her eyes, seeing the line waiting to type. "So uhh… chain." her eyes widened when the word she said came on screen, just before the atomic structure of the item. "Amazing."

"I thought it would be something to help so you can think your way out of any situation possible. Not that can't already." He giggled before blushing as she kissed him on the cheek.

"Thank you, Izuku." She said as she winked through the glasses.

As others went through the stack of presents sorting them to others, Shiozaki noticed one that didn't say who it was from. "Hmm?" picking it up, she walked it over to the only person on the box. "This must be for you."

"Huh?" Kendo grabbed the box from her friend, seeing her name was the only thing on it. "It says my name, but no one else?" she shrugged and opened it up, her mouth falling open in shock when she saw what it was. "What?!"

Inside the box was a BMX helmet, but not just any helmet. Immediately she recognized the blue and gold pattern, the same as her favorite racer. Noticing the scuffs and scratches on it, she knew it wasn't a replica, but his actual helmet. Not only that, but she nearly screamed out when she saw the autograph scribbled over the front of it. "H-how?! His autograph?!" She almost didn't want to touch the helmet as if it were treasure, looking up to the others around her. "You guys… did you all? This must've cost a fortune!"

To her surprise everyone around her only had looks of confusion, none of them having knowledge of the gift. It was even more confusing for the red head as only some people really knew how much she loved motocross, or who she followed in the sport. And what she didn't see was Bakugo avoiding eye contact, the teen taking a bite of cake to keep his mouth busy… avoiding the small smirk that was attempting to form on his face for some reason.

As other gifts continued to be opened and seeing what presents were left, Katara and Shoto turned to one another as they were ready to share theirs now. "Well, I thought about it for a while now, and hope this is something you'll really like." She said, handing hers to him.

Grabbing it, Shoto lifted off the packaging to discover a box of soba noodles, raising his brow at her idea. "Really?"

"What? You love those so much," Katara acted confused. "Is that not what you wanted the most?"

Shoto let out a laugh at her joke as he set the gift to the side, revealing the real gift inside; a lit up picture frame that had both she and him together, smiling and holding one another.

"It's amazing. Thank you." he said, almost laughing at the irony of the gift before handing a pair of wrapped gifts for her.

"Two?" She laughed and grabbed them, one shaped like a book and the other perhaps a jewelry box. "Now I wonder what these could be."

"You'll see."

Smiling, Katara went with the book one first, peeling away the paper and finding it was actually a photo album. Her smile fell slightly as she flipped it open, she saw multiple pictures of her with others through school, laughing or simply eating with friends. Others were of her friends, caught doing random things or posing for a comical moment. Different pages then included both she and Shoto, whether it was them together walking, their date night, or a seemingly embarrassing moment of her tripping while walking. While she laughed at the picture, she still looked up to him in surprise. "You made this?"

"I got help from the others," He said, "You'd be surprised how many of them had so many random photos throughout the year. I thought it would be nice for you to have good memories to look back on since you've been here."

Katara couldn't keep the smile off her face as she quickly flipped through the pages, reaching halfway and seeing the rest still blank. "And you left room for me to add…"

"Of course," Shoto swallowed knowing what gift was next, nodding towards it. "I… hope you like the next part."

Setting the photobook aside, Katara pulled apart the paper over the box, opening the lid and immediately feeling her heart jump and her eyes widen. It was a necklace, one with a silver chain and a large sapphire crystal. The shimmering gem sparkled in the light, causing her eyes to almost glow with it. "Shoto…"

"I know it's not the same…" He quickly said, grabbing her leg. "I can't ever replace what was lost, but I hope something like this will help give a feeling similar to that."

Rubbing her thumb over the gem, Katara couldn't help but blush as what giving a necklace in the water tribe meant in her world. While not the same here, she couldn't help but feel truly happy with a gesture like this. "Thank you…" she said as she leaned in and gave him a kiss. "Merry Christmas."

As the gift opening came towards an end and many were chatting about what they got, Kendo set her stuff aside and glanced over towards Bakugo. The look she gave was enough to tell him what she was doing, nodding to let him know he was ready. Standing up, she took a breath and walked over towards the waterbender, smiling as she approached. "Hey Katara. There's one more gift for you, still."

Laughing, Katara shook her head as she looked over to the stack of things she had received. "You really didn't need to, Kendo. I feel bad I got so many when I said I didn't need all this."

"I think this is… a little different." Kendo said as she pulled from her pocket the small wrapped box. "Trust me on this."

"Oh alright," Katara chuckled and took the box from her, taking off the wrapping and peeling off the tape. Judging from its size, she knew it wasn't large, thinking it must've been another piece of jewelry like the earrings she received. The moment the lid was lifted off, however, she felt like her heart stopped beating in her chest, her breath catching in her throat. "Wh-What?"

Inside of the box was her mothers necklace, all pieced back together. Multiple large cracks could be seen throughout the pendant, with a few chips and fragments of it still missing over the surface. Even so, it was clear as day what it was, something she assumed was gone forever and she was never going to see again. She didn't even feel the few tears that fell down her cheeks as she looked up to her friend. "How did… how did you…?"

"Sorry it took so long. It was a lot to put together…" Kendo chuckled. She could barely react before Katara threw her arms around her and pulled her into a deep hug, smiling as the waterbender embraced her. "Merry christmas."

While confused at first, some of the others caught sight of the blue stone in Katara's hand. They almost couldn't believe it was there, knowing just how precious that was for Katara that had been destroyed, and now it was somehow returned here put together. Shoto was in disbelief, feeling his own chest swell up seeing the emotional moment for Katara. "I can't believe it…" he happily said out loud.

"Thank you…" Katara quietly said against her, squeezing the red head's shoulders tight. "You have no idea what this means to me."

Kendo did have some idea what it meant after what happened on their mission, and still couldn't even imagine dealing with the feeling of losing something like that. Returning the hug, the two she leaned up to her friends ear. "Just so you know… Bakugo collected them and started this."

Katara's eyes widened when she heard the whisper, looking over in shock to the mentioned teen. "What?"

"He didn't want to get all sappy…" Kendo teased as she leaned away, winking. "I think he's embarrassed."

Almost laughing, Katara continued staring at Bakugo the entire time, the exploding teen staring back as well. The simple nod from him confirmed it was true, the waterbender completely taken back by that news. Of all people, she never expected to hear that at all. Perhaps that harsh personality was just a cover the whole time, and even though she figured he wanted to keep that look, she didn't care at this moment. Even as his eyes widened as she quickly approached, he was unable to voice his discomfort as she grabbed and hugged him. "Thank you…"

"What I- get off!" Bakugo growled and weakly tried to shake her off, gritting his teeth as he felt his face warming up. "Just take it and we're even, got it?!"

While others around were completely confused about what was happening, Katara simply laughed softly and released him, patting his shoulder before heading back to her seat. As she sat down, she couldn't take her eyes off the pendant in her hands, taking a few breaths to compose herself. She looked up as Shoto gripped her arm, his own smile etched onto his face.

"I can't believe you have it back. I'm so happy for you." he said as he looked down to the gift he got her, "Here, you can use the chain from this and put it onto your mothers stone to wear it again."

Katara wiped the stray tears from her face, rubbing her thumb over the surface of her recovered heirloom. To shoto's surprise, she shut the lid over the stone and shook her head. "I can't do that."

"What?" Shoto asked in surprise. "But you always wore her necklace. I thought you'd want to."

"Of course I would. Although in this state, it would probably break apart." She laughed, taking a deep breath. "I have it back now. That is what's truly important, and I will always keep it with me. Besides," She reached over and picked up the necklace he got for her, smiling down at the gem. "I would be rude to not use the gift you got for me."

As she held out the necklace for him, Shoto stared for a few moments before he took it from her. As she turned and lifted her hair up, he blushed slightly before smiling, reaching up and attaching it around her neck. Feeling it clip, Katara lowered her hair and looked down, smiling and rubbing her thumb over the sapphire gem before turning back and giving him a kiss. "This may be my first, but it's the best Christmas ever." she told him.

Seeing the smile over Katara's face made Kendo so happy. Sighing in relief the secret was out now, she walked over to the drink table to get one more punch for herself before something above her head caught her eye. "Huh?" she muttered as she looked up before frowning at the mistletoe dangling from string above her head.

"Oh my, a beautiful lady underneath the mistletoe," Mineta casually tucked the pole he used with the string. He slicked his eyebrows smooth as he approached, much to Kendo's annoyance. "You know it's bad luck to avoid a Christmas rule."

"Oh is that your rule?" Kendo grumbled. "You really went through the effort for all this, didn't you?"

"Just roll with it, please?" Mineta whispered under his breath. He seemed to almost be pleading out, his eyes watering. "It's a Christmas dream of mine for a mistletoe kiss and no one is acting on it."

"I wonder why…" Kendo groaned, before smirking and walking away several steps. "It seems I have no choice but to get a kiss then."

Mineta's mouth almost dropped to the floor when he heard that. "Wait… What?"

"I mean, it is a christmas tradition," She said with a shrug. "Oh what luck I have to have stumbled under mistletoe." Kendo laughed internally hearing Mineta begin to stutter, thinking someone was actually going to indulge in his little plan he'd been trying on everyone of the girls. As she looked up, she was surprised to see Bakugo walking her direction, a look of annoyance on his face. "Oh, leave him alone, Bakugo. It's not like he'd actually convince me to-

Kendo's words were cut off as Bakugo grabbed her shoulders and pulled her towards him, gasping as he kissed her deeply.

Everyone in the room suddenly froze in utter shock, the sight before them completely unexpected. "What in the hell?" Setsuna said.

"Uhh… this is new…" Izuku said in complete disbelief.

"Okay… this is…" Katara looked over to Shoto, his face showing just as much confusion as hers.

"Hot damn! Hahaha!" Kirishima hollered out in amusement.

"How dare you?!" Both Mineta and Monoma shouted out for different reasons.

Kendo couldn't even move as her eyes were locked open in shock, her heart hammering in her chest as his lips were pressed against hers. Once he disconnected, her face became as red as the sweater she was wearing, breathing quickly and staring at him in bewilderment. Bakugo huffed through his own blushing nose, remaining silent and walking away from her, leaving the stunned red head in her spot. The only sound that could be heard in the room was the tv playing, and Mins chewing happily chewing on her candy watching the development.

"Wow; 'Tis the season to be jolly…"

Several days later

Katara and Tenya excitingly rode in the car with Tensei as they were driven down the road, able to just enjoy a day outside the school back at their home. "I can't believe we have the chance to come back here." she said, happy to where they were going. After having several days relaxing after christmas, the school actually gave all the permission to leave their school for new years day as long as a pro hero escorted them to their homes.

"Agreed, I am so surprised the school granted permission to go home for new years to celebrate!" Tenya happily exclaimed, adjusting the gray sweater Katara got him. "It's wonderful you have the chance to spend the holiday with me, Tensei and our parents!"

"Thank Nezu for giving permission for this," Tensei answered as they pulled up to the driveway of his families home. "Each of you students had to be dropped off by a pro, and since I am a teacher and a hero, that counts for us to go back together." Internally, Tensei also knew while despite the commission promising to stay away from Katara, having him with her on their day vacation was the easiest way to make sure, sighing as the car came to a stop. "Welcome back."

Both teens happily got out of the car, already hearing the door to the house open up. "Look who's here!" Madoka cheered out, the Iida mother running out and embracing the two of them. "Merry christmas and happy new year!"

"Mother, it isn't christmas but happy new your to you." Tenya said, yelping as she smacked the back of his head.

"Give me this moment."

"Merry christmas to you, too," Katara laughed out.

"See? You should learn some things from Katara." Makoda joked, letting them go and embracing her oldest son as he walked up with his cane and embraced him. "Glad to see you back, son."

"Glad to see you too." Tensei answered, walking in with her and the others as they met his father. "Happy new years, dad."

"Glad to have you back for the holiday." Toki said, hugging his son and greeting the others. "Let's hear about that new job of yours."

"Oh work can be later, come on!" Madoka pushed everyone along towards the living room. "This house has been far too quiet since all of you left to school. Time to make this house lively!"

"Mother, this is out of character for you. Where is this energy of yours coming from?" Tenya asked.

"I've been here just under a year and I remember this energy," Katara joked as they all entered the living room, sitting on the couch opposite of Toki. "You look good, by the way. You change something."

"You can thank my wife for me losing five kilos…" Toki grumbled, "She's been starving me these last few weeks."

"It's called a diet, honey," Madoka answered as she brought some tea in. "No fried food or no sweets leading up to the holidays. We always eat bad around this time anyway so we balance it out."

"A soda once in a while wouldn't hurt," Toki complained as he grabbed a tea cup, earning some laughs from the others.

"Have you considered a protein diet?" Tenya suggested with several chops. "If you practically eat meat constantly and use that to replace carbs and the weight will fall off quickly!"

"I am not eating pure meat as a diet. What am I, a killer whale?" Madoka huffed out and sipped her tea.

Toki smirked as he sipped his as well."Not with that diet, you're not…"

Madoka almost spit her drink out at her husbands joke, scolding him as he laughed and backed away from her swings. The others couldn't help but laugh as well, happy to be back.

The rest of the day was filled with laughs, jokes, some emotions and simply enjoying time together in the Iida household. Having been at the school for months, she actually forgot how much she enjoyed the time she spent staying here with them. As they ate food and dessert, they talked and talked, catching up on everything they missed since the last time they met. Learning about the school festival, the insane test they dealt with Mirko, and the Christmas they unfortunately couldn't spend together. But the entire time, Katara felt something was… Off.

It wasn't anything negative or bad, but the waterbender could just sense there was some underlying tension coming from the Iida parents. Even as they played games, ate and interacted, she just felt a strange nervousness coming from them, Madoka especially. It wasn't anything negative, but as if something was nagging at her. As Katara was helping her put dishes away in the kitchen, she came up beside her. "Hey… is… is something wrong?"

"Huh?" Madoka asked, "What do you mean?"

"It's just… it seems something is on your mind." Katara asked as she dried a pan. "Is everything alright?"

"Oh of course it is!" Madoka smiled and rubbed Katara's arm. "It's just so nice having you all back! Come on, let's finish up and join the others!"

While she was happy, Katara just felt there was a slight tenseness in the womans actions. Hoping to get her alone later and make sure she was okay, she kept it to herself and finished cleaning and entered the living room, seeing Tenya and is father discussing the way school was going, sitting down as the Iida mother walked in with several gifts in her arms.

"Alrighty, let's do this before it's too late!" Madoka excitingly said. "Let's have our christmas together!"

"Mom, we didn't bring gifts," Tensei frowned."I feel horrible not contributing."

"Don't none of you feel bad about this," Toki said, "We just want to enjoy time with you all that we missed."

Receiving his, Tenya opened it up and was amazed by the new running shoes they got for him. "These were ones I've been looking at getting! Thank you!" he cheered out, already slipping his shoes off to try the new ones on.

Katara chuckled as she was handed a gift as well, opening it up and widening her eyes at the new jacket that opened up. "This is really nice, thank you."

As Katara looked over her new jacket, both Madoka and Toki glanced at each other, both nodding at one another in agreement. Taking a breath, Madoka pulled out a large envelope out from behind her and walked towards Katara. "There's… also this for you."

"Huh?" Katara looked up in confusion to her, noticing the nervousness return to the womans face. "What is it?"

"It's… it's something special." Madoka smiled, holding it out for her.

Tensei and Tenya looked at each other in confusion, not sure what was going on as Katara took the envelope. "Mom, what is that?"

"She'll let you know." Madoka said and stepped back.

Katara sat confused for a moment, opening up the envelope and pulling out several pages from it.

Japanese Department of Family Affairs

This letter is written on behalf of Toki and Madoka Iida. In regards to the child of Kairi Katara, to proceed with adoption you must-

The pages fell from Katara's hands the moment she read those words, her hands shaking in utter shock. She didn't even feel the moisture beginning to form in her eyes, looking up to the two parents before her. She could see the smile on Toki's face, along with the tear forming behind Madoka's glasses. "What?"

"We talked for sometime and… thought you deserved to be more than a guest in our house." Madoka explained, wiping the tear that fell down her cheek. "You've been more than a friend to Tenya and Tensei, and we were hoping you had the same feeling as us."

Both of the Iida siblings didn't even ask what was going on, both seeing the paper on the ground and hearing what their mother said. They couldn't even say anything as they both felt their emotions rising up as well.

"You've been through so much since the time you've been here, looking out for others." Toki added as he stood up, "We wanted to make sure you are looked out for as well, just like our boys."

Katara could hardly even breathe as she felt her legs wobble, a tightness in her throat forming as well. She brought her hand up to cover her mouth, the tears falling down her fingers as her heart raced in her chest. Madoda felt bad as she saw the teen so emotional, walking up and gripping her shoulders. "I know this is so much, Katara. If it's too much, I understand and-

The waterbender throwing herself into Madoka's chest cut off her words, gasping as Katara squeezed her so tight and buried her face into her shoulder. The emotions poured from the teen and the woman, both smiling and hugging each other so tightly. Toki walked up as well, placing his arms around both of them as the two siblings stood up and joined them from behind. Katara simply continued to cry, her smile never leaving her face from the warmth surrounding her. After nearly a year in this new place, she had come so close to the people that took her in. She had learned the feelings for Tenya and Tensei were more than just a friend and guardian, always looking out for another on much more emotional levels. And now here she was given the chance to be officially part of a new group of people that wanted to call her family as well.

For her first holiday season, it couldn't be much better than this.

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