Note: This story is inspired by Pokemon, The Pokemon Black and White anime, and the Pokemon Adventures manga.

This story will have elements of the games, anime, and manga.

Based on SillverNugget's Pokemon Loud Version Kanto

Currently it was a normal day in the town of Royal Woods, an average sized town in the state of Michigan. Royal Woods was your average American Town filled with your average people,who did their best to live their day-to-day lives the best they could.

Royal Woods was filled with everything you would expect of a decent-size town such as its own School district, convenience stores, mom and pop shops, and several unique restaurants unique to Royal Woods like Jean Juan's French Mex buffet or the Aloha Comrade.

Royal Woods was also filled with people from all walks of life from the super-rich to the hard-working middle-class, truly Royal Woods was filled with all kinds of people. But if there was one group of people that stood out from the rest they would have to be the Loud family from Franklin avenue.

Currently the family in question was at a softball game at the local softball field in Royal Woods. Most of the members of the Loud family we're sitting quietly in their seats as they watch their sister / daughter Lynn Loud Jr get ready saw her big game as this was the final game of the season and if she and the Royal Woods Squirrels beat the Hazeltucky Lions on this very day, they would be the regional champions.

To show their support, almost every member of the Loud family came to watch Lynn's big day... except of one member of the Loud clan.

[Franklin avenue]

Currently miles away from the softball game was Lincoln Loud, the middle child and only son of the Loud family. Currently he was sitting on the front porch of the Loud house in dirty orange pajamas waiting for his family to come home.

Man I hope Lynn wins her stupid game that way we can finally put this whole "Bad Luck" incident to rest."grumbled Lincoln as he began recalling how he got to this point and how everything over the last couple of days transpired.


It all started a few days ago when Lincoln was tired of going to all of his sisters events, as when you have ten sisters who have all kinds of events your entire schedule for every day of the week is pretty much filled up.Lincoln was honestly tired of going to all the golf games, to all the pageants, to all of the concerts.

Now it's not that he wasn't appreciative of his sister's. It's just that he honestly wanted some time to himself, but knowing his family simply talking to them was not an option.As Lincoln was trying to enjoy his breakfast he heard the sound of the ten headed beast AKA his sisters approaching and knowing that they would want him to go to their events he quickly tried to make himself scarce but was soon caught by Lynn, who after some "persuasion" with her bat forced him to go to her softball game as he had never gone to one before for her whole season.

At the game something unexpected happened as for the first time in their whole season the Royal Woods Squirrels ended up losing their game. Everyone was surprised by this but no one was more than Lynn.

After the game Lincoln tried to reassure Lynn but she ended up calling him bad luck and telling him to stay away from her as in her mind him being there was the only reason her team lost as Lincoln had never been to one of her games before and in all of those games she and her team ended up winning but the one game Lincoln shows up the squirrels end up losing, to Lynn the only logical explanation was that Lincoln was bad luck.

Lincoln brushed it off but soon after Leni try to invite him to her charity fashion show but Lynn introjected saying that he was bad luck and he would end up ruining her fashion show if he attended.Lincoln tried to fight this at first but an idea came to his head.

What if he pretended to be bad luck? Then all of his sisters wouldn't invite him to their events anymore and he would finally have some peace and quiet as well as time to himself for once.

With that plan at the ready he put it into motion by agreeing with Lynn saying he was bad luck, causing Leni to make up some excuse to not invite him to her event.

Soon one by one each sister started believing that Lincoln was bad luck and as Lincoln expected they stopped inviting him to their events, out of fear that his so-called "bad luck" would ruin their events like Lynn's softball game.

Even the parents of the Loud children, Rita and Lynn Sr started believing that Lincoln was bad luck.Lincoln at first enjoyed the new freedom he had as he finally had time for himself and did everything he wanted to do, but as he would later learn and he should have expected, his family would ended up taking this whole "Bad Luck" mess too far.

It all started when Lincoln was forced to eat his breakfast not in the dining room but in the living room away from his family. Another red flag was when he was not allowed to go to the events he actually wanted to go to like the movies, luckily of him Leni told him how the movie went.

Finally it all added up when Lincoln walked upstairs one day to find that his entire bedroom was boarded up with chains and mahogany boards. When Lincoln went over to read the note that was taped on to the door he couldn't believe what the note said.The no basically said that they couldn't risk having Lincoln in the house anymore because his bad luck could effectively hurt his family so Lincoln was effectively forced to sleep outside.

Not even the family dog Charles wanted anything to do with him as he too believe Lincoln was bad luck.

Lincoln tried to come clean a few days later, but is superstitious family did not believe him and Lynn certainly didn't help when she ended up adding more doubts to his honesty as no one experienced any bad luck since he had been out of the house.If that wasn't bad enough Lincoln learned that the family was planning to go to the beach without him, and that he would probably be forced to spend the rest of his days outside of the Loud House.

[Flashback End]

"I can't believe I have to put up with this BS, I honestly don't know how much more of this I."grumbled Lincoln as he was honestly getting tired of his family stupid superstitions.

Lincoln wanted to go to the softball game in disguise as a way to prove to his family that he was not bad luck. But then a dangerous thought came his mine.

What if by some chance Lynn and the Royal Woods Squirrels ended up losing the game against the Hazeltucky Lions? And what if he was caught at their game that they ended up losing? If by chance that happens Lincoln's fate of being "Bad Luck" and his family size would be forever sealed.

So after a long self deliberation Lincoln decided against the plan and decided to wait for is family at home. That way even if Lynn ended up losing her game, she would have no way to blame him as he would have a solid alibi AKA Lisa's cameras, which would prove without a doubt that he was at home the whole time.

"Hopefully Lynn wins her game and she will be so happy that she will and the rest of my family will finally forget this whole "bad luck" mess and things can go back to normal.

[Royal Woods softball field]

While Lincoln was waiting quietly at home back at the softball field things were not going as one would expect as the announcer announce the results of the game.

"Well I honestly can't believe it! Despite the home-field advantage the Royal Woods Squirrels end up losing against the Hazeltucky Lions 10 to 1 all I can honestly say isbetter luck next year squirrels, right Pep?"said the announcer to his Co announcer as he was announcing the results of the game.

"Honestly I'm a little surprised as the Squirrels were favorite to win this season."said Pep with a less than enthusiastic voice.

Meanwhile on the softball field the Hazeltucky Lions we're busy splashing narrow coach with Gatorade and always think I'm up in the air while running around the field in celebration of their victory.

While this was going on one Lynn Loud Jr was glaring at them with daggers as she was holding her bad as tightly as she could while at the same time gritting her teeth. To say that she was furious was an understatement she was absolutely livid.

The rest of the squirrels looked at her with worry as Lynn's best friend, Margot Robert decided to walk up to her best friend and ask her if she was okay.

"Lynn are you okay...?"Asked Margo, who was careful to keep her distance as Lynn turned around and looked at Margo with a twitching eye.

"Okay?! OKAY?! Do you honestly think that I'm okay?!"Yelled Lynn as she was gripping the bat she was holding tighter and tighter.

"Um...No's just."

"We ended up losing against the Lions Margo! The freaking Lions! How on Earth is this even possible! I did all of my rituals, we trained like there was no tomorrow! So how in the world did we end up losing against the stupid Lions!"Yelled Lynn as she started kicking sand in the air to express her rage.

"...I don't know maybe we weren't very lucky this year. But don't worry Lynn there's always next year."said Margo who failed to notice that her best friend stopped listening after the word lucky.

'Lucky? Luck! Lincoln not no good bad luck charm! He must have come to my game and ruined it with his bad luck! That has to be the only explanation because there is no other way to Squirrels could have lost against those stupid no-good Hazeltucky Lions! Oohhh when I get my hands on him!' thought Lynn that she began to look around in the bleachers to try to find her brother who was most likely in disguise.

Upon spotting the team mascot Lynn started to slowly walk towards the Squirrels mascot with her bat clenched tightly in her hand. Without morning she pulled off the head of the squirrels mascot only to reveal that it was not her brother.

The mascot try to say something but her voice went away when she noticed the crazy look that Lynn had in her eyes.

"Sorry, I thought you were someone else."said Lynn as she threw the head back at the mascot, cool quickly caught it as soon as it was thrown while still looking at Lynn with eyes full of fear.

Meanwhile miles away back on Franklin avenue Lincoln was sitting quietly and his dirty pajamas wedding suddenly let out a large sneeze.

"Huh?... Is it allergy season or something?"He said as he began scratching his nose not knowing what was awaiting him when his family returned home.

[With the Championship loss to the Hazeltucky Lions, Lynn now searches for the person she blames for that loss... her brother Lincoln. How will Lincoln deal with this mess and what does fate have in store for the young Loud as the journey continues]

[To be continued]

Hey guys AlphaDragon97 here with some news. Well a majority of you have spoken and I decided to go with Unova for the region Lincoln will explore later in the story. As many of you know this story was inspired and approved by the great SillverNugget, who personally p.m. me with permission for the story after I requested it from the great man himself. I honestly hope that this story lives up to people's expectations as I plan to make it into quite the master piece. The next chapter will come out soon and I hope to see all of you guys next time.