Chapter 6 'Hollow Talk'

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The kiss didn't make Blu get over his fears, nor would any persuasive words from Jewel really. His fear of the wild would seem to be something that would take ages to overcome, as he had spent 15 years in a comfortable and safe environment with Linda. The jungle, however, was anything but comfortable and safe. Sure, it may be like that for its residences, but for a companion parrot like Blu, it wasn't.

But perhaps little steps could help. He'd already been in the jungle several times before, when he was a chick, when they escaped Nigel and when Blu took Jewel for a joyride. However, moving there would be a challenge for Blu, and Jewel wasn't sure if she should do that to him. She did feel like the jungle is where he belonged, but she also knew that he had a deep connection with Linda. Maybe something could be worked out so that Blu can still be nearby Linda, but also in the wild.

Putting herself in his shoes, she imagined if she were trying to be coaxed into living as a pet, or as Blu would say, companion. It'd be stressful, and Jewel wanted to make sure that Blu wasn't stressed out.

But Jewel thought about if they were even allowed to be released into the wild, with Jewel's disability. Perhaps Blu would know.

Jewel had been thinking about this for a bit, and she decided she'd talk to him about it. She had been strolling around the fake jungle for a while, and so she headed to the garden. Blu was there as well, sitting by the water. It seemed that both were in a state of contemplation.

''Hey Blu, can I talk to you about something?'', Jewel called out. Blu turned around and got up. He had an idea of what the topic would be. Like Jewel, he was thinking about the wild. But his thoughts were different in the way that whereas Jewel was thinking about how to talk to Blu about it, Blu was thinking if he would cope in the wild. He was still scared, and his contemplation was pointless.

''Is it about the wild?'', Blu asked. Jewel nodded, and the two walked up to each other. Blu's expression turned to that of nervousness, and Jewel hoped the conversation would go better than last time.

''Look… I want to help you overcome your fear… Is there anything I can do to help?'', Jewel asked softly, hoping Blu wouldn't let his fear get the better of him this time. He looked down at his talons. Jewel understood his body language and placed her wing on Blu's shoulder in an attempt to ease his woes. He was unsure how to answer, and part of him wanted to respond with something along the lines of: ''Not going into the wild!''.

''I… I don't know…'', Blu responded with a low voice. Jewel nodded. At this point, she was starting to understand what went on in that bird's head… well, sort of…

''You remember when you flew me around Rio?'', Jewel asked. Blu's expression shifted to a light smile.

''Yeah…'', he replied, with a hint of nostalgia, even though it only happened about a week ago.

''Well, why don't we fly around the jungle?'', Jewel suggested. Blu's expression dropped. His fears returned, just as Jewel expected. What Jewel didn't expect was his reply,

''Why do you want to go out to the jungle so badly?'', Blu lightly snapped. Jewel was unsure if he intended to come off as that rude, but she excused it partly due to his apparent stress. Jewel shot him a puzzled glare, trying to tell him to elaborate without her saying a word.

''I mean, all of a sudden you have been pestering me about going out there. You think I could just go out into the wild? No! That place… it scares me! Don't you get that?!'', Blu snapped at her, but by the end, it was clear as day he was fighting back tears. He was never afraid to show his emotions with Linda… Linda… He needed her right now. Sure, he's bonded with Jewel to the point they love each other. But Blu has spent 15 years with her, he couldn't just give her up.

''Blu… You managed when we were chained to each other. I don't see why you can't go back again.'', Blu quickly formulated a response.

''Managed? Jewel, I was terrified! I would've curled up into a ball if I weren't so nervous around you and if I wouldn't get eaten by a predator!'', Blu retorted. Jewel could see the fear in his eyes. It was as if he was backed into a corner. Both were silent for a second, before Blu sighed.

''Look, why don't we talk about something else… Where will we go?'', Blu calmed down, and his question intrigued Jewel. It took a second for Jewel to understand the question. She could've answered with ''the wild'', but considering how terrified Blu was of the jungle, she didn't say it.

''Where do you want to go?'', Jewel responded by asking a question.

''Home.'', Blu simply responded. Jewel understood what he meant. Moose Lake was his whole world up until he came to Rio against his wishes. He complied because he felt it was his duty to save his species. Jewel was thinking about his response long enough for him to elaborate.

''I just want to go home. I…'', Blu cut himself off before he could get too emotional. He sighed, ''I don't know if Linda wants to stay here. Any day she might head back… I'm pretty much her only friend… and she's the closest thing I have to a family, to a mother.'', Blu's attempts to fight back tears failed as he let a few trickle. He gained composure,

''Linda will probably take me back to Minnesota. If she does… will you come back with me?'', Blu's question made Jewel think. As much as it pained her, she had to think about her amputated wing. She'd be all alone without Blu, and she wouldn't be able to fly. There isn't a chance in hell that the humans would release her into the wild. She also didn't want to be stuck here for the rest of her life.

''I guess…'', Jewel sighed. But a thought popped into her head, ''But what if Linda doesn't go back?'', Blu cocked his head to the side.

''What do you mean?'', he asked.

''Well… I don't know. Maybe she wants to be mates with the bird nut.'', Jewel shrugged. Blu couldn't help but laugh a little. He stopped when he realised apart from her odd wording, it was a legitimate thing to consider. The two may very well be developing feelings for each other. On the other hand, just because they're the opposite sex, doesn't mean any relationship between them would be romantic.

''Come to think of it… That might be true…'', Blu admitted. Their conversation took a 180, and in a way, it was for the best.

''I never imagined humans being capable of emotions like that. I always thought they were empty, hate filled beings… Well, until I met you and your owner.'', Blu was dumfounded by her response. But at the same time, he knew that humans thought that animals were driven by instinct and didn't really have feelings like humans did.

Of course, they knew they seemed to feel basic emotions. Sadness, jealously, excitement, boredom etc. But as far as they knew, they didn't have a conscience. Of course, they were wrong. So, with that in mind, it wasn't much of a stretch that wild animals would think humans were like that.

''I guess that's interesting…'' Blu responded neutrally. The two sat in silence for a moment.

''If that's the case, then will we go into the wild?'', Jewel asked. Blu's expression dropped.

''Jewel…'', Blu was tired, and didn't want to continue expressing himself on this topic. He simply looked at her missing wing, conveying why it may not be for the best for her to go to the wild.

''Why don't we just go for a fly?'', Jewel suggested. Blu lightened up a bit, but another question formed in his head.

''Would they let us live in the wild?'', Blu asked. Jewel was silent, as his question was something she not once thought of.

''I… I don't know…'', she responded, ''But what if they did?''

Blu could easily answer with: ''and what if they didn't?'', but that could easily lead to a back and forth that would go on verbatim. Hypothetically, even forever. Not wanting that, he simply shrugged.

''So, why don't we prepare… just in case they do?'', Jewel suggested. Blu took a deep breath. His will to fight back was slipping away and was on the verge of defeat. Jewel could easily bribe him into complying. She could bribe him with her body, be it sex, letting him touch her or by giving him a 'private dance'. Jewel wasn't that low, but it would work. The male mind was like that, due to the fact they didn't have to bear children like females do. Therefore, their biological urges would be to impregnate as many women as they could, making sure their genes get spread by as much as possible.

''Alright… Lets go…'', Blu sighed in defeat. Jewel was relieved, and without thinking, she planted a kiss on his beak.

The two went to the door, and Blu knocked on it repeatedly until someone answered.

''They really need to get a buzzer installed here…'', Blu muttered to himself. Soon enough, the door opened.

''Oh, hey Blu!'', Tulio greeted Blu, who squawked in response. Jewel was still nervous around humans and felt as though that may never go away – or at least not for a long time. Blu signed for a pen and paper, to which Tulio obliged. He was excited to see him write again.

Blu finished it and handed it to Tulio.

'Jewel and I would like to be let out so we (by we, I mean me) can fly together for a few hours? Jewel has been getting a bit of cabin fever, or whatever its called.

P.S: You should install a buzzer for me to alert you. Knocking until you answer it is tiring.'

''Of course! I'll get some trackers on you.'', Tulio answered. He got them and carried them to a room with a window for them to freely fly in and out of. Jewel required Blu to be beside her, as humans still made her feel on edge.

Tulio put their trackers on, and he opened the window. Blu got on top of her, clutching her in his talons, and he took off.

It was a great sensation to be in the air. Though he was still anxious about the wild, he had to admit he felt much better with Jewel. Even though he had yet to fly outside without Jewel, but he guessed he'd feel better with Jewel.

The two had a mission of sorts: To find a hollow. Even though they hadn't decided if they would move to the wild, doing this would definitely help him. Besides, it may make Jewel nag him less. On a related note, he forgot to ask if Tulio had a crush on Linda, or if they were dating. His reaction would've been hilarious.

Blu had some criteria for his perfect hollow:
-It had to be spacious.
-It had to be within reasonable distance of the aviary.
-It had to be near a water source. Such as a pond or stream.
-Additional smaller chambers, in case they had a family.

With that in mind, he went on the hunt for a hollow.

By shear good luck, (or me being lazy) the first hollow he spotted that was unoccupied already fulfilled three of the requirements. (Close to the aviary, a stream ran near it and it had a few small hollows near a main one.

Blu flew up to it. He landed inside, and dismounted Jewel. The two sat up.

''Wow… this is pretty spacious!'', Jewel said in amazement. It was spacious. Enough to comfortably fit 6 macaws at once.

''Yeah, and we could even expand it slightly.'', Blu added. He knew that many wild birds did this.

If they were going to move to the wild, then this would be the place to set up shop. In his head, he started picturing how it would look. He imagined some flowers and other foliage decorating it, a nice cosy nest, a few small pictures of him and Jewel, or even their children if they had any, maybe a few small holes in the walls for windows. Hell, they could use leaves to act as curtains. Blu couldn't help but nod in approval of his imagination.

''So… You like it?'', Jewel smiled. Blu was surprised to admit that he did in fact like it. Maybe she was right about the jungle not being so bad.

''Yeah… I do…'', Blu responded in a voice of awe.

''See? The wild ain't so bad.'', Jewel said in a slightly smug voice. Blu rolled his eyes but accepted that she won.

It was weird how such an amazing hollow was unoccupied. Blu decided to pluck out one of his feathers and managed to imbed it into the tree bark. He wished he could write 'BLU AND JEWEL SHOTGUN THIS HOLLOW', but as wild birds couldn't read, he just hoped the feather would tell hollow seekers this was claimed/reserved.

''Alright, I think we should head back.'', Blu said. Jewel nodded, but she was glad that Blu was out in the wild. She hoped she could be able to slowly transition into moving into the wild. Going out and finding a hollow was a major step. Jewel also realised the sun will set soon. She sat down, allowing Blu to hold her in his talons, and he took off.

Dusk had come, and he decided to watch the sunset again. He flew to the aviary roof, and laid Jewel down. They sat in each other's embrace. Jewel rested her head on his shoulder. She couldn't help but kiss him there, which surprised Blu a bit. It was a nice sensation, Blu admitted.

Blu sighed, deciding to share something with her.

''I… I actually came up with a cheesy song for you.'', Blu began. Jewel looked up, with a smile on her beak.

''Can you sing it?'', Jewel asked. Blu nodded, taking in a deep breath. He wasn't going to sing it in its entirety, so he just sang the chorus.

''Hey, my one-winged angel,
where did you hide the halo above your head?
Are you straight down from heaven,
and are you his finest angel?
Clearly you are,
because you're something else,
you're a one-winged angel.''

The two gazed into each other's eyes, before Jewel planted a passionate kiss on Blu's beak. This lasted for nearly a minute, before they parted, panting. Jewel laid her head against his chest, listening to his rhythmic hear beat.

''That was… wonderful…'', Jewel sighed happily. Blu exhaled in relief that she liked it. Maybe he'd share the entire song with her. Her love for Blu was bubbling up, and she just felt… wonderful.

''Blu…'', Jewel began.

''Yeah?'', Blu responded.

''I… sort of want to have kids with you…'', Jewel sighed. Blu's eyes widened, and he chuckled nervously.

A quick dirty thought entered his mind, but he brushed it off quickly. Still, he couldn't help but let out another nervous chuckle…

''God help me…'', Blu muttered under his breath, while smiling nervously.

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I don't know if I'd be able to shoehorn the full song in, so here it is. Written entirely by me. Yes, I can actually write song lyrics. PM me if you want an original song in your story. I might be able to provide you one.

(Verse 1)

You're heavenly,
descended down from the skies.
As perfect as can be,
you're a gift to the eyes.
Your feathers are so sublime,
and your eyes make me melt.
Seeing you makes me lose track of time,
and this is the greatest feeling I've ever felt.


Hey, my one-winged angel,
where did you hide the halo above your head?
Are you straight down from heaven,
and are you his finest angel?
Clearly you are,
because you're something else,
you're a one-winged angel.

(Verse 2)

You're the epitome of beauty,
and it doesn't matter to me,
if you have two, one, or no wings at all.
Hey Jewel, did you fall from heaven,
or glide down ever so graciously?
Cause you're clearly something from there,
you're an angel and I love you more than anything else.


Hey, my one-winged angel,
where did you hide the halo above your head?
Are you straight down from heaven,
and are you his finest angel?
Clearly you are,
because you're something else,
you're a one-winged angel.

(Verse 3)

You must be a paragon,
because you're a flawless blue diamond.
Fine cut and about a thousand carats or more.
You're worth more to me than any jewel could ever be.
If you were a star,
then you'd outshine them all.
You're more beautiful than any cosmic event,
but if you were a comet,
than you'd be the greatest of them all.


Hey, my one-winged angel,
where did you hide the halo above your head?
Are you straight down from heaven,
and are you his finest angel?
Clearly you are,
because you're something else,
you're a one-winged angel.

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