When we were just a spot in the distance we all followed a crew worker each of us carrying our luggage. We stopped at the elevator and waited for it to open. When it did we all went inside and went to level three as there were six levels on this cruise. On level three us girls waited in the elevator while the crew worker led the boys to their respective rooms.

There was something on every level and from what I know on level six has ShuffleBoard, lounging chairs, and a hot tub. On level five had the captaning area and crew worker rooms. On level four was the main deck with the pool, food, hot tub, lounging chairs, and a game room. On level three was the boy's rooms. On level two was the girl's rooms, but I never found out about level one.

I was snapped out of my train of thought when the crew worker returned whose name I just learned, Brad. When we got to level two we each got to pick our rooms. I choose the one on the other side of the ship.

In the first part of my room was a small living room with white walls, some paintings, a large couch, chair, a coffee table, a bookshelf filled with books, and a large flatscreen TV. Then further into the living room was a small kitchen and dining room.

Towards the back of the living room were two doors. In the right door was a large bathroom with a shower, bath tub, sink, and toilet. Then in the left door was my bedroom.

The bedroom had white walls with paintings, a queen sized bed with grey comforters, a night stand, a desk, an office chair, closet, my own small bathroom, and personally my favorite part was the balcony. I immediately began getting my stuff moved into place.

As I was just finishing getting my stuff moved I heard a knock on my door. I went over and saw it was Thalia, Katie, Rachel, Clarrise, and Selena. I invited them in and watched them as they looked around.

"Wow Annabeth, you definitely got the best room." Katie said.

"Yeah, it's also the biggest so if we have any girl nights we should do it here." Selena agreed.

"I think we should have a girls night tonight." Katie suggested.

"Yeah, I agree." Thalia said and we all nodded.

We all sat down in silence until Clarrise breaks it, "What should we do until tonight?"

"I think we should go swimming in the pool." Selena said and we all agreed.

Everyone went back to their rooms to get ready. I changed into a grey one piece swimsuit and put a silky black cover-up over it. I packed a small bag with a towel, sunscreen, sunglasses, and a book on architecture. Then I put on some sandals and walked out to wait for the others.

Once everyone was ready we all climbed into the elevator and made our way to the pool and saw all the boys were there except Percy.. Soon we arrived and each claimed a lounging chair and took off our cover-ups which revealed our swimsuits. Katie had a forest green one piece. Clarrise had a dark red one piece. Selena had a light pink bikini. And Thalia had an eclectic blue one piece. I looked over and saw all the boys staring googly-eyed at us and I just laughed and sat down.

After us lounging on the chairs for a bit we all headed out into the water. We were having a blast splashing each other and goofing off with the boys. About an hour into playing in the water Percy arrived.

He took off his shirt and set it on the chair near him and made a perfect dive into the water and resurfacing near the boys. Now that we had an even amount of people we decided to play volleyball, girls against boys. Us girls ended up beating them with 25 and them only 19 before it was called saying dinner was almost ready.

I took a quick shower and changed into some jeans (Since it was starting to get chilly outside) and a green t-shirt saying, "Stay Green." Then I went up to the restaurant that was holding dinner.

That night for dinner they had chicken, rice, and cooked vegetables. I ate and talked with my friends until dinner was over. We all headed back to our rooms and got ready for bed, but I just waited until the other girls showed up for girls night.