Title: The Strength of Opinions
Author: Katie
Disclaimer: I own nothing but this story
Show/Movie/Book: Batman Forever (Batman Universe)
Couples/Category: Bruce Wayne/Chase Meridian, Alfred, Dick Grayson mentioned. Slightly alternate universe (AU).
Rating: T
Summary: A small glimpse into the slight aftermath of the "whacko" conversation between Bruce and Chase.
Author's Note: I've never written anything for the D.C. Comics/Justice League but this was part of a challenge I'd written an entry for on my favorite resource site, Shadowplay. I hope you'll enjoy and R&R!

"My opinion is that the writer is a total whacko," Chase says, the tone of her voice firm, blunt and not wavering.

Bruce is taken slightly aback by Chase's statement but isn't all that surprised by her tone, knowing she's only trying to get her point across. "Whacko? Is that a technical term?"

Chase stares at him, mouth on the verge of falling open into an O-shape, if it weren't for Alfred bursting in just then. Good ol' Alfred, loyal to a fault to Bruce and Dick. Gathering up the files for her case load, the redhead psychologist takes her leave if not for the gentle yet firm hand on her upper arm. "Please stay," Bruce murmurs.

"Okay," Chase murmurs in response. She would stay, because obviously they still had a lot to discuss on the matter of what she'd said.

Though there were still also the matter of Joker and Two-Face at large, Chase was determined to discuss the matter with Bruce further after he had his conversation with Alfred. Slipping away to his chambers, Chase places the files onto the circular table just inside with the intention of settling down into one of the chairs in order to begin her work.