It was a dark and stormy night and Shota was already exhausted as it was. He was on his way home after stopping a villain from attacking a store. That was until he heard a baby crying. He thought that he was hearing the sound of crying, he brushed it off until he was passing an alleyway. It was kind of dark considering how late it was but he was able to see what was there. When his eyes fully focused, he was able to see that there were two small silhouettes of creatures that he had yet to recognize on the ground. When he entered the alleyway to get a better look, one of the silhouettes was in the shape of a bird. The other one, Shota wasn't too sure on what it could be. The two of them were standing close to the basket and were talking. "What are we going to do this time Pichu? We can't just take her out of this alley way again. We're going to get caught and we might not see her again if we're not careful" the bird told the other.

"What else are we going to do, you know for a fact that she hates thunderstorms, Murkrow. We can't stay here or she's going to get sick again. Don't you remember the last time she got sick?" the other silhouette said. "I'm aware of that but who's going to take her in for the night? We don't know anyone that would just take her from us and will let us continue to see her after that" Murkrow told him. Shota felt the need to help the three of them but if he did, it would have probably put them at risk. There was always a possibility that he could take care of them for a while then put them into an orphanage but what then would happen to these three after that? He wouldn't know unless he just kept them and did it himself. Shota didn't know how he was going to manage that, he could at least try and see how it goes from there. As Shota approached the duo, they noticed him approaching almost immediately.

This made them get defensive than they already were in front of the basket. "What do you want us?" Pichu growled at him. There small sparks of electricity that were coming off of the red spots on his cheeks at this point. "I'm not here to hurt any of you. I'm just here to take you guys somewhere that's safer than an alleyway" Shota pointed out. "How do we know that we can trust you? We've never seen you and you also look like you're homeless" Pichu snapped back. "You certainly have a lot of talk for someone that doesn't have a place to stay" Shota said bluntly. "We don't need your help, we can manage just fine," Pichu said. "Maybe you can but can you still manage her and to take care of yourself?" Shota asked. Pichu looked back at the basket and back at Shota in frustration.

"Pichu, maybe he can help us. It's been months since someone wanted to actually help take care of her" Murkrow whispered to him. "Are you completely sure that you're here to help and not going to use her in the future?" Pichu asked. "Yes I'm completely sure that I wouldn't do something like that to her" Shota said. Pichu looked at Murkrow, who gave him a slight nod in return. "Fine but that doesnt mean I trust you completely yet" Pichu said. When Shota picked up the baby and took her out of the alleyway, he noticed that she stopped crying immediately. "Looks like she likes you already," Murkrow said when he flew over to him. When he took a better look at her, she had short dark blue hair and dark blue eyes. She had an ivory skin tone with light freckles that ran across her nose.

"So why would you want to help us? You don't even know us or what happened" Murkrow pointed out. "It's like I'm supposed to be the one that saves her" Shota replied back to him. But it was a bit more than that to him the more that he thought about it. It felt like the both of them were meant to meet each other. Maybe not like this but under different circumstances. "Have you ever held a baby before because I don't think that's how you're supposed to hold one" Murkrow stated. Truth be told, he hasn't held a baby in a while and the last time that he did, they were taken from him after a few minutes. So this was very new for him but it had to be done. "I actually haven't held one properly, so I guess this will be a learning experience for me" he said before starting to walk. As he did, Murkrow and Pichu had followed close behind him. Pichu had been on Murkow's back since it was faster than him trying to run after them.

"I never got your names, what are they?" Shota asked. "The one on my back is Pichu, me on the other hand, I'm Murkow," Murkrow answered. He nodded in response and just kept walking to his house. It didn't take long for them to get there, which happened to be 10 minutes since he wasn't that far away. "Are we allowed in?" Pichu asked. This was the point where he felt the panic run though his tiny body. Were they going to be separated now? "Yeah, come on," Shota said. He opens the door and goes in, the duo follow him in. Murkrow had landed on the couch while Pichu got off of his back and sat on the floor. Shota placed the baby on the couch before going into the kitchen. "So who are you two supposed to be to her?" He asked them.

"Consider us to be protectors of her. We were dropped off with her when her parents didn't want her anymore. We've been keeping an eye on her ever since" Murkrow answered. "How long would that be?" Shota asked as he entered the room again but this time, he had a bottle of water. "Today would make it 3 months, surprisingly we're good with taking care of her," Pichu said. "If you don't mind me asking, do you know her parents and what they left her in that alley?" Shota asked them. "Oh yeah, we knew them. In fact we didn't really like them nor did we get along with them but we weren't just going to leave her by herself. That really didn't sit right with us" Murkrow explained.

Pichu on the other hand didn't feel like it was a good idea to tell this guy anything but was he good at speaking his mind? Of course he wasn't, so he just kept his mouth shut for the time being. "Do you know what happened to them?" Shota asked again. "Um, I think that they were planning on going against the system after they dropped her off. So they're villains now, it was a good thing that we stayed with her actually" Murkrow said. "Are there more of you roaming around?" Shota asked him. "Of us? Not really sure but I guess that there are different types of crows and rodents around here but probably not like us" Murkrow told him. He picked her up after a while and held her properly this time. "When was the last time she ate?" Shota questioned. "From what I can remember, it was like 40 minutes and it was his turn to feed her" Murkrow said.

Shota didn't respond after that but instead started to think of what he was going to do with the baby. If he kept her, it would make his life even difficult. If he dropped her off at the orphanage, he would probably never see her again. 'Why should I care? She's not even mine' He thought. He decided that he would give her a bath before making a decision. After he was finished with that, Shota put one of his shirts on her. "So does she have a name?" Shota asked them. "Not yet, you can give her one if you want if you're planning on keeping her. But you know, we never got your name" Murkrow told him. In the process, she was pulling at his hair. He let her since it seemed to make her happy. That was until he heard a growl come from her. "You're hungry, aren't you?" He asked her. He knew better than to think that a baby could understand what he was saying. To his surprise, she nodded and gurgled at him. Shota carried her back into the kitchen.

"Give her grapes, she likes those a lot," Murkrow announced. Shota got a couple grapes and gave it to her. She took them from him but wanted to give one to Murkrow. He didn't want it but since it was coming from her, he took it from her. "So long have you guys been in that alleyway?" Shota asked. "For 2 days, we kept moving around," Pichu said. After a while, she fell asleep in Shota's arms. Shota took her back to his room and laid down with her on his chest. "This is just a warning for the future, be careful how you hold her. Her bones aren't that strong like they should be but that's if you're going to keep her" Murkrow announced. Shota nodded to acknowledge him. "Do you know anything else about her?" Shota asked him. Murkrow was sitting on the window sill at this point. "I'll only say if you're going to adopt her. I don't want to tell you, just for you to give her up" Murkrow told him. Shota remained quiet as she continued to sleep on his chest. Shota went to sleep shortly after. Murkrow watched over them and waited till morning.

"I don't care who your family is or how you got this far, I'll always love you for who you are"