When Kizashi and Mebuki opened the door, they expected their daughter to always arrive home from the academy. The Haruno didn't really have a lot of visitors. Mebuki's family lived outside the walls of Konoha, and Kizashi was the last of his clan. And official businesses like his Shinobi career and of their merchant ones were talked about anywhere but their house. The Haruno family were a pretty jovial bunch too, so they were friendly with their neighbors. But they only visited each other during special occasions like festivals. Unless it was something serious, then the only person knocking at their doorstep would probably just be their adorable daughter back from school.

What they did not expect however, was Sakura arriving , clothes torn and face beaten and bloody. She couldn't possibly walk back home in that kind of condition. Which brought them onto their second surprise of the day!

Arms holding onto each other for support was another boy of their daughter's age. He also took note that said boy looked far worse off than her daughter. Both, and he isn't sure whether to feel relief or to cry, were smiling faintly as if this was just another ordinary day.

Screw wondering how they managed to walk back here with their condition, Why did no one take them to the hospital the moment they saw?

But in a way Kizashi already had an answer to his own question. They lived in a shinobi village for god's sake. This was a world wherein children as young as five were already trained in the art of killing and sent to the front lines. The patrolling shinobi probably thought "eh, typical kids having a good ol fight." Civilians, while largely clueless on shinobi life, probably just assumed the same thing.

But still! Where was the sense of responsibility?

However, instead of voicing out his concern, Kizashi chose humor as his go to mechanism.

"Petal, I thought I told you to start dating when you're thirty."

"Sakura! What on earth happened to you!?"

Both Kizashi and Mebuki spoke at the same time. He glanced at his side, to his wife, who was staring at him with an unreadable expression.

Mebuki smacked him behind the head.

"Ow, woman!" Kizashi yelped.

"Our daughter and this dear boy are both hurt and look ready to pass out and the first thing you do is joke around?!" Mebuki raised her voice. Kizashi cowered.

"Okay fair point, I deserve that." He surrendered. "But you're right, nevermind that now. Like you said, we need to bring them inside and clean their wounds. " He finished, serious this time as it was indeed true. Sakura and the blond boy looked ready to succumb to their injuries. The couple carried the children in their arms and brought them towards the living room. The children had passed out seconds after.

His wife held on to their daughter, whilst Kizashi held the boy. He scanned the boy, noting his appearance. When he first saw him and his blond hair, he had written him off as probably some child of the Yamanaka. But that didn't seem to the case now, as he examined his clothes. What seemed to be a horrendous bright orange and blue jacket and pants was now dark and dyed with mud and dirt. There was only one person, one child, who would deign to wear the clothes this boy did. And Kizashi was a shinobi too. The Hokage had given them strict orders to keep this information confidential. It was only when he picked up the towel from the basin that he and his wife prepared, and Kizashi cleaned the boy's face was he finally sure of his answers.

Right there on his cheeks were whisker marks.

"Uzumaki Naruto." He said out loud.

From behind him, Mebuki snapped her head to them, to the boy, shock written on her features.

"Did you just say-?" She trailed off, looking at him for confirmation. Kizashi nodded.

Mebuki was unresponsive for a moment, but eventually let out a deep sigh. "Well this explains the mess." She said, resigned.

The both of them knew that the boy their daughter had brought in was the village's Jinchuuriki, and the son of the Yondaime and Uzumaki Kushina. But the latter was classified information only trusted by a select few. The boy's status as Jinchuuriki however, was publicly known but also a taboo to speak about. The Hokage had expressed that the boy be treated the same. Unfortunately, the opposite was treated.

Most of the citizens believed that Naruto was the nine-tailed fox itself. And so, driven by anger and fear, the citizens of Konoha condemned and treated the child an outcast and avoided him like the plague. Or more appropriately, like a demon.

The Harunos didn't see him as such, having known the truth. Kizashi had also once requested the Sandaime to take in Naruto and raise him as his own. He could still remember the conversation they both have had.

It had been three weeks since the Kyubi Attack. Shinobi were darting through the air, clearing the debris and searching for more survivors. It was only thanks to the Yondaime that the nine-tailed fox was restricted in one area only and caused less damage than expected. But it was still a big blow to the village. Only an eighth of the district was left unscathed, the rest lay victims to the Kyubi's onslaught. This area wouldn't be habitable anytime soon.

Kizashi and his squad were tasked in crowd control, keeping calm and order and distributing relief goods. Kizashi had been working non-stop, sorting the civilians , reuniting family members who were lost among the commotion, and all in all keeping peace and trying to quell their fears. He handed out a bag of goods to a family of three, his heart aching at the sight of them. They were huddled up on the floor, all covered up in one big blanket. The husband had his arms protectively placed around his wife and child, eyes alert waiting for another attack. The wife was cradling their baby who was asleep, blissfully unaware of the present. Kizashi handed them the bag quietly so as not to awake the baby. The father's gaze softened, saying a sincere "thank you." Kizashi merely nodded before moving on to the next group. They reminded him of Mebuki and their daughter who had just recently come into their lives and given them such joy and light. He missed them both terribly. It was by fate's good will that they lived on the opposite end of the district where the Kyubi attacked. Kizashi had been on duty that night, leaving his wife and daughter alone at home. If he lost them both...

He shook that thought away. He shouldn't dwell on what ifs. Kizashi focused on his task. When he was able to meet up with his wife, they had both immediately decided that they would stay at their mother's house. It might not be totally safe compared to inside the walls of Konoha, and there was still the threat of another attack on the village. But Tobirama was there. Old as he might be, he was still a capable and definitely stronger shinobi than Kizashi and he could protect them both. Mebuki accepted his idea without objection. This wasn't just about them now. This was about their daughter. This was about keeping Sakura safe.

By two weeks after the attack, the gates of Konoha were now opened after having been closed during said attack. A few jounin and some genins were stationed as guards, checking clearance. Once Mebuki was permitted they set off towards her mother's home together with Sakura.

That had been days ago.

Kizashi continued working, his mind dwelling on his family. He wasn't sure how long exactly he had been lost in thought but a voice from behind called for his name. "Yo, Kizashi!" Kizashi turned around to see a shinobi and one that he also recognized.

"Oh Natsu, what do you need?" He replied pleasantly. The man, Natsu, had tousled black hair and a short beard. He was wearing the standard Jounin uniform, but what stood out was the two wakizashi strapped on each side. Natsu was raising his hand, waving to let Kizashi see where he was. That was another thing different between the two of them. Natsu, compared to Kizashi, was short. Natsu only reached about 5'4 whilst Kizashi was just eight inches taller than the former. The two of them weren't really friends per se. They didn't meet up with each other or arrange to hang out. But the both of them were friendly and familiar with each other enough. In fact, it had been on Natsu's team that Kizashi was first assigned to when he first moved to join Konoha. Natsu was already jounin by the time he moved and was the captain. He had taught him how things worked around here and had helped him assimilate to life as a Konoha-nin.

"The Hokage actually called me to come find you." Natsu said once he reached him.

Kizashi was confused. "Did he tell you why?" he asked.

"Not really," Natsu shrugged. "Just that it was something classified. You should go now though, since he asked me to search for you two hours ago. Don't worry, i'll cover you. I don't have much else to do anyway."

"I see. Thanks Natsu for telling me. I appreciate it. " Kizashi thanked before scaling to a window and leaping towards a nearby lamp pole, heading towards the Hokage Tower.

Five minutes later, Kizashi walked through the entrance door to see a crowd of people walking around, busy with their assigned tasks. It took him quite a bit to reach the front desk lady for there was a long line ahead, to which he was then directed to the waiting room since the Hokage was currently on a meeting with the Council. He waited another forty more minutes after that when someone informed him that the Hokage was finally available. He didn't waste any minute, immediately following the woman as she ushered him towards the Hokage's office.

Kizashi thanked her as they finally arrived, and knocked on the door, flaring his chakra and then coming in. The office was pretty much empty save for the portraits of the past Hokages lining the walls and ornamental plants at the sides of. The desk was cluttered with stacks of paper, with a bunch also placed on the floor just right beside. The window curtains were closed, hiding the view of Konoha from the occupants and the room only illuminated by the ceiling light and lamp on Hokage's desk.

Right in front of him was the Hokage himself, who appeared to be doing paperwork. He was currently wearing his robes, but he had left his hat hanging by his chair. Kizashi bowed low and said.

"Hokage-sama. I apologize for my being late and not arriving sooner."

"That is quite alright." The Hokage responded. " You were busy helping out back at the Evacuation Center, and from what I can gather, you have been working without rest since."

Kizashi straightened. "Yes Hokage-sama."

The Hokage had already set his pen aside, and was reaching out for his pipe. The room was quiet for a moment, the Hokage having to lit his pipe and taking a smoke while Kizashi waited. The Hokage leaned back on his chair and then exhaled, smoke billowing out as he did so. He then continued, tone serious.

"You must be wondering why I summoned you here."

"Yes, Hokage-sama. "

"What I'm about to tell you should not be shared outside this room, understood?"

Tension pierced through the air as the Hokage narrowed his eyes at him, his gaze stern and demanding that he indeed understood and followed his orders. Kizashi immediately detected the sudden shift of atmosphere and realized that what the Hokage was about to relay to him was serious, serious enough to the point it required complete confidentiality.

"Understood, Hokage-sama" He answered.

The Hokage nodded, satisfied. And then he continued, "You know that during the attack, the Yondaime sacrificed his life to save the village, but that did not stop the many casualties and deaths that happened, including his wife."

Kizashi clenched his fists, a heavy weight settling in his gut. He knew that of course. He was right there when the Kyubi lashed out, destroying buildings and crushing the panicking citizens. He could still hear the screams, see the splattered blood and entrails that leaked out under the fallen rubble. He wasn't there to see the Yondaime's sacrifice, busy trying to lead the people to safety. It was only when a nearby shinobi relayed the news of not only his death but also of his wife, Uzumaki Kushina.

The Hokage had stopped speaking, gauging at his reaction, giving him a look that resembled pity.

"It may be too late to say this," He spoke again. "But I am sorry for your loss, Haruno-san."

Kizashi slowly unclenched his fists and tried to relax and erase the nightmarish memory.

"Thank you Hokage-sama. Kushina and I weren't close, I admit and that is something I greatly regret. " Kizashi was only a few years older than Kushina and by the time he was old enough, was sent at the borders of Uzushio and fought. And when he had immigrated here to Konoha, Kushina had already found herself a home within her friends and to her husband. They had reunited of course, but they weren't as tight knit compared to her friends. " I just wish things between us hadn't been so distant. I just wish that her, her husband, and" he choked. "Her unborn child had lived and been given the chance to be a happy family. She deserved that much."
He looked away from the Hokage and on the floor, unwilling to show his tears that had started leaking.

They were family damn it. They were supposed to stick together, and live on for the sake of their family, and for Uzushio. And now he was alone again. He was probably the last Uzumaki now. He, and Sakura.

"I am truly sorry for your loss and for bringing up memories, Haruno-san. " The Hokage's voice echoed through the room. "But by fate's fortune, Minato and Kushina's child was spared."

Kizashi's eyes widened, and he snapped his head back up to the Hokage, his jaw opened wide in shock. "You mean…"

"Yes, Haruno-san." The Hokage confirmed, but his brows were furrowed and mouth set into a frown. This didn't go unnoticed by Kizashi however, and so opted to wait and listen to what the Hokage was about to say next.

"Minato indeed sacrificed his life for the village, yes. But what you, and the rest of Konoha do not know is that it was Minato and Kushina who had sacrificed their life to protect the village but not by defeating the Kyuubi. Instead, knowing that there wasn't any safe alternative to rid the fox from the village without more casualties, they both sealed the Kyuubi inside their son, Naruto and killed themselves in the process. "

Kizashi stiffened. "So their son is now the Jinchuuriki. " He voiced out. The Hokage grimly nodded. "But how is the boy still alive? The fox is still too powerful to be sealed within a newborn child."

"I believe that that has something to do with the Yondaime's masterful abilities at sealing. He was able to half the Kyuubi's chakra, sealing the yin half within himself and the yang half to his son just before he died."

"I see."

Kizashi was in deep thought. He now understood the need for confidentiality such as this. If news found out about what happened and if unsavory people were to learn of Naruto and his role as the Kyuubi's Jinchuuriki then something terrible like a repeat of the attack might happen. They still hadn't found the culprit after all. His peers were already whispering rumors of an Uchiha being the culprit but that was nonsense. The only Uchiha powerful enough to release and control a Bijuu and that was the late Madara Uchiha. He was happy to discover that a member of his clan had survived. But he also felt mad. It had been weeks now since the attack and the Hokage had only deemed to tell him this now? He didn't care if this news of Naruto as the new Jinchuuriki was kept from him but he did care to find out that Kushina's child had survived and was doing well, which speaking of…

"May I ask where Naruto currently is?"

"Ah," The Hokage put his pipe to his lips. "Naruto-kun is currently at the hospital, being taken care of in a secure and private room."

"Why isn't he staying with the late Yondaime's family? Did they die during the attack?" Now Kizashi was concerned.

"Oh no, nothing of the sort." The Hokage denied. "Unfortunately, Minato's parents had died earlier in the war and he had mostly grown up an orphan. "

"Oh… Who is supposed to care for the boy then?"

"Once everything has settled down, I plan to send Naruto to the village orphanage and there he shall be taken care of. "

"...The orphanage, Hokage-sama?"

"Yes," Taking on Kizashi's frown, "I see you are displeased by my choice Haruno-san."

"If I may, Hokage-sama, I don't understand. Why the orphanage? As his last living family member I shall gladly take him in. He'll be better protected that way don't you think? And why tell me all of this, if you weren't planning on giving him under my care?"

"I understand how you feel Haruno-san, but rest assured that I have taken measures to protect Naruto. I already planned on not letting him take his father's last name and instead used Kushina's so that he will remain unknown to his father's enemies. I have also already assigned ANBU to protect and watch him as he grows up. "

"But he is family, Hokage-sama. My family." Kizashi pleaded.

But the Hokage was resolute in his decision. "I am sorry, Haruno-san, but no. Naruto must be kept in the dark and as a secret for his safety. I'm sure you and I can agree to that. "

"Well yes, Hokage-sama but-"

"But no, Haruno-san. I have no doubt you are able to perfectly raise the boy, but correct me if I'm wrong but you not only have your wife to protect now but a daughter too."

"I - " Whatever he was about to say was cut off as the Hokage interrupted him.

"Say that you do indeed take the boy in and raise him as his own. You not only have him to raise but also your daughter. Naruto is also not just an ordinary boy but the keeper of the nine-tailed fox. What will you do if he loses control? "

"It won't-"

"What will you do if he manages to accidentally harm your wife and daughter? You are also still an active shinobi, and your resignation happens not for ten more years. What if something goes wrong during a mission and you die? You may have chosen to take your wife's name but there are still those who recognize you and just your Uzumaki hair is a dead giveaway to your identity. And what if word about Naruto leaks out? Either way you put yourself and your family in danger. You are a competent shinobi and I am sure you can protect your family if need be. But are you able to protect both your family and the jinchuuriki?"

Kizashi didn't answer. The Hokage sighed, and pinched his brows.

"I understand your want to take him in, Haruno-san. But Naruto is more than just the child of the Hokage and Uzumaki Kushina. He is Konoha's Jinchuuriki now, and we need to protect him at all costs. And there have been activities at work in the shadows that I am afraid is classified information." The Hokage said.

Kizashi was still hesitant. The Hokage had made some valid points. He and Mebuki could perfectly raise Naruto alongside Sakura just fine, but he was still a shinobi and Naruto was still a Jinchuuriki. The possibility of him dying on a mission, or Naruto losing control wasn't just paranoia.

The Hokage must've sensed his unease for he spoke again. "The reason why I told you this is because I thought that you deserved to know, as you are family. But I cannot risk the chance of endangering Naruto and in extension your family if you take him in. I promise, Haruno-san, to do my utmost best to protect the boy. "

He still wasn't sure, but Kizashi gave in.

"I understand, Hokage-sama."

The Hokage smiled faintly. "I am glad we can come to an agreement, Kizashi-san."

And that had been the end of their conversation.

A month after that night, when everything had settled down, only working through rebuilding and construction, the Hokage had declared Naruto as the new Jinchuuriki of the Nine-tailed fox and that he be treated kindly. He had also declared a gag order to never speak of the Kyuubi attack, and about the Yondaime's life and reign. It was declared Taboo to voice out anything related to those two.

The years went by, all traces of Naruto's parents and the Attack locked away and kept secret. Naruto had grown up without ever knowing his parents, the only clue being his last name. He had grown up without a family looking after him when in fact there was one right in front of him.
Taking in the boy's messed up face, He felt a burst of anger. The Hokage had promised to protect Naruto, but here he was, hated by the whole village and treated like scum.

But Kizashi also felt shame wash over him. In a way, this was his fault should have fought harder against the Hokage that night. Should have been more adamant to take the boy in. Maybe this wouldn't have happened. He could've protected him from the scathing remarks thrown at him and done more. "I should've been there for him sooner." Kizashi admitted to his wife.

Mebuki had already changed Sakura's clothes with a clean one, and was currently tending to her wounds. Her hands hovering over Sakura's wounds and emitting a green glow.

"What do you mean, dear?" She asked.

"I just…" Kizashi took a piece of cotton and poured it with ointment and started dabbing at the scrapes and cuts on Naruto. "I know that I couldn't take him in, but I should've at least been present when he was growing up. " He sighed.

"Maybe I could've shielded him from all the horrible treatment he was given."

Mebuki didn't respond. Kizashi continued thinking. The couple spent the next few minutes taking care of the children in silence, with Kizashi's guilt continuously stewing within him the whole time. It was only after they had put the children to bed, Sakura in her bedroom and Naruto in the guestroom.

"Well, what's done is done. And you can't do anything about it." She simply said.

Kizashi was thrown aback. That was not what he expected her to say.

She scoffed, slapping him on the shoulder. The slap wasn't painful, but it was enough to make him trip on his feet. Quickly regaining his footing, Kizashi shot his wife with an incredulous look. Mebuki merely raised her brow.

"Oh don't look at me like that! You've been wallowing in misery the whole time we were taking care of the kids which frankly, is stupid." Sighing, she continued softly.

"What I'm trying to say is that, you can't change the past. You can cry about it, or regret it, but ultimately you'll just be stuck in a never ending loop of what if's and should have's. What we can do however, is choose what to do from now on. "

Kizashi felt a lump in his throat. "Mebuki…"

Mebuki gave him a gentle smile. Cupping his face in her hands, she spoke again.

"We may not be able to right all the wrongs that were done on the boy, but we can change that now. We have time, and we won't let that go to waste. We'll do better got it?"

Kizashi choked out what sounded in-between like a cry and a laugh, and wrapped an arm around her waist, pressing their foreheads together.

"Yeah you're right. I mean, you're always right." At that, Mebuki snorted. "Of course I am."

"I want to be there for him and help him in any way I can from now on."

"We you mean."


Four hours later, the children had finally woken up. It was perfect too because Kizashi had just finished cooking dinner. Mebuki was upstairs to come get the children. They would all be down here any minute now.

Kizashi was nervous. The dish he had prepared was an Uzushio recipe. It wasn't that he didn't cook Uzushio dishes for his family, nor did his wife and daughter dislike it. It was the fact that this would be the first time he would cook something for Naruto and he wasn't sure if the boy would like it. He distracted himself by arranging the dining table and set up all the plates and utensils.

It did not take them long to come back down. He could see Sakura and Naruto talking. By the looks of it, it looked like Sakura was giving Naruto a 'tour' of the house, pointing at directions on where was where, while Naruto was happily listening. Mebuki, who was right behind the two, was looking at them with a fond expression. Kizashi was looking at them the same way too.

He called out their names, telling them to hurry up or the food would get cold. Sakura's face lit up, and with a cry of 'papa!' she tackled him for a hug. Kizashi exaggeratedly grunted in pain.

"Oof! By gods petal is it just me or are you starting to get pretty heavy." His daughter glared up at him, and snarkily said.

"Maybe it's just because you're getting old."

Ouch. Okay.

"Mah, Sacchan, you're hurting your poor father's feelings you know."

Her daughter merely stuck her tongue out at him.

Realizing that she had company, Sakura immediately ran back towards Naruto, who had been standing awkwardly while taking the scene in front of him.

"Papa, this is Uzumaki Naruto-kun! He's gonna be my best friend from now on." She proudly declared. But then, "wait no! He's gonna be my boy best friend and Ino's my girl best friend."

Naruto, meanwhile, was staring at her with a look of shock on his face.

"You really wanna be friends with me?" He shyly asked Sakura.

"I do!" She replied vehemently.

"Well then," Naruto started. "Then I'll be your bestest friend ever 'ttebayo! You won't regret it!" He answered just as passionately.

Kizashi wanted to cry at the sight of them.

"Naruto-kun." He called out. That seemed to snap the two back out of their world. Naruto looked up at him shyly. Kizashi knelt down, making him to face the boy at eye level, and then, with a kind smile, he introduced himself.

"My name's Haruno Kizashi, Sakura's father. Any friend of Sacchan is welcome anytime in our home. Always."

Later, when all of them had finished dinner (and with Naruto declaring that he found the stuffed milkfish the most delicious second only to ramen) , Kizashi and his wife would once again receive the third surprise in their life. As Sakura and Naruto recalled what happened, of how Naruto was made of and how Sakura had come to the rescue. Of how that backfired and then they were both beat up. And on how that changed again in their favor.

"It was so cool 'ttebayo!" Naruto chimed. "Every time Sakura-chan took a step the ground would suddenly turn green and sprout flowers 'ttebayo. And the way she told off those boys and how the roots went all fwaa! And then fwoop! Was so cool!"

Sakura, meanwhile, had looked shyly down on the ground, fiddling with her fingers.

Mebuki was looking at their daughter in shock. "Sacchan, you know what this means right?"

"...yeah." she replied.

Naruto however, was oblivious, and continued praising Sakura. "Sakura-chan you have such a pretty cool power 'ttebayo! Hey hey, do you think you can teach me too?"

"Ah, Naruto-kun" Kizashi spoke. "I'm afraid it's not that simple."

Naruto frowned. "Oh, I see…"

"No wait, " Kizashi continued. "What I meant to say is that, Sacchan's power is something rare and dangerous."

"The only known person to have used this was the Village's Shodaime." Mebuki interjected. "This ability is called the mokuton or wood style."

"Oh, so does that mean that you can control trees or something?" Naruto asked.

Mebuki chuckled softly. "Yes. But Naruto-kun, I need to ask you to keep this a secret. Especially from the Hokage"

This time, Naruto was confused. "What? Even to Jiji? Why not?"

"Because, Naruto-kun, it might cause trouble. The mokuton is a rare thing. If word got wind either to the Hokage or to some evil people, then Sacchan will be in danger." Kizashi replied. That was true. The mokuton was a very rare ability to wield. It was theorized that those with water and earth affinities could do it but there haven't been anyone successful since the shodaime. There was also the issue that if once the Hokage found out then there would no doubt be some DNA test involved to learn of Sakura's heritage. And, they might take her away.

"What?!" Naruto exclaimed. "Don't worry Kizashi-san. I promise I won't tell anyone else about the mokaton if it mean's keeping Sakura-chan safe 'ttebayo!"

At that declaration, Sakura hugged Naruto. "Thank you so much Naruto-kun."

Kizashi reached out his hands to pat both their heads. "We thank you, Naruto-kun." He sincerely said. "It's only until Sacchan masters her ability but for now, she has to learn to hide it and secretly train."

That's right. If there was anyone who knew how to train their daughter it was the Shodaime's brother himself. Senju Tobirama. Only thing needed now was to tell him.

Kizashi leaned beside his wife to whisper in her ear. "I don't think your grandfather would be thrilled to hear of this news." Mebuki laughed lightly. "No, I don't think he will."

The four of them continued talking until ten o'clock, to which Mebuki ushered the children to bed.

"Are you sure it's alright for me to stay here, Kizashi-san?" Naruto asked as they arrived at the guest room.

"Of course it is Naruto-kun." Kizashi replied warmly.

Gone was the excitable boy from earlier, replaced with a shy, hesitant, vulnerable child.
"It's just that, I have my own apartment now 'ttebayo and I don't wanna bother ya…"

Kizashi frowned.

He and Mebuki had found out that Naruto had been living on his own for the past few months now. He had stopped trying to cook for himself when he had almost burned the stove, saved only by one of the 'men in masks'. ANBU, he and his wife thought. Ever since then, Naruto had stopped trying, relying only on ramen.

Kizashi was almost ready to run over to the hokage's office and badger the old man. He promised to take care of him damn it and this was how?! But Mebuki had tightly gripped his arm and told him to calm down.

"I hate it as much as you do Kizashi, but you can't act rashly." She whispered.

And now here they were. Naruto was looking down, awkwardly shifting. Kizashi knelt down and placed his hands on Naruto's shoulders.
"Naruto-kun look at me." Kizashi said.

Naruto's head still remained down.


Slowly, the boy lifted his head up to look at him.

"You, Naruto-kun, are never, and will never be an inconvenience to us you understand? You are always welcome here in our house. If ever you need help, no matter what kind, we will always be there to help you alright? We will always be with you. Sacchan will be by your side at the academy, and Mebuki and I will support the both of you with all our hearts."

Naruto began to shake, and with a cry, reached out to hug Kizashi, burying his face on his shoulder.

"Thank you" Naruto cried. "Thank you for taking care of me. "

"No, Naruto-kun." Kizashi hugged the boy just as tight. "Thank you."

I promise, Naruto. That I will protect you.


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