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Annabeth 1st Person POV

Percy took my hand and we walked out of the hotel. When we got to Percy's car, he seemed as if he wanted to tell me something, but decided against it.

"What's wrong, Seaweed Brain?" I ask him.

"Well..." He opened his mouth to say something, but shut it again. "Why don't we go now?"

"Okay..." I decide, not wanting to be late on my first day, and realizing that he wasn't going to tell me right here. We both get into the car, and Percy drives out of the parking lot.

"Come on Percy, what is it?" I plead.

Finally, he spoke. "Before Hera took my memory, I had a few friends at Goode. And then I disappeared. What do I tell them?" Percy was starting to hyperventilate now. "And what if one of us has a flashback at school? They'll know something's up. They can't know what happened to us." Percy was starting to sweat, and he was almost starting to have a flashback.

"Percy, can you pull over for a moment?"

He nods stiffly and the car rolls to a stop on the side of the road. I look him dead in the eye, and start to talk.

"Percy, as long as we're together, we won't be having any flashbacks. And if your friends are like you say, they'll understand that we need space. We can tell them something vague."

I pull Percy into a big hug, and he mumbles something under his breath.

"Hmm?" I ask him.

"You know you're not supposed to start a sentence with the word 'and'?" says Percy.

"There's my Seaweed Brain." I smile.

Percy and I walk through Goode, getting the occasional whispering and staring. Maybe a lot of people recognized Percy.

When we got to the office, we walked inside. The lady sitting at the desk looked to be in her late twenties, and had dark brown hair tied up in a bun.

"Hello, can I help you?" She asks politely.

"Yes, actually." I walked up to her desk. "My name is Annabeth Chase, and I'm a new student."

The lady nods, and hands me a piece of paper on her desk. "Here's your schedule. And your locker number is 206." Then she gestures to Percy. "And are you new too?"

Percy steps forwards and shakes his head. "No, I'm Percy Jackson, I came here last year."

The lady types something into her computer, and a surprised expression covers her face. "Do you have a reason for your unexpected disappearance?"

Percy swallows nervously. "Umm... I had some.. family issues."

The lady nods again, and hands Percy another slip of paper.

"Here is your schedule, and your locker is number 207, the same one you had before." Have a good day you two." She smiles encouragingly.

"Thank you." Percy and I walk out of the room, and make our way over to our lockers.

"This is great, Wise Girl! Our lockers are right next to each other!*"

"Yeah!" We walk up to our lockers, and Percy opens his. Inside I notice multiple photos, one of Silena and Beckendorf, and one me, Percy and Grover after the second Titan War. He had a lot more photos of lost campers, and a few of him with Nico and Thalia. At the middle of all the photos however, was a picture of him and I holding hands at the beach, with goofy expressions.

"Nice pictures you got there." I tell him.

"Thanks." Percy then proceeds to take a few more photos from the Giant War and put them in his locker.

He closes his locker door and looks at me. "Well, let's compare schedules."

Before he can stop me, I yank his out of his hand and start comparing them.

Schedule (for both of them):

1. Homeroom - Mr. Fullerman

2. English - Mr. Blofis

3. Break

4. Annabeth: Advanced Math - Mrs. William

Percy: Math - Mr. Jonas

5. Greek Mythology

6. Lunch

7. Annabeth: Architecture - Ms. Wood

Percy: Marine Biology - Mrs. Brock

8. P.E. - Mr. Hedge

I didn't like how it was called Greek Mythology, but I guess that's just how it is with mortals.

"We have all of our classes together except for Math, and you have Marine Biology while I have Architecture."

"And Coach Hedge is our gym teacher, just like he said." Coach Hedge had offered to be the gym teacher at good just in case anything went unexpectedly, like monster attacks, or finding a new demigod.

We turn around, and Percy sees someone he recognizes.

"Mark!" He yells.

A brown haired boy down the hallway turns and looks at us. He says something to some people standing around him, who look to be his friends. Four people including Mark come running over.

"Percy?" asks Mark.

"Yeah, I'm here. Amazing, right?" Percy gives the group his trademark grin. "And I'd like to introduce you all to my very real girlfriend." He gestures to me.

"As if I could be not real?" I question him.

"Tell it to these guys." Percy motioned to the group of people standing there.

"Ok then." I turn to Mark. "I'm Annabeth Chase, though you probably already know that, knowing Percy."

The kid standing on Mark's right speaks first. "Hi, I'm Marco." He has light brown skin, and looks Indonesian. The other two are girls. The one in front introduces herself. "Hi, I'm Sandra and this is Dana."

Mark speaks up. "Where were you Percy?"

Percy grimaced. "I had some family issues." He says a lot more confidently.

Mark frowns. "And your 'family issues' involved you disappearing without notice for 10 months?"

Percy smiles "Precisely."


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