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Dark Impulses - The Osborn Manor

Peter's voicemail played, 'Hey it's Peter, I'm probably busy at the moment… but I promise to call you back if I ever get the time… so you know what to do!'

'Hey Pete… Harry again. Can you call me back?… Please! I need to talk to you… thanks,' Harry asked before he ended the call.

He set his phone down on his dresser, right next to a picture of himself and Peter.

And his eyes and attention set on this nostalgic image. He brought the picture down with him, as he sat down, criss-crossed, on the carpet floor. That's how his mother taught him to meditate.

He took a deep breath and closed his eyes, remembering that moment with his friend.

He remembered his mother taking a picture of them both during their middle school promotion. It was a fun time, or that's how he remembered it. And that moment has stayed in that frame ever since. He remembered the good times after that picture when they'd spend every day of summer vacation together… either talking about all the pretty girls at school, the latest video game, or comic books. Even though Harry wasn't the biggest fan of those comics, he went along with Peter's constant babbling over his favorite comic… or video game. All he wanted was to spend time with his best pal since 2nd grade. Sometimes, Harry would even buy Peter's favorite game and play it at his house, since Peter didn't own a console. Those were spectacular times… when you could just play video games and relax.

Then highschool rolled around… and it didn't treat any of them great, especially Peter. Harry didn't have the greatest time either, but in Junior year, he tried to fit in by joining the varsity football team… but that failed.

Then the brown-wavy haired boy tried finding belonging by getting into a relationship with one of his oldest friends, Gwen Stacy… but that sunk harder than the Titanic. Even when being vulnerable with her, by confessing his love for her, she rejected him.

It was like everything he touched turned into fool's gold. Now, he had his father's legacy and his only friend left, and he didn't want to ruin it. Sure, Peter may have wanted to get with his ex-girlfriend behind his back… but he could do so much worse. Even though it broke his heart to hear both of their plans.

His cheek twitched, similar to the mannerisms of a lion, ready to let out a thunderous roar. All it charged was his anger and frustration up, ready to let loose. But before he could, he took a deep breath and held his hands on top of his hands, trying to calm himself down.

"Harry… honey… are you alright in there?" his mother knocked on his door.

"I'm fine, mom… I- just… stubbed my toe"

"Oh, okay then. Well, lunch is almost ready, and Mr. Bernard prepared your favorite BLT..."

"I'll be out once he's done, thanks Mom"

"Alright then, honey!"

Afterward, Harry stood there, in disarray at what had become of him. He doesn't want to be this monster that is instilled in him. Yet it feels inevitable to give into his self-destructive temptation like Globulin Green. Every time he goes to sleep, flashes of himself under the influence of the Green kept popping in his memories.

And for the longest time, he's tried to put those impulses to sleep… and when he does, he tries to find distractions, like hanging out with Gwen.

So currently, he took a deep breath before he left his room, and tried to relax himself. At least, he wanted is to seem well around his mother. Just put on a smiling face for her.

So he made his way out of his room and into the dining room. But when he saw what was on the news, his happy face was slowly cracking.

Especially seeing that Spider-Man was on the news again. It killed him to see the man who killed his father, being praised as a hero for exposing the Kingpin.

He tried his best to keep calm, but all of this was racing so fast… his feet kept quickly tapping on the floor, and his index fingers kept fidgeting.

'I can't believe people love this… MURDERER again!'

He needed an escape from all of this. And one thing gave him that escape, the globulin green.

So Harry stormed off from the table and into the wine cellar. He knew that his father probably hid a stash there. He constantly searched past the wine to find such a thing. The only thing in that room that wasn't wine was the old knight's armor… that's probably the first thing he should've checked. Because when he lowered the knight's left arm, it resulted in revealing a door behind it.

'What the… I can't believe anybody's ever seen this before'

Still in shock, he slogged through the door, but he didn't make it far. There was no hallway to it… it was just a small elevator. Right after, the elevator brought him lower, deeper into the darkness. When he looked down, he noticed the momentous amount of equipment there was below him.

Once the elevator finally stopped, He was speechless in awe of the equipment that his father laid out for him. And there it was, the stash of the glorious globulin green. Next to it, there was another stash of it, but in a non-liquid form. It was in this gaseous form that was unfamiliar to him.

Then his eyes turned to the project next to it. It was a suit of armor, far superior to his father's original design. From the looks of it, his father was working on a new prototype for himself. But it looked incomplete, having a few gaps here and there, and the lack of color. Especially with the cowl, which looked off. Then the glider next to it seemed similar, yet superior to his father's original design. And Harry knew he could be the one to finish what his father started. Become the heir of his father's goblin legacy.

In an instant, he heard his mother calling for him from above, so he made his way out. He grabbed three vials of his desired substance and stowed it away in his pockets. He made his way to the elevator and rose back to the wine cellar. Once he stepped away from the elevator, he covered the door with the suit of Knight's armor and made his way out of there.

"Harry? Are you alright… you seem a bit off"

"I'm fine, Mom… just needed to clear my head"

"That's good. And since your school's canceled for two weeks, what do you wanna do in the meantime?"

Immediately, the news on the television sounded, catching both their attention, "Announced today, guess who's coming to the Big Apple. People magazine's sexiest man alive, Tony Stark. He announced today that he'll be expanding Stark Industries to New York. Construction for his Stark Tower will start this Christmas," the news reporter explained.

Harry's eyes glowed like fire once he saw the impending competition for Oscorp. And if new competition comes around and competes with the Osborn name… he believed he would be an absolute failure from his father's eyes. That's why it's his duty to his father's legacy to not let any failures happen to it.

"I have a few ideas," Harry deviously commented.

Harry Osborn will return in The Spectacular Spider-Man: FALL-OUT


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