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Chapter 6

The deep purple dress hugged Billie tightly at her chest. The lace of the bodice was entwined with rhinestones, the moonlight catching them as she walked making her gleam. Her chest heaved over the top, rising and falling with each breath. A feathered skirt was form fitting, skimming past her bum and hitting the mid-thigh of her tan legs. Her Grandpa had been quite perplexed at how grown up she looked, far older than 14, but he wouldn't stop her from having a fun night of dressing up, especially since her mood had considerably dropped since her Uncle had suddenly disappeared only leaving a short text.

She held a black, feather and lace mask on a short pole, bringing it up to cover her face whenever someone came over to greet her. Mia had left some time ago, the party starting to die down, which led to Billie standing bored in the corner of the garden. Her eyes wandered over the few stragglers and she couldn't help but let the disappointment show on her face. Two days ago, she had been almost excited at the prospect of fun filled night of partying but the lack of communication from her uncle led her to sulking in bed mainly and tonight she had done nothing but moan and whine; now all she wanted was to get out of her short heels and go to bed.

She had been shocked that Mason would just up and leave after, what she thought, was him settling back into Mystic Falls or at least reforming the bonds of family with not just his niece but also his nephew. Billie had questioned Tyler about the circumstances, but he had shrugged her off and been firm in telling her that he didn't want to discuss his uncle nor his werewolf nature.

Her Grandpa had to remind her that Tyler had never been warm and welcoming to her in the past and just because of their new shared supernatural secret, didn't mean that would change. If anything, Tyler had become even more closed off from his sister, choosing to not even show her kind smiles anymore and instead deciding to ignore her almost completely. Little did Billie know but Tyler had originally wanted to discuss their werewolf curse in much depth but had been stopped by Mason. Their uncle had been nothing but worried about his niece's fascination with the Lockwood curse, and had expressed these concerns with Tyler. Where her brother was fearful and cautious in the idea of triggering the curse and becoming a wolf; Billie was outright bold, voicing her interest and comfort at the idea of turning into an animal once a month.

Mason had hoped by explaining the pain and lack of control when turning that it would deter her, he had given her the video of himself turning as a warning. Yet, she hadn't been put off. She still hadn't watched the recording however, knowing that it would probably bring down the reality of the situation and for the moment she wanted to imagine the good parts of being a werewolf. She was choosing to live in denial. Tyler however, had taken Mason words to heart and decided he didn't want to encourage his little sister; he may not overtly show his love for her but he did have some care for the girl, even if it was deep rooted. He had agreed with Mason that she would best be left to go about her teen years without the added stresses of the supernatural world.

So that night as he is partying with his friends and Sarah falls when he pushes her away; he chooses not to find his sister, who he knows is in attendance of the party at his house. Instead he latches himself on to Caroline, after discovering she has a secret of her own. Maybe Tyler isn't as alone in the world of werewolves and vampires as he had thought. He was happy to have someone else to talk to about it, knowing that if Caroline hadn't have been there he would have needed to seek out the understanding of his little sister, more for his own piece of mind. This way meant that he was free to voice his troubles without having to bring Billie into his new furry problem.

Billie had tried to get a better look when she saw the Sheriff arrive but had quickly been ushered away by Carol. Which led to the young girl, standing barefoot in front of the mansion, shoes in one hand and her phone in the other. She had been trying to get a hold of her Grandpa but had no look. Her frustration gets the best of her when she throws her heels to the ground, letting out a short scream of anger. To her surprise it was Jeremy Gilbert who approaches the girl and offers her a ride home after finding out about her predicament.

The two shared some classes and had always been friendly enough with one another but Jeremy had gone down a path of rebellion and drugs after his parents passed away. However, as she thought of it now, the past month or two had seen a change in his behaviour - for the better. She looked the boy over as he drove and had to admire his looks, he had a strong jaw and a charming smile. She felt a redness come to her cheeks as he caught her stare out of the corner of his eye and smirked.

The short drive was quelled in a comfortable silence, both lost in their own thoughts. Jeremy thinking of Katherine's take down at the party; Billie thinking of her sudden loneliness. As Jeremy pulled up the car outside of her Grandfather's shop front, he turned to her with a sigh, she was going to thank him for the ride and leave but he decided to interrupt her movements.

"I just want you to know that I know, and if you ever want to talk-"

"Know what?" Billie questions with a soft laugh.

He leans forward and whispers, "I know about your uncle being a wolf and Stefan and Damon-"

"Wait - you know that they're vampires?!"

He nods.

"But you're sister…"

"She knows too," he tells her.

"Is there anyone in this town who doesn't know? Not much of a secret," she mumbles, while fiddling with her fingers, hands in lap.

"I just wanted you to know that you're not alone. I saw Tyler giving you the cold shoulder."

"He's probably the one person that could understand how I feel, and he won't give me the time of day."

"He thinks he's protecting you; Elena did the same to me, she's still trying to. They think because they're older that they know what's best for us, but it's too late, we're both as involved in all of this as they are," he explains.

She nods in agreement, "Yeah, I mean I have this curse too!"

"Exactly. You're going through everything, just like he is."

The two teens smile in understanding at one another. Billie doesn't know what comes over her when she leans over and places a soft kiss to his cheek. She utters her thanks and exits the car. He stumbles over his words but manages to tell her that they should hang out at some point, that way they can talk more about everything they know, exchange stories. She agrees before making her way up to the apartment. Jeremy watches her leave, quirking his lips up at the memory of the pretty blonde's lips on his skin. Maybe keeping his promise to Mason about watching out for the girl, wouldn't be the worst thing.


Billie's mood had improved some over the last few days, although she didn't wish to admit it but the Gilbert boy had had an effect on her. He had made good on his promise to hang out and they had been texting backwards and forwards consistently since the night of the masquerade party. Lee knew from his Granddaughters face when she looked at her phone that it was a boys influence, and it had been confirmed when a couple of nights ago Billie had brought Jeremy home for a study session; he had been sure to tell them to keep the bedroom door open, which Billie had blushed and faltered at but Jeremy had found quite hilarious. He was happy she had found someone she could talk to about her problems though, even if he wished she would confide in him, he knew a friend her age was exactly what she had needed.

Jeremy had been forth coming in his knowledge of the vampire community of Mystic Falls and in return Billie had shared whatever she knew about her werewolf curse. Billie had been shocked to learn of Caroline's vampirism and had soon sought out the girl to give her a big hug. She was probably the closest to the older blonde out of all her brother's friends as Caroline had babysat the girl for extra pocket money when they were both younger. Caroline was confused at first, until the young Lockwood had explained that Jeremy had told her everything. Billie wasn't sure why she felt the need to throw such a warm embrace at the vampire but after hearing about Elena's evil doppelganger causing the older blondes death and the things that Damon Salvatore had put her through when she was still human; Billie couldn't help the sadness and despair she felt. She wanted to show Caroline her empathy and a cuddle was the best way she could think of.

As Billie and Jeremy grew closer, he assured her that Stefan's words to her about not wanting to harm her were truthful. So, she had reached out to the vampire with a text and he had been welcoming in having a further discussion with her. To ease the small amount of tension he knew she felt, he had suggested coming over to the Gilbert residence where both Elena and Jeremy would be present. The four ate dinner together, the conversation mainly staying in the realm of school and light-hearted topics, but the Gilbert siblings were sure to give the wolf and vampire some space to talk. Billie had asked questions about what it was like to be a vampire and how you became one, Stefan had been honest in is answers and more open than she thought he would be about how he had turned with his brother.

Damon's reaction to the private dinner party had not been surprising. He thought Caroline's growing relationship with Tyler was bad enough, let alone adding the youngest Lockwood into the dynamic. Stefan kept assuring his brother that Billie was a young girl and most definitely not a threat; unlike her brother she hadn't even triggered her curse. She was simply curious. Damon kept his distance still, not trusting her. However, Stefan wondered if Damon's lack of trust was more to do with the fact that he had murdered Tyler and Billie's uncle and he was worried about the backlash if it came out.

Billie stuffed more cheese fries into her mouth, while Lee sits across from her with his glasses perched on the bridge of his nose, completing a crossword puzzle in the newspaper. The Mystic Grill was bustling that evening, but they had managed to find a small table tucked under the window close to the door. They were enjoying their meal together when they overheard a blonde woman walking away from Damon. She was clearly angry and not trying to lower her voice so when Billie heard mutters of Mason Lockwood, she was quick out of her seat telling her Grandpa that she'd be right back. She called out to her as they walked out of the Grill. The woman turned in frustration, thinking the vampire was following her but was confused to see a petite blonde girl.

Billie is quick to talk, "Sorry, I couldn't help overhearing you talking about Mason. Do you know him?"

"He's a friend of mine from Florida, how do you know him? Do you know where he is?" The woman rushes out, clearly agitated.

"He's my uncle," Billie confesses, "What do you mean, where he is? I thought he went back to Florida."

The woman smiles in surprise, not expecting Mason's niece to look so different from her brother or uncle, "You're Billie."

The blonde girl bobs her head but before she can ask anything more the woman winces and takes a step away from the girl.

"Are you ok?" Billie asks in worry, trying to get closer but the woman shies away.

Billie watches the woman's discomfort and pained face in confusion before realisation is quick to hit her. She looks up into the night sky and sees the glowing full moon staring back at her.

"You're a wolf…" she whispers.

"I need to go," the woman gasps out, "I'll come find you and we can talk more tomorrow."

Billie tries to grab out at the woman, but she is quick to move away, not wanting to put Mason's niece in any danger.

"Maybe I can come… I can help," Billie suggests with wide eyes.

"No, no. Go home," the woman shakes her head hurriedly turning to run away, "I'll come find you after."

"I don't even know your name!" Billie yells out.

"Jules," she yells back before running out into the night.


Billie waited the day after for Jules to appear, but she never did. Her Grandpa told her to focus on school. She was reminded of what Mason had told her about how painful and tiring the transformation under the moon could be, she tried to assure herself that Jules was probably just recovering. So, Billie distracted herself with schoolwork and decided to have a movie night with Jeremy. Mia had been annoyed when she found out yet again her best friend was ditching her for someone else. Billie felt uneasy that she was leaving the girl behind, but she couldn't explain to Mia why her new friendships were so important.

The two were chatting away on the couch as Grandpa Lee cooked in the kitchen. The radio playing soft jazz music in the background and the smell of Bolognese wafted through the apartment. A knock on the door interrupted them, the teenagers carried on talking as Lee went to answer. Behind the door revealed Jules and Tyler. He invited them in quickly, calling over to Billie who had already seen who their guests were. Jeremy stayed seated in the living area but Billie walked over to the pair with a furrowed brow. Jules was hesitant to start speaking freely with the Gilbert boy in the room and Tyler wasn't impressed that the boy had been getting closer to Billie, especially now he knew that he kept the company of vampires.

"I was hoping we'd all be able to talk," Jules starts before eyeing Jeremy, "in private."

"You think I'm going to leave her alone with you," Jeremy argues, standing.

Billie looks between the two in confusion, "What does that mean? Jer, it's fine. She's a friend of my uncles."

Jeremy grabs her hand and pulls her back which causes Tyler to growl lowly and take a step forward. Jules holds Tyler back from doing anything stupid.

"You don't know what she's done B," Jeremy tries to explain.

"She's just looking for my uncle, it's ok," she soothes.

Tyler huffs, "Or she was."

Billie throws a questioning look to her brother, "What does that mean?"

"Tyler," Jules berates.

"What? She should know the truth, I'm sick of everyone trying to protect her just because she's a kid. She should know!"

Tyler was clearly pissed off but as he looked at his younger sister, she could tell it wasn't anger aimed at her. Anger at Jeremy, probably. Anger at the situation, definitely. Anger at himself, maybe.

"Know what?"

"Go ahead Gilbert, tell her what you and your little friends did," Tyler exclaims.

"Jer?" Billie looks up at her friend with curiosity.

He is hesitant to tell the truth, even though he had no problem telling her things before. He knew this was different and he was scared at the outcome, especially when he was just starting to win the girl over not only as his friend but a friend to the vampire population. This would ruin everything. He couldn't get the words out; he didn't want to. It would break her. She had expressed how much she missed her uncle and that she wished he'd get back in touch. Billie knew as Jeremy looked down at the floor and released her hands that he wouldn't say whatever was on the tip of his tongue, so she looked back at her brother.

Tyler steps forward, this time with compassion, letting his anger drop away for the moment. He takes her hand and rubs a soft circle over the back.

"Mason's dead."

Everything is still. A hush washing over the room as the words linger in the air.

Jeremy waits for tears or sobs from the young girl, but Tyler and Lee know better. Crying was a private matter when it came to the Lockwood's and the forefront response to an emotional situation such as this was not sadness or pain; it was anger.

Billie's jaw tightens as she chewed out the words, "How?"

"Damon Salvatore killed him," Tyler doesn't miss a beat with his quick response.

Her Grandpa begins speaking and Jules and Jeremy are quick to chime in, but Billie can't make out the words, Tyler keeps a hold of her hands as her face hardens. He watches as she contorts trying to hold back the burning rage that's all too familiar to himself.

She whips around, pointing an accusatory finger at Jeremy, "Did you know?!"

"I…" he can't find the words to explain himself.

The lack of answer is enough, and she pounces, pushing at his chest a few times before he falls to the floor. Jules and Tyler are quick to restrain the girl. She struggles in their arms. Lee tries soothing her with comforting words, but she barely hears him, she just sees red.


Jeremy scrambles off the floor, "No, no! It's not like that."

She tries to lunge again but the two wolves hold tight to the young girl. Lee steps over to Jeremy and pushes him towards the door.

"I think it best you leave now," he grumbles to the boy.

"Look you guys can't trust her. B, you don't know what she did to Caroline. They tortured her!" Jeremy tries to reason from the doorway.

"You mean like how you and your friends tortured Mason?" Jules quips.

Jeremy stutters, wanting to gain control over the conversation but knowing it was a lost cause, but he can't help but try one more time.

"Billie, please…"

She shakes her head and throws Tyler and Jules off her, turning her back to the boy. Jeremy sighs but finally takes his leave.


Billie steps out of the bathroom in fresh clothes and a towel wrapped around her wet hair. The shower had been a suggestion from Jules to help her calm down. She had scoffed at the idea at first but after a few minutes under the cool water she found her tingling skin calming and her shaking body relaxing. Her anger had waned away some, giving her a chance to process what had taken place earlier that evening.

Mason was gone.


She had allowed hot tears to spill from her eyes, sure in the fact that the three people in her living room wouldn't be able to hear her cries. She cried for the man who used to play with he as a child. She cried for the man that had shown her, her new identity. She cried for herself; the loss of yet another person in her life. But she wouldn't cry for the people who had lied to her. The girl wouldn't let the vampires and their friends hold that power over her. They had befriended her, deceived her and used her for their own gain; choosing to tell her half truths in order to lull her into a false sense of security and she had fallen for it. Revealing the secrets of the Lockwood Curse that they had killed her uncle for. She hated them all.

The girl took timid steps into the living room, where her Grandpa, brother and Jules were talking. They all looked over to her.; Jules offered the girl a kind smile as both men stared blankly. She shuffled into the kitchen to get a glass of water for her dry throat. Jules and Lee carried out talking with Tyler interrupting every so often. Billie tried to listen in and caught words of Florida, wolf pack, trip. She wasn't sure what she had missed in the time she had gone to shower but it seemed that her Grandpa and Jules were in heavy conversation about something. Tyler comes up to the breakfast bar that the girl was leaning against and sits next to her.

Tyler sighs, "I'm sorry."

"For what?" she croaks, taking another sip of her water.

"Ignoring you."

"Oh were you?" Billie jokes, "I hadn't realised."

Tyler rolls his eyes before saying, "I was just trying to do what Mason wanted."

"Which was?"

"You to be left out of this stuff…"

Billie crinkles her brow, "But he told me about the curse."

Jules overhears the two teens and decides to interrupt, "He told you about the curse because he wanted you to be careful, he didn't want you triggering it by accident and not knowing what would happen," Jules confesses, "but he freaked when you started taking an actual interest. He rang me, ranting 'she just doesn't understand what it means, she has this fantastical idea of running free as a wolf, but she's ignored all the bad parts!'. Mason was always resistant to being a wolf, he never fully let himself enjoy it."

"How could you possibly enjoy it? I've never experienced pain like it," Tyler questioned

"Wait, what?" asked Billie

Tyler looked ashamed as he confesses to having triggered his curse and not telling her. He admits that he had felt like he needed to go through his first full moon by himself and after seeing Mason's own transformation recording, he had decided not telling her would be for the best. He knew she would want to see it for herself. In the end all he wanted was to keep her safe like Mason. Jules berated the boy for not sharing the news with his younger sister, already understanding Mason's frustration at the sibling's lack of family and pack bond. She was sure she could change that.

Jules took her time in explaining to Billie's Grandfather the benefits of her taking both Billie and Tyler with her to Florida. He had been confused as to why she would want Billie to go with her as she had not yet triggered her curse, but Jules told him of her pack that resides there and along with it the families, filled with many untriggered wolves, just like the blonde girl. She told him how unsafe being around the vampire community of Mystic Falls would be for the teenagers if they stayed.

As the young girl listened to the female wolves' words, she realised how much she could learn from going with her. She begged her Grandpa to let her leave with her brother, even if it was just for a short time. Lee was uncertain but saw the longing in Billie for more answers, he thought perhaps this could be a time of discovery for the young girl and maybe learning more would deter her from ever wanting to trigger her curse. He just wanted the best for after all.

In the end it was Tyler's reassurance that he would watch out for his little sister, that made Lee agree to let her go. He told the elder man that he would never be able to understand what it meant to have this curse in him and that himself and Billie needed this. They had been kept in the dark for so long that it was only right they were allowed to go explore their true identities.

Billie was running around frantically trying to pack her stuff, and even though Jules assured her they could buy anything she might forget, the young girl still checked her bag 3 times before allowing Tyler to pack it into the car. Jules gave Lee her contact details and the address of where they would be staying, confirming she would make Billie check in with him at least every other day.

He stood on the sidewalk watching Tyler and Jules get into the car and saw Billie bouncing from one foot to another, anxious to get on the road but he couldn't stop himself from stalling them for a moment more. He forced his Granddaughter into a tight hug, knowing she was rolling her eyes at his soppiness, but he didn't care. This would be the first time the two had been separated for any large amount of time, especially as she wouldn't just be down the road but states away, so he made sure to hold on that little bit longer than normal.

"Are you sure this is what you want?" he whispers into her ear.

She nods, pulling back and placing a warming kiss to his cheek.

"I want to. I need to," she confirms.

Lee allows her to remove herself from his arms, giving a final nod over to Tyler and Jules before opening the door to the car so she can take her seat, ready for the long journey.

He leans into the window to hold her hand quickly, "Remember you gotta call me. And if you change your mind, even if it's the middle of the night, you tell me, and I'll come straight over and get ya."

The car chuckles in unison at his concern and everyone tells him that he has nothing to worry about. He grumbles before finally letting go of her hand. They say their goodbyes and drive off into the night. Lee stares at the moving car and can't help but wonder what ever happened to his little girl.