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Chapter 1
A Strange New World.

"Aww... my head" I said as I came back into the realm of the living. How hard did we party last night? Last thing I remember was drinking with my boys and then nothing. Must have passed out. My head was killing me.

Damn everything was so bright, "why does the sun need to be so bright?" I tried to shield my eyes with my hands. Well tried was the keyword. Even though I made the movement, I couldn't see my hands coming up in front of my face. 'What the..?.'

I swerved my head towards my hands but no hands. Instead what I found were tiny yellow feathered wings and they were a lot closer to by head than my hands would have been. "F**K! F**K! F**K!" I tried to stand but in my panicked state the only thing I managed was to tumble around. I couldn't get myself properly oriented to stand up. Also my legs felt different, well honestly everything felt different. What in the world happened to me?

I looked down on my feet or was it looked up? Anyhow what should have been human feet with 10 toes were now chicken feet. Honest to god small chicken feet complete with tiny claws. And my body seemed to have transformed into this small, round and pudgy ball covered in red feathers.

OH MY GOD! I was a chicken. How did I become a chicken? This couldn't be happening. I started hyperventilating. 'F**K! F**K! F**K!'. Taking several long breaths I tried to calm down. But the universe seemed to have other plans.

I heard something coming from behind me. As I was still laying on my back with my feet up, I craned my head to take a look. The bushes behind me were shaking. 'Wait bushes?' I hadn't noticed it before but I seemed to be inside a forest surrounded by large trees on every side. But this wasn't the time to dwell on it. I was a innocent little chicken lost in this scary dark forest. I had to bolt out of here before whatever was behind the bushes ate me. My fight or flight instinct kicked in as I scrambled to get myself right side up and start running.

Because I wasn't used to this body, my balance was out of whack. I stumbled and fell on my face.


Damn falling directly on the face hurt. But I don't have time to grumble and complain, I had to get the f**k out of here. Standing up I tried running again. After a couple of steps I fell. "F**K!" This was seriously getting equal part annoying and worrying. I tried again. This time I got couple of more steps in before falling down. Ok progress. Let's do this.

After falling down more than I care to count, I was able to get myself a good distance away. 'Phew. That was scary. This body was really diff..'

Before I could complete my thoughts a large blue semi-transparent screen suddenly appeared in front of my face. I was so surprised that I stumbled back and fell on my back again. "Damn! Not again." How many surprises were there? On the screen there were few words written:

Tackle learned!
+1 ATK
+1 DEF

Tackle leveled up by 1
+1 ATK
+1 DEF

'Tackle? Wasn't that a Pokemon Move?' And this blue screen seems familiar. Where have I seen this? My eyes widened. 'Isn't this a system? I have a system? Wait if I have a system that means...'

I looked over my tiny chicken body and thought 'I transmigrated! Damn this wasn't on my to-do-list' Equal part scared and excited.

'So, if I transmigrated than this tiny red and yellow chicken wasn't a chicken at all but Torchic. Well if I had to become a Pokemon then Torchic wasn't the worst choice. Ok this answers the where but how and most importantly why? How did I come to the Pokemon World? Why did I transmigrate? Did I die? Damn so many questions and did I even want to know if or how I died.'

I closed my eyes. My thoughts were running wild and I had to calm myself. I had to think. The why and how didn't matter. I was already here. I couldn't undo that had already been done even if I knew the answer.

"Take a deep breath" I said to myself.

First thing first. I don't know how but I had a system and I was in the Pokemon World. Ok. I could do this. Having a system was a huge help. I once again looked at the blue screen.

Tackle learned!

Hmm. Seems like I just learned Tackle. But Torchic couldn't learn Tackle in Pokemon. Weird. Not only that but it seemed to have leveled up as well. This system seems to be different from the Pokemon Games.

And the following stat points. +2 to both ATK and DEF. The system wasn't said to be the most OP thing a Transmigrator can get for nothing. I'll take all the advantages I can get.

Ok. Let's assess the system. Looks like the system allows me to learn Pokemon Moves that Torchic couldn't learn in the original Pokemon Games. How far can I take this, I don't know. And the stat points I get when I learn a move or level it up, doesn't seem to be a one-time thing. That's good. If I play my cards right than I could be really OP in the future. For now, "Stats" I called out.

The blue screen changed and my status page was shown:

Name: (Blank)
Species: Torchic
Lvl: 5 (XP required to lvl up: 268)

ATK: 14 (+2)
DEF: 11 (+2)
SP. ATK: 10
SP. DEF: 11
SPD: 9


Ok. Nothing seems out of the ordinary here. 'But my Name, why was it blank? My Name... What was it? Why couldn't I recall my Name? I can remember almost everything from my past. But how could I forget my own Name.' *Sigh* With everything that was happening to me, forgetting my name shouldn't be my main concern but I felt like I just lost a part of myself.

Shaking my head I thought 'No. Dwelling on this matter won't help me.' I needed to think about my future from now on. My past would help me navigate this strange new world but I shouldn't let it shackle me down.

Also no HP stat. 'Hmm. So I can't rely on the system to monitor my body for me.' That sucks.

"Ability. Show more."


Speed Boost
In battle increase SPD by +1 for every move used.

Gamers Mind
Reduces strong emotions. Immume to Telepathy. Intricate knowledge on how to use the system.

Gamers Body
Increase pain threshold. Remove Fatigue and Hunger. Sleep completely heals the body.

'That's why I'm not freaking out so much.' Gamers Mind was suppressing my fear and irrational mind whenever it surfaced itself. I don't know how I felt about that. I didn't want anyone or thing controlling me but it has been helpful to overcome my situation. *Sigh* Also Immunity to Telepathy. 'Hmm... Could come in handy against Psychic Pokemons.'

Looks Gamers Mind allows me to already know the commands to the system. It was kind of weird that all my system commands were accurate.

Speed Boost seems OP on its own right and very different from the original games, increasing my SPD stat by 1 every time I use a move. Don't know how it would feel now that I have physical body that would be affected by it rather than seeing it in the game.

Gamers Body.The signature ability of anyone that are blessed with the system. And it seems mine is as OP as they come. Increase pain threshold, remove fatigue and hunger and sleeping completely heals the body. What was there not to love about it.

Now on to Conditions. I needed to learn everything I could from my stat page. "Conditions. Show more."


Multiply EXP gained from all sources by 2.

'Ok. Pokerus seems different from the game as well. And it is completely broken.' With this my training would be a breeze. Thank whatever being that gave me this system. Without it I don't know what I would have done.

"Moves. Show more."


Tackle Lvl: 2 (30%)
A full-body charge dealing 60% of ATK as damage.

'Hmm. Only one move even though I am level 5. And it's not even Scratch.' I had already concluded that the system had affected my move pool as well before but having only move seems weird. If I don't learn moves the regular way than how do I learn them? How did I learn Tackle in the first place?

"No way."

After a minute of thinking I found there was only one way I could have learned it. By face planting myself on the ground.

There was no way. It was so embarrassing, learning a move by falling flat on your face. But it did make sense since that was the only thing I did after coming to other than running. And I did fall, maybe around 14-15 times, like I said I wasn't counting.

Well there was a way to test it. So I hastily stood up and leaned forward to let gravity do its thing.


Damn. It still stings. Anyhow I quickly brought up my Move screen.

Tackle Lvl: 2 (40%)
A full-body charge dealing 60% of ATK as damage.

Looks like I was right. The 30% had changed into 40%. 10% increase for only falling down once. That seems generous. Pokerus must have come into play. It did say XP gained from all sources.

'Damn. I going to be so OP.' I couldn't stop myself from thinking as I sat down.