Tenko felt…renewed.

As it turns out, talking about your problems with people who went through similar things worked wonders in making one feel better.

Sure most of his problems weren't exactly…resolved. But he didn't feel like they were the end of the world anymore, and he actually had the will to start being proactive in his life again.

And with that, Tenko noticed something…odd.

Had everything around the foundation house always been so…messy?

And had he always been so bothered by things being messy?

Well, at least it gave him something to do.

And so the first thing the reinvigorated Tenko did was give his room a deep, deep cleaning.

His room was rather empty so that wasn't very hard.

At least that's what he thought at first. Just sweep and pass a mop over the floor and scrub the walls a bit. Nothing too crazy.

It wasn't until he started cleaning, that Tenko realized the extent of his dissatisfaction.

What was supposed to be a few minutes of sweeping, became hours plus following up with a vacuum, as he scoured every last corner of his room.

The mopping itself didn't take THAT much longer than what he expected, but it did take way longer to learn what chemicals he had to mix into the water he used, for maximum cleanliness.

And then there was wiping down the walls. Oh dear.

That had taken what felt like half the day.

This could be blamed on Tenko's lack of experience when it came to cleaning. So as he whipped down the walls, he'd forget which parts he'd already whipped, thus causing him to wipe down certain parts twice.

And then he ended up wiping down everything in the room. Because as he was cleaning, he saw some dust on his dresser, and that made something inside him cringe in disgust.

Again, Tenko didn't know what this was. He was never a particularly dirty kid, and he'd cleaned his room up a bit whenever it got dirty, but its dirtiness never bothered him like this.

Maybe it was a trauma thing. Maybe having your entire family die made you really hate dust.

He had no idea why that would be the case, but Tenko didn't understand how most things in his brain worked anymore so until he had a better reason for his new cleaning obsession, he'd just go with this.

When he'd finally cleaned up everything, and got his room in order, he came to another realization.

His room still looked pretty awful.

That plainness that had made cleaning the room so easy, also now made it really…unpleasant to look at.

It needed to be…overhauled.

But he had absolutely no experience when it came to decorating, namely because of his father.

Which meant, it was time to ask for help.

Tenko looked out his window and saw that it had already gotten dark. He'd been cleaning the entire day. Guess I'll have to ask someone tomorrow. For now, I need a bath.

He'd worked up quite a sweat cleaning as intensely as he did, and he found it quite disgusting how his sweat-soaked shirt clung to his body.

Yup, I definitely need a bath. Tenko cringed.


Tenko found that his new cleanliness obsession followed him into the bath, as he was scrubbing himself far harder than usual. Making sure every nook and cranny of his body was clean.

The weirdness continued when Tenko got out and gazed upon himself in the mirror.

I REALLY need to get a haircut. Tenko thought, wondering if there was anyone here who could do haircuts. I look like I've been living in a dumpster.

After getting dressed, he headed down to the cafeteria, to enjoy a meal with his friends.


Nevermind! Tenko was very much NOT enjoying himself!

Today's dinner was, primarily, Hamburg Steak, drenched in sauce.

Sauce that his fellow children did not hesitate to get EVERYWHERE as they ate.

Tenko watched in disgust as everyone ate, many getting sauce all over themselves, and the table, with some even eating so sloppily that they got chunks of meat all over them.

I think I'm just gonna eat in my room. Tenko thought to himself, before taking his plate and retreating to his room. Being careful not to spill anything on his way.


"Wow I'll be honest, I did not know you could do Haircuts Ocha," Mina commented as she watched her brunette friend get Tenko ready for his haircut.

"Yeah, well we didn't have a lot of money for a barber so we had to learn how to cut our own hair," Ochaco explained as she finished setting up and pulled out a razor. "I'm not like a professional or anything, but if you don't want anything fancy and you don't wanna go outside, I can do the job."

"Thanks, Ms Ochaco," Tenko said, feeling a bit nervous about Ochaco's capabilities. It's not that he didn't trust her, it's just that there was this gnawing paranoia about someone making a mess of his hair. "Hey Ms Ochaco, I suddenly feel this powerful urge to make everything cleaner. Do you know why?"

"Hmm, well I'm not a psychologist, so I can't say, Maybe it's just a way to make yourself feel better after everything you've been through." Ochaco theorized.

"Yeah, like a new lease on life." Mina shrugged.

Tenko sighed. Not far from the conclusion he came to himself.

Oh well, he didn't care to find out at the moment, he'd worry about that later.


"Hmmmmm." Kano looked around Tenko's room. "Alright, what do you wanna paint the walls?"

"I'm thinking maybe blue," Shiruku said as she looked Tenko over. "I think brighter colors would improve your mood, so let's go for a very light blue."

"Hmmm. Yeah. That sounds good." Tenko said as he looked at the room. "What about a rug?"

"Maybe a smaller one, in the center of the room to take up that empty space and add some more color," Kuki added.

When choosing people to help overhaul his room, naturally his first choice were the heads of style in the Midoriya household.

These two weren't exactly interior designers, but they were more than happy to take up the challenge.

"Alright, team! Let's get to work! Start putting stuff away, and getting the room ready for painting!" Shiruku called.

"Yes Ma'am!" Everyone said.


I probably should have asked them to help clean yesterday. Tenko thought as he continued painting the wall with a smile on his face. Because this is WAY better than doing this stuff on my own.

Pretty much the entire fashion club was hard at work painting Tenko's room, but this wasn't the boring affair it would normally be.

Music was playing, and everyone was casually conversing while they worked. Livening up the process, as well as making it go far faster.

"I'm telling you, man, clothes make the man," Kuki said as he worked alongside Tenko. "If you wanna feel good, you gotta look good!"

"I mean…guess it couldn't hurt," Tenko replied nonchalantly. "But I uhh…I don't think I'm suited for your kind of…fashion."

"That's fine, do what works for you man," Kuki told him.

Tenko stopped what he was doing for a moment, and looked behind him at Fuku and Shiruku working on the opposite wall.

Since Shiruku couldn't just crawl on freshly painted walls, she had to rely on ladders like most people. Kano didn't have this limitation and thus was working on painting the ceiling.

Everything looks like it's going well. Tenko thought. He had to admit, it was VERY satisfying watching a room get painted.

He watched as Fuku continued painting the wall, in a little world of her own. So focused on the wall, that she bumped right into Shiruku's ladder, hitting her head against the cold metal with a light thunk.

"Owww!" Fuku recoiled, clutching her now throbbing head, leaving her entirely unaware of the can of paint that was now wobbling on the edge of the ladder.

Tenko's eyes widened, and his body moved on its own, as he dropped his brush and ran towards Fuku. "Look out!"

"Huh?" Fuku looked up, but it was no use, as the can was already falling towards her, ready to bonk her square on the head.

Tenko wouldn't make it in time, he threw his hand out in front of him, hoping to catch the can, but his fingers were the only things that managed to reach it.


Suddenly the can exploded, getting paint everywhere, and covering both Tenko and Fuku in blue.

Everyone stood there in shock, unsure of what just happened. The most shocking being Fuku and Tenko.

"I-I'm alive!?" Fuku said after taking a few seconds to process what just happened. She touched the top of her head, wondering why there wasn't any pain as the can should have absolutely hit her.

Instead, she felt something in her hair. Little chunks of something.

She pulled them out and brought them down to her face so she could see them, and much to her shock and confusion, she found they were little bits of metal. Tiny scraps of the paint can.

"Fuku are you ok!?" Kano asked as she flew over to the two.

"Y-Yeah I'm fine, I'm covered in paint, but I-I'm not hurt," Fuku explained as she and Tenko looked down at the bits of metal in her hand. "It's like the paint can e-exploded before it could hit me."

Tenko stared at the scraps, before looking down at his blue-painted hands. "I-It can't be…"

The boy looked around the room before his eyes landed on an empty can of paint.

He quickly ran over to it, and kneeled, before bringing a shaky hand towards the can.

Tenko carefully poked the can with one finger.

Nothing happened.

Worry and doubt started to grow inside him. Sucking in a breath, he grabbed the can, willing it to explode as hard as he could.

And they can burst apart, turning into tiny scraps just like the other one.

A few more moments of shock-filled silence ensued.

"Ha…Ha…Haha." Tenko quietly laughed, tears falling down his face as a smile slowly crawled up his face. "Ahahaha! I-I-I-I have a quirk! I HAVE A QUIRK!"

Tenko sprung up, jumping into the air while raising his fist as high as he could. "YEAHHHHHHHHH!"


"This place is filling out." Izuku thought as he sat in the garden, enjoying a cup of tea with his girlfriend.

"Yeah, the kids make wonderful gardeners huh," Ochaco said as she admired the flowers the kids had planted. "Speaking to the kids. Tenko told me about something…strange this morning."

"Yes, I heard you gave him a haircut," Izuku replied. "Thank you for that by the way."

"You don't need to thank me. Remember, he's my family now too…or at least…he will be." Ochaco blushed, barely able to believe she could say something so…daring.

Although it was comforting to see Izuku's turn a similar shade of red.

"S-S-S-so what did Tenko say?" Izuku stuttered as he immediately changed the subject.

"He uh. He said that he suddenly got an obsession with cleaning." Ochaco explained. "He spent all of yesterday cleaning his room, he couldn't eat with everyone in the cafeteria because he couldn't stand how messy it was, and he spent super long in the shower cleaning every part of his body. He said he'd never been like that before, so he didn't know where all this came from. Do you have any idea?"

"That…" Izuku paused.

While Izuku had studied child psychology, he was FAR from an expert.

The only explanation he knew of for a sudden change in a child's behavior, would be spontaneous quirk development.

But that's impossible. We destroyed his quirk before it could emerge. Izuku assured himself.

"Mr Midoriya! Mr Midoriya!" Tenko shouted.

Izuku and Ochaco looked over and saw Tenko running at them, still covered in paint. The light blue paint in his hair giving them both a jolt of dread as they were reminded of Tomura Shigaraki.

And what he said next, would amp up that jolt significantly.

"I have a quirk!" Tenko cheered.


Both Izuku and Ochaco dropped their tea cups, causing them to spill tea all over the table, as they stared at the boy in shock and horror.

"Watch! Watch!" Tenko said, unable to read the room due to his excitement.

He picked up a small rock, about the size of his hand, and grabbed it, making sure to touch it with all five fingers.


The rock broke apart, but notably, instead of turning to dust, it just turned into tiny pieces of rock.

Getting over his shock, Izuku thought up his next steps.

He needed to figure out what was going on. Now.


"I thought we erased her quirk factor?" Izuku asked Mai, a bit more aggressively than he'd like.

Izuku had quickly gotten Tenko to the lab, so they could study and analyze his quirk and quirk factor.

"I thought the same sir, but it appears Tenko's situation was more complicated than we expected," Mai explained. "Please look down there sir."

The two were in an observation chamber, and below them was Tenko, in a testing chamber.

A scientist handed Tenko a small log, and the boy took it, setting it down beside him on the testing bed, before touching it and activating his quirk.

The log broke apart into tiny pieces, before reforming into a small wooden statue of a person. Or at least something resembling a wooden statue of a person.

It had no features and was rough in a lot of places, but it was human-shaped.

Izuku stared down at the boy in shock. "That quirk…"

"It bears a striking resemblance to Kai Chisaki's Overhaul quirk." Mai finished. "Right now it's too early to get any concrete answers, but we do have a theory as to how any of this is possible."

"Explain. Please." Izuku urged.

"We believe that, given Tenko's heritage, All for One might have forced the Decay quirk onto the boy without his knowledge," Mai explained. "But the Decay quirk may not have been a natural quirk in itself. We found data from Garaki about making copies of and even modifying quirk factors. It's entirely possible that All for One copied and altered the Overhaul quirk, removing its reconstruction capabilities and increasing its destructive ones. As you can see, a quirk can affect a person's behavior quite heavily, and giving someone a quirk so suited to destruction and nothing else could heavily steer that person down the path of villainy."

"So that tragedy that befell the Shimura's…it wasn't a random accident like with Eri. But an engineered tragedy, courtesy of All for One." Izuku scowled.

"That is our working theory." Mai nodded. "As for why his quirk wasn't erased. It's possible that since Decay was a heavily modified quirk, instead of being destroyed when exposed to the quirk-erasing formula, it was simply reverted to its pre-modified state. It had not properly developed yet as Tenko's body had been rewound before Decay emerged, and due to Tenko's mental state, it took extra long for it to properly activate."

"I see. I suppose that makes sense." Izuku sighed before he looked back down at Tenko. "Does his quirk still have that spread effect that Decay did?"

"No. It seems like his quirk is now a perfect copy of Overhaul." Mai explained.

"Then there's no need to attempt to erase his quirk," Izuku said. "For now, we'll just give him some special gloves, and focus on teaching him how to control his quirk."

"And…what about Eri, sir?" Mai asked, wincing as she did so, and wincing even harder when she saw the look of absolute fatigue that fell upon her boss.

"Part of me just wants to try and add this to the list of things I need to keep secret from her, but that's not really possible." Izuku sighed. "Even if she doesn't know that Tenko's quirk is a copy of that man's, she'll likely just get traumatized by looking at it. And it's not like I can exactly hide Tenko's quirk completely from her, so we're just gonna have to deal with all of this as it comes."

"I don't envy you, sir." Mai chuckled.

So to explain, Overhaul(the quirk not the guy) is affecting Tenko's mind, now that it's properly emerged.

He's still Tenko though, it's not gonna turn him into Overhaul 2 Electric Boogaloo, but just like Decay gave Tenko the urge to destroy, Overhaul gives him the urge to well…Overhaul. To improve and fix things up.

Anyway, please review and have a nice day.