The Ice Queen's Revenge

By: The Engrish Spy

Rating R

Author's Notes: Ok so I have fallen and fallen hard for the most unlikely couple in the Gundam Universe, Quatre and Dorthy. Why? You might ask. Well it's all due to the excellent story that Shadow Hawk is writing right now entitled "Swept Away". The story is beautifully written and I fell in love with the characters as she tried to find retribution for two characters that are painted as either quite angelic (Quatre) or quite the warmonger that Dorothy is always portrayed as. She makes them simply human and I love her for that. I like how Dorothy is given feelings and Quatre is given an unsteady path. Check it out it is absolutely fabulous.

Here I wanted to try and capture those people that she chose to paint in the different light. So some of her items that she has used I have borrowed. One being I liked that Dorothy was the vice rep for Public Relations for the ESUN. Well I took it one step further and made her head of intelligence for the Preventers. For Me Dorothy seems that type of person. I also like the way Quatre is painted as not liking his status, so I took that as well. So Shadow Hawk if I am infringing on your territory please do not hesitate to slap me and call me a stealer. I hope you enjoy this story because I enjoyed writing it.

It was past midnight when he found her in his arms again. She was clothed in a pale cream colored nightgown, silky and soft as she entered his embrace. He sighed as she placed her cool hands on his bare chest. She began to slowly trail her hands down his chest to the front of his pajama bottoms. He groaned from the soft touch and kneading that she applied to his groin area.

His own hands now began to trail up to her shoulders and began to slide down the thin straps of her nightgown. He lowered his head and began to kiss her shoulder as he guided the strap from her shoulder. She struggled for breath as he continued to follow the path his hand took. He was able to expose one of her perfect breast to his view and then took the pink and surprisingly taut nipple into his mouth. He smiled as her breathing became more erratic as he suckled at the nipple.

She had a few trick to pull herself. She removed her hand from its position at his groin which elicited a small whimper from him, she smiled and as he began to suckle harder at her nipple and then switched to the other one. She closed her eyes and let the heat he created in her well and stream within her veins. As he seemed interested in her nipples she let her now free hands trail down his flat sculpted stomach and then slipped under the light fabric of the pajama bottoms he wore and began to caress his already hardening length that she had already had a hand in creating.

She let go of a silent cry as he bit her nipple and laughed as he let go of a harsh snarl as she continued to stroke the apparent arousal between his legs. He continued to nip and suckle at her now over heated skin. She never expected to feel the stroke of his skilled yet calloused fingers over the outer lips of her vagina. She whimpered as he continued to stoke and rub the nub between her legs. She left his organ to the wind as he continued to stroke and then finally inserting his fingers into her love box.

She was beginning to feel the familiar quiver that came with orgasm and nearly cried with agony as he pulled his fingers away from her and then brought them up to his lips, where he proceeded to clean them. He closed his eyes as he savored the taste of her musky juice.

"I…need…you," she managed to retch from her swollen lips.

He chuckled and then rid her of her nightgown from where it had fallen to her hips, and then did the same with his bottoms. He then pulled her close to his skin, reveling in the feel of the sweat and passion slickened body that he had come to love.

"I need you in me," she gasped as he pulled her legs apart.

He positioned himself close to her opening, the tip of his manhood teasing the entrance with learned precision. She shook her head and then tried to put him in with a mere buck of her slim hips to his.

"Ah not until you say those words I need to hear," he said in a sly and coarse tone.

"Please," she moaned as she tried to buck again.

He held himself restrained, but her bucking would not keep him up for long. He deiced that he would give in and wait till she felt truly ready to say those words he longed to hear from her mouth. He drove in swift; she met him with an equal yet forceful thrust back. He took a moment to recover from the entrance; however her bucking was beginning to make him forget that it was all about gentle caresses and disciplined actions. He could feel the trail of kisses that she left on his neck as he began to thrust into her harder. She cried out as he continued to speed up to the pace she liked.

As the he continued to thrust into her tight hole, he kept his eyes closed for fear of losing her. A pair of hands on each side of his head forced him to open them and stare at the beauty before him.

"Keep them open," she rumbled as she continued to match each of his thrusts with the same fervor as he was.

"I…can't. Allah!" he whimpered as he could feel the pressure begin to reach its highest point.

He placed his head on her shoulder and then reached down between their bucking bodies and began to rub her in hopes to bring her as close as he was. Her high-pitched cry was enough to bring him to the brink but not far enough to join her. His hand tightened its grip on the sheets on the bed. He buried his head deeper in her neck as she clamped down in her release. She was panting now as he felt her hands reach for his face.

"Please look at me," she gasped as he continued to struggle with the mounting pressure that her orgasm brewed in him.

He brought his head up from its comfortable position on her shoulder and glance down into her beautiful face. She smiled as he contorted his face in what looked to be pleasure but she had also seen it in pain.

"I…love…you," she said quietly.

It was the last straw in pushing him over the edge she had brought him to just moments before. At the moment she had said those words, the world began to implode and he felt as if he were to die at that moment he would be the luckiest man on Earth because he was able to spend it with an incredible woman.

"I love you too, Dorothy," he moaned as he felt the white light of passion encompass him.

Every thing then began to flash and then it was ripped from him in seconds.


Shooting from the dream, Quatre Rabber Winner tried to catch his breath. It was all just a dream. Yet it seemed so real. He threw the covers off his body and stood from the ornate veiled platform bed that sat in the middle of the room. He walked to the large bank of French windows and stood looking at the artificial sky of the L4 Cluster. Wiping some of the sweat that had accumulated on his brow as he dreamed the vivid dream he had been having for months. He leaned his head against the cool glass in attempts to cool his already heated body. He let his eyes drift shut at the soothing affect that the window was having on his forehead that his mind began to wander.

It had been five years since he had seen Dorothy on Libra. Five years since she had given him the scar on his left side with an uncapped fencing foil. It had been five years since she had some what retreated from the public eye. Five damn years, and it was subconsciously bugging him for no reason. She had hated him, tried to all but murder him, yet all he felt for the blond haired girl with the forked eyebrows was lust.

His left side began to ache fiercely as his thoughts continued their lusty path. The dull ache did nothing to dull the ache that had returned to his loins. Growling, Quatre reached for the discarded white pajama shirt he had thrown on the chair before retiring to bed and left his room in search of something to distract him from the dreams and the ache in his groin.


Dorothy sat on the balcony gazing up at the dark, clouded sky. She wished they would break so she could see the stars but that was not going to happen with the unpredictable weather that being on earth brought. Tucking her long legs under her chin, she continued to stare into the bleak sky. Sighing she looked towards the gardens of her estate wishing that something good would happen, like a knight in shining amour would appear.

"I'm acting like Relena," she murmured under her breath as she caught herself in the wish.

She growled and then stretched out her long legs and stood from the chair. She did not need a knight, she was war itself. She walked closer to the wrought iron railing of the balcony. She continued to reflect upon her exploits during the wars. Being raised by Duke Demril had instilled in her values she had wished to forget. Then her thought turned towards the ZERO system. It was what had her up and on the balcony in the first place.

She rested her chin on the cold wrought iron and sighed as she looked towards the city. This was what she was used to, being woken up by the dreams that seemed to haunt her since the end of the war. She sighed again and then went into the large room that she seemed to haunt since the war, the only time coming out to go to work, perform the obligatory personal appearance or whenever Relena seemed to need her help. Tomorrow was going to be one of those days.

She glanced at the clock on her nightstand and then groaned as it read 4:30 in the morning. She then went and turned on the lights, almost blinding herself. She then walked to the closet across the sunshine yellow carpet and began to rifle through the many dresses and suits until she found what she was looking for. She smiled slightly as she began to look over the black a line dress. She examined the neckline with its stings that flowed from the bodice to the left strap of her dress. She sighed and then began to dig for the black flats that matched the dress.

Dorothy knew it was too early to be bringing out the dress and shoes, nevertheless she was up and she did not want to have her maid bother with searching for it tonight. She sighed again and then headed towards the bathroom. As long as she was up, it was a good time to start her workday.


It was another party, another round of greeting and meeting with potential clients, aristocratic peoples and diplomats of all kinds. That was what most charity functions were to the rich and willing. As long as you had money and were motivated to present yourself to the power hungry world of politics and business you would do fine in the crowd. Quatre on the other hand was tired of it. He watched as the woman tittered and flaunted their overly opulent jewels and there more then ample cleavage to the men of the room. He frowned as he watched well known business men pimp their daughters off to rich and single business men. He was glad that he was able to hide at the Preventer table for the night.

"Ladies and gentlemen I so glad so many of you could make it today. You know it is not every day that business men, politicians, diplomats and aristocracy are in the same room together," Relena's quiet voice resounded over the sound system. People began to clap.

Quatre turned his attention to Relena as she announced the mystery charity event that the Vice Foreign Minster and her husband had arranged for a Children's Fund. She was glowing and looked very pregnant in her sky blue dress with a matching bolero coat in the same colour. She smiled and then announced that a few single women from society and the Preventers were willing to auction off themselves off to the highest bidder and that there was to be a reception and dance following the bidding. Shaking his head at the fact that high classes women as well as some of his fellow workers were willing to pimp themselves to the highest bidder was not something he wanted to partake in.

"Our first lady tonight is a very good friend of mine and is currently the head of Intelligence for the Preventers. She likes to fence and garden and is very anxious for the bidding to begin. Miss Dorothy Catalonia," Relena said with glee as Dorothy stepped from behind a curtain.

Quatre turned from his walk to glance at the beauty in the black dress and upswept hair on the stage. Some one could have mistaken the young beauty for the centuries old Grace Kelly if it were not for her forked eyebrows. She looked beautiful in the black dress and what looked like little makeup except for the blood red lipstick on her lips. It was the first time he had seen her in five years, but there was something different about the Dorothy from then and the Dorothy now.

"I'll start the bidding at 1,000 dollars," Relena said with a sly smile.

Dorothy just stood there with no anger that she would normally display when she knew her best friend was trying to make fun of her.

"1, 000," Quatre heard himself call out.

"The opening bid is by Quatre Winner of Winner Enterprises for 1,000 dollars. Do I hear 2,000?" Relena said as she recognized the voice.

There was a counter for the bid. Quatre countered quickly. It continued like this for an hour or so till the bidding was up to around 10,000 dollars. Quatre could not stop. It soon came to the 20,000 dollar mark and it was not stopping. Even Relena was surprised that the Winner heir and she knew and old Duke from once was England were battling it out for the hand of her friend. The bidding reached the offer of 50,000 from Quatre, when the old Duke wife walked into the room after being held up in traffic and noticing the bidding on a woman. Everyone in the room laughed as the Duchess led her husband off telling him off about what he was doing.

After they had left, Relena turned back to the crowd and then gave her customary politician smile.

"Any more bids for the hand of Miss Dorothy Catalonia?" Relena questioned the crowd of socialites and upper class men and women.

There was nothing from the crowd. Quatre stood from his chair and headed towards the stage as Relena hammered the anvil down to close the auction. There was polite round of applause as Quatre walked up on stage. Dorothy stood there in shock as she watched as Quatre made his way to the stage.

He had changed from the last time she had seen him. He was dressed in a tailored black tuxedo with a matching tie and vest, very in fashion these days. He had grown since she had last seen him, he was defiantly no longer shorter then her but a nice even six feet. His body had shed the baby fat and was now replaced by a body that what Dorothy could have said even rivaled Heero's. His platinum blond hair hid his pure aquamarine eyes but the style had not changed much since she had last seen him five years ago.

She never felt Relena shoved her towards the ex-gundam pilot. She never even felt him take her hand and plant a soft kiss on her knuckles. She was still in shock as she continued to stare at him. All she could register were the memories. They came flooding back to her more rapidly then they did in her nightmares. It left her breathless and scared. She was panicked and tense and she knew Quatre could sense it.

"It's alright Miss Catalonia," he said with a small smile.

Dorothy looked towards her friend and then back the to the Winner heir. She then narrowed her eyes and then let herself be led away for the evening escort that she was to provide the Winner heir.


"So he bought me a Cadillac for my troubles," a young brunette woman said tittering with a nasally laugh to an older duchess with shockingly bright blue hair.

Dorothy sighed and then placed her gloved hand on her cheek. An older lady at the table began to huff in displeasure as she noticed Dorothy's hand on her cheek. Catching the cough directed at her unbecoming behavior, Dorothy quickly corrected herself and sat up straight in the chair.

As she corrected herself, she caught a glance of the blond who had won her hand tonight. He was smiling as he talked with Heero and Relena. He smiled as they introduced him to a little red head woman in an iridescent plum dress. She watched as he kissed her hand and then looked towards the table he had left her at. His smile seemed to wane as he glanced at her. Dorothy could only assume that he was not happy that he had spent that much money on her.

Glancing down at the table from her uncomfortable position which she was forced to subject herself to, her mind began to wander to why she had let Relena talk her into this display of debauchery that was only to introduce the wealthy and single men of old regimes to younger and richer women of the new and old regimes. She was only glad that it was Quatre who had won her hand tonight and not some stuffy necktie instead.

"Can I interest you in a dance, Miss Catalonia," a warm and inviting voice asked her from behind.

Turning around in her seat, she noticed that it was Bryson McPherson, Commander of Mission Control when Colonel Une was away from headquarters with field work. He was dressed in a standard tux with the white bow tie and all. His black hair had been slicked out of his chocolate eyes. He was smiling, showing a perfect set of pearly white teeth. His very tanned hand was stretched out towards her in an offer.

"I won't take no for an answer," he stated and then pulled her out of the seat and lead her to the dance floor.

Dorothy blushed but quickly caught up to her dance partner and placed a hand on his shoulder and accepted the other in her hand. She never noticed a pair of aquamarine eyes on her as she began to dance nor did she notice the look on his face. Bryson was the only person she knew who could let her forget about war and life. She was going to enjoy this dance with her dance partner even if he was married and about to be a father for the first time. She let the music sweep her into its spell as she continued to dance. This was one of the only times she could escape the past, the present and the future. She felt happy as they continued to swirl around. She did not care if the others thought different.


"Oh look Miss Dorothy is dancing with the delightfully charming Mr. McPherson," the red headed commented to Quatre as they continued to talk in the little group with Heero and Relena.

"What do you mean, Miss Angela?" Quatre asked trying to spot the pair.

"Over there," she pointed towards the blond and the dark haired man on the dance floor.

He did not know why, but in the few glances that he caught Dorothy dancing with the man Angela had called Mr. McPherson he felt the touch of the green eyed monster, that was commonly called jealousy creep into his heart. She looked sated and happy to be in that man's arms. She looked almost loved and content to let the man lead her in a minute waltz around the dance floor. She also looked cool and stiff as they continued to waltz.

"Don't they make a lovely couple, Mister Winner?" Angela said with a smile and then turned towards the Winner heir.

The question fell on deaf ear as Quatre continued to watch his date for the evening dancing as if on a cloud of air. The black dress brushed her legs and he noticed the wisps of hair that seem to escape from the up do. He watched as she executed the turns with deft precision and accuracy that he only figured that came with the skills she had been taught all her life. He glanced lower at her pale, stocking in cased legs. The silk seemed to shimmer in the light and hid the pale legs from the others in the room. He chuckled under his breath as he notice that she did not wear the three inch heals that most of the women in the room loved to wear.

At the thought of being ignored Angela sighed and then bid the Yuy's a goodnight and then left to find another catch for the evening. Quatre continued to be entranced with the blond who was dancing on the floor with unknown grace.

"You don't have to stand there all night Quatre," Relena said in a soft yet sly voice and then rubbed her stomach.

Quatre turned to look at the woman and then frowned. He noticed the smirk that had appeared on Heero's face as well as if he knew what the former ex-Gundam pilot was thinking. Quatre turned his attention back to the floor and watched as the dance ended and another man more handsome then the last asked the former Duchess of Demril to dance. He watched as she accepted with a smile and then let the man whisk her away on a cloud of air.

"You can dance with her you know. She is your date for the evening?" Heero said and then playful nudged the Winner heir out onto the dance floor.

Quatre frowned that the perfect solider would think that he was reduced to looking at a woman. He righted himself and then began to make his way to the dance floor.

Dorothy was surprised to see Quatre begin to make his way over to her on the dance floor. It seems that his interested in the red haired woman had not been serious and that by the hard look in his eyes that he was hell bent on something. The look not only surprised Dorothy but elicited in her something that she never thought she would ever feel. She cast her eyes down to the polished marble floor as he approached closer, trying not to reveal the look in her ice blue eyes.

"I'm sorry to interrupt your dance but may I have this dance Miss Catalonia?" Quatre asked as if gritting it out from his teeth.

Dorothy sighed as the young politician let her go. He bowed to her and then left the two. Quatre bowed himself and then took her hands in his and began to dance with her. He seemed stiff and ridged as he swung her around to the ancient tome of Johanna Sebastian Strauss Jr. Dorothy lost all her love for the dance as they moved about the dance floor. She sensed the tension he created and the awkwardness that tonight brought them both.

"How long has it been Master Winner?" Dorothy asked using a title that she knew would get the man she was dancing with to talk.

"Too long," Quatre murmured and then looked into her face.

"I was surprised to see you sitting at the Preventer table tonight. I thought that you might have bought a table for these evening festivities?" she said trying to keep the conversation up and from looking at her date.

"Trowa asked me seeing as I work for them part time or whenever business allows me to," he said still boring a hole into her.

"How is Mr. Barton?" Dorothy asked in her polite yet icy tone.

"He is well. In fact he is dating an old friend of his," Quatre replied.

"And yourself?" she asked not really caring that it seemed the conversation had steered itself this way.

"What about myself?" Quatre questioned back meeting her gaze despite Dorothy trying to avoid it.

"Are you currently dating?" she asked him smirking at him yet cursed herself for glancing into his eyes.

Quatre tore his eyes quickly from her face and forced them to look elsewhere. He was not stunned by her question but if he continued to look into her eyes he was going to go mad with the pain and feelings that she caused in him.

"No," he said bluntly.

There was no talking between them as the music began to wind down. The pair stopped all movement and Dorothy pulled away from the ex-Gundam Pilot. She brushed off her dress and then moved towards the Preventer table to retrieve her pocketbook. Quatre out of instinct raised his hand and gripped her elbow. Dorothy turned to him and then sighed.

"What is it that you need that you seemed fit to grip my elbow," she said in a frustrated way.

"I…" the words seem to trail off from him.

Quatre seemed to stammer for a few more seconds and then released his hold on her arm. Dorothy looked once more at the now softened Quatre and then turned away only hoping to make a swift exit and head home to be with her thoughts on today.