Hello, everyone this is my first fanfiction in Kuroshitsuji or better known as Black Butler. I do not own either or even though some dreams seem like it. Please be gentle but don't be afraid to criticize either. More reviews helps the motivation :). With that please enjoy.

The thought process of humans were/is something that is to be handled with care for not to be understood but neither to be dismissed. Ciel clenched his ring, passed down through generations, some in times of peace but others in hardships. He grimaced at that thought.

He sighed noticing that his breathe fogged the window as he glanced below him to see the dying rose bushes. The moon had moved to above the clouds peeking through occasionally. The stars shining so bright that the light seem to bounce from one to another.

Ciel watched on left inside as the snow trickled down. I sold my soul to the demon, who is pledged to help with revenge, Ciel thought numbly. Even after three years after that day, would revenge be hot like the demon claims from Hell or cold like the snow that falls bitterly to the ground.

The library door pushed open to show the demon butler but Ciel felt his presence coming from down the hall. Another mystery to solve… how droll, Ciel thought.

"Young Master, I thought you were already asleep," Sebastian stated pushing in a tea cart somehow keeping the noise level to nothing.

Ciel smirked lightly at that, "If so, why bring tea to the library?"

Sebastian glanced at Ciel with his eyes lightly glowing, "I guess that means you do not want any then. My bad for acting against your orders."

Ciel turned fully to face Sebastian with an elegant eyebrow raised at the snappy tone and sarcasm layering the sentences that spilled from the demon. "If I believed you to be human, I would state that you are acting nervous," Ciel tilts his head to the side leaning fully against the broad window, "no, perhaps anxious."

Sebastian stared at his young contract in slight awe that was hidden deeply away that this young human could tell such emotions from a demon. "Here you are," Sebastian places the tea in front of his master, neither answering nor denying such a claim.

Ciel took his eyepatch off before sitting down on the couch and sipping at the tea, once again Earl Grey. Ciel too, could feel that something was going to happen but unlike Sebastian he was looking forward to it. Afterall, it was heading towards them like a lightning bolt, as the sky lit up when one struck somewhere in the forest surrounding the manor.

Someplace in the future by almost 132 years lay a woman unlike others of the time. She preferred the silence to the loudness. Loneliness instead of company, for she is never alone. She saw herself more as an animal than a human and made the distinction in her mind. It helped that the closest town that had any true amenities was over an hour away.

She sighed through her nose at the monstrosity that this "up-and-coming" author was trying to spew. She pinched her nose breathing deeply already feeling a headache coming on. In a fit of anger that was nothing new for her she threw the papers at the wall and got lucky as they fluttered into the fireplace that was lit to ward of the chill of the snow seeping in.

That was one thing she could not tolerate was idiots. True, at one point I could have been considered one, but I never wrote this stupidly, she thought angrily pulling on her black cowboy boots and purple fuzzy winter jacket.

As soon as the door creaked the slightest bit open the wind took it and blew it inwards nearly smacking the woman in the face if she had not stepped back already expecting it. The first breath of the cold wind seemed to awaken the 22-year-old with a feeling that something was wrong. She grumbled under her breath marching the path that was memorized in her mind that she could have traveled it sick, restrained, and blind folded.

Two gentle whinnies greeted her as she opened the barn. She smiled in a relieved type of way seeing her black beauty and paint colored horses safe. She wandered to the packages and cracked one open and scooped some sugar cubes up and moved to the two giving them a treat. In reward the woman was pulled into the broad chest of the mare, female, black horse, as the other one playfully nipped and tugged at her dirty blonde hair.

She laughed in delight smacking the two on the nose in retribution before kissing it better. Well nothing seems off here, she thought as she locked up the barn to brace for even more bad weather. She started down the path once again wondering why the feeling would not go away.

She never saw that the clouds had darkened. She never noticed her body's reaction to the electricity in the air that had the hairs on her arms and legs stand up. She never even noticed the lightning bolt. Well that is until it was too late.

In the past, Ciel watched as Sebastian started the fire wondering why he is not berating him for being up so late. Then again, maybe he is just tired off me waking the whole manor with my nightmares, Ciel gripped the teacup as his knuckles went white. The lightning illuminated the library in an enormous glow followed directly by the thunder making the shadows grow bigger before fading.

Ciel watched his butler as he tilted his head to the side curious as to what caught his attention. It was times like these that Ciel wished or maybe even prayed that he had that ability before that fateful night. "What is it?" Ciel demanded standing after setting the cup down.

Sebastian opened his mouth to speak, "AHHHHHH!"

"I believe we have an unexpected guest," Sebastian stated with sarcasm layering his tongue. Sebastian smirked at his lord as he shot him an unimpressed glare.


Ciel and Sebastian glanced at each other before running down the hallway and stairway into the foyer. Sebastian stopped abruptly causing Ciel to bump into his back. "Ahh…" Ciel moved around his butler to only freeze in shock.

Sebastian stared at the heap on the floor showing the first time in front of Ciel pure shock. Ciel shook himself out of it as he moved forward muttering, "What happened to him?"

Sebastian followed his master before chuckling darkly. "What is so funny?" Ciel paused to turn around glaring.

"Why, my lord, I believe that "him" is actually a she," Sebastian smirked sardonically at Ciel's yelp and him jumping slightly back.

Ciel flushed in anger and irony at the situation seemingly at the concept of some type of connection to that month. "Well, she does not seem to be a danger to me." Ciel paused before smirking such as the cat that got the canary, "Prepare a room for our uh guest and in the morning, she will be interig-interviewed." He glanced at the heap, "I believe I will be able to sleep now."

"Yes, my lord," Sebastian stated in a low bow with his hand over where a heart would be. His eyes flashing along with the lightning bolts between his human façade ones and his demonic ones.