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In dream land the woman felt something off. It felt as if her room were more how could she put it dark, perhaps. Not in the literal sense that there were shadows creeping up her walls but rather the feel like something that was not supposed to be there, just hanging by a thread.

Even in the dream world her body hurt like something could barely be described and just out of reach of insanity. She paused in her walking the coble stones of the dream at that notion. She rolled in insanity, the things that could not be touched through the soul but was deceived in touch. Sanity left her after the hurts and falls leaving behind a woman who did not fear death nor pain but rather it reminded her of a lover's embrace after being separated for a while. Yet, evening knowing that she was in a dream probably in most likely hood, in terrible danger, she did not wish to wake up. Just because insanity was something a part of her did not mean she enjoyed certain changes.

That still did not stop the shaking of the foundations of old architectures in the dream with the knowledge that she was in fact dreaming. She breathed deeply through her nose playing lightly at the nose ring in her right nostril in contempt. The worst part of waiting for conscious was seeing the world being torn down by nothing more than a careless thought.

"She seems to be waking up my lord," Sebastian called over his shoulder standing by the bed rest leaning ever so lightly over the mysterious woman. Ciel turned away from the window that he was looking out of to move to the chair awaiting him in front of the bed in renowned interest. Sebastian and Ciel waited.

The woman slowly opened her one burgundy eye and the other a grass green color before shutting them quickly to hide from the brightness. I hate the sun, she thought bitterly trying to glare behind her eyelids. A faint rustle sounded at the edge of the bed making her snap her eyes open to the source.

Ciel stared back with his indifference mask up but took note of the different colored eyes with some note of surprise. He could not hold in the small smirk that came to his lips when all she did was blink at him. He was not surprised to take note of Sebastian glaring at the two of them.

The woman's eyes swiveled to the other man when she heard a faint growl and noted the one at the edge of the bed did not seem to hear it. She looked closer at the taller man before recognition set deep into the marrow of her bones.

"Of fucking course," Sebastian and Ciel heard the woman mutter before throwing her head back and asking, "is this my fucking punishment you sick fuck, find someone else to be your whipping gal."

Sebastian's mouth twitched trying to contain the laughter that was bubbling inside himself. It has been some time since someone such as a human cussed out God, in such a fashion, he also could not stop the hilarity of the last comment. He could not help himself as he glanced to his young master.

Ciel on the hand found the irony like Sebastian did amusing yet, his morals where screaming to have him allow her to be dressed. No woman should show her legs in trousers like a common butler. He paused at that thought and looked in between his butler and the female and revised that thought. No woman should show her legs in trousers like a certain demon butler that wallows happily in sin.

"Who are you?" Ciel demands interrupting the argument that the woman seemed to be having with herself and God. Sebastian withheld the pout from his lips, thinking about how she seemed to just have started the argument.

The woman's head snapped again to level a glare between her dirty blonde straight hair and spoke, "It is only right for my accuser to state his name first."

Sebastian raised an eyebrow with a closed smile and eyes, "Why, we are the ones that have rescued you." Ciel watched as that registered with the woman.

A tick formed above her brow in disbelief, "If that where the case I would be closer to home instead of this lonely monstrosity that some call a Manor. Or am I incorrect?"

Ciel's smirk dropped while it developed on Sebastian's, "That is not we said! How would you know your in the wrong place anyway?"

The woman twirled a loose strand of hair around her finger as she glanced with her eyelashes and said with a small pout on her cherry lips, "I would not be 132 years in the past standing in front of Earl Ciel Phantomhive if that was not so."

Sebastian just raised an eyebrow at that remark but internally shrugged his shoulders, for if he really wanted to, he could find someone to send him to the past or future. Ciel through glared daggers, "How do you know my name?"

"Like I stated, unless your hearing is going from such a LOUD fire about three years ago, actually it would not still be affecting you. If it was it was healed about when you formed an AGREEMENT with that butler of yours. Wouldn't want a tasty meal going bad from tinnitus, no?"

Sebastian started to have his eyes glow as his demonic essence reached out. Ciel could only look on in a stupor. No one, unless, directly involved could know all those details unless they were there that night.

"After all, the legend between man and other such as you two have been portrayed is quite a story. How else would it be famous?" The woman withheld a snicker at the comic pun that wanted to escape. She could easily picture Ciel going on his last patience with that while Sebastian mildly commenting about how fitting it would be for a child.

"Prove it," Ciel stomped out of his clenching teeth and fists.

Sebastian snickered silently at the turn of events watching as the woman reached into her back pocket of her trousers and pulled out a rectangle device of sorts. The woman typed her password making a mental note to change it later so the sneaky demon can not get in and asked, "What is your phone number?"

Ciel just kept his glare as Sebastian rattled it off, taking pleasure in the uncomfortable way his master seemed to hate this. A new flavor added to his meal, Sebastian rejoiced in that thought.

"R-I-N-G, R-I-N-G."

Sebastian glanced at Ciel while he nodded to him to pick it up. "This is in fact a phone from the future that can call, text, play games, take photos, and so on." The voices echoed throughout the room as the two voices from the same woman mingled.

She hung up on her phone as Sebastian did the same with some curiosity at how humans could advance so much in such little time.

Ciel's eye glinted with the information that he just confirmed, "You could possibly work for me."

The woman smirked, "In what fashion, as a staff or a means to a certain end goal?"

"Both," Ciel stated starting to have hi smirk reappear. "Afterall, you need some type of cover if you are to help."

"True," the woman paused, "Brittany."

"Excuse me?"

"My name," Brittany breathed, "and no corsets."

"Looks like we are in agreement than," Ciel tilted his head to the side. "My advisor, Brittany."

"Of course, little lord."

"Do not call me that."

"Little lord."


Sebastian just gazed at the two realizing why this woman felt off… he could not feel her soul.