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Chapter 3

"What do you think about Miss Brittany?" Ciel questioned blinking slowly at Sebastian in his office watching as the sun rose higher in the sky casting shadows around Sebastian's form.

Sebastian's lips tightened slightly in irritation of the last half hour knowing that the human had a soul but he has never in his existence come across one who was able to hid it away. Let alone seem to bend his Master, currently, without even trying to get what she had wanted, a place in the Manor, with so little given. A first name and slight knowledge held over the two, he did not know which displeased him worse currently, the little snot of a Master whom he knew was playing one of his games, or the woman who threatened his position and his meal.

"She appears to be whom she is," Sebastian commented lightly brushing his thoughts off and hidden inside. He handed the cup of tea over to Ciel who took it with a sigh.

"Yes, she does appear to be. Which raises the question of whom is she?" Ciel muttered to himself. Ciel took a sip contemplating the aspect of how Brittany seemed to have played him. It told Ciel more about her than he cared to share with Sebastian. He certainly did not want to be dealing with a true demon and a human that seemed to understand demons a touch too much for his tastes. Then again what did that say about himself when if the roles would have been reversed that he, himself, would have done the same thing. It boggled his mind.

Sebastian moved over towards Ciel's window while pulling out a cleaning rag and scrubbed at the dirt by the opening. He spied motion from the corner of his eye to take note of the newcomer. Brittany though now changed and cleaned seemed the same. She held herself with a certain predator motion that seemed graceful but lurking underneath, certainly deadly. "Young Master, if you wish to know more about someone it is easy to watch and accommodate the notion."

Ciel picked his head up from his hand and twirled around to see Brittany swiftly walking towards the back of the manor seemingly to head towards the barn. "What are you waiting for then Sebastian? Let us go!"

Brittany felt the on curable need to find some familiarity of the world she left behind, the tears where itching at the back of her eyes. She felt that she was lucky to be placed in somewhere she knew about but that did not change the fact that her family was left behind. True, her and her mother were fighting and not talking but she was there. Her sister, whom was in her second year in College for med school and was constantly asking her for help. Her sister was the one who she would talk to everyday at any time, now, that was not possible.

It was not like she left a partner behind but that still did not change the fact that now that Brittany has adjusted is realize that these two people are not here with her. Which led it to her moving across the manor heading towards the barn. Though they would not be hers, she pushed the thought that her animals might die from her not being there, she could love at least some of the other horses.

She pushed the barn door open to the smell of horses and freshly cut alfalfa hay though they might be calling it something else here. The horses whinnied in greeting to the newcomer. Brittany's eyes immediately felt drawn to the obviously pregnant mare that was a silky black with a beautiful white star on her head. Brittany felt her body finally truly relax.

She grabbed some carrots before making her way towards her stall but saw the mare pawing at the ground faster and faster as she got closer. "You don't like us humans much do you?"

The mare paused in her pawing at the voice, "You've been hurt by them. Probably before you got here. That is okay girl to be wary or angry at us," Brittany kept talking as she finally reached the stall and pushed it open, allowing the mare a chance at charging her if she so deemed so. "But, I have too. Ciel has too. You don't need to fear me because unlike others I do not associate myself with humans, why should I when we allow greed into our hearts?" Brittany slowly pet the mare's snout when a smile lifted on her face as the mare pushed more into the gentle hand, "I associate with you, pure hearts."

The mare whinnied before playing with her hair and nuzzling her cheek as Brittany let out a laugh. "Thatta girl."

Sebastian and Ciel looked at each other before peeking around the corner looking at the woman laying against the horse's stomach asleep. Ciel could not believe his eyes, this was the horse that if you came three feet within her stall, she was trying to kill you. Brittany on the other hand had basically been adopted as the mare's own foal. Ciel felt a headache coming on with her and her secrets.

Sebastian though was more stuck on the aspect on what Brittany had said. "Her and Ciel," those words kept running through his head. He was going to break her, Sebastian thought allowing a smirk to appear on his face. Broken, free meal was in Sebastian's future and he could not wait.

Ciel frowned at Sebastian before glancing at the sleeping woman. He did not forget what she had said. A kinship felt to be blooming in his chest. He would protect her, he thought frowning once more at Sebastian.